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 - 1 ! CoauiUBloattons anal azchangea tor this...
1 ! CoauiUBloattons anal azchangea tor this aScvarUncBt shouU b aoUressed to. U ck editor. Tae louktvtBe iCtasaw dub meets la rootna 613 aM S14 Commerce BuUdlug, aixta floor. Hour of play, 4 to 7 p. m. -Cbas -Cbas players vhdUng la tb City wUl bs welcome. - - . --Problesa --Problesa --Problesa No. 27. ' Tlnrt prise winner la tourney of tk .ngima iu oceanic : Uy O. Heataoota. BLACK (4). rn n 7TS r1 TZ-i TZ-i TZ-i l J. i LJ t-G t-G t-G L '.i.;,."'. t-) t-) t-) (6). White to play and mat In two aaovea. Selatiea. . PBOr.LT.M NO. . 1 QR3. Solved by i. r. Tllley. Petersburg. Ky.; J- J- l-Am. l-Am. l-Am. Trosler, I. i. M.. A. J. C. J. r. II. 1 V llnM rlfv - J.Hm- J.Hm- tfHuK 4eaoraoBulO, J ua. ; T. M. hkholn, fldaay. Cbes at U Rereice. 'A Krery lilrmlfch, with a pretty snd very curina. a sUng imlkb, plajed at the Cafe do la Bcgence, Parts, June 3. 1601. bclwcon Mr. Charles A. MnurLin, of Xcw CTleans. and xir. C W. May, aa Aw eric aa amateur raiding raiding la Paris : A LLt'ATKR-THOnOtJJ. LLt'ATKR-THOnOtJJ. LLt'ATKR-THOnOtJJ. White. . Pkirk. (Xr. C. A. JlaurtanJ (Mr. C. W. MayJ I 1 to K4 1-f 1-f 1-f to K.4 S h t XB4 OPiP 8 KKt to B3 3 P to RKU . 4 P to KR 4 P to KI5 ft Kt t. Kti 6-1' 6-1' 6-1' t KA3 t-KUP t-KUP t-KUP C KtKt T P to Qi T-P T-P T-P tJ S liP S Kt to Ql3 (a) to Q4 tkl 9 K tn KU IU tle lO QRP 11 Q to Q3 ll Kt to B- B- 12 P to 5I fb) 1.2--Ki 1.2--Ki 1.2--Ki 1.2--Ki to KR4 (Cl ia-ji ia-ji ia-ji to t:Kt)i cti 13 a to kj (ei 14 B t KP4I 10 14-Q 14-Q 14-Q toKNU IS B tone I (e) li-KUB li-KUB li-KUB ie n a.t, aat I inj aoTxa. (a Tfavlng entered upon the 1 P to ol Sefenae. he nhould have cone on with the normal eontlnuaUon. 8 B to Ki; O S to X 8. BxP ca; 10 P to KKt 3. B to Kta; 11 tauea, etc. There ia no um to spar as ret for tk development on tb J wing. flit Tti mwimI miiw 'FTWritlT vlavrd wlta an ev to the TfrtT vonHlhliltiea that xsault from bvmg tb white P it It 5. fe) Which looks singularly good at first amah, but d) Turns out slnrDlarly bad on account or tht curious and seemlncly unaosvorable raly. el It Instead: 13 Q In K 4. White BMtw In three bv 14 B to B 7 (ch). K to Kt ; 16 B to Q 7 Ua tttU P to O 4 ; 18 1U1 smMte I Of eoure. tb same mate ensues if 13 Q. or KtxB. f) A markedly sealoua restate tn press ing bis attertions oa her Majrsty I (r) II might fcav saved tb mate by giving his Qlor B her by 14 Q to K 3, imi that had htvin aa Tioor Cant. Markcn- Markcn- sle wa wont to say, " but a plunge ot de spair.' . fh a blelilr etc cant and remarkably cu rious uateT-HNew uateT-HNew uateT-HNew Orleans TlmrMJtaiocrat. Chess News aad TUws. Z-T Z-T Z-T tUrd Annual Conrrevi of the Swins Che Asciatlou will be held at Basle this week. Tha Tadlsn Association win fold It next semi-annual semi-annual semi-annual meuUng at Anderson on Jan SO. Vp to this writing there ha een one ntrv In tlie CorreMMmdenee Tournament air. A. f. Conen, of thl elty. In tlo solution tourney cf te Plttv Vnr,". Pispatch. llr. li. II. Lutu n won flrt jrlre. !e-r. !e-r. !e-r. O. K. Smith aud O. F. fcuiuUa tied for second and Uiird. Tb rather trly but useful Wm cook (applied to unsound problem In eheK 1 a.l to have originated by KUng, who, h-n h-n h-n examining a Kcrie of end giwiie suh-aulKod suh-aulKod suh-aulKod to 1dm by llurwiu, waa wuiit to auy u- u- to that master, "O, lt' a rxw Mea, Is It f Well. Vti. I'll eook your raw ldea."-HUal-timor ldea."-HUal-timor ldea."-HUal-timor ldea."-HUal-timor ldea."-HUal-timor f inday Kewa. A OrtrtKn pnper trlls tH followrog star of Vod VoltVe : " loltk wii woi to fjxirij fiewrai day almot very year at the mil of tlia tlaian uiaarnatn. Count B. oce dar. In the un nrr of lte4. be played nmo of ebeas wlUi the young tutor of Vie fan.lly. Or. Jobatine both of whirh. thoufh aa exceUent player, ha lost. Ha ro iroat the chc4-board chc4-board chc4-board with a amlle and with Uto remark that ho expeeied to take a revenge at -whist -whist In the evening;. T1m evening came, but at WM-t, WM-t, WM-t, too. tho yomg aian wa signally victorioua over both the nivshal and tho aiatcr of the house. On lr. B.'s anawrrlng tlie ouohtlcn whether bo liavl ueen a soioier in ui ngauve, jsouae, nadding hi head and drumming; a storm morea w1Ui his tinrvrs. said it a a great nltv : rou would have e tierome a goad olueer ot the general atafl. In rarties ycu are a roc a tut sryona mo treauy.- treauy.- - Tho XoulsTlll Cjom (Tab has removed frron their rooms on Third street to the Commerce Building, where th,ey are ele- ele- faotly quartered In Booms 613 and C14, on be sixth floor. Thea rooms being more centrally located and more aerea&ibla than a'iA larmar smarter. It Is esuected thnt tho chango win be followed by a considerable Increase oi ntemtMMrsiup. mere r many chess players In this city who do act b-v b-v b-v lung to a club, and to all these a cordial Invitation la extended to come and lnspert the new rooms and meet tl.e members. 1 C Is Ibe wish now U extend tho membership to a point where It will enable the club to take the rank that It ought." Louisville fchoukl have a club cl at lwt sixty mem bers. many smaller eiUes having larger clubs, l'lavrrs i.-tlng i.-tlng i.-tlng in the city wm Uod a heartr weleom at hie rooms. Tlie BKual hours of play are from 4 to 7 p. in., but ome one can generally be found there at any time tn the afternoon and also on Sat. uruay mornings. Mr. Jullu Belrach Is spending a fow weeks la tb couutry. Miss Fanny Brpwn Is visiting Kammoth Cav wittt some friend. There Is an epldemie of bad cold prevailing prevailing tn Parkland at preset U Sunday school at all the Parkland Lurchea tula auomUig at 0 o'clock. Misses Kroma Hill and Jennie Vaa Pelt are rusticating at Boston, Ky. Mrs. Brlntnall has gone with her children to Cincinnati for a tew days' Visit. The Christian Endeavor Society will meet Uis e veulug, at the Presbyterian church. ' Rev. Tr. Converge win prcaon at the Presbytertaa church tbls morula z at 11 O'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Crawford bare gone to tiiiuictta Springs, Lu Bojlo county. The swtmmlrte ?.ool at the rrklxnt Swimming Pool is being Weil patronized dj issues. Methodist SuR'lBV-aebool SuR'lBV-aebool SuR'lBV-aebool at the Baptist Baptist church this afternoon at U :3o o'clock. and preaching at 3 by Bev. lr. Young. Prof. It. Jl. Carotlien and wlf attended the Btate Teachers' Institute, In Henderson, last week. Mr. C. O. Morris has boo Tht hand some lot on Virginia avenae, and will commence commence a CO.OOO residence In a short time. Preaching at the Baptist and Christian churches this morning at 11 o'clock, and to-night to-night to-night at 8 o'clock, by their re pectlve pastors. MrJ James B. Oook a former citizen of Parkland. Las sold his residence to Mr. Caron-uot Caron-uot Caron-uot its directory man, by the way out ui son. The Parkland Progress Club does not meet next Thurwtav evening, but Thursday Thursday evening week, which will be the annual elocuon oi o nicer. The Method Ui ladles win dre a lawn feto Tuesday evening next, at 8 o'clock, at Mrs." Bird's, on tu niesnll street, for tu beneflt of their church. The MetlodUU have dug out the found ations for their new church buliainc, and will commence laying brirk on llonlay week. It will be a tasteful brick ediiico, to oust about f 10,0)0. Parkland I the moat moral and quiet town oa th nia;. and when anything does turn up, it creHtes a tcmiet in a teapot. On iva T hum lav Mr. C O. MitniiL tha Parkland druggist, detatlicd the hose from the tir cfigiiMi ana tuoc it to u artesiaa mm

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 28 Jun 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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