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Wtill.- re- bliu-pJl Uon- ar-guisl Otmmitnloitlons exchange tor thl addressed to the departnieot should clieM editor. Tho Louisville Chess flub meets at rooms Cl.l and 014 t'omnierce IiuUdlng, Fourth and Main. Rooms open at all hours. All cbei players welcomed. ('01 rrsponitr uce. Minfred. Louisville. Tti5 problem Is sub- sub- stontlnlly the sumo a that puhllshed In this olumti as No. 47. It looks loo much like FhiRlarlsui. J. W. I... Furls. Kt. The proposed mnte is rlfertd hv 1 s II 4 ire I, K -at -at dl S H Q 4 teH. iv R-i; R-i; R-i; .11 11 3 .ch), K nK.M-s; nK.M-s; nK.M-s; 4 H icaU's. However, there 1 a mat.- mat.- in thtee bv 1! K a (ch). Prollems 1 .Ixert with (hunks from A. fi. K.. si. L011I-. L011I-. L011I-. I P. W.. llardinsbiire. II. I... Lexington. The letter received. He below.- below.- I'rob em No. iX Compi.wd for the Cot.i Icr .toiirnal by A. J. Couch. Loutsvflir, black 1). i " jot- - vyf-.- vyf-.- vyf-.- vyf-.- .- .- U-: U-: U-: kz sl ' lt' i White (Ml. White to pUy and mate In two moves. aolatlou. PB HLEM NO. 48. 1-R-K 1-R-K 1-R-K 1-R-K 1-R-K 0. .s lvcd by Maiilred. A. J. C, J. F. Gross, rtul-vilie" rtul-vilie" rtul-vilie" Chess Cliib. lUidinsbiirs. lnil .; J. K. llHey. Ik-llrviic, Ik-llrviic, Ik-llrviic, 14 : H. M. Foster. l'.oton. .Mai's.; 1,, '. McAllister, lUrtuiux listn. Aid.; J. W. l, I.rii, ky. The State Merlins. The foU-iwInt foU-iwInt foU-iwInt circular hs been sent out hv the Secrrluiv. Prof. (. li. Theis : " Louisville. Kv.. Nov. 1.1. -Tlie -Tlie '-jlrd '-jlrd '-jlrd an nnal inostini; ol tiie kctituc kv Ches As- As- Mriallon will be held in Lexington next hi-.Ki;ivl hi-.Ki;ivl hi-.Ki;ivl ii rtuv. Noveiiiher :.'. All men- men- mm t th Assia'iiimn are uized to auritd, f lot all rhrs players of the Slate and those Inter, slot ure oilmlly lnvsei to be present. liicre will lie a Uiuiiunieht tor Hie cuanipl- cuanipl- onshlp ot the State. Mr. Sbowilter, being chaaijaon nf the t nltd States will not cm-. cm-. cm-. tct. A.l Ihie e.!clni to Is pre-ent pre-ent pre-ent slioiilit m-iiiI m-iiiI m-iiiI ihclr tiairies lo Uie Secretary llv order of the lrcl(Icnt. "O. 11. TilKISS, secretary.' Mr. Show alter. iit Mr. She waller wli; te ! ''re next Wednesv 1 av. and.tlat oeniiie will mest nit comer simultaneously. He will l-c l-c l-c lure the rest of the weeK and wiU give slniuliaucou ex-hlliltlou- ex-hlliltlou- ex-hlliltlou- ex-hlliltlou- CM-iy CM-iy CM-iy day. lie will also plav i.culnt Uie stind-.t stind-.t stind-.t players or tne club 111 i-onsuluuioii, i-onsuluuioii, i-onsuluuioii, nnd win iut-ublr iut-ublr iut-ublr give hio I'lniflluln. s-aiiic. s-aiiic. s-aiiic. ri.iv win tt-cni tt-cni tt-cni 111 the atuTnisai at 4 (' hs-k. hs-k. hs-k. and lit the evcuinir ut e o'clock. The exlilhtiions will be held In the club risen, rixth 0 or Conimeice I'ulliltng. All rlKss phiyers and all luter- luter- I'sted lu ihis, aie toril ally Invited. There w III le ph nty of boards, and every otsj will he weli-omed. weli-omed. weli-omed. lull nisit- nisit- will be found lu the dully Courier-lour Courier-lour Courier-lour nul. sh owalter v. I.oadsa. The following game Is one of two recently p laved by lorrespcmd'-nce lorrespcmd'-nce lorrespcmd'-nce between Mr. nliowaltcr and the London (Ky.) Chess Club. Mr. MiowMter won both pintcs. til CCO PIANO. and be Wliltc. lilac k. (Ixitidou. C. C. LMr. Sliowalter.) I K 4 1 I- I- K 4 J-K J-K J-K Kt B 3 V - Q Kt B 3 :i ii it 4 :i--ii :i--ii :i--ii :i--ii u 4 4 1" II : 4 Kt B 3 5 P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 " b- b- I xP IK 5 -P--Q -P--Q -P--Q -P--Q -P--Q 41 7 I xKt 7-PxB 7-PxB 7-PxB S-Pxkt S-Pxkt S-Pxkt P 8 H K Kt q ti! 1 n p q 11 a ltt- ltt- Q 0 loll K Kt 5 ll-Q-Kt ll-Q-Kt ll-Q-Kt ll-Q-Kt ll-Q-Kt 3 11 Q-K Q-K Q-K 3 rb 1-J- 1-J- 1-J- 1-J- K-ll K-ll K-ll 1 J-P J-P J-P O t l.l- l.l- 0 Q !i 13 ItxKt 14- 14- i'xll 14 Q K (ch l." K-Kt K-Kt K-Kt (J 15 Cattle, lrt-11 lrt-11 lrt-11 n 4 Black announced mate In six. Lhe Culliag. -Tlie -Tlie St rul club will ln ld a toumeT during the pioent month. A mntrh for the chsniDionshlp Is In prog ress ul the li-al li-al li-al rluli beiscs'ii liof. Tliels nl .Mr. Trtiuc. The ttr -t -t ewue, wen played Ittiv Lol-x, Lol-x, Lol-x, w, won by Prof. Thelss, -It -It Is r jiorti'l tlut tlie l'.lackhumcM.iins- l'.lackhumcM.iins- lirri inatrl. Is lilt for lhe Picseilt. Mr. r.iscMt'.nie is lie ili' not filnU himself uislci i.hlnratioi.s ti pliy. snd that he Is ti tmsy to play now, hut will play in the spi lug.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 15 Nov 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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