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 - tlie delicate touch of tlie hand of lovely...
tlie delicate touch of tlie hand of lovely woman. The " Fompano belongs to tlie upper ten,' eats wiUi moderation of tho daintiest food, such as oyster or shrimp, and when he gets it he is off like a rocket, but soon returns in despair to the surface, surface, when you discover the most beautiful beautiful fish and the finest thst swims the ocean,- ocean,- and like tse chameleon, in dying, changes to all oolora as he pants away his life. You look and exclaim i - How Tho trio must oar dun tiiis dierefl-ilon dierefl-ilon dierefl-ilon from my "Tale of Two Citica," on the subject or Stilling, and if they can beat tlU story with the aid of Berry and Fry Lawrence, they can do so: but some or tneir stories are nany, wnue mine is In taking leave of fhe many readers' of tho Conner-Journal Conner-Journal Conner-Journal ana the many writers of letters of thanks to me from both aexes, fur unvsiling things of the long past, I tender my sincere thanks. If thero is any merit in what I may write liereaftor of my Juvenile days. It will appear in mv memoirs, leter on. , i ' CUTHBERT BULLITT. - Communications, exchangs. eta., ln-teuficd ln-teuficd ln-teuficd tut this department should be ad-Cressed ad-Cressed ad-Cressed to the Cliesa Editor. Contributions of games, problams and sews trill be thankfully thankfully received. Tbe TxulsvtHe Chess Club meets at fiST Third street, second floor. Hours of play. dally, from 4 to 7 p. m. Strangers are invited to csu- csu- The lonisvOle Chess Club meets at 27 TMrxl street, second floor. Hours of play, daily, from 4 to 7 p. m. Strangers are iavtusd to call. . 5 BSBBBSSBBBBBSSaa Froblena Jfo. 26. By Samuel Ixryd. RLACK (8). JAR I rsti rr a twist ay-so ay-so ay-so iff- iff- i-. i-. i-. ;rTii,. J T lj m QaOAOffl Li L rgi. !..! t-j t-j t-j t:, i WHITE (0. Wljlte to play and mate in tbuve moves. The above problem wss the subco of a KOlvtng ente-v ente-v ente-v the City Ohess Club. w Ycrk. Mr. K. Kstueny colved it rt aru?r two hours' work. - For tha first correct mluUoii two rhefts maaxlnes wUl be given. 'or e-u.h e-u.h e-u.h aUdiiional. Hve noweipar abets columns. ; J Sol at ions. : rnor-LEM rnor-LEM rnor-LEM xo. S4. 1 Kt B 4 .... 1 KxKt m 4 (S) (b) S-Q S-Q S-Q Kt 3 ch) C Anytolng. 3 Kt Q 9 mats. ) If KxKt (K 4: 2. B B T. P Q ; 5. C Kt4, mate. (b If K K ii ; 8. KtxK B P. unv : 3. Q K 5, mate. 40 if P K B 4 : Kt (K 4h-Q 4h-Q 4h-Q 2; P D 5, or P Q 6 ; 3, Q n1at. (O) if Kt moves; 2, KtxU P (ci), K moves; 3. P Kt 3, mate. Solved by W. D. H.. city: J. P. Tllley. retcrstirg. Ky.I a. H. fcleclo, Ccruthers-vUto. Ccruthers-vUto. Ccruthers-vUto. Io. The Csrrespoadsscs TsaraaneaC . enough players having atgnlflod tbelr wllllngne&s to enter, It Is now time for further organization. AH those wishing to enter the tournament will please send their fiames, with the entrance fee, aa the chess editor of this paper. Kriries will close oa Wcdncbdsy, July 8, snd play will begin as soon ss possible. Below are given the ruka, which all contemplating entering will plesve preserve, as they wUl probably not be pi blWlied sen in: I'lrtt Kach entrant shall pay an en-tranre en-tranre en-tranre fee of 41, toe money so paid to oou-sutito oou-sutito oou-sutito a rr!s fund. tccond Each contestant shall play two games with every other contestant. Tl'ir.l A plaver, on receivluj a move, shall forward his answer in not exceeding forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight hours after receipt ol sakl move. Tl.o penalty for exceeding the time-limit time-limit time-limit is forfeiture of the Fame. Fourrh Each contesianK upon finishing a game, tt-.all tt-.all tt-.all send tha score of ltH stating the suit, over his signavure, to the maaMer, wiK-n wiK-n wiK-n he will be aa.i(ncd a new opponent. . r'ifUi -Tiw -Tiw winuer uf to laryest number of turn?, draws oounting half for each party, shall be ducuvrcd a inner of the tour-r.amcnt tour-r.amcnt tour-r.amcnt snd of first P'Hze, but no plajer may take a prte who does not tiniidi all hu games. fcixth The prise find shall be divided Into puxa prizes, aa feUuwt; Fvs4 pnxe, oue- oue- b3 half -' -' socoml prize, off-third: off-third: off-third: third adaa, one-Klxtn. one-Klxtn. one-Klxtn. . evenih VThen a player ass sent a saove he shau he Lound by that move. nd if u ba falhs, illegal o uuinteliiglble ha taak wJU fcr a i tally. KiRhth-ff KiRhth-ff KiRhth-ff a player dispatch an linpcns&Jl or uniiitcll'flLlc move hi opponent omrcl him to move bis king. Jf tha alai csn not is legally moved no penalty caa L4 liilMcted. Ninth If a player move a -piece -piece VI a square to which it can not te lee ally movea his opponent may compel him to move the, piece to a square to which It caa I lagauy moved, or t j move bis kins. Tenth If a player attempts to captare piece with, another which -can -can not lefaJl capture it, he mr be compelled to togaLJI eapture the piece. (6 move i4 tine, or ia move the plec wita which ha attempted the carture. Klewnth If a pluver movs Ms Mug lute cheek, ho must, ol coui-we, coui-we, coui-we, move is to sty other RQi-sre. RQi-sre. RQi-sre. If a Player eaMJo illegally he m.v be coirpelled to move the klaa or the rouk. Iwcl c If n rtyer forward a move tat pre per time and it 1 shown that It wad lt In the mail, he shall not suffer for ax cerrtltti the timo limit. Thirteenth If a player aenderrtaDy 0t otherwiae remove a man from thscoart that has not been captured In the course of tlie panic, and has made moves tinder the Impression that that man was off t'.h btard. the man may be replaced, but tu0 moves mut stand. Fourteenth if any pJaree receive assist w uom any ono ne nau loilalt Ute I f' A Vorpay Brilliant. The following game was phjed tfi ls6e after Murphy had retired from the ahead world. It is one of a series played agVnsB Mr. Charlci A. Maurian, the well-knosra well-knosra well-knosra an atcur of New Oileans, tn which JJorpby; gave tho odds of QKt, which should M Sej moved. 6core and notes from Phlladclnhte Times. , 2 KVAXU OASIDIT. Vhlts (Mr. MTiphyJ Clack Ofr. suurhuJF 1 P b K 4 1 P to K 4 K Kt to B 3 a J Kt to B 8 8 B to B 4 S B to B 4 4 H to Q Kt 4 41, x Kt F 6 P to It S 5 H til lit ft Castle I 0 1 Q3 7 P to Q 4 . ' 7 P x- x- P tZ ,x . 8-H 8-H 8-H UKI! a P to Q 5 a Kt to R 4 10 P to K 5 JO Kl x B 11 O to R 4 eh 11 Ii Q 8 12 Q z Kt 12 Kt to K 1 13 P to K 6 13 P X P 1. It P X P 14 B to Tl S 15 B to Kt S li PtoKRf 10 Q to K R 4 l-n l-n l-n X Kt 17 P X B 17 P to Q 4 18 P to B 4 18 B to Q 5 0 II tn Q -19 -19 P to B 4 CO P to B 5 CO Q to Q 3 CI K R to K se Sl-P Sl-P Sl-P to K Kt 3 2 J R X B 22 P X B 23 p to n a - as Kt to n Hete we do wot ; follow the " cotv. which tells us that P to B . Kt to B 41 was played before R x B, P S R. and Whlci ts evidently a mistake, n. o to B 3 24 R to Q B SH 2iP O U 7 ch. CJ-K CJ-K CJ-K to B sq 8.5-B 8.5-B 8.5-B to B 0 26 Q to It 5 S7-U S7-U S7-U X R ' 27 R to B 6 And Jlorphv winds the affair up with Cut rrand eotin of - 28 Q x Kt. wtnnlnr. unsc wnBTHtFSS CDFFEL n i u n k ... A Drummer Says That It Is Maaafac tared In Holtaad Oat of tha Be fuse of Dutch Cheess. ,t,ftH time affo the fact (ha1! a ir onantitv -ot -ot imiution coffee v-ns v-ns v-ns being sold ia this city was exposea. This worthless stuff was a very cheap counterfeit, and could easily be ds-ii-tvi ds-ii-tvi ds-ii-tvi ds-ii-tvi ds-ii-tvi bv an .observant person. Bu the country is also being flooded with .. r tmitatlnn irt ha InolTae kiHITI A representative of New York firml which makes coffee roasters ts la thia city, and said last night to a Hoarler. Journal reporter that an, enormous mAlinfe fir eounterfeit eoffee was being sold. He said there waa one imitation n-l.i.K n-l.i.K n-l.i.K a aharnved St. Louis mercu&n svho lias been in the coffee business for years, failed to detect Tn arutmner uid this kind is made in Holland, am is being sent ;to this country in Shiploads, Shiploads, iho imitation beans are so perw fct that none but fthe most expert. n inAt nf iwfftfiA m t Tell it la not genuine. It la onade of the refuse of cheese and is perfectly liarmleaa at though worthless. The imitation bcea takes on a beautiful color when roastedt and does not Usolve in waier. ah Is k-eti k-eti k-eti tlie aroma of coffee. This is obtained from certain cliemicala, as there is no coffee in the compo&itioa of the coiinUTieil Deans.-, Deans.-, Deans.-, - .. vA - l-i l-i l-i rV.ffi V f . itnll is foisted on the people is by certain! ii nurtmi! tan. ttfw-mmAti ttfw-mmAti ttfw-mmAti nff firme. he taid. A lot of coffee is taken to sucS I n a 4 Vut Hig.uil Ilia ImitAtian ... . - l- l- OiAit .ti,ktitiit f .-r .-r .-r th. rrnuinA And tho customer ia thus defrauded. 'Ihere are other ways 01 getting too " luanufaeturod1' coffee In the hand and cups of the people. - Wonder Waters. A new era among Virginia's famous Hot, Warm and Heallnj Springs. A stanntrd-Suro stanntrd-Suro stanntrd-Suro ritllwsv, now tinder construction by th Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company from Covington, Ylicinla, to the Hot aprlnga, will be ronipleted eariy In July. The hot! have bean greatly Improved snd are now open for the reception of suestst KxfensKe Imi.iMvementa. confuting of seJ Uthli.e etbllshments and new hotel, will be mde tn the ner future. l?ecrlpttve pamphlet and full tnfornoitioB furnished st -hesprake -hesprake and Ohio Ticket-office. Ticket-office. Ticket-office. 3 Fourth ave. 11. W. Fuller, Usnersi raaen. ger Agent.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 21 Jun 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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