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 - his altar upon his face before all the people,...
his altar upon his face before all the people, and Henry Clay Thompaon waa drlren from the tempi as an Unposter. and a kind of aanarok. or twilight of fake dlTlnltle. prevailed throughout the world of Bahal. This then is tb story ot how a god waa made Irom a cracker box and a Chicago business man was duped Into believing himself a new Messiah by an April fool joke played upon him by a slighted woman for revenge. The aoman'a lool's day prank has resulted In splitting the national convention of BahaUts now being held in the Masonic temple In Chicago, and has stirred all devout Jollowers of the Bab from Syria to Illinola. It had Its origin In the casual remark of a man which reflected on the intellectual capacity of women, which a woman construed as a slander upon her sex. Said William Clayton Thompson to Mrs. Ritelle Metzger Hamsley: "A woman cannot ason past a given point nor think logically ." The man's remark was honestly meant. Nor did be intend to give offense, for la his vnocence be believed that the woman wonld recognise bis saying as a truism. Mrs. Hams-ley only smiled, but from the hour of that remark Thompson's doom was sealed. Did this remarkable woman call upon her Sods to strike dead the man wbo bad Insulted er sex or send some great blight upon him? Ebe did not. She created a god to wreak her vengeance. As she sat at her table in her dining-room at home and alpped tea and munched a wafer, planning her revenge, her eyes fell upon the label on the cracker box. - It waa ber inspiration. Instantly Zon Zhoum was la the heavens and all waa well with her plot. Then having changed Henry Clayton Thompson into a god, she waved her magic wand and as auddenly transformed him Into something very like a donkey. Henry Clayton Thompson shot Into the sky Ilka a rocket.. He has come down like a attrk. Tba world laughed. It is still laughing. And Its laughter la the woman's revenge. Mr. Thompson baa been an enthusiastic disciple of the Bahaist ealt. Bat If his ardor la the cause lad to hla being denominated a J fanatic. It alao made- him one of the ac-' kaowledged leader among the BahaUts of Chicago. .Three moathi ago to begin" at the beginning he received from Abdul-Baha Abbaa, loader ot the aect at Aeoa, Syria, a tablet proclaiming Thompson the "herald of the kingdom of Ood." . "Thank thou God that thou dids't bear tba call of Baha'O'Jlab. bebald tha effulgence of the Lord of Hosts and discerned tha real meaning of tha Holy book." said the tablet from tba high -priest of Babla, "such as the shaking of the earth, tba tribulation of na-tlous and communities, the darkness of the - ana aadthe jnooa. tha falling of tha a tars and tha romlog of the Eon of Man. riding on : tha clouds with the hosts of angels and tba voice of the trumpet; and that thou didst . attain to the troth ot the mysteries of the kingdom. Therefore thou didst eee the light. . heard the call of the Lord of Hosts, wert - baptized with -the fire of the Love of God tha water of the knowledge of God and the spirit of eternal life, wert relessed from the . Ethar world aed the darkened existence, acd entered in the broad expanse of tha worlj of the kingdom. ' "O thov who art Informed of the mytte-riesf Reat tho assured that His Highcezs Baba'O'llah la thy helper and assistant and "It Is Incumbent upon thee to satisfy the cravings of hearts, gladden tha souls, create the unity ot word anion- the beloved ones, manifest love for all tba people, treat wltb Ineffable tenderneaa all those who are walking In the atralght path, read the verses, and explain the proofs and arguments of the appearance of the kingdom of God in this moat glorious age. Upon tbee be Baha-El-Abba!" The secoad tablet seemed In a way to hypnotize Mr. Thompson. He became mora than ever convinced that he bad been divinely aelected as the American leader. It waa while tha belief In bis heavenly appointment was strong upon him that Mr. Thompson completed writing his book. "A New Reading of Philosophy: An Instrumental Logic by Which to Define and Apprehend Reality." Ho took tha manuscript to Mrs. Hamsley to erltiela. "The purpose of - my book," said Mr. Thompson to Mra. Hamsley, "lsto teach how mere Imaginations and beliefs ara to be distinguished from realities, and how truth Is "to bo dissociated from vitiating entanglements with creada, dogmas and superstitions." Mrs. Hamsley read four chaptera of Mr. Thompson's book. That was enough. She returned It and expressed tha opinion that tho work was Illogical and unscientific and advised Mr. Thompson to stick to buslnaaa and leave logic and philosophy alone. It waa at this Juncture that Mr. Thompaon made tha fatal remark about the defective reasoning powers of womsn. He added, crawing himself up proudly, that be himself had developed "god-consciousnesa" and could detect truth from falsehood at a glance. Mra. Hamsley decided at once upon revenge. The two tablets Mr. Thompson had t ere Wed from Abdul-Baha gave her a working clew. ... -I waa eating; a light refection alona at home one evening." said Mra. Hamaley recently. "When it occurred to me to try to fool Mr. Thompaon, tha god-conscious logician, by writing noma tab let a filled with fool and mystic term and pretending tbey war revelations dire .-ted to him. I wanted some high sounding name for the dalty whoae mouthpiece 1 proposed to become, but I could think of .nothing that aeemed to me appropriate. Just theo my ayes lighted on the cracker box from which 1 had taken my wafer. The odd trade name' of the cracker struck me. - Eureka! My god aboutd , be called Zoo Zhoum!" - - : : Mrr. Hamsley then wrote the first message purporting to come from tho great god. Zoa Zhoum, to Mr. Thompfon. She couched It In a aententlocs style, suggested by the Bible and by the "Hidden Word," the siered hook of the Bahaists. colored It with Oriental imagery, and made It as lmpre?alve - and aolemn and aa meaningless aa she knew how. As It came from her hand the screed, which she decided to caU the "Gold Tablet." read la thia way: "O Excellent One: Impoverish thyself so that thou mayeat arrive at tbe Court of Affluence. Humiliate the body so tbat thoo mayest drink of the river of Glory, and attain unto-the meanings of the poems which thou bat questioned. . "Tby hesrt Is My home; purify It for My descent. Thy spirit Is My Outlook, prepare It for My Manifestation. - "Put tby hand Into My Treasury; tbea will I lift My bead radiant above thy treasures. "Know verily that a.sudder ordeal Is fol lowing thee and a treat casla la pursuing

Clipped from
  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 01 May 1910, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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