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 - l tftut Commualoattoas aad azebaagea for Ibis...
l tftut Commualoattoas aad azebaagea for Ibis deportment shouM b aadrsssad to Uis chass editor. Tb LemavtOe ekes Club meet la room eia and ei4 Com meres Building, sixth Boor. Hours of play, to 7 p. m. Chess players visiting In th city will bi welcome. Problem No. 2a. By Otto Wutburf. (From taa Pittsburgh Dispatch.) BLACK (2). WHITE . White to play and mate In tare For the If, correct soluttoa a copy of the InternaUoaal Chess Jlagasine. Salatioaa. PROBLEM NO. 87. 1 B-K4. Solved by E. Herser. JL. Kdw. Trailer, M. Kohn, LoulsvlUe ; A. H. ' H., 8C at si-thews, Ky. ; T. at. Mcool. HMway : C U 1T., PboU. Ind.; JeSsnoa Club. Jeffersoo-vule, In. . The Joadoa Toaraameab The following gam was rlayed ta tha flrst rudnd of th tournament recently be-r gun at Simpson's Divan, the famous Loadoa chew resort, tpetween air. V. i. Lee and Mr. a. 'Ilasley. bcoro Irem the BalUmor Kowa. FKENCU IE'EM6K Whlto (Mr. Lee.) Black Qlr. Tmstoy.) 1 P K4 1 P K3 S P Q4 a p o a Kt JB3 a-aia-KCs 4 P Ko Kot considered s strong as th more wsnal continuation. 4 B KKtS " at-at ss, Kt-Q3 U prspes bore. , the text play lose a move, . v . .. a P-B4 S-P-QB4 o i'xP e Kt uii3 7-VQKl . T BxP a Q Kia . a p KKta 10- Ktr-113 " ' 'T' by thl.t mov whlto hetnu'in his, Qneen snd involves klmaeir tn dlmcuiUe from which he never toco'ver. 11- 0-Kt3 'll-Kt-Ra 18 P KH3 - " ia-n Q-J Jp US la KKtxP 14 ExK r ' ' 14 P-H - 15- -Q-B4 " 16 KtPxB l.P-KKt3 10 PxP . 17 QxKtP -e II Q B ' 18 h UtO - . .1., atokteg matters wars. However, white appears to have ao very'good aaev. -IOO B4 " ta Q K ' Ul P KU 1S KtxKtP SI R-JKt s t KtxP (eh- 2 K Oi ' - KU O U3 KxKt .- . lia p (J a P KB4 8 PxK kU k sq 85 B QB sq J.R-Kt3 SMS Q KS 27 Q 711 Ba llgns, In the Chose World. Mr. Jo Wledsmer, of IMS Story av onus, this dry, baa entered the eorrea pondenc tournament. This makes three outties up to sate. Certainly nut a flale terlnc prospaet. There abould eertalnlr bo out ot IM many plavers in ' tho fttnss enough IntereKted In oorressoodenoe Play to Biah the tournament a soes. Lex-lngkiit. Frankfort, Covington. Newport, Owensboro, Bowling Green and maay other small ettie and towns bars a number of good players each, and should furnish at 1mu one contestant each. Ike aAny advantages of tliis tournament bar all been spolteu of tn this column. An even tournament was begun on Henday, June la, at tUmpaoo's Divan, wills tea entries : H. fc. Bird. 11. F. Featon, U. li. D. Oouip. M. Jaanogrodhy, F. J. Leo, B. LonutR, 1. Mortimer, C. Huller. 8. Tins-ley and L. Van Vliet. all well known Loo-don players. About 100 bs been avtdea Into four prises. 'csrly ail the players being professionals, eartain dates have besa fixed for play, so Uat the eontest nu be oomi'leted well within a month an ad-ailrabht arrangement. . That , the strufgle will be a singularly keen one goes without saying, as. with the exception perhaps of Btid in his brilliant seasons, not one of Uie player ran be mM to tower above another In trencth, and the old re4laMes, Fenton and Lee. started out by losing two came each, while the erratic Mortimer and Ooap each won their first two trials-. (Baltimore Sunday Xews. The game spoken of In this eohima last week as played between Lexington and Owensboro was not played between tit clubs of tboe eitios, but between a Lexington player and several Owensboro players. - "AS I I 1 iitiii. , .j.'U-- mm si P-"! P-7! i 0 ffl Efl i ffs m w m ess El oH m

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 12 Jul 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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