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 - refleo-tion Spen-ner's (uh-lowing this...
refleo-tion Spen-ner's (uh-lowing this Omnmuaioatioas and exchanges foa department should , be anrt rssaad, - to , The ' XouWvtOe Caess Crab meets In 61S aad 014 Commerce Bull Slog, sixth floor. Hours of play, 4 w T a a. Chess players vUltug la the city will ha welcome. - Problem We. Si. By J. O. J. Walnrtght, Boston. (BaJtlmoro Mews.) BLACK (6V 1 I - m mnn n white ta WiUTK (ii) play and mate ta two - SolaUeaa. TBOBLEIC NO. S. t-o-OKta a o-i4 s-av fcta. (a) If 1 u K B4 ; B KS. K Ja : ! O-KS. mate, (b) II Ixx KB&, K K6, at moves, 8B males. . Hoi red by 1. O. HV L K4w. Troxlor. Xarcus Xohn, K. Ilertcr. J. B. G, city. ; TJ. aV C. A. Aaaoaaeesaeata. The Sseratary ef the aasgfladoa baa put the foUewiag atreulart . - IndiaajpoUs, July ihi, 1601-The fourth annual meeting and tournaments of tag United States Chess AssorUtloa will bo held la Laxiagtea. Xyv bnglanlag lussri ly, August . 1801. , "Play In the championship tournriasnt and freo-for-a'l will bela promptly at a o'clock Tusaday mrrning, aad troesed ao-eordlng te the rules aad regulataius herein after set forth. : " The fitrue representa4lves for the cham- Jionahip teuraaiaent have beea ohosoa as lksl - - llrat K. Delmar, 8. L'psohiHa, or 4. X. Eanhtn, wf New York. t . " Heeond W. 11. K. FnOock. of Varylaai. r - Third . r. J. Trahue, at KenfuAy. T - Fou.ihr G. Uocke Uurtls, of Ohio ' Hfta W. U. Unlet, mi tj. ir. Bttta U. uoaemann. of UUnolB (Dr. naventa ur. -. sick. Of JUasoarl. J. W. anowalter. of Kontuckv. winner Of the ehamiHOUkhip at the Srt and thing tings ai tao aaaoeuiuon, win aaw enter. The eltUons of Laxlnstua- Kt. hu raised a prtse fund by subacriptkm. out of which It la proposed to award te the winner ef the ehaaiptoaahlp tournament sioo : to the second piaser. S7 : to the third alaren. aoa, .j r " Mr. W. O. Cochran oners a prise ef asi to the winner of the frea-foroiV sod tbO winner -will also be entitled to enter ad Championship tournamenta of tlie Assoi aiauon aereaner. Ulnar liberal -prlxeS will be offered, but the announcement oaA not be made at preaeKa. - , " A teaas match wUl ha innml Kaawatai the Kentucky players and too viatUng play era after the f ree-Jbredl. , - wy eroer or tae exeeuave committee. W. O. COCHBAN, Praa OactMuaO, O. ' s- " W AM WICK Ii. BIPLKY, Becretary, - IndlaaapoUaj Iwts : The anaual duea aea on I. ai. Thoaa wishing to attend the next meeting should remit to Mr. W. M. Bipiey. eVwsetary. SX Thome Block. IndJanapoUs, lad. ' Ia tha Chess World. . 1 On account of the nUvars'mlUna to take tnteroit tn it, the correspondence tournament aaa aeca anaaooaea aw tao preaenw, . - Tueaday. the SlsC waa the eleventh an. aiversMrr of the foundation of the Mew Or. fcaas Ohers. Cheeaar aud Waiat Club. - ' The harallcap tourney C tae.Galveeton Chess Ctua baa eeaa concluded, Mr winning first prise, with Mr. Cooe have doubled your pawns." ilialUmore bun-aay News. ' The annual meeting ef the Mow York Chess Asaoeiatioa begMt at iikaneatelea Monday. The principal Interest Is centered la the match between Delmar aud Pollock. The soors stood at last atpoita. Delmar. 3; PoUook, 3; with the last game , The St. Paul Pioneer Press says: "Ma chess congress is to be one of tlie features ef the coming World's Fair at Chicago, there t; not a mosnent to be lost by those who hove to make such aa affair a sueeesa. The km suid tedloua time it baa reuuued to tnawaurato anch eoutests in too tiast ahouM aot be lorawUea. but aa Calcage ik a vho. aotnenon in many, respects, she may pro-duoo a woitder in a chess wsy. But early and civ nest elfort will accomplish wonders, too." - f . The Albany f!f. YJ Evening Journal ; says that so little has been seen or araro , of the U. 6. O. A. that tt U doubtful if New York will send a repreaonlsBve. The next nteoung- has been well advertised in ehesa solumas all over the country. sw York not exeepted. Msvcaai -Mv tone t4or piaera are expected to attend, and some ot them will probably enter the ehamplooaaip tournament, bemg eligible on account of prises won In other tournamenta. The next meet. ing-rromiwt to be the best ever held, aud every tfWte having the reeidstte twenty - .kMiU mi4 a i aarsscntativc. The thtrd aanusl report e aha L ai ted Biatta Cheaa AssoctaUon, ceatahUag the report of toe hi. Louis tournament, has Just come to band. It oontaina forty-two games Vlayed m the iraior and minor tournninents at ok xouis, ana sstoi ii.yw . '-- spoil- An ana!)e of the games played tn the two tournamenta showed, that, as usual, the Roy La pea was the favorite, being saopted fourteen times, the attack winning right. The Vienna was played nine times, the attack winning only three. Out of ten UierocV Piano the attack cot three. The Evans has a clean record, fnt phi) era getting all tbo four games. In 'which It a as played. The Staunton, or Ponslana, waa ed:ted tli rca times, aad the attack gut w j of the came. Out of four fcrotch Oam-bita the ewach got taiee. The r-a.-k was adopted Bra times by the second jilayt-r. and the trt puyer got two Cn.ts. In all there wees eighteen upeninaa adopted. The report showa tliat to Augat, lo9J, the AaiMclaUoa had SIB awna-rt ever eighteen esatoa. Jadlaoa lemda wltta Crty-1x; Mts-wurt has thirty-three: Ohio, thirty-four; Kcw York, twenty-flve; nUnols, twenty-live, and other btates fruui ouo tj twenty-flve. Kentucky haa only three. It Is to be hoped thai after the Aucust meeting Kentucky will make a fair showing wlto the leading Mates. 83NNET. (For the Courier-Journal.) Within each pt-rToct lite there efcaoda a shrtna, Wkeea. from the poeml wide, a ttght Streama out apon the g.tthTlMg riht Of lonoUness. while sol. the chant divine Proolahnt, " houl, pauae aud rest, the hour is mine." - There Mrmnry, amid the tapers bright, : A priestess draws the vail that hides from SUht whispers, "These Hours half forpo. were thine. How gently stirs the incense ourdened air I llo w thrills the soul wliA muxio low and How fair the scenes and facet that ap- grr'reu'wc bow' the head, and. kneeling ' Shut out the world, and through the f heart-s deep heat ' Wonmlp again TU love's own temple dear. A. H. Ll'CK. Mr. Uouk aad aUvHejaa third. Tl.a eminent aasrnitB. aunrtna wfth a aolema novwo ia a junior club, kindly poiated out to kis rouug adversary that his laht piove woo lri Involve the loas ai his queen. a Tm.1 said LLA smims vnn 44 kil I .11 Too Western Fassenger Association. Ghie&go, July 13. The meeting ot the Western Fsnscnger Awoclation was piactlcally barren .of results. It was called for the nurpose ot eotunderinj the situation aa affected ' by the Chi-eao and Alton's attitudo ia regard to brand Army rates, but the most that waa done waa to meet the action of that toad 'in extending tlie limits of the tickets to conform with those of tn Central Trsilio Auoelatton. There waa no sozfieetlon made luoklnf toward an amicable sdjusuuent of existing dUfll. cultiea. IJiC liock Island rcpreaentatira proposed an excuisioa rate of $23 for tha round -trip between CI ilea go and Denver fur a certain period, in eonv 'pliant with a request from a number of Drover rinzens. i no iMirungxon moved to anasnd by making the rate ti for the round trip, which had the desired effect of killing the proposition. A minor got abroad ia the meeting to the effect that the Chicago and Altoa had decided to further reduce the round trip rate between Kansas City and Chicago to $8, on account of the Jirand Army meeting at Detroit.' Thla caused an roue consternation that the meeting rijourmd wit) lout further notion. Officials of tlie Alton say toe rumor waa entirely . without foundation, as they have no intention of making rates lower than thoao of their corn peti tors. 98 to Detroit and Ketara via O. asd M. Rail war Account 43. A. Jt-", - The Ohio aod afisniaslppt rslTWay, which haa iheen designated aa tha otuetal Route, will nuke the above low rate, for ticket good going August S and a.. On August 1 the rate will be one fare for the round trip, ail ticket good tor return until August i, with privilege of exteuatoa to Oept. HO. For further lufurmaUea. oaii on or address B. B. liJtOWjl, a. 4'. A. O. and St.. raUway. corner fourth and Mala afreets, LpuUville, kj. . . -violent a a : a

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 26 Jul 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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