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 - CHESS. (All communication, exchanges, Cc....
CHESS. (All communication, exchanges, Cc. Intended Intended for litis department, should as ad-areksed ad-areksed ad-areksed to Uis Cheia Kdltor.) The tou!sUle Chc4 Club tneetsat SCT Tttri street, up' stairs. Hours of play, dally from t to T p. a. Visiting players are cordially invited to tan. The match between W. Kelnltx, of Saw tork. ant I. Ounberg. of EDgland, for ths champloni&lp of ths world, begaa )a Kew, York Dec. S. laoo. There baa bean so much published about this match (bat It Is probably probably that most readers are familiar wtta the eondlUcps. but a brief sumruary wlU be la-teretung. la-teretung. la-teretung. The winner of the Urat ten gaatea. draws i4 counting, win be the Victor. There shall not be over twenty games play. Sd. It, when twenty games have been play ed, neither has ten, the winner of the a tost game shall be declared the winner. If the score should reach nine. each. . the match shall be declared drawn, as taettaer player ts willing to rbk his reputation on a stasia stasia game. The match Is h a aims cd 7&0 a aide. Besides this, the Manhattan Club pays the winner t each game WOO. aud foe draws, each 10. Below is given the twelfth game, played Jduuday, Jan. a. Jn thU, Mr. btdnlts plays the same defense as la bis match t"iih iSchlguiln. The score now stands: Etelnlts. B 2 GupsOerg, 7 ; drawn. 7. iVAXo GAJIEfT. White itiunsberg). 1 I-Kt I-Kt I-Kt A Kkt-IUI Kkt-IUI Kkt-IUI a u-u u-u u-u 4 v yivti 5 VM Castles HUck (SteinHs). 1 i a!4 a UKt B3 a li 1: 4 HXV a b iu This and the following line of Aefeoaa is the invention ot Mr. bteiuitx : 7 8 9 1U 11 1-i 1-i 1-i 13 14 15 10 P-V24 P-V24 P-V24 11 K Kt 5 P VI K4 al- al- K3 Ji hi! Kt 14 P 1 Kt am T ft 9 lO 11 13 lit 14 13 Kt R3 Kt gq b Kia B KxP QR Kt m UXUH ia BvV KM ! to tMs Dolnt the came la Meittcal wttH mat in tne cauie intuca -viui -viui ivmsunn. In that sa-ne sa-ne sa-ne btuch played ie K K3. Mr. tteinitz conKider Kt Ktaq as best. 17 KKt U4 1.9 J!xKt 10 Kt lii fH K R SI Kt-I'.H Kt-I'.H Kt-I'.H 2.S KXVtchl 17 Kt K3 19 ia SO CI KtxB Kt K3 H Ba KXKt K QH S3 S4 E Ql (eh) Resigns flue Bnish Ker It Si B Q3, whlta wins easfly by U kid. . Sixteenth gams. plsyM last Thursday. Notes by W. titeiclts. In New York Sun. -EVANS -EVANS GAMBIT. Vndte (Gnhsberg). Black (StetnlU). 1 r K4 1 P K4 2 KKt B3 S QKt B3 a It B4 3 li 114 4 P-QK14 P-QK14 P-QK14 4 BXP 5 P B3 5 IS R4 Catles a 0 H3 T P J4 7 P KB3 8 Q R4 An alteration from game xtr., which seems to strengthen wbite's attacx. . 8 B Ktt t KT KtS 9 KKt K lO B R3 lO PxP This now seems black's best ptaa. it r ics 11 P Kt3 If 11 KUP: 13 B Ksd. KtxKt (eh): 13 FxKt and black can not save the piece. J-J J-J J-J PxP 13 Kt 04 13 B KM 13 Kt Ba Thin was probably premature. QKt Ka appears setter. 14 P Kt3 14 Q Kt3 15 QKt Qa IS Kt-Ktt Kt-Ktt Kt-Ktt (eh) 16 K KrS 1 Kt Kl4 17 K Kta ; 17 QKt K 13 U K2 18 Kt K3 Not a good move. Q K3 was much better. 19 k Rq 19 0 B4 so Kt B4 A cood move under any circumstances. but alst Involving a trap Into which the opponent tails. CO QxP 21 Kt-K4 Kt-K4 Kt-K4 Keslgaa. ITotes. In a reeens team mstth at the New Orleans Club. Bachelors vs. Benedicts, the Bachelors woo by a score of 8 to 4. . Mr. Blackburn has been Invited by the Havana Chess Club to pay that City a visit aod meet &e local masters. After the completion of bis pending match with Stein I tx, Ounaberg will make a t-Hir t-Hir t-Hir of the larger cities of the country, probably playing matches with Pollock, at lialdmore. aud alax J add. at 6a. Louis. . Mr. J. W. showalter. of Oeorgetowt, Btate Champloii. waa the gueit of the local elutt on the &th. eth. 7th and 8th of the Month. On each afternoon and evening, he played simultaneous games, having each time fiMa ten to sixteen opponents. Ills total score was eighty won, twenty lost and three drawn. Hs also played one blind fold game) valch he lost. Preelon Cochran suggests Plttsbargk as a suitably central place for the U. a. C A. Congress of 1S01. He considers it tar enough North so be available for a midsummer midsummer or August meeting, which would be more convenient to amateurs the usual strjig convention. Mr. W. IU Klpley, of Indiana-polls, Indiana-polls, Indiana-polls, becretary to the AssoclaUon, has been seriously deUyed In getting out the annual report, ana in his correspondence, by the long Illness and anal death of his wife and subsequent break dowa In his own health. He promise, hewever. that the report will soon be forth eomlnr, aod thst all meat bars f ill hear from him la time- time- (Baltimore Eon-ay Eon-ay Eon-ay News.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 18 Jan 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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