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 - Soap- New-York; The usual services at, the...
Soap- New-York; The usual services at, the CapUit church to-day. to-day. to-day. The Progws Club holds ah Important meeting next Thursday. Services at the Christian church by Bev. C W. Dick to-day. to-day. to-day. , Dr. W. P. Harvey iDl fill ide pulpit at the Prcsbytcrlaa church to-day. to-day. to-day. Mn. Man ley Brown leaves to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow for liotklnavlUe to vldt her daughter. Mrs. McClura awl son, Alex, of rtaJU-tnore, rtaJU-tnore, rtaJU-tnore, ara the guests of Mrs. V. T. UcCiil. The I'likm picnic, given by all the fXinnavsehoaU la 1-urkUnd, 1-urkUnd, 1-urkUnd, takes plaoa Juiia 10. Mr. Y. Tapp, who has been -UiUng -UiUng Mrs. VanPrlt, has returned to her homo lu Lexington. Mr. Prank Hrei-lln Hrei-lln Hrei-lln has secured a bust-neaa bust-neaa bust-neaa on'tMti La Chicago, and lelt last night for tuat city. Mis Sadie Fitch, who has been attend ing scl-ool scl-ool scl-ool at Oxford, O., lor tho Kost year. ft . .A V .ft nmm iTMirvtii huiuo. Mr. Warren Kittson, who has been here attending Prof. Alnxxid a acrool. lets for WLUiaiuslown, Ky., yesterday. Miss 1 Icier Van Pelt, who gradusted from the Female lliiih bchool, leaves this week for Lexington, where the will take a alx. weeks' coumo in the Kormal fcchooL Mr. and Mrs. Rii-'Cs Rii-'Cs Rii-'Cs celebrated their six teenth weddinR anniversary last Wednesday Wednesday evftuiig. fixing a dinner to their friend at their hotue on Amber street. There wero prevent : Dr. aud Mrs. Drake, Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis, lla Auri.elly. Mr. M. b. Wits and Misa Bees, of LoulsvUJo. Thoro will bo sn entertainment given at Dixon Hall on Tuentay. June 16, for the benent of tCie Free Klndeigarlen. The young peoplo will rive a pliy entitled 6 Aunt Judy JonqulL The part of Aunt Judy will be taken by Mfcs Mary Allen, who Is quite an aoc-Mnrhshcd aoc-Mnrhshcd aoc-Mnrhshcd eJoruttonlst. The mu-lc, mu-lc, mu-lc, under the chsree of.Mlsa KUa Pyne, offers an addlUonai attraeHon. Mrs. J. C Wilson has trained the children tor their part, and altogether Ik wilt be one of the most 'Intercut tug entertainments of the season. Admission, adults, twenty five cents; children, fifteen cents. .ftiMl: Communications, exchanges, etc.. Intended Intended fur this department should be addressed addressed to the Chess Editor. Contributions of games, problems and nswa will be thank fulljr received. i Corretpeadeaee. A. O. T.. Horse Cave. Yours cams toe late for last (Sunday's iawim bee not below. below. Preblesa No. 23. By T. n. Rowlnnd, Dublla. (From tbe Leeds Weekly Mercury.) BLACK (6U -.1 -.1 m WHrre (T). White to slay and mate in two moves. mm The above problem waj offered to the audience at the conclusion of a ganta of living . can - in Dub lin. No one solved It tn tho a'.lott-rl a'.lott-rl a'.lott-rl time, and the solution aas given by the director. For the urbt correct mint ion a copy of the International Chess Magazine is offered. 'r Solutions. rKOBLKM NO. 3. , 1 Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K rs-s. rs-s. rs-s. . CclVed by A. J. C. Marrus Ko'.n, J. D. II.. city; Jcitei-son Jcitei-son Jcitei-son Club, JeircrMmvule, indi. Chess la .New York. Second game of thj match lieiweca Messrs. 1 uiha:n una lludges to decide the tie tor the chumplontOiip of the I mhattaa Club, bcare aud notes iroiii New York World. i VAST khUl'-a khUl'-a khUl'-a WESIXQ. White Ola), llanhaml. Clack (ir. tlodtfoii). i 1' u 4, . ! g a l'-K l'-K l'-K 3 . y-r-y y-r-y y-r-y y-r-y y-r-y u 4 4 Kt K il 3 6 K t 11 3 11 VI 7 castle tt I; u a t VI I'xH 10 KtxKt 11 l-xf l-xf l-xf 12 KtxKt 13 Vtf - 0 14 U U 4 15 gtt Vlsl lii n 11 q 17 i t VI 3 id as p u a 10 F K 4 '0 V) K K cq 21 K K so. t?2 P K 4 ita i h a B-i B-i B-i i'xl . I Hi M li 4 10 U K Kt S E7-1I E7-1I E7-1I II U i II K 4 . 2-. 2-. 2-. HxVJ ;a VtxU 51-f-k 51-f-k 51-f-k 51-f-k 51-f-k e (d 3-.' 3-.' 3-.' ItxU 33-VJ 33-VJ 33-VJ n 3 4 U R 4 1 VI li 3 (a) ft Kt K li 3 ) J K t-rrU t-rrU t-rrU ft ' 7 avtle lK fc4 . U i'-K i'-K i'-K a li-Ktxi li-Ktxi li-Ktxi , 11 ltxKt J .xKt 14-r-l- 14-r-l- 14-r-l- 14-r-l- 14-r-l- 14-r-l- K Kt 3 le-sj le-sj le-sj li 3 1 7 it l; a .- .- li II K 3 ,x iaiin a CO-U-Kt CO-U-Kt CO-U-Kt CO-U-Kt CO-U-Kt 5 'J i li Kt 3 ch !; Q to. K 2 S4Q 4 Si-U Si-U Si-U lxF lid 11 K 3 S7-U S7-U S7-U Q n S4 2 Q U a C9 Bill d) :;o-K :;o-K :;o-K KxR si p li a hai-iui' hai-iui' hai-iui' 33 1' Q Kt 4 34 U K ft , Ce&irna. Ntrrea. i fa). This Bne of play In the Queen's nniMt ts not reroinmciidabto either for nrst or aneond player. . r ' (hi. Ulaek now has a dicuJve superiority superiority In poltlon. . (ci. Of course not IK4. bceause of RxKt, foUowed by UxR P ch winning the Queen if black takes the B. Id). Me had nothing else to prevent the threatened 11 R s. . , . ; (el. DecUlve. Mr. Jlodites conducted, the game throughout with con&umoiato skllL j Chess News and Views. Several mora players have expressed themselves In favor of and willing to en ter a correspondence totirnament, ana is now looks as If it would be a success. , For the benefit of those who did fcot see tho rules first ptiblislied thy be repeated next week, together with additional rule for play. etc. Any suggestions from players players as to what seem to them suitable amendment amendment to the rules, eto will be welcome. j As the time approaches for the annual Meeting of the Unlt;d btatea Chens Association Association at Lexington. Ky on tbe 4th of Au-,iust Au-,iust Au-,iust next, mote than usual interest is be tag manifested In the coining contest, and It Is lioed t-f t-f t-f make It one id the ynott lni-wrtant lni-wrtant lni-wrtant events in national chess. i&U Faul llonerr Press. 1 Such paragraphs as ths above are fr. uent.ln chess columns now. A greater interest interest is being taken in the evens thaa ever before. The prospect is that there will be a large and brilliant gathering of the rep-resentanve rep-resentanve rep-resentanve players of the country. : Maj. Edmund W. Slaisey died tn Kew Orleans M.iy 27. He waa a prominent member member of the Now Orleans club, and the last but one of tlie charter honorary Tneaitcr. He was one of the strongest members of the rld New Orleans club, btfore tho time ed Morphy. The Qalveton News very trulv remarks t "Tbe general fault In amateur chess Is tab). Ing back moves and this is ruinous to lm pfOTMnent. It Is fair reason in that uo isentleiuan will ask to take bark a wove a hen by dntug so .be woo Id a dime and nb his opponent of tlist amount. Cxpe-wee Cxpe-wee Cxpe-wee proves that a penny, a nlrhcl or a dime la a proper corrective, an orderly np. peal to honor, and, Weil lost, ia one of wie truest aids V command of the dcliberv-ttve dcliberv-ttve dcliberv-ttve and tjecidlng faculties. Ho other cor-reoUve cor-reoUve cor-reoUve of tiis had habit has ever been dissevered." dissevered." j . IN LOVCRS' LANtS. All wreatbed around with Mrgln's Bower. . All gay with eglantine, JUi overarebett with laughing leaves And verdant with the vine; Through memory's mists you rise as fair As wben 1th Mary Jane found your pi Lf alls perilous, , O dear old Lovenf Lane. Twss there that CupM kept his court. : Tarts there his arrows hung Above our happy, heedless heads The budding boughs among; j i Tho many a cruel wound waa dealt, I ' j Full many a fear was alaln, While Ivi and lassie loitered there y. i In dear old Lovers' Lane. . t Twas there we put the purple on, And breathed love's ample air,. Twaa there a kins conferred a crowjf, ; I port a royal pair I Twas there our two fond hearts forgot ; Life's penury and pain. And evrth became a Paradise ; To us, in Lovers' Lane. Ah, me I eneath those bending boughs - run many m Hioi apiieara At evjttlj Ijovera' aue. Though, he A affl hearts grow gray, men go All glaJlyback, in dreams, " From yousi's lost giory yet to glean - Some faint reUected beams ; F''en (e who limps Life's path along, Wluit time-faith's time-faith's time-faith's bitter rain -Beats -Beats round, recall some ruse that bloomed I Long li Lovers' La&c . Of youthful hopes that aprang, all 1 Td periih. flrowned In tears; . , t Wdftftd jtuihs burled there t' 4 - The caTtles built in epalit LonK. lCJi' mo, when, sweethearts strolled a

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 14 Jun 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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