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 - 1 J Marcus Kohn. cltr ; O. A. Tbom&s, Hon Ca-M...
1 J Marcus Kohn. cltr ; O. A. Tbom&s, Hon Ca-M Ca-M Ca-M IT sr f a? L I 1 xt a 1 . . . V " w - -47 -47 . 4t lUtrji aCtcnJiir a-J a-J a-J The cable JIatch. F.vaus Caxnblt jo K B2 : 31. E Kt a- a- TwoK nights dsfcnse31. Q Q3 (eh); Mr. etcinlts says In the New York Trt-Lune Trt-Lune Trt-Lune : " In the Evans Gambit the move made Is mueh stronger tl:an HI. KK Q sq, to which Black could snser lil. . . . i:B so and It a-J. a-J. a-J. till lis a; 33. QxB ch. 'M. i : 34. q gu in, 4. yxvf ; as. kxQj ' R mil Q. w li good prospecu of a hard lht." From tho abore It might be inferred thit the move mnce by White does not give Black much flgbiing diance. The general opinion Mw seems to to that If Twhlgortn does eot win tho Kvn;n it win La '--'Vit-B '--'Vit-B '--'Vit-B '--'Vit-B '--'Vit-B '--'Vit-B oX a LluuJer on his port. I Itlmdlo'd Chess la Paris. The cn of eight fie coty t Cited sunultaueouiJy and without sight o board or men. bj I. Goetz. at the Cafo lf la Regenee. Bcors and notes from tho lialUmurs Xn : KiasEonsxY c.Amrr. tvhtte (V. (iootz). Black (1L Bactlca). I P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 S r K.1I4 U PaP 8 K1-KU3 K1-KU3 K1-KU3 3 P-KK14 P-KK14 P-KK14 4-l'-Kt4 4-l'-Kt4 4-l'-Kt4 4-l'-Kt4 4-l'-Kt4 4 P-KtO P-KtO P-KtO 9 Kt K5 6U hi C B QH1 fl-Kt fl-Kt fl-Kt KK3 7 1' Q-t Q-t Q-t 7iqj B Qllxl 8-llkl 8-llkl 8-llkl 0 I.vKt 0 Hi lil "eh (a) 10 K K'l 1C O-lUl O-lUl O-lUl II 14 KU lt-l'-KW lt-l'-KW lt-l'-KW lt-l'-KW lt-l'-KW 12-K 12-K 12-K V!'i U-hl U-hl U-hl lt l:i It 1.1 13-CH-K 13-CH-K 13-CH-K 13-CH-K 13-CH-K 14-HiQ 14-HiQ 14-HiQ 14 MU l.'i 14 1:1 J 5 II 1' 10 lixlVh IO-K IO-K IO-K K3 1 7 Kt-lU Kt-lU Kt-lU (b) 17 lUI-ck lUI-ck lUI-ck 18 rvXll lfi-I'sB lfi-I'sB lfi-I'sB lit Kt Q?cT 1D--K-Q3 1D--K-Q3 1D--K-Q3 1D--K-Q3 1D--K-Q3 1D--K-Q3 i-O i-O i-O KtJ k l'(e 0- 0- K K4 ci k ii. lid) v:i-r v:i-r v:i-r Ktt 82 K S2 K yS(C 2n It Qlca 2:1 K KJ S4-K S4-K S4-K V-Vb V-Vb V-Vb 24 K 111 2i-Kt.Qlll? 2i-Kt.Qlll? 2i-Kt.Qlll? 23 I Klich 2G K B4 CO kt K4ck V7 Klfct i'7 K IB M It QTchtfl . BS K 1!3 21 It- It- EJ K Kt4 (ai QxvjP is a snifcr sua nctier in or (c) Threuteuing to win the adverse- adverse- Bishop. 2ii' nint In two moves. (e If til 'Si. B Qoch, mating next mivc . ..... (1) XLe best move, ana quite decisive. Notes. Mr. C. King, of ClarkKvllle, Tsnn.. was & vliitir Kt Lha lucol Llub llut ack. The April nunitex of Biownfcou Chess Journal U at lirtr.a. 11 is as nuai iuu 01 Dm vrvbtom and other cood UilnKS. The B4. Iaul and Minneapolis clubs i - . . . ah thn With. thO rjm of the t Haul t'lut. which resulted la a victory for Minneapolis by 0 to 9. Mr. BUckbnri. has been In Kw York for the ! week, and has been a frequent . . 1. . . I 1,.K II. intunMt Ia -Jill -Jill for KntElsnd boturtlav on the lunbrta. He announced hi Intention of participating in the tutrrnsXional to urn dig a I to be held at Havana next minicr. - . Tho U. S. Chess Asaoclntlon Is to meet t lslncton In Ansuat. tlie of tho coodl-tlona coodl-tlona coodl-tlona Is that Kentuckr shall furnish twenty members. The annual dues are but 1 per year and all ILose wtshlng to attend the meeting should send their names at once y Mr. II. Lnevenhart. Ivexlnjton. R.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 05 Apr 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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