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 - a be-fors is bat- a flaht-ing a Is sun- is...
a be-fors is bat- a flaht-ing a Is sun- is seo-ond-class s it or-gsnisatioue. any-wooro iU Communlestlans and excaansss tor this deportment saould be ' adaresned to. the chess editor. - The Louhn lOe Chess Club meets in rooms 613 and 614 .Commerce Building, sixth floor. Hours of play. 4 to T p. m. Chens players vbJUng la the elty wUI bs welcome. - - . . -Preblem -Preblem Nov 28. Composed far the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal by P. 'i. Mvoeuey, Awpor, .y. . . BLACK (8). W.' a in wiiixjs ts. : White ta pUy sad aaaas In two moves. . Solutions. -.-' -.-' -.-' -.-' rnOBLEM XO. S6. -1 -1 R Qt , 1-ttxKt 1-ttxKt 1-ttxKt ( (b) (D) a Q.'tt 1 Sr-Aay Sr-Aay Sr-Aay rntve i vSIstn. sevordlngly (Al If 1 R-Bi: R-Bi: R-Bi: 2 Qstt. K marves 3 Q aiabn. (B: U t Uait: tch). K moves. 3 C uates. C1 If l HIt.a 4 B3 fcW. K moves, a C natea. fcotved by P. C. Keener. Xewrort.' Ky.; iw nerer. L. saw. iri ler. citr The Defense PteQIa issKst Lepeav, The ti-Cowmc ti-Cowmc ti-Cowmc lutemiUug arUcIo on Mr. SMnlta's defense in the Ssy Lb pet is tram the Xew York orU "A render requests te ten hbn' the ecst couiuivuun lur write ir. in tbe Kur Lrc sflce 1 H-K4. H-K4. H-K4. P-KSr P-KSr P-KSr a Kt-KJia. Kt-KJia. Kt-KJia. Kt 3b3 : S L Kto. HUck leihc with P yj. Shit is a vy om defense wblcn. now- now- er. wss tswer cojiuderwi stuticient U ecuulUv the raoe. m it allows White a greater ftvrdoat ot action. Put of lata Str. veuuB revrvea jtus oen-nso. oen-nso. oen-nso. ana sre ntrot it wi tieqnnUv. not orlv ia anmes Dlayed ly that disUngut'd.ed u.a&lrr. but alo by other pert, kpeelollr by M. Blackburn?, nd we deem U ot sutlletent l-teret l-teret l-teret t answer answer the question rona rUco. .White' stsenrsst continuation seems t- t- be and U libvk exchai ces ravns. u 1 els to mith tl:e lluisht aud to .develop lth Kt-Qra. Kt-Qra. Kt-Qra. followed bv castling. I" Q KCi and BEH. whu b. stve bin 1 n ex-.Ueat ex-.Ueat ex-.Ueat state. A a n:le White ought not to excaann lb a B fer Ua adverse Q "Kt, but ho mlgnt do so excepUouaUar. and post oce of Hi Kta at KUi wSboukt black, however, not evehanfte pawns tn white obtains the advantage La the followtog manner: " a B Q 3 ; 5 Kt Q B 3. Xt B 8 : 6 Castles. Castles. B K 3 ; 7 B K sq. castles ; 8 B X Kt, bxb:wxp. pxF:ioqxq. QRx q: it Kt x P. B x P: is Kt x B. Kt x Kt: 13 Kt Q 3. P K B 4; 14 l'-K l'-K l'-K B 3. B B 4 ch: 13 Kt x B. Kt x Kt; Id B Kt B and wins at last tSe exchange for It if B Q a. then 17 B K 7. K U novi B Q B . "White may sImo safety play 4 P B 8. Tae reply, rK B 4. which is suggested in the Modern Chess Instructor, is not to be feared, fur white. In our opinion, opinion, may safely venture upon a sacrinee of the Kt. thus: 4 P B 8, P H 4j 5 P-Q P-Q P-Q 4. P x K P; 6 Kt x P. V x Kt: 7 u K a en. eto. auacx ui prooa-bly prooa-bly prooa-bly play bent; 4. BQ 2, 5 eaatfes; K Kt K 2. 6 P J 4. Kt Kt, which occurred In the second run of vie Stelnlta-Ounsberg Stelnlta-Ounsberg Stelnlta-Ounsberg match, white weakened bia ooater by eaV vancinc his Q P and thus helped creativ the development of his opponent' by exchang ing bisaopa. wane's nest pian ta to leave the center intact nod after K K sq to play the Q Kt to Kt 3. via K. a and B SO. J Sans Voir Chess. ; The following Bttle game was recently pbiyed at the local club between atr. L, C Merrinirton and another player, Mr. ater- ater- rlngtou seutg runaxoioeus - KUtU'e UAatBIT. White (Merrmgton). Black (Mr. BJ. 1 P K4 1 P K4 8 P KB4 3 KKt B3 4 B B4 6 Castles., fl P Q-t Q-t Q-t . 7 P 8 Q Kt3 9 5xKa a Pxp 3 P KKU 4 P Q-i Q-i Q-i 6 Q B3 KS-QB3 KS-QB3 KS-QB3 1 B Ki5 8 Kt K3 BlK IO K Ka IX K-KttO. K-KttO. K-KttO. 11 iBP ich) 14 B JitS. male la the Chess World. Ut to tills time there have been only two auUtes li the Corrcsiiondcnc Tcwrna- Tcwrna- moot, one mentioned last vcta and sir. A. H. UUe, of bU IaUtoews. Ky. A aumter ot plarcra who sluliil tiieii wUhimefa (to enter have failed to do so. Of coura. ante ante the ita.'v'ur ot the bbate wlli support the J. reject il must fall throitah. but tbts shoukl not be the case. As has beau before said. It will bo a good thing fur the pbiyers, and also for '.the cause ot hei In the etiUe. ConesH'-ndonre ConesH'-ndonre ConesH'-ndonre play la ery Interesting aa well as verr mvtox. There a.s doubt-Lite doubt-Lite doubt-Lite luanv lovers of the (ante In the blats who rare no one to play with, and tho tXe-rerp tXe-rerp tXe-rerp "ncteiwe T":riiin.ent otfrs tuem an op portunlty to pracltre wrth other vVvers of railed sfrenstH. The time iuc entrtea will be exUndt to July li- li- A eorrcpDondence rants between lnpton and haa teruilnatcd V a ktory for the hitter ci'r after ebchsen jn-xiths.' jn-xiths.' jn-xiths.' ilay. The game wUI probably be given next work. An interesting tnvr handed chess eon- eon- Vet Is In prsT at ine aew it-iran it-iran it-iran inc, rku. wl.tst Club. C O. Wilcox ad E. J Ilamiltor. consult apainst K. H. NUe and Frank Dot eron. Tie match is five games P The first game resulted In a victory for the last named couple. v..i. n.rtfc.beA iho ceJebrated German anolvst, bs diseo-.-eied diseo-.-eied diseo-.-eied diseo-.-eied diseo-.-eied a new Kns of attack la the MujUo damblt, which be considers nickes It n tausiscwrr oyouwy.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 05 Jul 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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