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 - 1 refuses tt disclose the mcae of tlie new man...
1 refuses tt disclose the mcae of tlie new man at this writing. In all probability Billy Joyce, of tlie Boaton Association team, will lie secured to tik tW place of tltat copious lusher. Drjnny Lyons, at third. Joyce liaa sent on his tel ma, which are to he accepted irt case the lksu n ruanageinent decides to let him go, which it probably will. This leaves all but tlie pitclieia to bo accounted lor on tht new Brown stocking team. Breiteiistein, the new tiutli-paw wtsider, liae already signed !ns contrac t, as his alfcu Bt;rrll, tlie young twirler rtcently corraleJ at Joiiet, 111. Willie McUill Mill probably he let go. Jack Stiritts, a thou sh report has it he signed with the Bat-ton League team, is anxious to 'return to St. Louis, and, with tlie Increase of salaiy iflered tun by tlie Brawn's lYmi'tent, tlie chances are that he -will lie seen as usual, pitching in his cydonio style with the St. Louis team, during tlie year of 'U2. Wih tlw exception of an additional catcher to assist Jack Boyle, ami a utility man to play an infield position, tlte atwve ia good outline of the team St. Loais wiil arceoat to the world next season. Couunun'icaUona and axchanges for this department ahouM bs addressed to tha cicsa editor. Correspoadeace. W. E., Louisville. The problem la a two-mover. Try again. You were on the right track at ft rat. P. O. K., Newport. Many thanks for the problem. It will appear in due time. Problem No. 46. Composed for tbe Courier-Journal by John Coghlan, St. Louis, Mo. BLACK (3). mi IP W' WVt ? ' ?! W y? f?f fvr . mA i4'3 mm vm 4 m&wm (WHITB (0). Vhlte to play and mate in three moves. For the t.rst correct solution received, a copy of Uie International Chesa Itagaxine. Problem No. 47. White (51 KtlQKH; QUK B T. B at Q Kt 3; KU at Q 5 and Q Kt 5. Black ()KatK3;PaatQ3,KB3. K 4. white to play and mate ia two moves. The Philadelphia Time publishes this ai the greatest twv-er extati. It is claimed by both fibintinsn aod Carpenter. For the first correct aolutlou a copy of Brownsuu's-Cheaa JouraaL Salatioas. 1 PROBLEM NO. 4. 1. B K 6. Solved by B. c. I. EaUabethtown ; W. H. laJertou, eity; Club, Hardiuaburg. Ind.; . W. P.. Blslng Sun? Ind. The Brilliaaer Prise Wiaaer. Tbe prise for the most brilliant game la. tt Divan toumament was awarded to Mr. H. K. Bird, tor the folio wing game. core. Dd Notes from tbe Baltimore Sunday KJUO'8 OPETNU. WhKeBrrd. Black Codn. 1 V to KB4 1 P to Q4 . m 2 P lo KH S-Kt to KR3 4 P to QKC3 5 H to Kt J IV B to KU ch. Jf lo K3 3 Kt to KB3 4 H to Ka 5 P to B4 o QK to Q3 Ia order the better to post QB at QKtS. 7 (-Vrtle 7 Carries 8 CJ to K q. 8 P to QR3 O B to Q3I 9 Ptoklt 10 H to K-2 JO Kt to K& 11 P to Q3 11 U to ia lKt to K5 1 12 Kt to Q3 Elttier B or KtxKt rwtm Black a ptsca 13 Ktto Q-J 3 U to KM 14 B to Kt4 14 KtxKt. however Blark responds, seems ejavauiageous aera xor utro. 14 B to RS 13 Q to K2 1S-P ro,JV4 16 B to KR3 lfr-B to KB3 . 17- QB to Qst, If HI' MliVIMn ' (1 The idea being to ad van re the KP. 17 BxKt 19 PsB la-Kt lo B2 11 Kt to B3 1U vt to ii'J 'JO Q to 112! Admirable, for it KUP. 21 KtxKt, KU Kt 22 Q Kt3. 20 QK to Ksq. 21 P to Q4 21 P to QK4 Not PxP. on account of 22. 11 R3. 22 P to KKtl An auuat'lmis aod metttesome advance. 22-1'xKtP 23 BxP 2:t-Kt to Kt4 Aixt now for a bit of 1W. 24 KtxKt !1 24 ItxQ 25 KxR Kl lo Bsq. 28 OK to KBsq. 2rt- to J!sq g K3 H cretiy mipe.nor, neotrajiring s stroke of 27. Us Kt. Iv which Mr. fttrd could have won olfluuid In unswer to text'move. t7 PxPt 27 yxKf 2 Q to K2 Irt 11 to Q4 i! P to KR4 jo r to in 1-Kt to K3 J2 tl to R5I 3 P to B3 P to 13 :!o-o to Kts ni-Kt to Kt3 2 Kt to K2 33 Q to 34 P lo 7Ti3 35 B to Q2 31V Kt to fU 37 KtPxB 3rf K to R2 3f It to Ktsq. 40 R to 0-l. 41 K to RsO.. 42 H to 1 43 Q to Bsq. 41 R-4fnv. 4 R I ITT) to 112 3.V-TI to K3 SO H to Q3 17 TtxKt ia Kt to B4 il Kt to Hi io K to KJ. fl-Kt to Bflc. 42 R to KKtsq. 4.1 R (B2 to KKt2 a B to B5I eh. lttack can not avoid mate. I Chess olliac. ! A ebon cjnb of sixty membeni has been formed at Johannesburg, houth Africa. ' The annual inerting of the Vlnrinta tiess Association will be held at Richmond, October 241. A rones Dondence match of two aamUts Is la progress between Mr. W. H. K. lVlloca, of iiaitiniore. ana Mr. . i Mc( utchoon, of lltt-sburgh. One of them was opened on normal lines, while tho other Is to test a new move invented by Mr. Mc-Cutcheoo. Tho readers of this department do not seem to take ss much Interest In problem solving as could be expected. When cultivated, this become one of the most attrao-tlre features of chess. Not only is It In-terestmc, but it Is to a certain extent highly Instructive, as It gives oue many beautiful Ideas which may be applied in actual play, aud also increases the analytical jiuwcr. In order to Increase Interest in solving the plan has beea adopted of offering small prires of cheas literature. If the number of regular solvers should Ju-Jlfv It, a short solving tourney for two-movers msy be started In the near future. There are two pretty and not too difficult problems in this Issue. Try your haod on them. A MISTAKE. (Judge.) Ttartw.ra AoidHtant Who'd xrou aav thaA gent was I jest went overt ! Barter Bev. Mr. McAuUffe, the parson. I Assistant Ciee whtx I I tt ought you said MeAuuna, the pugilist Jest look at ta' cut 1 give aim! I Flfteea Cars Demolished. ! Springfield, Mo, Oct, 24. The Paraoa creek bridge on tbe Kansas City, Spring fkdd and Memphis railroad gave way this tnornins while a freight train was passing over, and fifioeu cars were derailed and completely demolished. A. passunger named Cotton was seriously injured. No one waa killed- Heacaed frem ibe sepias l uo.-rr. ra- mfeery enduied by unfortunates whose Bvors are derelict In duty Is uuspeaaaoio. htek, naua, cosuveiMgss, dis-order ot Uie digestive apparatus, beart-bui u vertigo, unrest, sourness of the breath, uneasiness beneath Ua short tight rios and right sLouMer blsde. hckle appetite, ara uaiong the baleful iuulcla of bilMMiie-iS. which however. spflii varuab when lite-teuer's Stoinab Bitters Is toipluycd as a regulator. Most eUertuaiiy la Its work of disciplining carried out, as a complete renewal of tbe digtfcU. e. secretive and evacua-tlve functions satisfactorily proves. la eases of malarial disease tbe liver is the principal gland involved, and ir maladies of a aialarial type llostetter's Stomach Pjtters is aa absolute specific. Aa a laxative pa Inlet bat effective tt Is unrivaled, and It Is an admbable preventive of chronic atdaev trouble and rhoumaUsia, aad a superb general tualc aad con active.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 25 Oct 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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