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 - 1 t TTT'TX I , If I '1 Comciurlcatlons....
1 t TTT'TX I , If I '1 Comciurlcatlons. exchanges, etc.. Intended Intended f.r this department should be ad-Cresaicd ad-Cresaicd ad-Cresaicd to tlie Chess Editor. Contributions of gaidcs. problem and news will be Uiaak-fuiiy Uiaak-fuiiy Uiaak-fuiiy rettlrcd. Tho I.rulsrnio Chcs Club meets at 227 Th'rl street, second Boor. Hours of play, lly. from 4 to 7 p. m. fitiungers ara Invited to call. Corrrspcaaeace. X. M. K., lorrtdown Tervi. A King can not move Into the ranee of an atl- atl- erse iiece, eveu though that piece be pinned. , Problem Wo. 23. Second pilze In pmlilrm Inurnanient at the London Kast Central Times. By II. Cud more, London. BLACK (0.) . w t. V hi m v n m 1 i m.. 3 i TNIIlTE (111. White to play aod ma to In two moves. Solalluaa. PnOBLEM NO. ia. Q Kt . Solved by Marcus Kohn, city; Jefferson Club, JeSeraonville. Iud. Tarrasch's Trap. Tho following game was 'played between Dr. tt. Tarrast:a and Mr. I. Uuiishetg, at the Manclrester (Xngress ol ' leUO. . Ir. TarraHch also played It with Tr. Zukertoft, at the Hamburg Congress, of 1897. It has aptly been named " Tarrasca's Trap. KUY LOPEZ. Whlto Dr. TarrakCh) Black (Mr. Cunsberg.) 1 H-K H-K H-K 4, Q Kt B 3 3 Kt It li 4- 4- Ktte &-B-Q &-B-Q &-B-Q &-B-Q &-B-Q R 3 . 8 1 K 3 O II K 3 lO Ja,tle. 1 H K 4 k Kt n 3 B Kt ft 4 i'asiles 6 P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 11 It T II lit 3 8 I'xP li 1 il 3 to it K q 11 Kt '4 4 This U the more that Involves tho trap : H C-Q C-Q C-Q tf. Apparently tho correct move. It will be en. however, that It loses a piece 11 Kt Q 11 4 Is the correct niovc. 12 KtB Benign. . For white wins a piece by 13 XtaKt. Chess News and Views. A tournament Is la progress at the Yokohama Cues Club, which waa started last winter, and now has over filty member. member. The summer meeting of tbo New York Che& AkHociution will be held at Whlto Sulphur Spring Hotel. Clauennugo, as last summer. Tho Havana Chens Club lias written to Meer. Pt?tnlta and Tschlgorln Troponin J a match between tbem, to be ptayed In next jxrember or J-n"- J-n"- J-n"- J-n"- cJT" both signiaed --uSgX. --uSgX. --uSgX. V -Tue -Tue Ahiucky Association met at Lexington Lexington lant fall, bo well were the members members treated that they nnanimooaly selected selected it as the plaoe for tbo next annual Hireling. The lotted States Chess Association Association will meet there next August, and it is certain that the Lexington players will do everything to make the meeting a sueeess. In this ther ahouM be aided by the players of the btate. - Many fine players players et the country will be there, among 0 tin tl ittfc i ( a couriew-jourha. couriew-jourha. couriew-jourha. ma - t IZJ -J,.- -J,.- -J,.- tffrir t Sirr. iillwaw them probablv Showaltrr, of Oeoreetown ; JiiOU. of st. Louia; lxJmar, of New York, etc. liany Cna games will be i layed thero an.1 po jiiayer of tbo State shoukl uiiM iu Turn out In force and aiako the mecUnjr one long lo be reaiembereU. After the Steicita-Tacht;orin Steicita-Tacht;orin Steicita-Tacht;orin match at Havana, a member vf lira iiiciiIUiu Cbcaa C lub asked ilr. btelnitx his ti tnlou concerning concerning the match. "Well,' stud MHiiitx, -1 -1 don't Blind cunlosgiuc tiiat my ovtr-tbe-board ovtr-tbe-board ovtr-tbe-board ovtr-tbe-board ovtr-tbe-board play U nut a atrvni; a it used to be and 1 IiH-t IiH-t IiH-t tluit I have wtukened ia that reKnecU I attribute luy winuing that match solely to my superior system, and 1 look uj-o uj-o uj-o it as a victor for my theories and. thocO of the modern school. Tho club man aiiprcarhcd Jir. TocblKorin, when he next inuoo hU appearance appearance ih New York, and aked him to ptve his opinion of the match with ttciiuta. Mr. TxchiBorin replied: " 1 waa beaten becauo Mr. btelnlts outplayed me. Ilia over the-board. the-board. the-board. play was reiuarkably strong and accurate, accurate, and I was unable to cope with It. littt his system U the most rotten Kyteat lmaclnuble." In a day or two, when the two experta were together at tlie Manhattan, the gentleman with great glee rehearsed to them both their mutual opinions as ex. p reused to him. As may be Iniapliied, a somewhat lively lnterchance of views concerning concerning " Hi stems" and "modern school thetirte took place, and during it came the proposition to play a mlik by ruble, to te.t two of these i-onitlons, i-onitlons, i-onitlons, which resulted In tho abovo tame. (Albany Even.U)( Journal. ' . A Dlaaket 31 or tease. ' ... Wsbash. Ind.. May p.At tl'spoeial nf -st -st t!:0 fctockholder of the Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Wabash nd Michigan railroad, held at tho trt-neral trt-neral trt-neral ofiiee this moininsr, the operatinK ajrretuent with tho liig Four waa ratified, aj. waa tho pro potation potation to place a blanket mottR on tho lino froui Ik n ton liaitor to 'ortli Vernon Vernon for f4.OtMl.000, Ui Four bonds to that amount being secured ly tho mortgage. mortgage. ' ' "-- "-- "-- ' Tfce earboule acid in Cook's Extra Try Imperial Imperial t'hamnecne Is one of the beat remedies for eolle or diarraeta.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 10 May 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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