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 - YES) jo) ALL fnB o The men who have manipulated...
YES) jo) ALL fnB o The men who have manipulated the deals have forfeited the respect and esteem of every fafr-niinrtcd fafr-niinrtcd fafr-niinrtcd person. Let us hope that tho who loiilrol the atlah-s atlah-s atlah-s of the New Yirk riuti will not permit tliemselves to 1-Kenl 1-Kenl 1-Kenl 10 the level of tho unscrupulous Inrtl vbli.ais rho have been knowu to do that serf of thuiB." MiU"iunnis'e said of his release as manager manager of the Piitsburah Club: It was a thunder-clap thunder-clap thunder-clap for me. I was away setting men for next year. I had just secnr-d secnr-d secnr-d Woodouck, formerfy of the Brown University; CorkhilL, the center fielder, and the well-known well-known well-known player. Arthur Whitney, tiiiid-l.aseman tiiiid-l.aseman tiiiid-l.aseman of tlie New York and Cincinnati teams, and .larp iv, who hurt, season cauulvt for Providence, liesides lieini; hot on tiie track of some his game. I do uot understand what the directors are up to. Saturday I received a telegram renuentinj; me to repori -vp-uses -vp-uses -vp-uses -vp-uses and money advanced for simiux Web .of tlie lour contracts pre-v pre-v pre-v lously mentioned. This 1 diu by send-i:.-i4 send-i:.-i4 send-i:.-i4 send-i:.-i4 send-i:.-i4 witii e;li contract a re;eipt for ties r-moiint r-moiint r-moiint allowil by the directors. 1 have worked for the interests of the club, and can -ee -ee no reason tor tlie reivut ac-t:.n. ac-t:.n. ac-t:.n. uuiesf. !he din -ins -ins vvaar to luo 'NeJ os'-r os'-r os'-r tn v shoulders, which, if so. I am exceedingly soiry lur. - lie lias': useil me .. a:nl 1 can not but ap preciate his tnend.niip. As the base bail I ( asoii dHi not ox-n ox-n ox-n until next snrnir, I came home lor a lew days, intendiii J t.i return to Pittsburgh shortly and j port the result more luily, but now I am tohl I am not. wanted. .Since it le-.ame le-.ame le-.ame known I was deposed I had a con- con- l'i reuee witti an ancni 01 the Association in re-ard re-ard re-ard to my future plans, and loit before 1 signed witii Pittsburgh I was a.skist to make a bargain with some leading Association magnates. I do not intend to force my- my- if upon any club, and micnlarly uikui the Pittsbursu directors. I have had a belter offer to lint base hail to o into tiie slloe business, business, and may accept..'' Mr. J. W. Spalding talked with considerable considerable lreedom in Philadelphia tne other day. The important part of his remarks was that he In-iieved In-iieved In-iieved in the f.velve-club f.velve-club f.velve-club League as the surest way to p. -ace, -ace, and he ieit certain it would Ih the solution of the prohlem. lie said that ad the Ijeague eople and mauv of the .Vs.ociatiou UMnaleo favored favored th- th- plan, and lie looked lor its adoption withiu the net lew ila.vs. As to Jeuniujis and Taylor, Mr. Spall-inii Spall-inii Spall-inii said New i ork had a sMijl .hum to them. The moment the old Louisville Louisville club weut out of existence that act. in itself workeil the rclea.s of the two '-r '-r '-r lie felt satis.'ioil their claims woula mild K"od in a court of law. Mr. fcpakUnn uius-t uius-t uius-t be very easily satisfied. Alison has secured a wcond bafieiiian in the plae of Pleffer. He is buried in the wilds of Michigan, stumls over six feet, weighs over "JCK) pounds and is as at'ile as a cat. At hust, so Anson says, the old man doesn't even know tlie name of his new rind, hut says t.hat if ho breaks his ayreeaieut every player lu Mu lligan will le biaekh.-ted biaekh.-ted biaekh.-ted so that tho riht man may be found. Moriran Murphy, the Huston catcher, has been engaged to coach tlie ba6o ball men of Weieyan Collejje. J. Earle Warner, the principal owner of the Athletic club, was burned out in Philadelphia about a week ago.. He was not so much exercised over the de struction of the contents of the store a the salety of the box which contained the coii.raAM of the Athletic players, and w hi- hi- (i was locked up in one of the saii-a saii-a saii-a lu tlie count tns-room. tns-room. tns-room. lue safe dropped through tlie tb.or to the cellar and was not readied by clie workmen untd alter havme, been under water lor nearly thirty -six -six hours. NVbeu it was found an expert safe- safe- opeuer soon had the door of tlie big iron box opened. llverythiuj in the safe was tborou&bly soaked, except the- the- box coutuinini; tlie contra. which was locki-d locki-d locki-d in an inner compartment. There were o'OO.uuo tickets m the safe which wore so swollen by the water that it was found necessary to dig them out with a pick. '1 ho club will l.e about by the lire. After securing the contracts. Mr. Wacncr immediately hired a box in a safe deposit, company's vaults and placed them there. trr'.oper. As to stakes. It lm the ceneral opinion that, with Mich opponent. liejeouUt better attont to play for 4S0 tLan H), ami tnat ne would have bad about the same piare, he col Ju Uie ft, Louis nieetlnp of i"io inird ijlie-when ijlie-when ijlie-when he played agaUist Bbowalter. Jmld won the tons for move, and Sho- Sho- walter defended wttr, the Frenrh. After a hard contest of forty-live forty-live forty-live moves, the game was drawn by consent. The second game was piayed December U. tho-lu-r tho-lu-r tho-lu-r tho-lu-r tho-lu-r opcuc-1 opcuc-1 opcuc-1 with tlie i'onxlana, and by the time of adjournment adjournment bait a very superior. If not winning, winning, position. Mr. Judd sealed his move, ana on resuming play it waa seen that be bad mwle what appeared to be a poor move. Nit which proved In about a dozen more to be very o(r-rrf, o(r-rrf, o(r-rrf, nnd showed deep analysis by Mr. Judd. Mr. bliowsller was too Impetuous Impetuous in bis mttack, and left a bole In his game, which Mr. Judd enlered. compelling him to resign on the fiftieth move, ilelow are the scores of the game : FRENCH DEFENSE. White (Mr. Judd). 1 ! K4 w I Q4 He It K t UB3 4 PlP 5 in. 1113 Il-QJ Il-QJ Il-QJ 7 II k:i H llxKt ! K.t (fj 10- 10- 1'xll 11 (atles. 1-J-l' 1-J-l' 1-J-l' 1-J-l' 1-J-l' 1U14 i:; Q K2 14 P-U4 P-U4 P-U4 15 Kb-Ktn Kb-Ktn Kb-Ktn r." minute. lfl P Its 17 1" yK4 la P HI PxP JO P-H5 P-H5 P-H5 -l -l KK Kt tq 22 B Q2 - Uxb 24-biP 24-biP 24-biP J5-Q J5-Q J5-Q Kt3 -o -o i' H3 27 U Kl4 QK E0 Q-B3 Q-B3 Q-B3 l tv7 Ulatk (Mr. Showalter). 1 P K3 . 2- 2- P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 ;u-yKt5 ;u-yKt5 ;u-yKt5 4-P.tP 4-P.tP 4-P.tP 6- 6- Kl KB3 Q-K2 Q-K2 Q-K2 ch 7 Ut K.i H 1'X II l-I!.Kt. l-I!.Kt. l-I!.Kt. it; t'astlcs. 11 P KI14 12- 12- K I vfU i:t Kt 11:1 14 li Q2 15 P vKt3 i-j i-j i-j minutes.) lfl tilt Q 17- 17- Kt Kt5 18- 18- Q-K Q-K Q-K sq 1' UPxP V.O-H-US V.O-H-US V.O-H-US V.O-H-US V.O-H-US 21 H - ft sq 22 UxKt ea pxp 24-Q-Q 24-Q-Q 24-Q-Q 24-Q-Q 24-Q-Q sq 20 v y3 2i i Kt H3 27 IliB rh 2 Q K(3 2!t U-K U-K U-K sq 30 ti K3 1 hour 57 minutes.) (1 h ur 37 minutes.) l Qll 32 K K sq XI P K3 34-K-K2 34-K-K2 34-K-K2 34-K-K2 34-K-K2 :;.-K-l7 :;.-K-l7 :;.-K-l7 :;.-K-l7 :;.-K-l7 ''' K U8 ch :rr y-K;i y-K;i y-K;i :tH-H :tH-H :tH-H K 3 P-KU P-KU P-KU 10-Q-KK13 10-Q-KK13 10-Q-KK13 10-Q-KK13 10-Q-KK13 41 K7 4:'. y-1.2 y-1.2 y-1.2 4:5 PxP 44-y-Qt 44-y-Qt 44-y-Qt 44-y-Qt 44-y-Qt 4j Q P hours oi mln.) Judd.) 31 UxKt :ki f U5 :i4 1 Kt sq :i.'i i; q q. 'M R Q2 .17 -K -K -1.2 -1.2 :;s i- i- i.-) i.-) i.-) 30-Q-Q4 30-Q-Q4 30-Q-Q4 30-Q-Q4 30-Q-Q4 4 K Q sq 4 1 i. KKl sq 42 i 112 43 t--yu t--yu t--yu t--yu 44 I'll' 45 y.P 2 tiours 56 mln.) Draw n. PwNZIA. White (Mr. Showalter.) mark (Mr. . t I K 4 I P -K -K 4 2 Kt K B a 2 :;t Q B 3 3 1' H 3 3 Kt B 3 4 P--Q P--Q P--Q P--Q 4 4 KtxK P 5 P Q 3 Kt-Kt Kt-Kt Kt-Kt sq H ii y 3 i--Kt-K i--Kt-K i--Kt-K i--Kt-K i--Kt-K i--Kt-K I; 3 7 KtxP 7 H K 2 rt t'alles. P Q .1 r Kt It 3 ! Q Kt Q 3 10 p n 4 10 i asiies. 11 Kt B 3 11-lt-K 11-lt-K 11-lt-K 11-lt-K 11-lt-K sq 12 Ii-K Ii-K Ii-K sq 12 Kt H sq 1.1 Kt Q 4 13 K Kt J 14 Kt B 5 14 ItxKt J J BxH 15-P-I1 15-P-I1 15-P-I1 15-P-I1 15-P-I1 3 1 48 minutes.) (2i mln.) HI fl-K fl-K fl-K 3 11 il B sq 17-Q 17-Q 17-Q Kt 3 17 O- O- 1! 2 15 I Q 4 IS Kt K 4 19-P-B 19-P-B 19-P-B 19-P-B 19-P-B 4 10 s Kt-g Kt-g Kt-g 2 JO Kt K 4 20-KlxKt 20-KlxKt 20-KlxKt 21 KxK Kt 21 -P-Q -P-Q -P-Q -P-Q B 4 22 Tt Q B 3 22 B K 2 23 Q- Q- B 2 23 P K K 3 24 K -K -K 2 24 -Q -Q R-K R-K R-K s J5-Q J5-Q J5-Q R K sq 2.'.-Kt-Kt 2.'.-Kt-Kt 2.'.-Kt-Kt 2.'.-Kt-Kt 2.'.-Kt-Kt 3 2H-P-Q 2H-P-Q 2H-P-Q 2H-P-Q 2H-P-Q Kt 3 (a) 2ti-Q-Q 2ti-Q-Q 2ti-Q-Q 2ti-Q-Q 2ti-Q-Q 2 27 P- P- Ii .' 27 P- P- li 3 2i Q J 3 2 v B -q -q 2!-P-K 2!-P-K 2!-P-K 2!-P-K 2!-P-K Kt 4 2f-Kt-Q 2f-Kt-Q 2f-Kt-Q 2f-Kt-Q 2f-Kt-Q 2 30 Q-Kt Q-Kt Q-Kt 3 .'aj-Kt-K .'aj-Kt-K .'aj-Kt-K .'aj-Kt-K .'aj-Kt-K 4 (1 hr 53 mm.) ll hr. 20 min.) 31 P-K P-K P-K It 4 31-R-Q 31-R-Q 31-R-Q 31-R-Q 31-R-Q II 2 32 P-Kt P-Kt P-Kt 5 32 i; PxP :i3 PP 3: PxP 34 pyKt lb) 34 Rx B 35- 35- QxP 35-B-K 35-B-K 35-B-K 35-B-K 35-B-K 2 3! (J Kt 3 1J- 1J- It 3 37 R Kt 2 (e) 37 K B sq :; R-lt R-lt R-lt 2 :if K K 2 :tfi K K 3 3! Q K sq 40 Q-4Ct Q-4Ct Q-4Ct 2 (d) 40 K-Q K-Q K-Q sq 41 Q-B Q-B Q-B I 41 R-B R-B R-B 2 42 R R a 42 R 11 sq 43 RxR 4.1-vvR 4.1-vvR 4.1-vvR 44 K-B K-B K-B 2 44 R K sq 4". K X 2 fe 45 B Kt 4 1 2 hrs. 35 min.) (1 hr. " ndo4 4,-H-Kt 4,-H-Kt 4,-H-Kt 4,-H-Kt 4,-H-Kt 3 4V-QxP 4V-QxP 4V-QxP 47-K-Q 47-K-Q 47-K-Q 47-K-Q 47-K-Q 3 47-Q-B 47-Q-B 47-Q-B 47-Q-B 47-Q-B 5 45 Q Kt 2 f) 4-RxB 4-RxB 4-RxB 41 RxB 40 R K 8 Communications and exchanges for this department should bo addressed to the cLeas editor. The Louisville Chess Club meets at roonis 613 and 614 Commerce Building, Fourth and Mian. Rooms open at all hours. All chess players welcomed. Problem No. 54. (From the Philadelphia Times.) By W. Bono. IUk k l!i) 4 ') 3i. 2 3 I W4 White (4) White to play and mite la three moves. Solution. FROBLF.M NO. 53. Q QB3. Solved by A. J. c. J. F. Cross. W. II. Ellerton. Loulsvlik-; Loulsvlik-; Loulsvlik-; I. J. I Compte, Pleas-ureviJe. Pleas-ureviJe. Pleas-ureviJe. Kv.; U Cransz, Owenshom: C. F. Helm, Lexincton ; Chess Club. Hardlnsburg, Ind.; J. F. TUiey. Bellcvue, Pa. The Jadd-Sbowaher Jadd-Sbowaher Jadd-Sbowaher Match. After much trouble' this match began at the St. Louis Chexs Club, Tuesday. December December 6. Lipshutz backed out, rUiiining that he could le't alford to play for 4-250. 4-250. 4-250. Messrs. Judd and SLowaker were much displeased at the wa;.' Llpshutx acted, as every oouoesaion bad beep mad him, althoufih he waa an in- in- Realgns. 1TOTES. (a) 003 ins probably best here. tb Tht, exchnnge of this powerful piece soems bad policy. (ci Ixst time, which allows the black R fo escape. He should have gone to U 2 at Kb rrhis lose the came. Ho should have e-vbajiged e-vbajiged e-vbajiged Queens and :taken the draw. (el White here breaks down completc-lv. completc-lv. completc-lv. In view of the threatened B Kt 4 UiU seems almost (f) His only rtsouico. Chens Callings Will Lyons, it is sld. Is to start a chess column In the Lexington Leauer. Tlicv are telling this at St. Louis: During During a nM-ent nM-ent nM-ent visit to New York Mr. Judd talked with Mr. t-toiuitx, t-toiuitx, t-toiuitx, and during the conversation conversation was asked if be had studied Stln-tu's Stln-tu's Stln-tu's book. On receiving a negative reply the clianiplon said: "Well, you had better look out. I hear tihowalter has studied itv and If he ha he'll beat you." Further, de ponent sayeth not. The World's Fair International louma- louma- ment scheme seems to have fallen into in-i.oeunuu in-i.oeunuu in-i.oeunuu desuetude. This would unquestiona bly be a good thing, and by concerted effort could bo made a success. Tie chess columns columns of the country should tako It up. Dur- Dur- tng a recent visit to St. Louis tne euiior found that tho players there, despite tho supposed rivalry, were In lavor oi iu Messrs. Judd and Showalter both expressed tlieir wlulnrncsa to enter. Tho following from the Chicago Times U resiectfuUy referred to the Executive Committee of the Kentucky Association: "Tie Kentucky- Kentucky- btate Association tournament tournament at Lexington was not well attended-, attended-, attended-, there being ouiy ihn players from tho State oubjde of lxingtou. The date chos3n for these animal meetings.. Thanksgiving Day is an unfoittiiuto one, for then. If K-r. K-r. K-r. all men ate; evpv.l'-l evpv.l'-l evpv.l'-l io stay at home. We would suggest that Kentucky fall Into line wllh Massael.uscUs, Kliodo Island, New York, Now Jersey, Mjrylund and Ohio and hold her annual meetings Washington's birthday . RESEN7ED WITH A KNIFE. A Lore-Letter Lore-Letter Lore-Letter the Uow of a Serions Catting Affray at Ht. Vernou. Crab Orchard. Ky.. Dec 1 2. (Special.) Yesterday afternoon at Mt. Vernon, fourteen miles south, of here, Joe Lamb, a youujf s:n of the liev. J. 1). Lamb, tho k-ading k-ading k-ading niiuidtcr of that place, stabbed and latally wounded anotlier youns man namtd Do liouii. Ho is still alive, but will die. Lamb was severely cub in the fight. , Tho trouble came up over the delivering delivering of a love? letter, which l)e lioad srave Lamb to take to his (He Uoad's! iw cot-heart, cot-heart, cot-heart, and which IX' Hceid claimed Lamb to have broken open and read. After the cutting Lamb ran to town, hotly pursued by flio father and a brother of Tin Rimil nnd surrendered himself. Ho is now in iuil. Lamb, who did tho cutting;, is a mcro loy, being only seventeen seventeen years of age, and his victim is twenty-two twenty-two twenty-two twenty-two years of age. A a Officer Shot. Crab Orchard. Kr I2ec 1 2. (Special.) While attempting to arrest a tough named Callow, Lnimcl Snodgrass. Town .Marshal of Mt. Vernon, was shot in the heurl and narrowly escaped death, the bullet taking off a portion of his scalp. After n lively tiissk. however, he ind a number of citizens who came to hia assistance overpowered liallaw. who was placed in jaiL Holiday Excarsiua Rates. The Ohio and Missis ippi railway will sell round trip tickets at excursion rates io .m-i...ii .m-i...ii .m-i...ii ivrrmlirr io 25. Inclusive, avod December 20 to January 1, bieluslve, good lor return until .January .". Also to s.. i ....i !.. Viinmbus. O .: t'levclaud. Chilli eothe. Akron. Dayton. Tnltdft, ZniiosvlUc. ;alion, Ath-ns Ath-ns Ath-ns and Newark. O. : Wheeling nt.rt PnrVersbure. W. Va.. Pittsburgh. Pa.. n il other points, good going December 24. 25 and 31. and Janu iry 1. and returning un til Januaiv 4. Tick-it Tick-it Tick-it offices southeast cor ncr Fourth and. Mala strceU and fruaa De pot, LouUviile- LouUviile- of of

Clipped from
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  2. 13 Dec 1891, Sun,
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