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 - him. Such was tlie effect of his lecal taleu!...
him. Such was tlie effect of his lecal taleu! tlmt everybody liked and Uih rated hint, wi h all his e vent. icities. As time passed his fame and his fortunes increased, increased, tlien lie paid off all his debu. and to his credit lie it said, through all his dissipations he i served funds to send to his charming wife, w o then p-sided p-sided p-sided in France. Slie inheritisi the dignity, Ix-Hiity, Ix-Hiity, Ix-Hiity, atid. I uiiblit say, grandeur of her ancestors, who sto.'d in tle front rank of rcole society iu I-itiisrina. I-itiisrina. I-itiisrina. How oft-n oft-n oft-n have I ss-n ss-n ss-n her at the balls, :he finpress of till piesent, with l:cr ls-autifnl ls-autifnl ls-autifnl daughter. Medora, whose equal could not lie surpassed in all the courts of the world, not even in t'ircassia with all its beauty, or those drawn lrotn tlie harems of tlu Sultan. It was the gisd fortune of my friend, Sam Ward, of New York, to win her love. Both of will have my attention in imoth r le'ter. CL IIHItKRT li! LUIT. Coniniunicitlons and exchnnges for this department should be addressed to the chess oil tor. The LouLsvllIf rhc. Club meets al Rooms C1J and r.M Commerce hulldinc. Rom' cpen at all hours. All chess-putrera chess-putrera chess-putrera wifi be welcome. Correspondence. CIics? Club, IlaidltisbiirK. Ind. You were a little hasty as to No. Hit. You will observe observe that If 1 Kxlt. 2. r.H (Qi. mate, and If any other move, B. 1 K 8 (Kt mate. Problera no. 30. First, prilo In tourney of Liverpool Mercury', Mercury', v By T. Tsverner, 'liolton. Eng. I1LACK (rt). A s. M I rj i ftji WHITE (11). Wlilte to pUy and mstc iu two moves. Problem fio. 40. From Itrownson's Chess Journal.) White () K at QH sq. ; Q at Kit 4 : R at Qli 4 ; !. ai KKi 2 ::nd gs.t it; Kts at kll 4 and KKt 4; I' lit y-i. y-i. y-i. Jiluck (5) K ut Q 11 ; K ut KB 0; Vi at Kll -J. -J. WU 4, -QU -QU 0. White to play and mate In two moves. The HaahnmKemeny Match. Thiid game iu the mutch. IUKFUl LA1J OI'KXIXG. , White (llanliunii. 1 1' K 4 lUack (Kemeny). 1-r-K 1-r-K 1-r-K 1-r-K 1-r-K 4 li K t y B 3 :i--u :i--u :i--u :i--u l: 4 4-1" 4-1" 4-1" y a ft I" Kit 4 6 Kt-Kll Kt-Kll Kt-Kll 3 7 Castles. 8 11 Kt 3 r-yu r-yu r-yu 3 10- 10- ll-K ll-K ll-K 2 11- 11- Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K a 12- 12- II K 3 13 P R 3 14 KxR 15 I'xKP 1 PxKP 17 K-B K-B K-B 5 18 1 XI' 10 It Q 4 20Q-K 20Q-K 20Q-K sq i-2itKt"3 i-2itKt"3 i-2itKt"3 23 K B sq 24 1' yR 2ft K-H K-H K-H 3 ClV-K ClV-K ClV-K li 5 27 Kt U 4 8-KtxK 8-KtxK 8-KtxK 211 B Q 4 30 QxKt 31 It K sq 32 B-K B-K B-K 5 33 yxU ch 34 llxQ K Kt sq :j 1:.; 37-11x1' 37-11x1' 37-11x1' and wins. y 3 4 Kt Kll 3 6 li K 3 6 Kt Q a 7 Cuttles. 1' QKt 4 B H-VK H-VK H-VK 4 10 Kt yb 4 it r Kt a 1-J-ll 1-J-ll 1-J-ll 1-J-ll 1-J-ll Kt 5 13 QKt Q 2 14 llxKt . 15 rxKP 1 P Q 4 17 Ktxl' 1H-KI 1H-KI 1H-KI Kt3 If I'xP 20 Q Q 3 yi 11 y sq i:a n it mi C3-n-K C3-n-K C3-n-K C3-n-K C3-n-K sq 1M it K a 2.r Kt K 2 2A-KI 2A-KI 2A-KI 11 3 j7-y j7-y j7-y it 7 28 Kt K 4 C lxK HO Ktxtt 31 n K 2 32 H li sq 3a Kt Kt5 34 KxR :15 Ktxy eh 38 nK 5 37 U Kt 6 FOUiTIlI CAM.E-Whlio CAM.E-Whlio CAM.E-Whlio (kemeffy) 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 4 . S P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 3- 3- Kt yn 3 4- 4- B-y B-y B-y a 5- 5- PxQP 6 - B Kt 5 ch 7- 7- BxB eh -txP -txP 9 y Kt K 2 10 Kt-KB Kt-KB Kt-KB 3 11 B-Q B-Q B-Q 2 12 Castlts 13 Kt B 4 14 Kt J 3 15 B-B B-B B-B 4 10 B Kt 5 17- 17- BxKi 18-Q 18-Q 18-Q Q 3 10 P OR 8 FRENCH DEFEXiE. Black (llinlism) 1- 1- P-K P-K P-K 3 2 P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 5- 5- Kt-KU Kt-KU Kt-KU 3 4- 4- P-CU4 P-CU4 P-CU4 b-rif b-rif b-rif 6 yxB 5 QtP ch B Kt B 3 10 B Kt S eh 11 B B 4 12 C-nles C-nles C-nles (KB) 13 -Q-0.2 -Q-0.2 -Q-0.2 -Q-0.2 . 14 R Kt 3 1 e-on e-on e-on Q sq 16 Q-P. Q-P. Q-P. 4 17 QJlB 13-0 13-0 13-0 QS ju-f-n ju-f-n ju-f-n ju-f-n ju-f-n 3 S0-Q-Q3 S0-Q-Q3 S0-Q-Q3 S0-Q-Q3 S0-Q-Q3 21 KK K a B-B2 B-B2 B-B2 2i-Q-B4 2i-Q-B4 2i-Q-B4 2i-Q-B4 2i-Q-B4 2i'-y-)4 2i'-y-)4 2i'-y-)4 2i'-y-)4 2i'-y-)4 2:-Ki 2:-Ki 2:-Ki B4 23- 23- bKt 24-Qll 24-Qll 24-Qll 24-Q-yKl4 24-Q-yKl4 24-Q-yKl4 24-Q-yKl4 24-Q-yKl4 23 P K3 2."-sxl' 2."-sxl' 2."-sxl' 20-Qit 20-Qit 20-Qit Ktsq 2rt OxbP 27- 27- IIjcP 2,-Kt-K 2,-Kt-K 2,-Kt-K 2,-Kt-K 2,-Kt-K 4 28- 28- Kt.vP 2S- 2S- y- y- II so, S0-Htl!P S0-Htl!P S0-Htl!P i.-Kt-Kt3 i.-Kt-Kt3 i.-Kt-Kt3 i.-Kt-Kt3 i.-Kt-Kt3 .'0 Q K 4 :K - K It- It- K :q Ul Ki K fl 31 li Oi' :;2-HiR :;2-HiR :;2-HiR 32-yK 32-yK 32-yK 33 QH 4 V KP.J 34- 34- P-II P-II P-II 34-W 34-W 34-W U 4 :5-r :5-r :5-r Kt4 :t:. -I'm -I'm :pvi,i r. si: Ki-R3 Ki-R3 Ki-R3 37- 37- Kl Kt 5 37 Itxit ch HcsUim. Solution. PKOItLE.M NO. 37. 1 -11 -11 K 4. Potved bv Mm-cus Mm-cus Mm-cus Kolin. F.. C. f.., city; lUDtinsbiirg Chess Club, lUiCtnsburg, lniL Chess News ol ImercsU The srorc In the lUnliain Kemeny nm' -h -h tud. llaiiliain. 2; Kemeny. 2. In Kiel iSanie .No. 4, l-t l-t l-t ws-k, ws-k, ws-k, read B st It'ack Q 2, Putrid of white 'J 2. A new Chess Club hs been orpuiUed st Oeorselowii. As Uils Is Mr. Miovvabei 's homo the club should be a snccesn. It hs been settled tlmt the Stcinllt-Tschlgorui Stcinllt-Tschlgorui Stcinllt-Tschlgorui niiU'i will lie plaveil st Havana. In Dtsember. 1 he winner of tlie tlrst Uu Games, draws not comitlug. vlll be the victor. victor. The sUkrs will be 2.000 a si.le. Ucnisl, Jolly Will 11. l.vons, of Newport, Newport, was a welcome &"st it the local club lart week. Ho played a number of game! wtth ht old Irienli4, snst succeeded In loIHi; a nirmber In which he lntrolticed "flic 1 y-ous y-ous y-ous Vsriallon of tho Allsalcr UaniMt." He Is as full ol Jokes as ever, and .levoted so jnuch tliBO to telling tticlu tliat his (i.mie. sltliped av ere lir anew where lie whs. There seems to be no tlk lately ot a Ches Coiigre at the World Fair. Chicago Chicago 1 a great city and has a creit cl!-s cl!-s cl!-s rlub. which now ha a splendid opportunity to dUtlnftsh lt-elf. lt-elf. lt-elf. By all meiiis an In, trrnallonal Tournament fhould be held. Ifirw Mitficlent in sire and number fe at. trv t all t:e great chess nastcr should be offeivd. tf course these would have to lo ralel by sub rlptlou, but tl.e many lovers of Uic game In the country will give freely for such a worthy cause. As the proposed correspondence tournament tournament fell through. It has been suppssted that a corrcspondcnci. toninev between tho clubs of the state be held. Tueis- Tueis- ait- ait- several ciut In tb.3 hiato thut have never had much to do Willi each other, an-1 an-1 an-1 ihis woukl give them an opportunity for toting their relative strength. The sctrlitx cai take the sense of their clubs on the matter, and lot the re-ult re-ult re-ult be piibtlshid. nd. If favorable, steps could be taken toward orcantiation. A portion of the cntertalunient to be provided provided for King Mercury, at the Auditorium Amphitheater, September 30, will be l&roo bicycle races. A two thirds of a mile dash, for safeties; two thirds of a mile dash, lor ordinaries, and a mile bamlhup. for mfiUr.s. The race aro under the auspices of the 1 r,i k, and nunc but ticket hol lers lers will be allowed to compete. Tlie prize will bo useful articles, given by the tsatej-liles tsatej-liles tsatej-liles of .Mercury. F.nLry blanks are now open at ail the agencies. Mike Keck U to do tlie handicapping. Mid this ls a guarantee that It will bo as tair as man can make it. Those two' little champions, Tom Jetfelis and Will Kuby, will come t:ittirr again, and feie nice will be hot. Hugh Capetf n has gone lubi training, aud lie promises to son.ibjdy. George K. Barrett, who w1!l be remem bered by tho.-o tho.-o tho.-o interested In cycling In Louisville, Louisville, was run over by Zimmerman, lu tho Peoria races Friday, and seriously hurt. Ibtrrett. though he did troop all tie Louisville Louisville 'prize, made many friends here, who mill regret to learn of the accident. At tlie Peoria meet Friday, W. F. Mur-phv Mur-phv Mur-phv broke the world's two-mile two-mile two-mile safely record from 6 :11 3-5 3-5 3-5 to 4 :ol 3 S. The Louisville Cycle Club has accepted the Invitation of the L'uusvltle League Wheel men. and will accompany that club to llar-rod's llar-rod's llar-rod's creek twlay. Diiiucr has been ordered ordered for thirty. The F.vansvllle Cycle Club will have Its annual race tsaturday. October B, at the tri-6tte tri-6tte tri-6tte "alr Orounds. There will be eight races for handsome prizes. Mr. Will C. Pslne has Ihe In charge, and he ptouiuk-s ptouiuk-s ptouiuk-s all who attend an enjoyable time. Three bk-ycle bk-ycle bk-ycle races were run at Cynthlana Thursday, at the trotting track. The first race, a mile safety, fur Harrison County wheelmen; was .won by J. M. Crumwell, J. K. XorUtcutt second. Time, 3 H)8. The second race, one mile ordinary, was won by O. . t'plkc. of Lexington, with Joe Desha, Jr., of Cynthiana second. Time, 3:10 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, fMwr The tl-Ird tl-Ird tl-Ird race, one Dote smiety, was won by Howard Jett. with J. K. N'orthcott sec-oud. sec-oud. sec-oud. Time, 3 :25. Hae handicap raco ot. the Independent

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 20 Sep 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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