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 - Connmnlcatioas, zchangea, ete. Intended...
Connmnlcatioas, zchangea, ete. Intended Intended JLr this department should bo addressed addressed to the Chess Editor. Contributions of gaMcs. problems and news vUl bo thank- thank- luil received, Tho XBlsvme Chess dub meets at S2T Thlnt atreet, second floor. Hoars of play, telly, iron d to 7 p. as. Strangers aro Invited to call. 1 Probless No. 13. By B. O. Laws. ' II LACK Ml. ' rn a rwi rn n m o n n - W'HITK iU Wlilto to play and mats In two moves. Solatioas. mOBUCM NO. ft. , . w 1 R Q R sq. ; I'ROHLEM KO. e. There are two sr.Jutlnns to this problem. Author's solution. Q Q 4. KUP (ch) will lao solve tt. Solved by n. li. I., city; J- J- F. Tllley, Ivtenburg. Ky.J A, J. ti. city ; U. C Olaxsow, Kjr. Cheis Clabs la Keatacky. The Ches Tepartnient tof the Baldmoro 3ew recently pubiialied. an article on tha question of how many ct.exs clubs there are In the country. It siiRsesta that the ch ell tors of every fetato tn the Union request Uie clubs ot their 6(ate to send them the proper Information, and In tills jay the matter lor a ehesa dlreeujry eoukt be collected. Kentucky would make a very poor bIiowIiir. If this were done, as there are hut twi orcanUcd clubs la the Wale, of LoulsviUo and Lexington. There ate many towns anl eiUes in the btato having numbers ef ches players, and where chesa clubs couid lx easily fonneJ. tovlngbm and Ktwport have a utroni ch-s ch-s ch-s clrrlo. and rr Keener, who has recently lxiriin a ch depArtaient In the COvlngViil tonimonwcalih, will problr aoon micceesl til organirlns a club. Vrnnkfort could tit-port tit-port tit-port a flmiriMldns elub. Many of the mallnr cities have enough good plajers fur suoils eluhs. ( In Aucmt the Vnlteil States Chew Association Association will meet at LexlnjMin: In November November th 8'uto AworlaUon will ntwt at the same place. Bo(h of thexe rathering- rathering- .hotild tx larrHv sUtmled bv KenturkT playem. VmH club khould scud a delegate to the 8tte AKsorlitln. f thl i.irertorr should bo putllshed. Kentucky ought to bo rcpreocnted by at lease me- me- ookc ehiba. When yuu organize, send me cnesa tvoisir tae names or your otnoera, number of member. tim and nlaoa nf ivrli lng. etc Not ouly eluba. but all chess cuxM-i cuxM-i cuxM-i MTing a regumr putce or meeung. thould bo represented la this tUrcctury. ; Blackbarae In llaraaa. . TTfth game In the JUaeaburne-VasqueB JUaeaburne-VasqueB JUaeaburne-VasqueB match, played March O, 1801: - EVANS O AMBIT. . trhlte (V asquex) DUek (Blackhurne) 1-J-K 1-J-K 1-J-K 1-J-K 1-J-K r 1 ' H. d ft B it 2 Kt Q B S (a) . 8 Kt K B 3 S B B 4 - d Castles ' 4 Kt fl 3 6 P-Q P-Q P-Q Kt 4 (b & 11 x P ft P S O II K 3 (cl T P Q 4 7 P-Q P-Q P-Q 3 P-J P-J P-J (d) Kt Q Kts O O JC 3 , 0-4 0-4 0-4 Sixties 10 K t K sq " TOQ Kt Q 11- 11- 11 Q 3 11 Kt-Ko Kt-Ko Kt-Ko 13 P-K P-K P-K 11 4 1SS P a P -i -i 13 BxP 13 Kt K 4 14 Kt Q 3 14 H D S J 5 K K i q (e) llVKt-Kt llVKt-Kt llVKt-Kt B - 16 K Kt 3 1 Kt X B IT UxKt IT B K 4 15 K n 9 , IS Kt B 3 , .-10 .-10 .-10 P-K P-K P-K US lO Kt Q 3 SO Kt B 4 . SO Kt U 4 81 R It 3 Cl Q-K Q-K Q-K a CJ Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B 9 fii P K B 3 3 Kt K 8 23 R K 0 (f) ' 4 KtzB S4 Q X Kt - SO Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B 4 5 Q Kt 4 t 6 K ft 3 ffO B J 3 J . 27 Kt Q 3 CT P B 4 ' I P B 4 (gj 2A-P 2A-P 2A-P X P - I I CO-R CO-R CO-R X P f Q K 4 ek" J 30 P Kt 3 SO Kt x B I 81 R K 3 31 Kt X la (h 33 R X Q 3 J K X R 83 Q .V Kt 83 R K 11 Ml 0) 84 Q Q 4 , - 84 B K 7 Ch 85 K Kt S4 ByH X P !v r 1 4 - e R Kt T eh 37 K R M 87 Q R B T . 3S Q R 4 8ft RR 7 eh D-K D-K D-K Kt sq. 30 Q 11 Kt 7 ch ; 40 K B SQ 40 R R 8 mate . Notes bv Butckbuins. (a) Kt K B 3 Is considered the strong defence. Tho text move turns the giun-j giun-j giun-j Into a rt of Cluoco Jlono. h) This makes It an old stylo TTvans tUrnNL Itlaekbnrne antlclnated in wan that white Intended to play the ftlax Lang attaek. r Thl la tha beat defence to the Fvane when white has castled botoro sacrlllclng the pawn. d A wesk moro which completely shut out bis K B front giving any active aadsw anee In the attack. ; 1 1 waa of cotn-so cotn-so cotn-so nereary to move this R. but It Q B would have hees) much letter than the text nyrve. (1) This not only prevents tho white pinv tng ut v i it o. n'n tarentens alio to wu a pawn dv u k o. (trl An Incnnloua wav or Htln tila Q Into play, and apparently at the Mime time defending his pawn. A the seQiiel shows, however, the defence f the pswn H only ma pp"rncv ana not m reality. fhi ThW la th wlnnlna mnt a. (i netter than It K sa. "whirh was a move generally expected by the byatsnders. Notes. ' " ytr. 1 L. Labait baa won M mate with Mr. F. Ptmrron at tho New Orleans club, boor, Labatt S. Dameroa 8. Xnrawn 1. The cable match hs progressed as follows: follows: Evans Oamblfc. 2T B R sq I 2d Q i R. Two KnlKhts' lefeDse, 28 QU 3: ilP Kt B 4. 1 niactihurne finished his enrnffenient at fTvan by jUvli.a tx simultaneoos blindfold blindfold games. He won four snd drew twv The Shell Lake, Wis., Chess. Checker snd Wlilvt Club Las lust organized with a member Up of UUrty. LIGHT AND DARKNESS- DARKNESS- (Tor the Courier-Journal.) Courier-Journal.) Courier-Journal.) AQ day ths (tin sone warm and sweet On withering grass and f&Hng leaf. My I-rait I-rait I-rait ws cU-1, cU-1, cU-1, and 'iteatli my feet I eat the old. old weight of . Life was wo sweet 1 And jt I know that now ti nick. And drrai-tty, drrai-tty, drrai-tty, drriiy falls the rulzf, Hv heart in breaking for ths Utrht pt nne fife user to coins aKain. Ah, U Ills sweet 1 DUNCAN CHAT.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 22 Mar 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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