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 - greatly Jonened by cdering policemen not to...
greatly Jonened by cdering policemen not to register that eliarge when a person person had been accidentally run over and killed. ; What would work further good? Many things. There were two changes tlutt would be especially benencLd. One tvn a allowing polioeinon fS for" making felonies." Anotber was to do away wito the lining, system for misdemeanort. llie poor man; under this taw, had to serve his sentence, while the wrong-doer wrong-doer wrong-doer with money paad his line and taua escaped without being punished. The tabulated statements 01 arrests for the months of July and i August of 18U, 181, 1882 and or tlie snrae months ln logy, 18uo and 1801, which accompanies this article, article, will bo found interesting tor comparison. comparison. Ibese months were chosen b. cause mere crimes are committed in then than in any other. Communications and exchanges lor this department : ahoold be addressed te tas cheas editor. -The -The Louisville Chest Clutf meets at rooms 613 and 1 Commerce Building. Fourth and Midn. Rooms open at all hours. All chess players welcomed. Problem No. 53. Com posed for the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal by P. Weiman. Bardlnsburg. Ind. rllarfc (n). 4 wws 91k . WIS . I fcl t:lfllf;;Jft-l t:lfllf;;Jft-l t:lfllf;;Jft-l lie m o m m m en mum White White to play and mate In two mores. Solution. rnOBLFM NO. 51. 1-Kt-QKtS. 1-Kt-QKtS. 1-Kt-QKtS. 1-Kt-QKtS. 1-Kt-QKtS. Solved by C. V. Helm. LexlnKton. Craig THngle. ieor)o,own ; t hens Club, liardlus. burn. Ind.; L. Ciranvx. Oweualioro ; A. J. C, W. 11. F.Uerloli. ijitiKvllIc, An Uaidcatlfifd llrilliaat. The following beautiful game was sent tbe Xew Oiiios Time-Democrat Time-Democrat Time-Democrat by a Parts correspondent, who mid It we played st the Cafe D La Kegenee by two Ung. U-shiucn. U-shiucn. U-shiucn. Iho ! Tlmeu-Dcmonrat Tlmeu-Dcmonrat Tlmeu-Dcmonrat uyt that It luukt have been played by Sir. . lllrd against an equally brilliant adverwry. OH tlCO PIANO. White. lihuk. I- I- P to K4 1-P 1-P 1-P to K4 U Kt to kfia. , C-Kt C-Kt C-Kt to QUA 3- 3- B to B4 i 3 B to B4 4- 4- P to li:i 5 4 hit lo Ii:i 6 1 to yKIt j : 6-U 6-U 6-U t KM , Q t k.Vt i , ; titles. 7 Kt to Kt5 i -, -, 7 htl'rbl Kt to U II 8 B try Kt3 tt KtxBP : : O Ktxk'Pt 10- 10- K. ut K : i . , JO-b JO-b JO-b to B5t 11 It to 4 4 11-Kt 11-Kt 11-Kt to B7 -1U -1U KUPch ) IJ K to Km 13- 13- P V (J ! l:t-llsPl l:t-llsPl l:t-llsPl , 14 Kt 1(1 Qd ! 14-ilxP 14-ilxP 14-ilxP ia qb i UUx t mates la three moves, -f -f ; I TM JMnsio fly Mail. . Mr. J. W. rhowalter recently played a series or six fame with Mr. W. C. fJorhran, of Cincinnati, V teit a variation qf the Muiio. Mr. (rnUer won Ave and lust one. Bekiw is given one of the games : who uAxurr: .White (Mr. blio alter J Bhu-k Bhu-k Bhu-k (Mr., CorhranJ 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 4 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K t . .. . 2-p-kii 2-p-kii 2-p-kii 2-p-kii 2-p-kii 4 i a ixp a Kt ku a a-p-KKt a-p-KKt a-p-KKt a-p-KKt a-p-KKt 4 11 B 4 i . ' 4 P-Kt P-Kt P-Kt o-4'a.Htlfts o-4'a.Htlfts o-4'a.Htlfts ,! , fr PxKt v " - . -JxP -JxP -J-B3 -J-B3 -J-B3 -J-B3 ! - 7-1' 7-1' 7-1' K 5 . 7-gxP 7-gxP 7-gxP t llxP(chl I 1 1 KxB . -MJ4 -MJ4 y K 2 (al 10 nxP i l Kt KB a II- II- Kt n 8 1 - 11-pH 11-pH 11-pH a (bj ". ' . Qlt-K Qlt-K Qlt-K aq , ; 12-Qxlt 12-Qxlt 12-Qxlt lr , , 13 tl-K tl-K tl-K I t lU-xlt lU-xlt lU-xlt rh . 14 QxQ : 14 It K -J -J 15 K8-K4 K8-K4 K8-K4 ' , li R-Bsq R-Bsq R-Bsq l-Kt-Q8(cU l-Kt-Q8(cU l-Kt-Q8(cU l-Kt-Q8(cU l-Kt-Q8(cU ! T It-K-Ktaj It-K-Ktaj It-K-Ktaj It-K-Ktaj It-K-Ktaj -. -. - v ; 17 Q B 6 I . 17 BxKt " ' f 1 - Kt 5 feb, i . 1 K 119 i ? If OxKtfehl 10 K K sq , 0-jxB 0-jxB 0-jxB i 1 - , citKt a a 1 ,t Ct-B Ct-B Ct-B B - Sl-R-rBil Sl-R-rBil Sl-R-rBil Sl-R-rBil Sl-R-rBil : , ; 2J-0-K 2J-0-K 2J-0-K 2J-0-K 2J-0-K 5 fch) (4) I S J-K-Baq J-K-Baq J-K-Baq J-K-Baq J-K-Baq - . , ":iBKt K S3-K S3-K S3-K Kt sq 04 B B I it-fl it-fl it-fl U a (ch) (a) . 25-KaiR 25-KaiR 25-KaiR 2H B KtT 27 Q B O Irh) (rh) 25 K-B K-B K-B S ; 2H P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 C7 K-K K-K K-K SO Q B8rhl 28 K Q t y B 7 (cbj, and mates next more;- more;- (a) Better than OxP. which gives whtta a winning attack at once. (hi While threatened Kt Q5, toilowed or B Kt. wlnrlng a phoce. (c la another pun black P la Ted here OQS nod kwt ooHthe SM move. (dt Here while a:tnrwd mate In xine an follows. (el Tbe only way to avoid the mat". Ii Kt QS. white mates ln lour by Q alts. Chess Callings. Kr. Tsehlsortn was to sail tor Havana yesterday. As a result of the Mate Association meeting there a rbeM rlub of thirty-live thirty-live thirty-live members has been organised at blcaoessteles, V. X. Reentveil from Mr. P. Catlin (Box 3050, New York) cne of his Improved pocket chew boards. It ts an decant afTatr. made en-tlretr en-tlretr en-tlretr of Kuasta leather, and with celluloid men. Mr. W. H. K. Pollock gave an exhibition exhibition of simultaneous pier at the Chens Club of the Young Men's Hebrew AsaorHUon, Unltlmore. on the 25th. He played twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one games, m Inning all. Tlie Judd-fOrowaltee-UpuctiHts Judd-fOrowaltee-UpuctiHts Judd-fOrowaltee-UpuctiHts Judd-fOrowaltee-UpuctiHts Judd-fOrowaltee-UpuctiHts match begins begins at tit. Ixiui to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning. This Is the moat tmHortnnt event f the yeur In American ebes circles, ttclmta exeeiitcd. itte eonteetauts are the stronger players of the eo''ntnr. and the outranie of the strug. fie be swatted with great Intercut, iere'a bettmg our own lUuegrnss champloa won't be last. THE TWO AGES. snaawswsswanaw I (Henry 6. Leigh.) Folks were happy aa days were long In the old Arrallan times: Whea Ufa eenrd only si dance and a song In the sweetCHt ot all sweet cUmea. Our world grows bigger, and, eiajre by stage. As the pltlhvs iwi halve rolled. We've quite Inrgottcn the Ooldfu Age And oonie to the Age ot UokU Time went by In a sheepish way I'pon ThAsaly's plains of yore. In the Nineteenth century, samba at play Una mutton, and nothing more. , . -Our -Our swains at present are tar too sags To live a one lived of oil ; Eo they rouit the crook of tbe O olden Age With a hook In the Age of UokL Prom Oorydon's reed the mountains round liearl no a ot his kttrat name. And Tttyntt, made the womls rssuuntl With echoes ot Daphne's aame. Thev kindly left us a lasting gauge Of their musical art, we're tokt. And the Pandean pipe ot the t Jo Men Age Brings ulrth to the Age of Uokl. Dweners In huts and ta marble ha lie. Prom shepherdess ap to Queen, Cared little for bonnets avnd less lor ehswk. And nothing for crinoline. But aow simplicity's not the rags: And It's funny to think how ruid Tbe dress they wore in the Uolriea Age Would seem kt the Age ot Ooki. Eleetrle telegraphs, printing, gas Tohan'o. biUaofia and sieam Are little evente thH baKe me to pas 81 ore the days of tlie old repime ; 1 And, spite of Lcmriere'H daullnc ragOf I'd gve, thoi:gh It might seeni bold. A lMinilred years of the t.nlden Age i'or a ytsvr of the A pa ol Uohl. YESTERDAY. (For tlie Courier-Journal.) Courier-Journal.) Courier-Journal.) I dreaming xaw a heavenly place. And smiled in sleep: "Why art thou giadl It seems that yon iMNerve to weep." ho .ild my heart. Dkl yenieiday Take numethlng sweet. Front out thine band that angela now In Heaven repeat!" I turned my 'face to yesterday And this I heard : . "rb: freed a moth a sptdec held - And fed a bird. JvATYDID. THE TEACHERS' INSTITUTE. Colored Edacaiots Hare aa latereau lag Meetisg Papers and Addresses. ' There was a full meeting of tlie Teach-er Teach-er Teach-er Institute yesterday. I"k4. C W. Uoust-rV Uoust-rV Uoust-rV address at tho List meeting brought out many new member. " Mrs. La C. Brown, ot Central School, rvad an admirable paper on " Tlie Silent Iullucncc ot tlie TVnrlier. She was fol lowed by a paper of more length and fully aa valuable and Interefcting. rend by Mrs. A. M. Dunlop, of Kastern School, on " Fundamental l'urpuso of Education." Both ai)er8 were discussed, itof. Uiky. a t-lsitor, t-lsitor, t-lsitor, tpokc at kugtii. giving i il us t rations rations of a personal nature, emphasizing the many pA iHiints made by the two teachers. Miss Davenport, of the Western Western School, funished the institute with a piano solo. The Secretary, Mi Can rail, being a' sent, Aliss Duvali was aitointcd In her place. After the transaction of some minor business and the critic's report, tlw institute institute adjourned to meet December! 1 8. First Chriatlan Chare- Chare- Aaaaal '..'':':: Motlcale. The Ladies' JMlcf Vnion of tlie First C.lirictiun church will give their annual tnuaicale next Thursday evening. IXw tuber tuber 10, t 7S10 o'clock. Some of tlie best musical talent ot the city will take part, and the programme will lie a p!tt. ing one. At its close the Indies will serve a silrndil euDDt-r. euDDt-r. euDDt-r. A funcv table con taining t'liriMmt. prertcnts cf every viu riety will ue in cnarge of tlie young hulba. A large nuantity of hundsoniely drrsed dolls win be for enK Adn.lMsfoit to the muinVale, twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five oenu; titppor, twenty-live twenty-live twenty-live cents, - .

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 06 Dec 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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