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 - and letters will 5e read from rn-arly rn-arly...
and letters will 5e read from rn-arly rn-arly rn-arly every town tua has a iitieem lit for fiiiing m-nr m-nr m-nr it. Biides this, the qu.-tion qu.-tion qu.-tion of letter laws w'lll dome up, aud a omimitteo will lie appointed to go to frankfort and explain the olijecta and benefits of Cue jroposid laws to the members of the EejphUturo. Neairly half of tbem have expressed tin opinion in favor ef the bills. The fourth annual field trials of tlie Southern iTIl Trial Club will begin at New Albany, aliav, Feliruary 1. A number ui iouigville dog will content for the prixea. Car No. 3, of the United States FMh Cotnaij-kin, Cotnaij-kin, Cotnaij-kin, paatnd through ii Ufchurgh the other day. The ear was in charge of J. S. Johnston, and contained 10,000 carp, which were to Be distributed in streams near Columbus, O. The object of tfne trip westward was ahio to secure 20,000 trout from the hatchery in that city, to be taken to Wssiiington. Mr. Johnston said thai duriiS 18'Jl much active work had been 4une in stocking the wateis of the country wtth representative representative of the finny tribe, and he expected thnt. a great deal in that direction direction wouta be aenmptuhnd by the Government during flie coming twelve months. The Mrst open linhing season of the year is now on in North Curolina. Cruel-lag Cruel-lag Cruel-lag for brook trout is now legal there. Some of the tuMt remunerative etreams ti the wtrld are to be found in the mennlAlns or the western part of the Mate. One fbiherman took 1.O07 trout in thirty days' (iahing, weiglung frura three-.uarters three-.uarters three-.uarters of a pound to three and ooe-qnartor ooe-qnartor ooe-qnartor pouads, the largeat being the rainbow species. A pervm ctrrying a gua in the woods ard fields ef New Jersey J art at this aeasoa of tlie year would have a hard time eklaining why be was abroad la shutting order. The legal shootins senaon on R upland game is at aa end. I here is generally ome exeunt; for being aueld at alntedt any time ol the year in neily all the StaU; if njt tor quail, then for woodceck; if not tor woodrock-tlteu woodrock-tlteu woodrock-tlteu f-jr f-jr f-jr plover and stilpe, and so en. New Jersey is the only cxceiiuoa. Theodore' Booaevelt ia the field fporta-man'a fporta-man'a fporta-man'a champion. lie ia always doing something to uphold true sportsmacbhip with the rod, gun and riflo, and to do away with everythii; that tends to in-terlere in-terlere in-terlere with the tegjttinate eporti and game associat-! associat-! associat-! with tltose things. His latent work touching in- in- this tireoUon was to propoee sud put sulietMntially upon upon its feet the idea of a sportunan's e hihit at Hie World's lair. Mr. lboe velt intends to make Jiis exldbit ex-eluslvely ex-eluslvely ex-eluslvely of relics of the Wentern big game hunter the scout, the sjaide, the plainsman, the border- border- trapper tlie prairie hunter, tbe Indian fighter. Ihe Inlerrational Game and Flh Com-miahioiipri Com-miahioiipri Com-miahioiipri have eonsidered the report I'lepsred at. the recent Rochester meeting, JtesoluUuns were numerous and embraced every portion of the subject. One of the rewuhuious was to the effeet that Ctivhsons aliould be introduced la;o the ws of States repreeented la the eon-ferenee eon-ferenee eon-ferenee forbidding the taking and having having poMeselon of salmon, trout aijd white fisb of tlie weight of lets than Pwo pounds) each; boas of the weight of less than one pound, and blue pike of kws weight than three-quarters three-quarters three-quarters of a pound. Twelve Lur were killed in' AtlarlOq county, N. J ia 1881. A' petition la being drawn to present to the Stite IiegJ idature, asking it to pass a law Jorbid-niog Jorbid-niog Jorbid-niog the kiiUnft of deer for five rears, bportsmea declare the deer will be e& termii filed in New Jersey unkaa such a law hi passed. OMonuialeaUoaa aad ezehaDres me this aepartaieat saoaM ke aOaxenee to the LaoJavtUe meats, at .UuiUUag. Cta aad fits Fourth and Mian. Room open at all hours. All cbss players welcomed. rroblcaa No. 69. Composed for the Courier-J Courier-J Courier-J ournal by A. J. Conen, Louisvllto. Clack (C) 74 ft : i. '' : 3 5 El - Wiito play an aaate la two mores. keietieaa, PROBLEM NO. 67. Wliite matM tv P'-na, P'-na, P'-na, (Kth. and aelf-b aelf-b aelf-b KxCHrht. Black urates ud lf-mate lf-mate lf-mate br It Q3(ch) ' 4v?tt by A. J. C, W. H. EUc-rtos. EUc-rtos. EUc-rtos. Lnu-UvUle; Lnu-UvUle; Lnu-UvUle; i. V. TUley. Hellevae. la. ; B. C LI Jl7l -Uilowo -Uilowo ; 4iHMk One, HaruUuaurg, Ino.; U. J. N JeSoraoDVUlo, IsO. SHOrr ALTiR YVINS- YVINS- The Blnegrass Cham pies Defeats J add Hf a llectalve a core. 8bewalter aad Ksatueky are oa top. Tbs M. Louis matrh for anoo and the ckamptoB-khlp ckamptoB-khlp ckamptoB-khlp of the United Slates was conrluded last Tuevtay, Kr. Siowxnef wirfhrng by a seore of T to 4 rd three eiwv No games had been played for two weeka on acct-nnt acct-nnt acct-nnt of Mr. Judd'a Imtl&podUao. He came to time, however, UM.Uy, aad Mr. hhowalier, counting ea air. Judd's aavmg devoted his tin durW the r.-ee.s r.-ee.s r.-ee.s te the roazUua, eprne. with a Buy Loprr. The gaiae wm adjuuraed on' the 334 bieve. and when Ota time lot play came next day Mr. Jund teslgned, as tihawnlter and a matiag BoatUon. Mr. SkeaaHer eenducted be game In magnincent style, even surpaaidng hts prevteua brtUlante. Below are given tbs eleventh and Urehth games. Eleventh genie, played December no, Ktil LOP1U. v, 1-1--K 1-1--K 1-1--K 1-1--K 1-1--K 1-1--K 4 S Kt KB 3 3 H Kit 4 jiBUf 5 PHlt r-u& r-u& r-u& T-Kt T-Kt T-Kt ii 3 a-Kixxt a-Kixxt a-Kixxt O-KixKP O-KixKP O-KixKP 10 4 11 K U4I 15 Kt K 3 13- 13- Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 14 1 4 16- 16- Q-11 Q-11 Q-11 II lo-Kt-Kia lo-Kt-Kia lo-Kt-Kia lo-Kt-Kia lo-Kt-Kia 8 Kt QU 3 s Kt ua 4 KtxP a M M Kt-3 Kt-3 Kt-3 7-KUU 7-KUU 7-KUU 5-Kt-KisiW 5-Kt-KisiW 5-Kt-KisiW 5-Kt-KisiW 5-Kt-KisiW 9- 9- Mia 10- 10- Oaade lp 4 12-Kt 12-Kt 12-Kt Q it 1J--H-K 1J--H-K 1J--H-K 1J--H-K 1J--H-K 1J--H-K 4 14 U H 3 15- 15- Kt Kt l-!'-kkl3 l-!'-kkl3 l-!'-kkl3 l-!'-kkl3 l-!'-kkl3 17-B 17-B 17-B Km J H Q B 10 It B iO KB SI B 1(5 53- 53- UXB Y.ttiQ S 24 -It -It K q ra K K 5 Jil-hH Jil-hH Jil-hH 4 S7-lisKt S7-lisKt S7-lisKt at Q S 1W P II 4 aa n --a --a --a a ao Q-n Q-n Q-n 3 31-Orit 31-Orit 31-Orit i-K i-K i-K B) 83 K B 3 34-P-KK14 34-P-KK14 34-P-KK14 34-P-KK14 34-P-KK14 C C-K C-K C-K aa-pxd aa-pxd aa-pxd 37 K K 4 8-tkt 8-tkt 8-tkt 4 SftPxIiP 40- 40- P KR 4 41 B-KtT B-KtT B-KtT 4 .1 It B a 43 P B 44 PxKV 43 B Kt 4 4 P-a. P-a. P-a. () 47-K-B 47-K-B 47-K-B 47-K-B 47-K-B 45 K-Ktd K-Ktd K-Ktd 49 KlP to B Q sq ls bl-K-Kttt bl-K-Kttt bl-K-Kttt bl-K-Kttt bl-K-Kttt sa KxP M Ii- Ii- K 4 b4-K b4-K b4-K Q 54 K-Pd K-Pd K-Pd jve K KA5 87 KaP M II Sit 4 i i ti a ' ec-B ec-B ec-B Kt4 " Betgns. 17 u urn 18-B 18-B 18-B 1'J 10 QK-K QK-K QK-K sq SO KxKt lil Kk Q q '.-J-lllR '.-J-lllR '.-J-lllR '.-J-lllR '.-J-lllR 5-B-Ktq 5-B-Ktq 5-B-Ktq 5-B-Ktq 5-B-Ktq ! Kta t5 Kt-Ktfl Kt-Ktfl Kt-Ktfl 27 h K a Kt B :n-l-Kt3 :n-l-Kt3 :n-l-Kt3 :n-l-Kt3 :n-l-Kt3 34-Kt-ltS 34-Kt-ltS 34-Kt-ltS 34-Kt-ltS 34-Kt-ltS a Kt-Ki Kt-Ki Kt-Ki 34 K II q n-P-KB3 n-P-KB3 n-P-KB3 n-P-KB3 n-P-KB3 o(j 37 K- K- K a ae Kt Ki S-P-iB4 S-P-iB4 S-P-iB4 S-P-iB4 S-P-iB4 10 PaP 41 K-B K-B K-B 43-P-B3 43-P-B3 43-P-B3 43-P-B3 43-P-B3 43- 43- Kt-it Kt-it Kt-it sq 44- 44- PRP 45- 45- Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 48 kt-R kt-R kt-R ft 47-Kt-Brk 47-Kt-Brk 47-Kt-Brk 47-Kt-Brk 47-Kt-Brk 4 Kxl-40-KtICtft Kxl-40-KtICtft Kxl-40-KtICtft Kxl-40-KtICtft Kxl-40-KtICtft 50 P B4 61 KUP 53 Kt B ek t..'l KlxHt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt .-4--.-t-Kt 56 KUP ft K B S B7-K-H B7-K-H B7-K-H B7-K-H B7-K-H 4 58 I- I- Q S ' re Kt-Bft Kt-Bft Kt-Bft AO-P-Q7 AO-P-Q7 AO-P-Q7 AO-P-Q7 AO-P-Q7 61-Kt-a 61-Kt-a 61-Kt-a 61-Kt-a 61-Kt-a NOTES. , fa U P-Ktt, P-Ktt, P-Ktt, m:tjfi, vita a setter petition. lb) i:lank threatened BaKt. (o) BxKt would lead to a draw here. In such a pouiUon a Kt agaiaet at as very dan- dan- gemrnn. ioi nr icai eesms tse eest play new. t; Again black had at toav a draw by Bif. Twelfth game, played December ti. - VOKZIANA. ... , White (Br. Ehewaltnr). Black (Mr. Juddl 1 P-K P-K P-K 4 1-P-W 1-P-W 1-P-W 1-P-W 1-P-W 4 - ! Kt K B 9 7 B Kt Q B S - 3 P B 3 3 ! Q 4 4-O-B 4-O-B 4-O-B 4-O-B 4-O-B 4 6 ft Kt ft ev-PxP ev-PxP ev-PxP 7- 7- CaetJM --I"-4 --I"-4 --I"-4 --I"-4 --I"-4 . PxP JO Kt B 1 . 11 PxKt i 1 Q ft a i h a ft-K ft-K ft-K Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K S -QxP -QxP 7 14-Q 14-Q 14-Q t , aPxp o Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K 4 10-KtrKt 10-KtrKt 10-KtrKt fch) H-Q-K H-Q-K H-Q-K H-Q-K H-Q-K B 4 19 Kt p - - SIMI ill J mm ir-B-K ir-B-K ir-B-K ir-B-K ir-B-K sq (ch) 14 i'-U i'-U i'-U tt 13 Kt y 3 10 llxB (ch) lT-R-rK4 lT-R-rK4 lT-R-rK4 lT-R-rK4 lT-R-rK4 i-k i-k i-k Kt a t B H 3 'JO 13 K 3 01 h Kt O Br-Ai Br-Ai Br-Ai B sq i.V Ii Q T 24 QxKt 3. HxP a-QxB a-QxB a-QxB Si7 It B 4 -0 -0 U K Kt 4 SO Q B .6 (rh) 81 4J B (eh j-Kt j-Kt j-Kt 7 (ch 33-nxB 33-nxB 33-nxB :i4-HK :i4-HK :i4-HK 4 (ch) 3i IXQ 15 B-K B-K B-K 2 14 PxP 16 QxKt !(! K B aq 17 Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K 4 1-R 1-R 1-R J sq 10-P-K 10-P-K 10-P-K 10-P-K 10-P-K Kt 4 v.-f v.-f v.-f o t SI B K Ml K K Kt eq KtB 24 P Kt S S.V-KiB S.V-KiB S.V-KiB (fh) 80-QxK 80-QxK 80-QxK V 7-V-Kt 7-V-Kt 7-V-Kt 7-V-Kt 7-V-Kt i!8 K Ii a ao B Q aq :mi-K-B :mi-K-B :mi-K-B :mi-K-B :mi-K-B aq 31 -K-K -K-K -K-K -K-K 8 :'-V-K :'-V-K :'-V-K :'-V-K :'-V-K 3 33 RxB Ileal ga. The llavfy j Match. The snore In the worfaVa rU rn-kjnhlp rn-kjnhlp rn-kjnhlp rontert ManiH: stelnltr, t; TutUlipiria. J; drawn, 3. Hint game, played January 3. KVAXri GAMBIT. White 'M. Tschlgila) : l- l- P- P- k 4 9-KKt 9-KKt 9-KKt B3 3 11 -B -B t 4 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 5 P-ll P-ll P-ll 3 Ciu- Ciu- 7 P Q 4 a b yh,i ft-PxP ft-PxP ft-PxP 10 B Kt It P;i (ehi 13- 13- Kt B3 1 Kt II 4 14- 14- P Cit 4 i-r-c i-r-c i-r-c i-r-c i-r-c 6 I'l Kt-0lcW Kt-0lcW Kt-0lcW 17-B-K 17-B-K 17-B-K 17-B-K 17-B-K 3 15- 15- R- R- Kt ia KtxBI" 2 P K 9 IchU L' I K t K a !K-n !K-n !K-n K 55U-f-K'i 55U-f-K'i 55U-f-K'i 55U-f-K'i 55U-f-K'i 24 ltxKlirhl L--KlxKtP(lbl L--KlxKtP(lbl L--KlxKtP(lbl L--KlxKtP(lbl Ch) sn kitr 27 R Kt .1 -23 -23 B-KII3 B-KII3 B-KII3 20 P-K14 P-K14 P-K14 30 Q- Q- R 0(rtl 31- 31- lUKt4chU Bhw-k Bhw-k Bhw-k (W. fXelntta) l-rV-K4 l-rV-K4 l-rV-K4 l-rV-K4 l-rV-K4 ... -crt-n -crt-n -crt-n -crt-n s a B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 ..-;- ..-;- ..-;- 4- 4- BxKtP -B-J -B-J -B-J -B-J 4 r p-o p-o p-o j 7-K-KKtftt 7-K-KKtftt 7-K-KKtftt 7-K-KKtftt 7-K-KKtftt 5- 5- IXP 9 B Q2 l-QKt-KB l-QKt-KB l-QKt-KB l-QKt-KB l-QKt-KB It QxB 13 Ktr-F Ktr-F Ktr-F 3 13 B Kt 3 14 P QH 3 li-P- li-P- li-P- li-P- Q4 16 K It 17- 17- K Kt IP KHR Js) B 4 19-KsKt 19-KsKt 19-KsKt DO-KjP DO-KjP DO-KjP 22-K-B 22-K-B 22-K-B 22-K-B 22-K-B 3 K3-P-K K3-P-K K3-P-K K3-P-K K3-P-K S4-KXH S4-KXH S4-KXH iv C 11 3 ae bxp XT Q QS C-RKt C-RKt C-RKt ea-K-KKt ea-K-KKt ea-K-KKt ea-K-KKt ea-K-KKt an tt-st tt-st tt-st 3 Bestgaa. Uttle' Manmrlte Brown field Is seitomdy 1U of enurlot fever. The BIMo-obms BIMo-obms BIMo-obms of vhs Predyterian ehuroa will aaeas next Tuesday aleiit at Mra. Edmonla Perrlu'a. Miss Ethel Dixon leaves to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow fne Brftewood Baailnary, where she will seaman the rest ef the term. Mra. K. Palmer, who epent huA week In Parirtaad. the guext of Mrs. Hatile x, has remnied te her home, la DenvlUe. . MIm llarrte, who has been aundng her aunt, Mrs. Taos, fchtneli. through a spall of grippe, returns e her home in nlnenee next week. Mra Barnes. CaJatpa street, gave a very pleaaaat eeafere party tmtA TtnirMtay te dirk I of her IxmfaMrtUe frtsnds. lihft prbtes wees very handaoaoe. - ... Mr. Cooper, who met a sevleus ae etaout durlag the suppery weataua, u slowly slowly Uuprovlnc, Uu-uca Uu-uca Uu-uca U wtu 4m seme tlaae before he wiU be out sgara. , - , . -ThO -ThO Jf. C B. M. borlety elentsd the vol. lowing olftcera met week : PmOdent, Mrs. O. K. Hagerman; Vtee President, Mrs. A. a Hopkins; eeiTStary, Mrs. Max Wise. There win be a budaess meeting ef Efts ChrlHttea Bddeaver Soetety 4o-neht 4o-neht 4o-neht directly aitor the pfayerjueetteg. Tfce Kxeemlve OomolOee U earnestly sequeated -e -e be ea hand peasapUy. i .. ; . . Mrs. Jane BahbU retoraed last week from BroosH cKaUob, Wttere she waa ealkd by the death ef her moUier, Mrs. Margaret bunders, who died at toe age of altxT-alne altxT-alne altxT-alne o-rrhe o-rrhe o-rrhe heMes ef the PreakytoHnn church formed peslnr's 453 ssetety, ekick vneeU every 'Wednesday afternoon. Mra. B. U. Cfeawftard wae elected ProdeDH; Mm. Oeo. JoIhmmi, Vlee PreHtdeet, and Mrs. Murphy, ftoorotary end Treasurer. . . .. . . 7' -Mr. -Mr. W. H. fex, a fbrmop reiddent ef Parkland, t who 'lately removed to lirktk Ohureh, New Jeniey. died taat Sunday end we brought to LouhrrtUe and auieiied hi (are Hill Cemetery bust TMirwtny. Mra. W. 11. x aad daughter. Vm lOhia, and Mra. Irmd laea aeoomnamed O remeioaeed aes now ear vtng at Mr- Mr- Canaan Ifes.'a, ea Amber ; b

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 17 Jan 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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