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 - (&Afo ha ben c-n.plit.d, c-n.plit.d,...
(&Afo ha ben c-n.plit.d, c-n.plit.d, c-n.plit.d, and 1 nirly filled with writer. A few more rains will rouse it ti he filled to tlie top of t!l? dam. wh-n wh-n wh-n it will I, ri-adv ri-adv ri-adv for the reception of a carload ot brauie CsU which will be aceured. A year from m.w this will be a urvat iishuit: Iiw.irt for the imraN-r imraN-r imraN-r of the association which had the lake mule. Dove shot.tin is about over, but still re.-i.nins re.-i.nins re.-i.nins go J. In this section th'- th'- srrt has not 'en quite up to tbe avi rng.'. but In the rutlirm r rt ot the Mate and in 'h i in :-! :-! :-! there ha been an tbuudauco of doveg. Comniun.cuous and ecaanga for this dcj-a-tnicDt dcj-a-tnicDt dcj-a-tnicDt dcj-a-tnicDt dcj-a-tnicDt aaould be addressed to the tl.c-.-i tl.c-.-i tl.c-.-i tl.c-.-i tl.c-.-i editor. Tl.e Lot-lsvllle Lot-lsvllle Lot-lsvllle flits., (.'lufc meets at TUmnis and t'H C'iu:iin"Te buildinc. Koin open at all Ikmps. All chcs players will be weh-oiii--. weh-oiii--. weh-oiii--. weh-oiii--. weh-oiii--. weh-oiii--. C'orrespoiulence. B. C. I... r.liKibetl.U.wii. Ky. 1. The In teniaUoual t he.- he.- Macailne. Address W. Sielnitz. I'. . Kus M'MZ. New York cltv. 2. The BriCtb Clio-s Clio-s Clio-s Magazine. Address I. M. Brown. 10 Haby street. Leeds. Eng I!. T.. Amity. Ind.-faul Ind.-faul Ind.-faul Murphy was born Ht New Orlcitn, June S-. S-. S-. lt-:)7: lt-:)7: lt-:)7: died there Jiilv 1I. lse-l. lse-l. lse-l. It U MiMKecd that, tho severe vrain . ained by blindfold ulav had foniruiin: to ao wltli UDKMiUnt hLs mind. Problem So. 38. Ket-or.d Ket-or.d Ket-or.d priz two i-novcr i-novcr i-novcr In tourney of the iinwi jjercury. Uy w. CJleaTe. bLACKV(6). r ''-'i ''-'i ''-'i TX'. "Vuft Vt I mi J wiihe (iii. "5'hlte to play nnd mate In two move. Solutions. PROBLEM NO. 30. l-C-Q l-C-Q l-C-Q l-C-Q l-C-Q e. Solved by Maicus Kohn, city; B. C L. Eliiabethtown. ' Chess at Ixincton. Tbe following brilliant game was played recently at Lexln-rton Lexln-rton Lexln-rton l.t r i w eliowalter and Prof. Logan, Mr. 6howalter n mi mo o-ios o-ios o-ios ot pnwn and two movca tUcil.OVA r.lafk... If n . White (Prof. Logan. Black Ulr. bhowalter) . 1 - S-P-'J4 S-P-'J4 S-P-'J4 S-P-'J4 S-P-'J4 2-P-K3 2-P-K3 2-P-K3 2-P-K3 2-P-K3 3-P-Qb 3-P-Qb 3-P-Qb 3-P-Qb 3-P-Qb 3-KI-KH3 3-KI-KH3 3-KI-KH3 3-KI-KH3 3-KI-KH3 P B 4 may also be placid here. 4--P-Q4 4--P-Q4 4--P-Q4 4--P-Q4 4--P-Q4 4--P-Q4 5- 5- -r -r k a BP.P would hAve riven white a tron , 5-Kt-K 5-Kt-K 5-Kt-K 5-Kt-K 5-Kt-K 5 6- 6- l!.xKt 6-PxB 6-PxB 6-PxB 7- 7- B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 Kt-QB Kt-QB Kt-QB 3 Is good here. n . 7-n 7-n 7-n Kt 5 (ch.) c isi tt . e i.sMies. si-y si-y si-y Kt 4 1C Oxl IKO) 11 K-O K-O K-O so. ft P-Il P-Il P-Il 4 lO PiP '"v unuiK til '5 I mm aincr or B would have LialuUined his superiority. . . . nr-. nr-. nr-. T" .. 1. 1 il. n -I -I . i . i 11-PxBI 11-PxBI 11-PxBI Tlio InltUl move of a beautiful and per- per- Kcuy suiiia, conibi nation, curried through In .'ir. nnowaiiers suie. U-BxQ U-BxQ U-BxQ 12-PxF 12-PxF 12-PxF (ch.' in-K-Bsq. in-K-Bsq. in-K-Bsq. in-K-Bsq. in-K-Bsq. 13-Pxk-KQ) 13-Pxk-KQ) 13-Pxk-KQ) 13-Pxk-KQ) 13-Pxk-KQ) (ch.) 14 KxO 14 11 1. a. .oh i i Neater p!a tlisn RxH, and more speedily 15 n -Q -Q 4 HI Kt K -2 -2 17-1 17-1 17-1 KK 3 I'-KhKi I'-KhKi I'-KhKi l.i y-Kt y-Kt y-Kt 4 lio-K-lt lio-K-lt lio-K-lt lio-K-lt lio-K-lt 2 21--QxPlch. 21--QxPlch. 21--QxPlch. 21--QxPlch. 'J J-K- J-K- J-K- J-K- K j. J3-Q-Kt J3-Q-Kt J3-Q-Kt J3-Q-Kt J3-Q-Kt t 2 : b-K b-K b-K 2 J Q.xlt Th .-oup .-oup .-oup Jute. favrd. 20Q-Kt 20Q-Kt 20Q-Kt 4 27-(jv!t 27-(jv!t 27-(jv!t liesitsns. 15-Kt-3 15-Kt-3 15-Kt-3 15-Kt-3 15-Kt-3 3 n;-a n;-a n;-a Q 2 IT- IT- Kt.vR U .) 19 QH Q sq. J -HxKt -HxKt 21-K-1 21-K-1 21-K-1 21-K-1 21-K-1 n. -"2 -"2 K-Q K-Q K-Q 7 2: I'-KH I'-KH I'-KH 8 '2 1 KxK SS K II 7 Tlie queen can not 2i-KxP 2i-KxP 2i-KxP (ch.) L'7 PxO 2 B Q 3 bo End-Gamo End-Gamo End-Gamo Rtudies. Theio Is no branch of chess-phiy chess-phiy chess-phiy more Interesting Interesting and instructive than end-game?. end-game?. end-game?. To know how to jimperly conduct an end-. end-. end-. Inn Is highly important to ail who wish to iti iin pioficieiry. 1 it order to enoourags the study of tl.e several fine positions are given below. Tiicse will be fo.l'iwe! from time U time by otters, caref'.Uly ssjected, and cah-ulated cah-ulated cah-ulated to Interest and Instruct tho vln.h m. 8iaie does not admit of diagiairu, bin Hie slight trouble of petting up posl tio-is tio-is tio-is will he amply repaid by the poslttous tlicmwKes, No. 1. From actual play at Cafe Logei Hi t. New York. W hite (7) K at K It : Q at Q Kt A ; n at Q Kt t; h ll K B '2, K bit 2, K II 2, (i It 5. Black () K at K B: Q at Q 3; B at X sq ; Kl at Q tt; Vi it K B i, K Jit 2. K K 2. Q 1(3. Willie to mske a n-ove n-ove n-ove which forces win . No. 2 White (U) K at K 5 ; R at Q U 5 ; P at Q Kt (I. Black (21 K at Q K 3; P at Q Kt 7. While pray and wiu. No. 3-Whlte 3-Whlte 3-Whlte (2) K at K B 7; J at K Kt 7. Black (2) K kt Q Kt S; P at Q Kt 7 White to play and win. burli pisituMis often occur, and are frequently frequently at uii.l nied as drawn. However, by careful play whito can win. So. 4-Whlbi 4-Whlbi 4-Whlbi C K at K R 3; Bs at K Kt 2 and K ii ; T at K. S and K T. B at Q 2. Black (8 K it K Kt 8; B at Q R 7; j it K B 2, K H t 11 4, -4 -4 B t, ,0, Wolto to play and draw. Ea Paitast. A match Is in progress at New York between Ms). Hanham, champion of the Manhattan Club, and Mr. E. Kemeny, champion champion of the City Club. The unit game was won bj MaJ. Hanham. In the recent London Tournament KesMtv. Bint aad Tliuley won the brilliancy prize. The IV-lmoot IV-lmoot IV-lmoot Lawn Tennis and Chest Club, of lie 1 fust. Irel.aid, Is a unique as-socUiii.u. as-socUiii.u. as-socUiii.u. but we ace nw reason way thesi two gauiea are not as rightly cem-bliii cem-bliii cem-bliii d as rhera, checkers and whist. Now let us start a base ball and chess dob, or a f roquet and eacra rlnb, or. aa tba pwM- pwM- campaign la sbfit apenlng, wa aslghi l.e iu publican. Ucmurra! ai elMaa club. Any Ulna- Ulna- tor Tartety. (New ark Sunday Call. Tbe cool weather has froduee a eon-aidcrmblo eon-aidcrmblo eon-aidcrmblo livening up at taa local club. Tha rUenuaiKo has largely Increased, and f-011 f-011 f-011 3 tn the afternoon til IO or 11 at night from two to nocen boards are going. There Is Msue talk of a champtoasklp tour-, tour-, tour-, lament, and wben all U:e memncrs w1' lock from their wimnicr vacatlous one will probably bo organised. 6aturn, Chief Scribe of the Fatcliltes of Memey, has sent to the bk-yclo bk-yclo bk-yclo clubs, ask ii:g thorn to Jol:: In the rtcepiiou of the Kl.ig at the Auditorium ion the afternoon of frcptember t o. 1-ir 1-ir 1-ir his Majesty's amuse ment a programme of athletic sports has Ikxh ari-anged, ari-anged, ari-anged, and It Is desired that tlie wheelmen take rart In this. It is sug (tested that three races be gotten up, oiwe forordlnurtes. one for safeties and one hai'.iil cap for sufeiies. All traces to be ope 1 to city or State rider. Handsome will be offered. This win furnish an oppor tunity ror Louisville's fast men to come to getlier once more this fall. The wheelmen of the city are anxious to aer Tom JctTer and Will Ruby run it out." and this k ill be their chance. Entry lists will be pkiced at all the agencies Monday. Ail who iu start are requested to affix their Humes by Tuesday eyeulint. so that the list nun- nun- be as complete as possible for the Chief bonDe Wednesday. At last definite steps for the certain sup pression of the sidewalk fiend arc Is-lng Is-lng Is-lng taken. Ar. ordinance Is to be introduced in tlie City City Council providing thtt any bicycler riding on tlie sldowalts fcetv.cen First and Tenth streets, north of llroudwnv shal! b arrested und lined. This .ili-i.arn-e .ili-i.arn-e .ili-i.arn-e .ili-i.arn-e .ili-i.arn-e meets the approval of tlie bl jcJe clubs of the city, as well tho eapp- eapp- r. of iu good r.oers. nas is evidenced ty t:ie eumeron slrnatnres to retition on tl stiV-- stiV-- stiV-- ject, which were piaceu with tho iip us; ween. ine sldewalK rider, as a rule. Is a kid or a careless, reckless man. wl ,1 ha had a wheel only a few days, and who does not Know or cure lor pedestrians. There will be three bicycle rare for good prizes at Cynthlana, Thursday. September 17. One r-.irc r-.irc r-.irc will be open, the others for riamson county riders only. The Secretary-Treasnier Secretary-Treasnier Secretary-Treasnier of Kentucky Dl- Dl- ylidon, L. A. W., has received a supply of Illustrated pamphlets on road Improvement, issued by Mr. Isaac Potter, the Road I in prorement Committee of the K A. W. Mem ber or others Interpste-I Interpste-I Interpste-I in tl. subject will be mailed copies 011 application. The desire desire is to get the valuable book lnu tlie nana ot persons who win be benefited by It. The Louisville Cycle Club's run :t day will be to t- t- Matthew's, only six miles out. rapt. Tom Jeffeiis will try for a five or ten mile road record. Leave the club-house. club-house. club-house. 716 Second street, at 8 o'clock sharp. The party will return at noon, and will take dinner ut the W 11 lard Hotel, then go to the Auaiunum trr iu Uie ailernoou- ailernoou- Tom Jefferfs leaves Wednesday for Wil mington. Del., to take .art In the twenty- twenty- rive mile road race of tlie Wllmineton Club He will wear the Louisville Cycle Club co 10 raw O. W. Lawson. somewhat battered, but still In the ring, returned Wednesday. His experience Iu the Statesvl!;, N. C. wreck was somcining areaaiui. The Independent Cyclers wOl have a handicap raee at the Auditorium trnrfc this morning. The starters and their handicaps are aa ioiiows : risaer, 10 minutes; Hon wan. 8 minutes; Pollman, 8 minutes; t ogei, o minutes ; isewnonse. minute Meckf, 6 nilputes; Humphrey. 6 minutes Klncr. 4 minutes ; ( apcrtun. 4 minutes fJ. Castle. 4 minutes: W. A. Hubec. nrrateh. The race will be run about 0 ::k and the rates wilt, bo open 10 spectators. After tins race Missrs. Russmajt, and Mansfield Hi a ....1 wl. i- i- ui so t uuic wr a aiuaoie prize. Rnln at Hartford, Conn., compelled a postponement of the races for two tdnya. Tney wrro run Wednesday and Thursday. Willie Vlt)'Up, Bcrntch man in n handicap mile. euTeid the distance In 2:23 1-V 1-V 1-V loweripp tlie American competition roeord two and three-Bfth three-Bfth three-Bfth seconds. Kerls and zmimermnn rode quarters in :33 3-5 3-5 3-5 tec-onds. tec-onds. tec-onds. Banker and Brinker made a woikTs two-mue two-mue two-mue tamley reeord of 5 top 1-e. 1-e. 1-e. v A CLEVER SCHEME. (Life.) "This is a clever scheme. ni rianr have tied Koger with a piece of rubi-er rubi-er rubi-er hoso. It givca him mora play. Just can mm. rebound. Harrest Eicaraloaa im the IT eat. The Ohio and Mtssissiprl railway win run two at Us popular xotuwlona from Lou it' villa to tha West. North wwst and south west at low rata. Leaving September -1 -1 5 and 88. tickets good for return thirty day after date f sale, with atoa-arar atoa-arar atoa-arar prrrUegea fit territory reached by Umm excursion a. For rates and inlrnnatlon call an ar address B. 6. Brown, at. P. A, aoatheaat eonw Fourth, aad lUUt aUwesa, Ieuuvula, Kjjfr ' She wlla him. The

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  2. 13 Sep 1891, Sun,
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