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 - m!It! I if Communications, exchanges, etc.....
m!It! I if Communications, exchanges, etc.. Intended Intended fur this department should be addressed addressed to the Chess Editor. Contributions of games, problems and news will be thankfully thankfully received. r ' The 7-rnlsvme 7-rnlsvme 7-rnlsvme Chess Club meets at SS7 Third street, second floor. Xloars of play, daily, from to T p. m. Btraagera are Invited to can. Correspondence. tr. T. T. If., Clty tn Mo. CO. If If B T, K lie. In Ko. 81. U & Q(ch) Jt B 0 (ch). Problem No. 24. flret prise tn tourney of Bahn frel."; By Ludwlg iksnnecae, Chicago. BLACK 7). T In AH f rf l5j lU Ij hSj pyK rssww UM3 D E3 willTK au White to play and mate in three moves. For the first correct solution of this problem problem a prise of two chess magazine U offered. Kor each alUllluaal solulka lour newspaper chess ooluaioa, Bolatloss. . mOBIXM NO. 23. 1-R-CB9 1-R-CB9 1-R-CB9 1-R-CB9 1-R-CB9 1 KxR (a) (bl 1 fc-P fc-P fc-P Qs (ch) Any thing 3 Q mutes (a) If 1 K K3 ; fi P K", Kt, any ; 3 B Biates. (b) it 1 fcv-l-K4 fcv-l-K4 fcv-l-K4 fcv-l-K4 fcv-l-K4 (13), any; 8-B 8-B 8-B bates. Chess la Gersaaay. The following fine game was played la the recent aaa tea between Voo Canlelebea and Von Scheve. ' Ecore and notes from Das Deutscbes VTochensehach. QCEEX'S PAWN OPdING. MThlte fVofi bcheve). black (Von Csrdelcben). J P Q4 S 1-B4 1-B4 1-B4 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 3-P-K3 e-Kt-lKI e-Kt-lKI e-Kt-lKI e-Kt-lKI e-Kt-lKI 4-Il-Ka 4-Il-Ka 4-Il-Ka 4-Il-Ka 4-Il-Ka ; A B KU4 5 -sties -sties -P -P K3 ft OKt-1 OKt-1 OKt-1 The point QTCJ wcakene4 by tlds; p CB4 was preteralle. . 7 Q a An eacellent move; threatening 8rxP. B B Q3 B-PiP B-PiP B-PiP & HxP(B5) 0- 0- KM t lO-K lO-K lO-K Qq lO Kt U3 Black has already a very confined game and could do nothing better than it UK 15 and force his adversary to c-stle c-stle c-stle la order to protect himself from the advance at nawns on the single sUo, 11 ?-JRa ?-JRa ?-JRa h-k-o h-k-o h-k-o h-k-o h-k-o 12-KUKI 12-KUKI 12-KUKI J 3 B Q'f 1P KR4 13 P Ht3 The lniUaUon of a victorious attack. ir k Ra , la H r.3 lo-q-QT lo-q-QT lo-q-QT lo-q-QT lo-q-QT , - n-Q n-Q n-Q ia 18 PxP laRKta 20 Kt Q x Si Kl 11 jon-RS jon-RS jon-RS 1-P 1-P 1-P H5 J7-B-KB J7-B-KB J7-B-KB J7-B-KB J7-B-KB 18-PaP 18-PaP 18-PaP J K Q2 EO K HO SI li-Ki li-Ki li-Ki f'ecessry. After 21 B-KB3 B-KB3 B-KB3 t2- t2- r;l- r;l- Ki'p would tare' been stui more decisive for white. f2 ExR 22 KxB 2; K-K3 K-K3 K-K3 i3 P H4 84-QH-KB 84-QH-KB 84-QH-KB 84-QH-KB 84-QH-KB so. 24-P-QB5I 24-P-QB5I 24-P-QB5I 24-P-QB5I 24-P-QB5I 5-li-K2 5-li-K2 5-li-K2 5-li-K2 5-li-K2 85-P-3KI4 85-P-3KI4 85-P-3KI4 85-P-3KI4 85-P-3KI4 U'o,'ifr?,ptJ;-fcope3p! U'o,'ifr?,ptJ;-fcope3p! U'o,'ifr?,ptJ;-fcope3p! ''O shcsiU have tried 25 . U KKt mi; liti E R7 ch KO Jj- Jj- 5 J??; his game would have been more defensible. 2ft-R 2ft-R 2ft-R RT chj V-K V-K V-K B3 . , C7 P-KKU P-KKU P-KKU 27 P KU ' If P-Kt. P-Kt. P-Kt. 28-Kfr-B2 28-Kfr-B2 28-Kfr-B2 28-Kfr-B2 28-Kfr-B2 I 29 R KKt so. 8 Q-K5.-23 Q-K5.-23 Q-K5.-23 Q-K5.-23 Q-K5.-23 Q Rk 2 P 1(6 JchJ W PiP HO PxP (rhJ SI K B aq 81 I KU5 - - Si UxKt (ch.) . . Ad elegant Cnlsa. ' f S2-Kx S2-Kx S2-Kx -SO -SO K Kt t4-PxP t4-PxP t4-PxP PxP 3(V-PxB 3(V-PxB 3(V-PxB KefiKoa. I S3 Kt (chj 34 1 J3 35 HaQ R KB sq 37 Q-K13 Q-K13 Q-K13 (ch4 Captain Mackenzie. Ah t let me lav 'a wreath upon the bier Of Fcotlaml's rreaLe nU.ver. On his Vas vcr written an tmpasijre grace. Untouched by shade t gurry.or of fear Whatever (be cdotesW Ups that acorned to sneer, i . Ana those who held la chess ithe highest Place Cut spurred Km on more keenly to the race Oft to unhorse them with victorious spear I He courteous nvwed alike to each and all : lie revcr sought with -"-'ng -"-'ng -"-'ng -"-'ng worda to sting. , Deir"nrKr tnt the same to greet and .small. The dignity that's Mud to bed re a king Was nature' gUt to Mm. sod to his najl That attribute of uur dead frieod'wlH i W. S. C tn Glasgow Herald Chess News aad Tiews. Owing to . the rerlous Idness ef Mrs. buoswre the proposed UiUiume-JUtta UiUiume-JUtta UiUiume-JUtta berg match has fallen .rough. The match between Von l-aelelehen l-aelelehen l-aelelehen and Von echeve was abandoned as a draw aftor twelve games had I ecu pUjud. Tbs score was a each and u drawn. The match to flee kin the tie for tr champlonphlp of the JJunbiitUn Chess Club, between lKr J. N. llauham and Mr. A. Ii. Hodges rewlted In a victory for tho runner iy to i. - Are the players ef the gtnto going to tnake a success ot tiie corrwkponl;boe tourna- tourna- tuutil 1 it wiu be a gootl uaag for theac. and every player Interested In the welfare of chess in the. btate should support It, tilm our opinloas and suggestions on the tv TiuVomuViit Crcle Club will en tertain a party of wheelmen from Cenr tral Kentnclty at dinner at the nna- nna- li.ti vjjt-xw vjjt-xw vjjt-xw lciiiers ara ex. pected from Xiexington. rrankfort, Bhel- Bhel- byvllie and bimpsonviue. btters have been received the past week inquiring for programme and about the Mammoth Cave trip. Kentuekw Division. I- I- A "W. new has nearly two hundred members. Mnety per cent, will bo at the meet June St and ZJ. Club, Tuesday evening, plana for the ni -rfwti -rfwti nmf n t of ViaitoTS (luring tSr meet were arrangciL The club-house club-house club-house ia to be elaborately oecorauM.. jr. tfcuin . t-i t-i t-i ii". . , "" - " - Louisville Cycle Club, sailed last Friday with Capt. lVary'a expedition for tho North pole- pole- Mr- Mr- Verhoefl has been away from the city for the greater part of the paat throe years, but has alwaya maintained his allegiance to tho I C U. TVarn nnlirJea In Kentucky are al ready warming up. Two eandidatea for Chief Consul have been announced. Aspirants Aspirants for tlie arduoue place of Sec re- re- . fr -..m.- -..m.- -..m.- V...t.t . a t.-wa t.-wa t.-wa iArms far km -a -a iu I , .v - - Q. . Johnson, are not ao numerous. TV InAtmlnm tnnb la In much bet ter shape than at any time. Several a. a a t 1 (l W . . f. U P'ur K 1 3 rry . i 111 11 s ij. will Un liirbted ud every night, began- began- niag June 18. SHE KNEW THE WORST. fit. B. Tomer .t Sweetheart, you deem me rood.- rood.- I said. As I took Pesrte's soit, wtuie nana: You think the 11 to that I have led . lias been qulto-perleei, qulto-perleei, qulto-perleei, pure ana gnash " But ere we wed, my darling Besa, 1 tell yeu frankly that roy ways Ilave been quite devious : I confess I've spent some wkked nights and days." " Kay, ray no more, quoth Bess, demurs " I know It all I know the worst; onr mother told me, and I'm sure i uu toi4 ner an jour louiea nm.- nm.- ViTit could I say t This trustful lamb 1 Had lcarnel that once 1 teased the cat And twice or thrice had stolm )am Htw poud i acai wtut laita like tnac I lVeader Waters. A new era among Virginia's famous Hot, Warm and Healing fcpniiga. A stai irard-gauge irard-gauge irard-gauge railway, now uutler construction by the CheHepeake end Ohio Railway Company, from Covington. Virginia, to the Ho bprlags, will be eoinulcted e 'ly la July. The hotels have been greatly Improved and are now open for tlie reception ot guests. Kxtenitive Improvements, consisting of pew bathing establishments and new hotel , Will be made la the near fsture. Xieecrlpttre pamphlets and full lnmrmnttoa furnished at t'heaiapenke and Ohio Tlcketoffice. S53 Fourth are. U. W. F'Vs Ueneral Paa enter enter Agent, ..... V'ia h'fy ft Ji

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 07 Jun 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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