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OnBaraaaUia aa sxcluinra for tbls aspartaBost skoald be sSilnit to Us caess cattor. Trebles Mo. 44. By W. Qlesee. - Blsek (6). us -m -m - m m m mum-El mum-El mum-El 1 f"! fyi tif' it mm mu m m m&m Watte (Ul. TTMto to phty aoe mass la two moves, j ftolstleas. nosLBK NOt st. t-rj-Kt. t-rj-Kt. t-rj-Kt. t-rj-Kt. t-rj-Kt. nywatcus Koan. eHy: lUrdtns- lUrdtns- ""a cuts, irarmnmmre, ind. ; si LsslngtMi; n. U..L., KUaasctbiowst, OIK5S AT LEXIXOTOX 1 A eavuil came pUycd betwtoa Mr. &ho. waltor al lr. If. loovenhart, ouq of Lcs-rncton Lcs-rncton Lcs-rncton dtronnctt player, during tao rscsat vnwmia w ins ur. a. l . .i Waits (Me. ahowalter) Uask (Mr. Lssveaaart. &-kt-K &-kt-K &-kt-K &-kt-K &-kt-K a 3 a-Kt-i a-Kt-i a-Kt-i a-Kt-i a-Kt-i a s 3 P H a 3 i' 4 ' 4 i-K i-K i-K 4 4 H-b H-b H-b 3 6-B 6-B 6-B K 9 6 Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K S Cafrtlea Weak. F-i F-i F-i 3. lie should either play PxP or e-PxP e-PxP e-PxP 7-L 7-L 7-L n 4 a P-Q P-Q P-Q a 3 l-ktB l-ktB l-ktB t-xk t-xk t-xk r -y-q -y-q -y-q -y-q a 4 UxKt 10 p q 4 11 4 - U 11 P-Q P-Q P-Q 5. 11-P-Q 11-P-Q 11-P-Q 11-P-Q 11-P-Q Kt 4. " : 11 CssUes. ia p 9 a k a ia J Kta (c) ia k k q . 14 P a 14 k-H k-H k-H a . 14 u k a la b-K b-K b-K 10 Kt B 3 lo-UxKt lo-UxKt lo-UxKt " 17 pa 1? p-a p-a p-a 4 Prepaiinf at one tor aa assault oa the weakcaoJ king a ski. . . 18- 18- Ktr-K Ktr-K Ktr-K 4 1-P-B 1-P-B 1-P-B 1-P-B 1-P-B . i&-h-q i&-h-q i&-h-q i&-h-q i&-h-q a . u-y-Q u-y-Q u-y-Q u-y-Q u-y-Q .. a-K-u a-K-u a-K-u a-K-u a-K-u a - . so-kt-Kt so-kt-Kt so-kt-Kt so-kt-Kt so-kt-Kt 4 itl-B itl-B itl-B 113- 113- BU 4 at ones Is stronger. 52- 52- PxKt Ca-Q-B$"? Ca-Q-B$"? Ca-Q-B$"? Ca-Q-B$"? Ca-Q-B$"? 83 P-B P-B P-B 4 - 23 K U 4 X4 K-K K-K K-K Kt tl t-Q t-Q t-Q U -K -K B tq " 53 H Kt a a-K-Kt a-K-Kt a-K-Kt a-K-Kt a-K-Kt 4 SO- SO- M K Kt sa ' 87-axit 87-axit 87-axit 87 B The force ot which win appear later, 2-p-q 2-p-q 2-p-q 2-p-q 2-p-q e c pxp sa-Pxp sa-Pxp sa-Pxp tta-P-K tta-P-K tta-P-K tta-P-K tta-P-K ft a txH ' ao p b a ' si a Kt 3 8t-Q-B 8t-Q-B 8t-Q-B 8t-Q-B 8t-Q-B 8 (lh aa k Kt sq as qxp aa-o-usq.. aa-o-usq.. aa-o-usq.. aa-o-usq.. aa-o-usq.. aa-a aa-a aa-a JC4 assigns. .:. . TARRASCH PEATS TAUBEWHA US. , A fawafrsm a series plsyed sum mouths ago at fiuiemburg; TWO KX1QIIT9 DETKK6E. White rrarraiKh). ' 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 . K Kt to R3 8 a to B 4 : . , 4-P 4-P 4-P to y 3 - a p to a a u u to k a 7-Q 7-Q 7-Q kt to Q 3 a U to Kt 6 a a to k t lO V to g 4 - ; llrastles . sa-p sa-p sa-p to k Kt a . 13- 13- P to K HI 14 Kt to Kt ft 1V-Q 1V-Q 1V-Q x Kt , 10-Kt 10-Kt 10-Kt X U 17- 17- B x P 18- 18- Kt to K 9 Itt KttoQ a so a to vt b 4 riaek (TMiseaaaHs t-q t-q t-q kt to a a a u to a a 4-B 4-B 4-B to B 4 . a P to u a . B to Kt 3 - 7 B to K 3 ' 8 Cables Kt to K 1 lO Kt to Kt 8 It-K It-K It-K KlltUt 1'2 B to Kt ft 13 u a a p 14- 14- B IK la-p la-p la-p toKsa IT Kt to K ft 1-P 1-P 1-P X P la toKBI aestma. Chess Jettlsfs. Torrcctton. In Ko. 43 the white rooks should be at QB4 and Que. Mr. Will H. Lyons, of Newport, was a vnuvor at too joca ciuo jass wee. Louis wia aav i nav. aeon raica auoais, wla., ixirooa. siaaor a. a. aceaor. a. a., aaaTiLL a - tbt't rosr. Tho Jadd-Shoa Jadd-Shoa Jadd-Shoa alter match will be playsd sarlr kt fioosmber, and Upschuta, ol New York, kas exproe a wUUngness to play tbe wianrv for 8500 a aMo. Tliis eveat will probaoly occur at tb. t Louts Choas tlua. - A eonsuHattoa aistrk Is now In proareM setwesa Hr. A. M. tUibbms and Dr. O. Pick saaiart aleanrs. a. Koerpar and B. Illnca. acoro mow stand. UobMoa aa risk 8, With tk Uir4 game s41ours. A two-aiova two-aiova two-aiova problem tourney hesui yesterday ia lbs Covtagtoa Cooiatoawaalth. Deatsrbes Woeheaihaeh. lives aa Is-creatine Is-creatine Is-creatine aeoouat of a aovot klud l raptd ebeM wblek was arraoged at tho Dutob. Congtesa bntweea Herrea Lorean and Tan FokmI Tko eoodlttons were that ths two plnyers should eosdact against saoh other ten games siBMtkanosoaly. with alternate first move, nd that only half an hour should be allowed to each player for rem-pleUng rem-pleUng rem-pleUng all tbe games, llerr Vsrt Foroest Ktved to bo tbe better msa la tbat Iouks. scored .ths llmt three fames, aad bad only MBsuaaed the ftnt twelve aad ono-kaU ono-kaU ono-kaU mluukM wbea his eppooaot had alreasy exhausted tweJity-gva., tweJity-gva., tweJity-gva., He tbea allowed Mr. Iman aa extra tsa 'minutes, but anally won the matoa by 7 to 3. Herr Vm Vrorst is dmcrlbed as bavlDg actually run from one board to the otber, and yet be rarely made a weak aovs.tSsw York Tribaaa. roaghi Rsfage la LoehriUe. ' Andrew McComb, a fourteen-year-oM fourteen-year-oM fourteen-year-oM fourteen-year-oM fourteen-year-oM boy tfrom JolUeo, Toun., was found loitering about the Union depot yesterday yesterday and aent to the Charity Organization, Organization, lie said he bad neither friends not home, aad had ran away from some miners at JelUee, who had beea treating treating him badly, i lie came hero to enter tbe. House ot Refuge. ' He will ha aent there by the Charity Organixation. You ktrdly roalUo thst tt Is medlctna, wkea taking Carter's UtUe Livor PUlsl they are very small; ao bad eBeeU: alt tratiblM from torpid aver are relieved br their aaa. . : . ' - , mi' ... m 0 ' atv. j. w. aaauLTox. d.d. , aov, aa' a.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 11 Oct 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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