Burr in Ohio

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Burr in Ohio - t 3 Propriety of a flats of preparation for any...
t 3 Propriety of a flats of preparation for any events t h a t may occur. Let it not be im_ Rgiocd, that we have any doubts of the virtue- virtue- and patriotism of the Wefiern States, or apprehenuons of any machinations to ieparate them from the union. On the contrary, we believe their afFecHon to the Union and the Adminiftration unbounded. Not withftanding, there may be men among them who are deluded by theirambiiious views, and who may form the moft unpro- snjOng projecls. It is affirmed, as an unequivocal fadl, that a contract has been entered into with Comfort Tyler, for furnifiiing, on the waters waters of the Ohio, about the beginning of Oclober, provtfions to the amount of forty thoufand dollars, at the higbeft market prices. This is vouched by creditable men, who declare they have the information from thofc who have feen the contract.--· The f» is likewife corroborated by feve- ra! pcrfons, to whom offers of purchafe \vere made ; but who declined entirely, from the myftericus appearance of the bu.. iinefs. It is affinrscc^as undeniable, that, dur.. ing the laft winter, Mr. Burr offered Gei% Eaton a comrniffion, which the latter rejected. rejected. In confequencc of which, the latter latter gentleman, at an entertainment at which Mr. Burr was prefent, gave a toaft to this effcft :--*' May the arm be withered, withered, and the head parajized, that lhali at* tempt or meditate a feparation of tbe States." [Nat. Intel. Extracl of a letter from a gentleman of re- fpeclability in Hampshire co. (MafT.) to his friend in the vicinity of Amhcrft, (N, H.) dated September laft. a General Eaton is now in this t o w n : and he fays, that he has feen a letter but a few d^ys from Marietta, (Ohio) \\hich informed, that Colonel Burr was there, and was undertaking, or endeavour- ing to undertake, an expedition ; that he had squally engaged fome boats, acd offered offered commifilcins to a number of young gentlemen in thofe parts, to engage w i t h him in what he ( B u r r ) laid " would be a Jsudahle and honourable undertaking." Gen. Eaton has no do-jbt that Burr's in- tenc is to erecl a feperate government weft of the AHeghanjes, and probably make himieif either a foverei^n, or be Viceroy Viceroy to fome Sovereign Prince. The latter latter I am inclined to think cannot b« the motive. Burr had rather bs the firft in hell, than ferve in heaven. Spain will not be in a condition to iupport fuch a colony as perhaps Franc* may--Should Burr raife an infurre$lion many things will be necef- iary which we little thick of." Albany Gazette. A report is prevalent that » great commotion commotion prevails among the people of Ken* tucky, in cocfeqoence of an attempt to declare themfelvcs independent of the general general government--that Mr. Burr is at the head of this confpiracy--that thi» fubjedt has for fome time pa ft occupied the attention of the executive of the United States --and that tbe Prefident has iflued a pro- cefs on a charge of high treafon agamft Mr. Burr. Thefe reports are moft prob»- bly undcferving of credit. [Pol. Reg. A Lexington (Kentucky) paper of the zoth ult. (ays? " A correfpondeot is an. thorifed to contradidt the report, thnt Col. Burr is concerned in the building of either gunJjoats or a fchoonei at Marietta ; as fuch report is entirely without foundation in facV LEGISLATURE -NAMES OF THE MEMBERS OF T H E S E N A T E . ifl Difirid, compoied of the city and county of Philadelphia, and county of Delaware Delaware -- Edward tfefton, William Pennell, Jacob Sommer, John Dorfey. 2d Diitrict, Bucks county -- John Hart. 3d Diftrift, Chefter-- IJeac Wayne. ^ 4th Diitrift, Montgomery -- John Rich' ards , 5th Diftricl, Berks and Dauphia--Ga- briel Heifter, fen. Melchior Rahm. 6th Diftrift, Lancalier-- Cbriftopher May. er. Am^s Slayinaker . 7th Diarift, York and Adams-- Rudolph Sjanglsr, William Miller, 8th Diftrid, Northumberland-- J. Laird. pen Diftrift, Northampton, Luzerne and Wayne -- Thomas Mewhorisr, William Lattimore. Lattimore. icih Diftrift, Cumberland-- David Mitchell. Mitchell. i r t h DiftricT:, MifHin, Lycoming and Centre -- James Harris. 12th Diftrift, Bedford, Huntingdon, Somerfet -- Henry Wertz^ jun. I 3 r h Didrid:, Franklin -- James Poe. I4th DUh-Sft, Weftmoreiand, Indiana and Armflrong -- Jains; Brady. 1 5th Diftridl, Fayette Greene--Prer- ly Carr Lane. i6th Diftricl, Wafibington-- Jof. Vance. i 7th Diftrift, Allegheney, Beaver, and Sutler -- James Martin, OF William Jlon, lie. John , ! ·nisi Leonard D t M'C Cune. ^ Jacob Martin. are

Clipped from
  1. The Adams Sentinel,
  2. 26 Nov 1806, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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