1913 Refrigerator

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1913 Refrigerator - This"Side-Icer Refrigerator Made of Hardwood...
This"Side-Icer Refrigerator Made of Hardwood and Exactly as Illustrated TERMS: $2.00 Cash, $1.00 Weekly Wouldn't You Prefer a Refrigerator of this Type? A Gibson High-Grade Michigan-Made Refrigerator Let your mind wander back to the hot, sultry days of last summer; remember how rapidly your ice melted in your refrigerator, often causing tainted food, and how you had to lift heavy pieces of ice up high to place them in the ice chamber; and remember how hard your refrigerator was to clean. You said then that next summer you would buy a Side-Icer Refrigerator that would do away with all this waste and inconvenience. The time for you to select your refrigerator is now, and remember your past experience with refrigerators when judging this refrigerator that we are presenting today. Why this "Side-Icer" Refrigerator in Particular Tinned Wire Shelves There are other refrigerators similar to this one; yes, many of them, but read over the accompanying description and see if you ever knew of a refrigerator that could equal this one in the following points: Dry Cold Air Circulation Tainted food caused by stagnant air is unknown in this type of refrigerator. The perfect circulation of dry, cold air is maintained as long ass. there is a pound of ice in the ice chamber. The scientific arrangement of the dividing wall and the slat bottom in the ice chamber, forces the cold air down and around, so that all odors are destroyed and food nn-contaminated. The circulation of air not possible in any but the Side-Icer Refrigerator. Absolute Sanitation To clean this refrigerator you simply reach inside and every point is convenient to you. It is unnecessary to lean way over to get inside. Occupy But Little Room While these Side-Icer Refrigerators have a far greater ice capacity and hold nearly twice as much foodstuff as the upright refrigerator, they occupy a great deal less room and can be placed underneath windows, which is impossible with the other type of refrigerator. This particular refrigerator stands 43 inches high, is 19 inches deep and 32 inches across the front Has ice capacity for 70 pounds. There are two doors to the food compartment and it is unnecessary to open up the ice chamber door except to fill. This Excellent Make is Lined Throughout with "Porceloid" (not enameled) An indestructible lining of radiant white. Its surface ii hard and highly polished. It is non-absorbent, deodorant snd durable. What this means to the refrigerator owner is that the food with "Porceloid" walls will be kept pure and untainted and that Porceloid forms a most fitting protection and enclosure for viands which are to appear upon the dining table. Porceloid is costly to manufacture, but is far superior to any white paint or enamel finish ever devised. Buy a Gibson and secure Porceloid lining. It cannot chip or scratch oft. ' - These shelves are usually found in only the most ex-pensive refrigerators. Not only do they assure a better circulation of air, but they are also far more sanitary. They are tinned to prevent rusting and can be taken out and easily washed at any time. ATI Hardwood Construction The finest of selected seasoned ash was used in the construction of this refrigerator, and the finish, while it has a highly polished surface that would do credit to any piece of living room furniture, it is able to with- stand the change in temperatures of the kitchen without affecting it in the least. The doors and sides are all paneled. The top is smooth, and makes a perfect table top if you wish to use it for that purpose. The Illustration Authentic pictures, such as the above, help to give you a very clear idea of what an article looks like, but in the case of a refrigerator, it is absolutely necessary that you see the entire construction to be able to determine the exact valuation. Actual Valuation $32.50 We say this without reserve, or without fear of contradiction, for we have made a careful investigation and know that if you make a similar investigation that the truth of this-statement will be proven to you. Bear in mind that it isn't necessary to pay cash to secure this refrigerator at $24.75 $2.00 delivers it to your home, $1.00 a week completes paying for it.

Clipped from
  1. Lansing State Journal,
  2. 03 Jun 1913, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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