1960 Christmas Parade

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1960 Christmas Parade - Depf. HERE'S LINE OF MARCH FOR BIG STAR PARADE...
Depf. HERE'S LINE OF MARCH FOR BIG STAR PARADE SATURDAY NIGHT Fridoy, Dec. 2, 1960 + Von Nuys (Colif.) NEWS--7-A ; I . M F K O V K D Ui;HT tuuw, ss the Hr* , A MUM.im; clivtrU- lisht in:!h rtm lamps and .it about, one- ;8ivi v - 10 Um.-vs as much Ulumi-iiomh thp cost. One to «n Nuys n Bin-bunk Way to Parade. be Vose aiVa between and 'haii- Nnys St. The · !· congestion, attending advised following and AVayo on the on Ave. Ave. Use of supports within is "be has No persons in line (can to 74-S, 93 will be around parade and ii»m 1'agiT One:ii a s » ' " · * ' " n. po.-kci. K t i t u t M d f i I ' n u t f f t . i\ir"\. vitoi:o the K i e l d hy Nicht"--Yan.P c ^ u ' l z · Chairman, and Mr- A. Spindt, p a - s t o r : Hairier i\u.\5 Kour.»c(uarp C h u r c h : Sidney .Kleeman, coehairman. Peterson, chairman, ami Her- Howarrt'Carson, pasjor RAXNKR: M1XISTKY * Stirling, chairman. . Rev. riard j-kietl. cochairman. 21-- ".10*11* ami the Women ( M a r . g c r " -- Con2rp?atio!tal;_Kir?t p a p t i s t Church ' C h u r c h of T h p Chime?. D r . : s h e r m a n Oaks, Rev. J 0 : I \ \ 3 h e r II. Stave-. pa-:or. Dodd. pastor; Thursson Jan: S-- 'Thr \\ISP .Men t'ollow-' and John 14 _ "John the B a p t i s t . ,, ,,. ,, --The Christ Child in thc: Pr e ac hins in the Wilderness" a; lh ^ Cl ' ~ ' irs ^1^^' - -· O r n a n Cnur ' h - K C V - Thi'mas !. i ^'"-;N" a I b a r h. pa-tor; F r a n k j a m e - Brown, cochairmaji. Barrow. -2---".le-nis ap.d Nii-oiiomus" --Grace Community Church.; Dr. Don 1!. Householder, pas- ^j en - tor: Robert Rollinger. chair- f".;...'.__i- .man. and Burton Michaelsor.. C i ' t l l V I t . . . ' . ' cocnairmaii. 2"--"".lesu? w i t h Mary and K--"Thp Wise .Men ' i n g t h e S t a r " -- V a n Niiy? Church of the Xa/airene. Rev. i Harold .1. PotT-'forci. pastor: i Dean S u m m e r . chairman. ; and James Dp.vis. lo ?,su« I n v i t i n g Peter a Fisher of Emmanuel Lutheran Rev. Erlinsr H. Wold, pastor: ; 9_-"The \Vi-e Men Inquirelcharlc? D.'rercau. chairman. ,of Herod"-- First Methodist 2:""* "" X "-'=- RC ^- : scimon'o C n^he P Mou!lrico h n*:Church of Reseda. Rev. Rob-; Franklin Greene. ·John Kornbluth. land Marilyn My rick, cochair- ,man. 30--"\Vi=e Men Present ins; iCentral Chri-tian Church of ;Van Nuys. Dr. Aklh Webb. i pastor; William Kasoe. pastor: O. ;tral Lulherall chureh of vani" 1 T r-. Da! ? ner - V**or Paul; cnairman,. X u V 5 i R g v E r n e - t G j e U e n ;\ounkin. chairman, ana Hurpastor: Hurpastor: C. 1.. Fuglsby. chair- old Boycr. cochariman. man, and Mrs. John Carcelli,- MIRACLK SCENKS 1 O.I .'Insiic UVvjti'K* iHn 'Al-j" (Joort Samaritan" ; a t ' t h p pool"--First Baptist ofi C l u ] r c h of Xorth Hollvwood.- Unite-i Brethvesi. Rr\\ ,·?.%_-· '.!o-n« U o t r ,T. i- it hv Tho:na A. B r o w n , pastor: J;u!:j in t h e Gartien"--Viillfy Xnrrmn l.ants, chairtttan. .1:10 Luthor;«ti Church. Rov, \dolpii .\*rs. Uretts Sanders, rtvh.iir- K U M h . j^-'tor. Theoiovr- S-iiku- r»-"- :-,ii, chairman. ;u;ri \ V i M m r :C -- - "The Lass. S;ippev"-.. M*i!e;-. iN'vhairir-an, Mrs. Oeo:-2c Orrtll. chairman.;Cluuvh. Rov. Io(;?!.is D. Vif- and \rne Proc, cochairman.'fany. p ; i s t o : ; A!;:j.n Ku'es, Cl'J--"Jesu* Washiii); the Dis-ichait'tnun, and Kiuahtij Meth- ciples' Feet" -- Calvary l.u-sen. cix-hairnuuv thcr.iii Church. Rev. A! R. H.; ,"7--"The \Va\ if the Cross" Johnson, pu.-ior: Euscn? S^l-i--Vast Nuys M i s s i o n a r y zer, chairman. :Church, Kev. Ben A. Jennings.; 3-1---Mesus in the Garden of.pa.stor: Philin Pike, chairman.: Gethsemane"--First Baptist; and . Ml ' s - ^'arrcu Morehead.: Church of Pacoima, Harry M.icochairman. Liechty Jr.. p a s t o r ; Perry: ^S -- "T.ie Crucifixion" -- ; Smith, c h a i r m a n , a n d Robert:Panorama B a p t i s t Church, _:FJcv. Fral A, Fels Jr.. pastor:: :Jerry SUeels, chairman, and 17--"The i--Calvary Baptist Church Pacoima, Rev. H i 11 e r v t * * VI 1 k I W chair - - T.; Rev . G corse Wall. nastor. Les ;Broadous. pastor: Jesse Tyler.. R e l l c h a i r m a n," and . ., .. I n t r . L = - p t I n_-The F: --St. Mary's Byzantine Cath-j"" inlic Church. Rev. F,u~ene A jChromo^a, pastoi" Peter P'aso '.chairman. ?nri Nick Krivonak 'cochairman. i BANNER: BOYHOOD ! 12--"The Boy Jesus Learn j i n g His Trade as a Carpenter 1 chairman, anti Rosetta Peter cy Fred: Knutson, cochairman. LTi--"Jesus l l e a l i n s he Two: Prodi- Rij n rt Men"--.Trinity Pre^hy- terian Church. Rev. V r a ?i k cochairman. ,on"_San Holiness Church, Kimura. p a s t o r : i l q u e h i , chairman, and ;Tomita. cochairman. I 19--"Jesus,-The Good S!i iherci"--Church of the Goodjutude' |-- D e v o n s h i r e Christianjshcpherd. Rev. Douglas P.inav Saints. John K i r k p a t r i c k . i jChurch of Mission Hills. Rev.iKoehler, pastor: Dale H o n a - U t a t e president- .lac DavisJ jPhillip B. McKmley. pastor; jherger. chairman. «nd Cliffithairman. and Leonor Min! Min! 13--"The Roy Jesus in theiJo'nnson. cochairman. '"hini, cochairman JTemple"--Lutheran Church of; 20--"Jesus and the Liulej 0 27--"Jesus AValkinsr m the jof the Redeemer. Rev. CharlpslChildren"--St. Andrew's Lu-j\v a l er' -- St. Matthew's Lu-i n Church, Rev. ·'"""lip B. Johnson, chairman, and ^' a? :Georsre R o h e r t Nelson, cochairman. cochairman. -·'Jesus Feeding the Mul- · Reorganized Latter Rev. John G. |S i m m o n s, pastor: A r t h u r j iPavey, chairman, and Burli Foster, cochairman. i 2S -- "Jesus Healing the Manj with Palsy" -- Valley Christian! Mrs. Helen Anderson willjparticipate in the prize awards j church ' Rev - Allen en Anderson to Open Fashion Shop in Valley Celebrates Birth | of 4th Grandchild Rapped f i l m star John Wayne is a c r a n d f a f h e r for the f o u r t h time. The wife of Wayne's son. Michael, gave hirth to a daughter at. St. Vincent's Hospital Hospital on Wednesday. ; Mrs. Wayne, the former. Gretchcn Deihel. and the d a u g h t e r . Teresa Ann. 7 His.' :; ozs., were hiith reported doing fine. Michael, an associate producer, producer, and his wife have another another daughter Alicia, 17; months. Wayne's d a u g h t e r A n i o n i a l I.a Cava is mother of two chil-l dren. i THK ":i --- ' T h e Rc.surrcciion" -ST. -ST. Mark's Episcopal Church, Rev. L o w e l l R. McDowell, pa«;or; Kd Kmerson, chair(0 chair(0 -- "Tho f; r c a t Commission"--- Commission"--- Kirst Baptist Chmvh, RPV. Vincent II. folptta. pastor: pastor: Marsh-nil M. Orman, chairman, chairman, and Mrs. X»rif Statlard, cochairman. -II -- "The AscfMiMoti" ..... \\".''.-;t Valloy U n i t y C h u r r h . Rov, Rose A. Schtioidrr, p a s t o r ; Ch«'iiophpr M a r t i n , chairman. iind Mrs. JuHct Mp^sonpor, co- c h a i r m a n . CLOSING U A M IndPpenUcnt Order of Fores- tors. Robin Hood Band, David! fiaskerville, director; A r t h u r 1 Quenzcr. assistant director, i Course in INVESTMENTS Starting January 24, in the Volley, o course in investments will be conducted one evening per week for 4 weeks. 2!-2 hours per session, by Donald G. Gioisfen, well known financial figure, figure, formerly of the New York Stock Exchange and attorney for a 100 million dollar mutual fund. Course wii! cover all aspects of investments, investments, estate and tax planning and an individual individual analysis to each person enrolled if desired. Cost is S 15.00 for the series which includes all books and materials. Mail check or money order far MMr»«tion tot Donald Gloisten c/e Dempscy-Tcjeler I Co. 210 W,, t 7th Street Los Angtlct 14, Califoinia For further information Call MAdnar. t-3311 «r EMpire 4-1700 open a "personalized glamour shop" -- Helen A n d e r s o n a customer must come to the ne\v need shop and register. He not be present for the Fashions--tomorrow at 15719 Vanowen St. Van Nuys. · award ceremony. Winners The new store was designed;will be notified." ! by J. A. Richmond. j Report Store Hours Special feature of the new a Morey, p a s t o r ; Gene Snow, chairman, and George Halver-j son, cochairman. PERIOD OF TRIAL AND SUFFERING 29 _ "The Transfiguration" --Our Lady of Peace Catholic!. (than 2400 square feet, with]store is .a gift bar for. men. Church. Rev. William Smith,! adequate parking area in the This occupies a front portion pastor; Joseph D. Lucci, chair- rear. Decor is Grecian motif of the slure. | man and Charles R. Raj', coin coin white and gold, with gold; Duripjj r h e o p e n l n c fnuHchatrman. i brocade carpeting^and special : models will c i isp i ay new crea .| 30--"Triumphant Entry into! Jerusalem" -- Sherman Oaksj Methodist Church, Rev. Oliver! " ·" Pos-i tndiract lighting effects. - Special Prizes Listed! Mrs. Anderson, sole owner !of the new store, stated: I will specialize in 'service and will he able bring to the Valley special fashion shows for groups." The store will be open dailv- from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and BALBOA BRICK SUPPLY MASONRY CENTER CLOSED SUNDAY Visit our Huge masonry center. We have the most complete line in the valley! Colored rock and grovel, brick, stone, slate, cement, sand, gravel, concrete rounds, pebblestone, beach pebble), flump- Itone, screen cor.cfefe blocks and lawn curb. Bankamericard · International Charge SH Green Stamps 8260 Balboa . . . at Roscoe Houn: Man. - Sat. 7:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. Dl 5-3893 Dl 5-2424 PRE HOLIDAY SALE GAS LOGS Mony Slyio to CKooi* From Stop in Set It Burning $18« lax of Cxtr* innf with *ny pur«h«u. FOR A BEAUTIFUL--SAFE FIREPLACE CUSTOM FIREPLACE SCREENS ANY SIZE--ANY FINISH--CALL US TODAY WE CUSTOM FIT AND INSTALL TULANIAN;S 14741 Ventura Blvd. ST 4-31248 OPEN FRI. NITES 'TIL 9 SUNDAY 10 to 4

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