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 - i O'Cal-raghan. oumance-ment to the 5th of June...
i O'Cal-raghan. oumance-ment to the 5th of June In elusive TIia t. hibit will be open to tho publio from 3 to 4:3C p. m. each day. On the eth, 8th and lOth of June regular clashes will bt cx n ductal, both In drwin and wood-working. 'I ho Ui8"s will bevin work at 2 o'clock and continue to 4 o'clock each day. Parents who have boys at school who aro about ready to enter tlte High School are especially requested to visit this rxhibiticn, so they may soe for themselves what manual training is, and whether they want such instruction, fr their iwya lu-vt yrr. COBimuBlratlons, exebanges," etc, In-tended fur this derartmeot should bo ad-Creased te tlie Chess Editor. Contributions of runes, problems and news Will be thank-full received. ' The TxatsvQle Chess Club meets at 227 Third street second floor. Honrs of play, dally, ties 4 to 7 p. m. Strangers are iavUed to can. Problem Ke. 27. . Mr. Ehrenstela In New fork World. BLACK (1). M LJaf". : fss"-' . r - ' I j f p"""! "" UJ Li U LJ LJ' LI Li Li W1UIK 10). . . White to play and mate to two moves. ' Solatioss. . rEOT.LFM KO. 20. 1 1-Kt U5. Poire ty A. J. c, cllj ; J. r. IVtcra- burg, K j. . . ' A Pretty Came. ' L -Ihe following bright nttle partle was recently r l-TCd between two members of toe V;ai club - 6COOCJI GAMBIT. White (Mr. Johnston) Black (Mr. McDanloI) 1-P-K4 1-IV-K4 S-KKt-D3 B-QKt-XJ3 8 4 K-llr 4 Mil 4 Kt 3 5 Kl QR3 5 B 114 V-KUKt G KtrxKt ' 7 li y:i 7 i; Kti 8 1 CJ S Cafctlea. O Cast If. O 1 Q4 H h li y ' White here strlecta fho worst move be can auO. it Imc at once, of twin. Hn-l:4(ch) js-K-ni i-Q-i!a 13 l-KIU 15-O-KlOI H-Piki 14 i lis mtte. Chess Mews aad Views. It Is said London has ninety-one chess clubs, beside twerty or more chess resort. Dr. W. II. K. roltock, chess edltos of the baltunore News, has been electcl an honorary member of the lirouklya Chess Chib. . . . . In the match betwecif Von Bardeleben and Von 8ceve, at lterilti, the score rtood at last reports You iMrdcluhan, g ; You behove. 3; drawn, 2.. Oir. K. N. Frankenstein the composer and author, donated a set of ehofcUien valued at S10O as first prtxe tn the suomier handicap ot the City of louoon club. For want of a chess column the rlayers of Kentucky have long been la a dormant state. Tho citato ot Kentucky Is behliM other Mates In clubs and onrl plnven aud until th organlxaaon of the Kentucky Chc-s Asaoclatlon, two Tears ago, chess w haiil-ly really known in tlio fctate. Kentucky now has two chess columns, and it la the Intention ot thon to wake up toe phivera of tho eute. Two events of Importance will soon hspren In the btate. The meeting of the U. S. C A. bv Lexington la Aufpi pronilsen to be one of the niot sticoeuful ever held, and It wUl bs ot great interest to all lovers ot the roval game. The meeting of the fctate AswUmoii, at Hie same place In November, rhould ! attended by every plaver In Uio &ite. The btate Assoclatluti Is the life of chess in a btate; mko It a and chess tn the fcisto will be a success. There ai-e oiuny towns -tbst cottid have thriving clubsj aud tliey should aU have them. A club la a great plcasnre aa well as a great tierrfH to a town. The proposed eorT!r-u)!5--Dc tournament offers an onport'init v U tne jlayers of ttis Mam ta ret aciuint i ana each other. Improve tiiolr llay at. 4 lcitrn tlie strength of other playera. f UessKn ot the biato U1 do wcil to seriously consider It. Tb Newark Kunday Cs3 says! TTi ere ts tn this city a family whove members seem to take to chess M ratu rally as a to Hw.C It hj UiO liyuiea family. Three of the boys belong to the Newark ues lino, aita ail tliree Aave already muds their mark In the annual tournament of the New Jersey Chea AsttoUaUon. Nat Hymen, the eklet, woo s'i aeound prize In tho fw-fra - metinr. wt Ich was hekl In Newark fn Tue contestants numbered fortr, and the first prire was won by Kdwanl K. Moke, of Juillville. In tho tourrv-tMient of 10, ElUi Hymes, the youngei-t et tho- Uiree brother", matte his first appearance and won tlie first prUe tn tlio opeu toiunamcnt. Tfcls meeling was at l'lninfleld. The -next tournament waa hell at New rrupswlek, and In this meet. Inc Corney llynie. ttw raMale brother, came up, with a vigorous record, which bft incrrasrd on the Ut,t BweUn heM aS tllahctii In Fetiruarr. Here he wrestled vnllautly with Vorrath, Uelng him for the rt prize, but losig on the play-off. lie took aecond prize and Kildin hwik tMnl prte. Corner ehailenfmt Vorrata to a match which ho k-. but In a snatch with Itenner last I eLruai-y .-toro the anniul meeting he wen. All three cf the broth-era are constant members of the Newark: Club, and Illustrate the value of dub practice." AN INDIGESTIBLE DISH. '.'"': --:' v (Judge. ' WHICH 13 IT, LOVE? (TWHp Itourke Marston.) Which It It. love, enthralls me mom to-night. Quickening the pulse s . throb and the heart's heat ' The "memory of Joy so subtly sweet It wakes at thought, a when one stays aright Some air to which- love's tones were wont to pllpht - ' - The dearebt singing words, tin with the . heat '-- Of passionate remembrance he can chett Tho 1-esrt tliat Ions ao, even In death's dcH'lls 1 . - . - Or ! It expectation of freh tllss " That Mi- wank memory can so poorly feign " Ccon Joy ot the anticipated kiss 4uIcKon1ng tno JiiL'ilant Lloo-l la every - - vrlit . Thnuchl of twst VTr; c s to eomo assist Couiiibcd by love, 1 know not which it Is. IT ...till

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 24 May 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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