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 - planted about nine yours ago by the Colorado...
planted about nine yours ago by the Colorado Fhh Commission. Among the meetings of interest to sportsmen soon to o'cur are the following: Central Illinois Sportsman's Association UMetinir, Jacksonville, 111., August 25, 20, 2' and 22; Missouri and Illinois Interstate Fox Hunters' Club' third annual nut't, Ariiluda, Mo., September; Chicago. Tin llireon Tournament. Chicago, 111., AujMist 4. 5 and 6; Grand Interstate Tournament, Wct Point, Miss.. August 4, , 6 und 7 ; Northwestern Indiana Shooting Association tournaments: Crow l'oint, August t and 7: iClkhart, August 21 and 28; The Island Gun Club's second annual tournament, heeling, W. Vs., August 8 and 1 ; Missouri State Amateur Shooting Association's tournament, Lexington, Mo., August 12, IS and It. J. M. Freeman writes to the American Field from iiicknoll. lud., aa follows: I have lieen making inquiry of the farmers who own tho land in which tbe United States field trials will be run this fall, regarding the prospect for birds, 'ihey report that tiliey have never known a more su -vewsful breeding season. Everything seems so far to lo in favor of a suoeeesful meeting. Tho fanners near here and the ritiens of the town seem Jut lined to treat the visitors liberally. Good board can be obtained at 81 per day ; teams at from 62. SO to S3, and saddle horses from 1 to (1.25 per day. There will bo ample aooommodutins tor all who come. 1 have Just received a letter from Go. A. McLin stating that be had arrived at his destination, Luther. Jlooiie county, luwa, where he is loateJ with his string, of dogs. Ills success at the Indiana trials lasb year enabled him to get some of tlie best dogs Uie country affords to handle for the trials of 1801. Communications snd exchanges for this department should be addressed to the cbess editor. The Louisville Cherc Club meets la rooms 613 and U4 Commerce Building, sixth floor. Hours of play, 4 to 7 p. m. Chess players visiting In the city will ba welcome. Problem No. 32. By Clias. 8. .Jacobs, Des Moines, Iowa. (Chicago Times. ULACK (3). m tfj.i i i m m PT wrik rr? Vi l.i U'- M7, w vrm 'vr.s vv.L fir- s? vr"? tr?;i till S3 WH1TK (7). Whrte to play and mate In tares moves. gelations. PROBLEM NO. 80. 1 Q KO. Solved by H. If. KarreU. Paotl, In.; U Edxrard Troxlcr. Marcus Kohn. city. Chess at the Uivasi Tosjraasaeat. Tbe following fine game was played in the tournament at Simpson's Divan, London, between (he veteran H. K. Jrd and Mr. F. J. Lee: DE BIYIEKE'S OPESTSQ. White (Mr. Lee). Black (Mr. Bird! 1-P O 4 i r JC n 4 ft-P K Kt 3 3 B Kt 2 4Kt K B 3 6 Caotles 6 P B 4 7 P-K 3 8 P-Kt 3 S B Q B 3 (b) 10 KtxB 11 Kt Kt q 12 0 Kt-Q 8 13 Q B 2 14 K K B sq 1 p q r a 16 P K 5 17 Kt K 18 PxKt lft-P-B 4 20-KUKt Cl-Q-Q a $3 R B 3 C P R 3 84 K PxP (d) 85 K R a Sfl-PxP , 87 P-Q Kt 4 C8-Q R- B at 0 R K B SO. W P-n r si-Q-C 2 Kt K B 3 l K -B O 3 fal ' O P-B 3 7 Castles 8 H Q a B-HlB JO B K sq 11 B-B 4 12 Kt-rjC g 13 Kt Q a - I P R I 17 J KtxKt 18 Kt Kt 4 (C) 10 Kt K B CO-B PxKt 81 R M a ca p K Kt 4 S3 Kt PxP 83 R K B an fi6 B PxP S B K ) m sq 54 P R 4 So Q B B 31-B Kt 4 82 B K 7 S3 B R 3 :;4 Bxll h) 35Q-B a rli K K si 37 Q K 3 :w R t K sq Q B sp 3 R (B 3 B -2 40 QH -J 41 y II 3 4J-P II 3 4:1 n n 3 (k 4 -It Q sq 45 QxPrh (e) 4i K B 8 ch 47 II II s 4n !$ K 5 40-l:K V T4)-K R q 61 JiR Ch b2 il Kt a t ili (Q mi) xP 64 R Q 8 ch nl V. H Q T ch fit-RxQ 57 RxP K Kt S P.ealgrs. 33 H Kt 5 34 JxB 3.1 KU 2 3V K R 3 (I) 37 Q H 4 lis K K 2 :i--p-a 5 (i) 4 P K 6 4 1 i" y e 4-j yK p 43 P-Q 7 44 Q Q 5 4."i K Kt sq 4V It H l 47 QQ 4- P-K 7 41 QxP ch BO K-Kt 5 (Ul) oi y-Q 62 RiP 63-RxP 64r-K-H 0 !VS K H 3 5 B.R 57 RiP rh 68 K R 5 ( JTOTKS BT 7 HK lOSBOJ FlKt-B. (s Tb bishop Is better placed at K2. b The more usnal continuation l 0 IV K3 and lO Kt B3. White lose too much time with his knight after black's exchange of bishops, (c! Intending 13 B Kto, and to establish his anight at R0. ! The V?er ewL pr-i.ablr. that chosen bv Lee, although it 0vcs black two passed pawns. Ji KtPxP would be loo dangerous. . . (e) Had he first doubled hls rook and then opened the the file, lie might have beer alle to exchange cue of Ue pjoks. thus somewhat rduf-in black- atlacMng forces. ifl Black axe his nnponwit'i roolu now; te:des, he has his bKuop In n bettor position, and makes room to advance the KRP. it) Forced, because black threatens 32 n Qtt, shutting the rook oft from the defense of th KKIP. th) Tho exchange of blthop H of doubtful value. ' l: The object of UiU king's movj Is soincwhst objure, ) A ery fine move. If 40-QxQF, then 40 RxKtP. wltli a winning attack, Ik) if 4J-l'xQ. tlien 4 tllxQ. and both hlai k's rooks como Into ullun with fatal d' If 45-Rtl' ch., (hen 4.V-K-Ktsq. and white can not play 4H H K., because of 411 QxR : and If 4l Q K, to prevent black's Q QU. iliac k ould win by 4 BjIU'. Im) A hosty move, which might have been Uirowu uwiv in a !-iIoihIMi.v playei Lame. Iilrd could have wou the g.ino oti-arid with M R B4, etc. (n) White had a chance here of drawing tho nms with 01 --Kxgchli.R : i'i II KKI2, etc., or even with r4 IlxQchKxK ; 65 K Q7, to as te keep tlie king Inipris. one. to; Bird, with the exception of hi fiftieth move. vincd this game alth his ui,ul and vl.or. Ea Passant. Tlie match at St. lxnils between Dr. O. Pick and Mr. A. II. Robhlns has been won by the hitter by 5 to 3iaml two draws. Lomnn kuds In the B-ivan tournament with 6 won and 1 lost- .Mortimer and Bird are Lie for Kerond wltli 4 l-i! to t 1 -each ; Van 1lvt comes neet with 4 to 1. The meeting of the New York Chess Association hist week was largely attcaed mid very successful. MaJ. II an ham, ot New York won the handh-up touiuey atid also the Ktaats 7letua3 Challenge Cnp for the Maohmttau Chess Club. Mr. DeJoutav won his match against Mr. lotlork hy 6 to 3. i The T'nlted States fhes Association convenes at Lexington Tuesday. As the time tor tlie meeting .approaches the pros-ects for a fine oite grow brighter. In ths championship tournament nearly every first-class jvlaycr In tlie country will contest, nnd there will be a lively and IntereKtiuz struggle. There will also be a free-for all. with probably a large number of entrants. Kvery club r circle In the state should be rep- reseuted. Louisville will send a good delegation. Covington and Newport will be remembered, and the lnrge number of players at Lexington will all be in attendance, t-ouie brilliant gamos of chew, will be played, and. altogether, the meeting will be a treat which no lover of the game in the Mate should nil. (Puck.) - .. Teddy and ChoUy seek shelter in doorway. Two xcarsloas to Niagara Falls( Aagast 11, 1891. . The Ohio tod MUlslppl railway, will run two more of Its popular excursions ta Niagara Falls, etc., 00 above date, one via the Big Fotir and one via the i-ne route at following low rates: - - Kingars Falls and retarn, d.SO. Lake Chautauqua and return, fa.. --, Toronto and return, 99.50. Thousand Islands and return, 313.50. For tlckeU and furt6er tniormaUon es-tri sleeping ears, time ot departure, limit s4 Uckets. etc- ealt on or address R. & Brown, ner Fourth and Main streets, LoobvUle, Ky. ; ; '

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 02 Aug 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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