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 - Oomviunleatlons and sxehanges tor this...
Oomviunleatlons and sxehanges tor this deportment should be addressed ts to chess editor. Ths Louisville Chest Club msets al rooms C13 and 614 Oonaniere Building, Fourth and Midn. Room open at all hours. All cbsa players welcomed. t'orretpoadenee. J. A; G., LoulaxilVe Your solution Is defeated by the Queen Interposing st KtS. S. D.. Indianapoltv-Tlie Indianapoltv-Tlie Indianapoltv-Tlie match at Havana Is for 2,000 and .the chaaiplon&hlp ot the w-oilJ. w-oilJ. w-oilJ. Mr. Melnlts ts tlio present champion. Problem ?fo. 61. Firs ptize two. mover tn tourney of the ManchetfUHT (England) Times. By T. Taverner. nin-k nin-k nin-k 4i. IS I K fcii 1 fct-t! fct-t! fct-t! V4 I' Tig eJ WM IWMt- IWMt- iS rer1 S&1 w4 kT- kT- ... r; l:1 1 f-Wi:e f-Wi:e f-Wi:e White 111 1 white to play and mate rn two moves. Rolstioaa. PR.OBLKM NO. 50. 1- 1- E-R E-R E-R 4. Solved by W. II. Eliertun, Louisville ; J. F. Tllley, Bdlevue, P. ; B. C. L., Ellia. betlitown , t lies Club. Maidinsburc, Int. ; . -1. -1. jircoi, urs sioines, la-, la-, la-, il. a. n JctlcncliviUo, lml. The 6telnitTcaigorla Match. The lavt report makes the score: strlnlts 3; Tihlsnu, i; drawn, 4. 11 ; low u given the fourth gamo. The notes are by Mr. bteinils. In tho Xew York Tribune. BUY LOIT.Z. White Ol r. eteinltx). BUrk (Mr. Tschirortnl 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 4 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 4 S Kt-kB Kt-kB Kt-kB 3 2 Qkt-B Qkt-B Qkt-B 3 3- 3- lt kt 5 4- 4- P-Q P-Q P-Q 3 5- 5- P B 3 e QKt q a 7 kt B M -e -e t-u t-u t-u 4 u) -Kt -Kt k ib) n n -j -j 11 p-kr p-kr p-kr 4 l'.'-r l'.'-r l'.'-r h 5 13- 13- Bl'sP 14- 14- l'xP 15- 15- ktxKt leB Kt 3 "7 y K s IS H-K H-K H-K J (C u-c'sMk u-c'sMk u-c'sMk si iJde. 20 Q-IS Q-IS Q-IS fO, t) XI 1' Q 4 Ml ktxf 23 BxB KlPeb (1 2.V Q--Bsq Q--Bsq Q--Bsq Q--Bsq ch Il K 0 ch 7 y-R y-R y-R eta. 11 1 4-P 4-P 4-P Q 3 a- a- P KKt 3 e-u- e-u- e-u- e-u- kt 3 7 '.'astles s kt y a t-kt-14 t-kt-14 t-kt-14 t-kt-14 t-kt-14 10 Kl K J 1 1 -Kt -Kt K 3 (o 1 13-IlPxP 13-IlPxP 13-IlPxP td) 11- 11- ivtxe 15-QxKt 15-QxKt 15-QxKt le-Q le-Q le-Q h 1 i T B y 2 IS-K-ll IS-K-ll IS-K-ll IS-K-ll IS-K-ll l (f) n yti k mj 80 P ;k 4 (h, 1 PP III 2'j-IUkt 2'j-IUkt 2'j-IUkt U) "J.J K t x R kl 24 KvR S5-K S5-K S5-K Kt -e -e '-K '-K '-K U 3 (rn) 27 K- K- K t ss-sixktrn ss-sixktrn ss-sixktrn Resign s. NOTEH (a) With a iew of mln tabling the Bishop eventually for a king's aide attack, and In order to be shin to plsy U to k S wttti-out wttti-out wttti-out bvins ltalile tn an exrhansv ot rhla stronu piece. It, for Instance, Otoki 8 B to vj 2 ; 0 11 to K 4. 1 k to Q 5 ; 10 pxkt. 10 bxb; 11 pxp, 11 rp; 12 kixp. 12 B to kt 4. with a strong attack, thongh a 1'uwn minus. (Il P to KU 4 was probably prematare now, as luaca couin answer i to n.K followed by P to KKt 4, lu rase White's KP advanced fnrthtr. (c ir now 11 , p to KU 3; 13 P to B 5. 12 P to KKt ; 13 lit to B 5, followed soon by P to Q 4, with an C el lent attnek. td) We beUevo RPxP, followed soon br R to Q an., making room for the King, was a better defense. tel Much better than 1 B to Q 2. IS P to uk ; in p to uk 4, 19 u to kt h, etn. The nctual move Is also a I'lei-arailon I'lei-arailon I'lei-arailon lor ise coming nttacic wna tae up. (f) Bkvck's sume Is very diffleult to tfs- tfs- fend. but we think that B tn B 2. followed by B to K sq., offered the brat chance of resistance. (g) More attacking than defensive, as will be seen. h) Kt to B 5, with the view to closing toe savers open kook me Dy at to at 4, Wae now Imperative. (1) If 21 . Kt to B 5, White eould stop the advance of wis hostile QKP by P to QB Dcioro proccemng wita aw center attack. attack. (J the Queen had no good move, and If 22 , KtxKt; 22, KxP eh, and mats follows In a few more move. (k) This Ih disastrous, but there was hardlv a satisfactory defense, as White threatened Q to Q 3, or eventnally Q to Q aq., ia case Black advancst P to KU 4. (1) A rare surprise, which forces mate In seven moves. (in) ir the King had retreated on the Rootr Die, White would have mated in two moves by RxR dis. eh. Eighth game ot the match. TWO KNIGHTS DEKEX6E. White (stelnlti). Black (Tsehlgortn). P-K P-K P-K 4 1 P K 4 2 K Kt B 3 S J Kt B 3 3 B B 4 3 Kt B 3 4 Kt Kt 5 4 P Q 4 5 PxP 5 Q Kl R 4 0 B Kt 5 (eh) ft p H 3 7-PxP 7-PxP 7-PxP T PxP B B Hf 8 P-K P-K P-K R 3 0 Kt K K 3 P B Q B 4 10 P Q 3 10 Q Kt 3 11 Q K 8 It P K Kt 5 12 P K B S 12 BxKt 13 PxB 13-Castto 13-Castto 13-Castto (Q R) 14Kt-Q 14Kt-Q 14Kt-Q 2 14 kt Q 4 lliKt Kt 3 1 r Kt 5 (chl l'l I'.Q a Jfl-Kt Jfl-Kt Jfl-Kt K 17 BxB 17-OsB 17-OsB 17-OsB fch) lpH 3 ' 1 Q K K 5 (oh) 10 K Q 3 ll-Q ll-Q ll-Q Kt B 5 (ch 3D K It WI 2) RxPI at II Kt 2 CI K R 0 q 22 P-R P-R P-R 4 22 K Q (chl St KxR 23 R xtl (eh) 24 QxR 24 KUQ ROBlgns. Chess rallinc. -Locock -Locock and Trenchsrd letd In the handicap handicap at the British Chess Club. ' The irtiirn match between the Brook-iyn Brook-iyn Brook-iyn and New York City clubs was played January 2-1. 2-1. 2-1. r.ronklyn wn by ft to S. - The Newark, X. J., Chess Club elected rffieers as follows: C. Hvmea, Presklent; John lUhig, PTBldent; C A- A- LUUs, iecre'ary. Thcrt Is s report going the rounds that JOHN C LEWIS COMPANY. J. C. SEAS HOLS dc CO. J. R. AVERT. Judd and Bhowalter will play a return match In April. Mr. Showaltcr svs that he has heard nothing ot it, but is wiihng to play. Toe Baltimore Now has the following Far graph. edited to tne Courtor-Journax. Courtor-Journax. Courtor-Journax. Ttiia Is a mistake, but all the same. " Them's our KCiiLjJir.t - '.lack' ebowullcr la a great favenite In : t. Louis. Jit the way. be is a college mas, an Alpha Delt. and one of tbe hiUiest boy imaginable. He It only thirty-three, thirty-three, thirty-three, and bids fair to be the American American champion lefore many years." ASLEEP UPON THE CRASS. (Flrra Wood worth la February serfbner.) I'po. the watm and fragrant grass I lay : Above mo toweied the ahUreruig maple tr-e tr-e tr-e (Whot-e (Whot-e (Whot-e voice, when atotms mxnrh pnfct, i like ttm Kea). And round me wa the throng of Summer- Summer- Day : Thin pi. t, and dusk eptiemeta. 'at play: Tossed yellow btittertly and bonded bee: Tbe larse-eyed larse-eyed larse-eyed robir.s came and looked at me. Then bti-kly bti-kly bti-kly hopped, ccntint, about the brae. Wee, splitting vpMcrs slid down mlot-.iicjU. mlot-.iicjU. mlot-.iicjU. nigh . t.rlm, him led antt acrots my palm would The sbo.-te-t sbo.-te-t sbo.-te-t sbo.-te-t sbo.-te-t way. and atdy-buxs. atdy-buxs. atdy-buxs. unsbr : lleetlci caine close, with backs like hammered hammered t-rass. t-rass. t-rass. For fcar hsil left the eKes that wajlt or fly Tbey tnld : Slie ts anlccp upon the graas. Miss F.IHa HU1. ot Boston, Ky.. Is the guest ot MUa Anna liill. Misa Msrme Taylor, of Wheeling. W. Vs., Is abe guest of Ilk Stout. There will be reslval i l e st fhe Ba pitnt ehnrch thai week, conducted by Rev. P. I). I laic. x-afr. x-afr. x-afr. J. W. IXxon. who was vtstttng Us father4n-iaw father4n-iaw father4n-iaw ait W Inches tr, 0 rettuned hixoe quits wJck. Methodist services at the Christian church at 3 ::t0 p. ni.. eunducsed by Rev. Mr. Af.CB. a-tMhiy-Mrhool a-tMhiy-Mrhool a-tMhiy-Mrhool a-tMhiy-Mrhool a-tMhiy-Mrhool at 2 :3U p. m. Rev. n. Y. Bajrhy wall preaeh as uaual s Mamnlc Temple M lit. ni. and 7 :30 p. m. Tbe evenHut seoices will be preceded by song wervace. Rev. C. W. IXrk wm preacti at the r-Uihui r-Uihui r-Uihui ohurc h thW morning and eveutne. Morning sub)ec : " Mudecn CanulbaUsm. venlng suheot: Submhislon BesVaanre. Mrs. R. I Crawror d has went hi her resjgWJna aa Prast&aot oi the - Pastor's Aad." and tt todies are requested to meet promptly next Wednesday, as a new Pie-deot Pie-deot Pie-deot wt& be eleeted. Ths oM-lailoned oM-lailoned oM-lailoned eandy-pulltng eandy-pulltng eandy-pulltng at ths Kmdergartuu huS llday a us verv aurt-e-fuL aurt-e-fuL aurt-e-fuL aurt-e-fuL aurt-e-fuL The Vising beat., with Ueir" pinrdered hair, kerciilew and aorocis, were qutte a teaAure f the soterUaiimeiit. Younc People's Society of Christian Endeavor Endeavor will bM tn the leeMiT -cooai -cooai of tt e Pis Rtbvterksn ehnreh ihm eveniur at :30 o'clock, ladtr. Mr. WiU HazhuKt ; ubjee. "Christ Liied Ux Vuu ; Are ou Uvtn lor lllror Rev. T. . Clyee win preach at the rjnytNrtan ehurch at 11 o'cha k and 7 :30 p. rft. Mw-ning Mw-ning Mw-ning subject wtiS be the settni ot tlie -1e. -1e. Ttw Light of the World' Kvenlng sub.teo : "Tiie Second of tte Old Testament lharar4era Noah." MUs Dophia Krauas wUl be married next Wediwdav aftemoirn M 1 o'rWk at the Ural Figksh Lutheran ohure h of ihe citv to Mr. (Partes 6en. Tner will take an exUMimve trip through tho IXst, after which they will make their home in Louh-te. Louh-te. Louh-te. The lnstidksUon servtres of the V. O. O. C. at tTxj MitaKKik TempM tunt Thursday were very enhrjwhle to the large audience that wttnenmsl tnein. Aflr an tntereMting programme hud been rarriel out the guests were tnvl:ed to pwuike of an elenuit reimA which was spmid tn tlie adjoining halL The ladles of the OhrUtlan church will give a Marfia Washington reception on the 22d. The totkywina: young laoiesi have be-a be-a be-a Invited to acs-e acs-e acs-e m U-o U-o U-o livcepiam Owimiuee : Miwea Hara Young, Amy AlVsi, Miv IM ljt-rln. ljt-rln. ljt-rln. Margaret Bird, Ella Pyue and iiebec oa Omnt. Tbe Klnderpirtni has been snspended until eepteroher 1. owing to the denctency tn ths eubsertptluus. The Intercut In the sebnol haa been reneml, and the attendance good, but there ha been a deflctenev rich month, and. the naanueem thought I'-cst I'-cst I'-cst to suapeod rather than increase the debt. An enjoyable society event tn Parkland was the surprise party tendered Miss Marmv ret Bird, In honor of her twentieth birthday, at her home, on IXituesnU street. The guesis were Ml ea ue MarsoaU, Amy Alten. Mar Ie Perttn, LUa LuewH, bum Hid. Clara Youag. Ihs Pyne. Rebee. Uratit. Kva t4-tnn. t4-tnn. t4-tnn. 1o-gtnla 1o-gtnla 1o-gtnla Brown and SaUle Bird, of I-sHUantl. I-sHUantl. I-sHUantl. and aflsa Ida Uidrm. of Nashville ; Mhtses May Uarret, Uussle Turner, of Louis. vllle: MoMsns. Jhn Pettus, Pntuk Bfcwcrt. Sam Evsos, Uuy Pcrjin, Donovan, Chas. Vtoh. iu- iu- Murphy, T. L. McUlil. 0. Bmtth. T. 8. Clyce. Henry Onwit, of Park-land, Park-land, Park-land, and Hnrsee HeairtAhorn, Root. Johoauo, E. O. Wlggkiton and llarry WUson. ROUGH ON THE ROUSTABOUTS. Series of Aecidesia Oa Steastkoata at ths Levee Yesterday sad Ike Marine Hospital Filled. An unusually large number of accidents accidents occurred on' tbe levee yesterday, and the surgeons of tlie Marine Hospital were kept busy attending to the injured. James Williams, a Helper on the steamer Big Sandy, was walking on tlie lower deck wlien a heavy box fell from above and struck: him on the head. Tie was knocked sonstdess, and was removed to tlie Marine Hospital, when- when- be was attended attended by Dr. William Griffiths. His skull was slightly fractured and a sever.) scalp wound was made. ' John Turneyv of tlie Sam Clarke, was thrown againet. a I si. Tel of oil sad his shoulder was broken yestirday morning. He was removed to the Marine Hospital, IP

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  2. 31 Jan 1892, Sun,
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