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 - Suicide. Kelly, of the Carroll- made a...
Suicide. Kelly, of the Carroll- made a startling dis- Wednesday afternoon. nt the hotel on June F. St, Clond and wife, paid their bill ol $80 and the clerk, something was wrong, went demand a settlement. to his knocks on the a bell hoy toclimb through boy gave a groan as he tbe room, and upon open- cleik was shocked to see oa the lwl anrl the woman upon the (1 or. On a dnzen vials containing of poison, including laudanum. a box of strychnine. trunks were piled on of the room tbere handsome dresses and n female underwear. The and after making the bodies declined to certain that both suicide and that thej poison to kill half a dozen bad been dead aboul man bad evidently killed her take the I.itnl was yet warm and the had been dead only a few by the clerk. were papers showing St. discharged from tbe England, June 25,1800. 21 years old, 5 feet 11 light complexion. Hii. name of F. F. Blondy. On were two rings, one ol "From mamma to leaf of a book found in : "Irene M. Story, Point." Some hnnd found marked Mrs. S. W. that theman was from his real name wrf is supposed to belong Point being the extreme end of the city. It has St. Cloud married ihe and until recently New York. Poverty ion, suicide. Baltimore suicide, is a where her mother now property. The girl hai life, and for some jear ignored by her friends. ago her father desert, d hi: Abont a year and a and made an unsuccessful hia daughter. Shut-Down. 30.--The Homestead PEN-MAE parties will be popular this lummer. SATISFACTION" guaranteed to all using Hill's Salt-Rheum nud Scrofula Ointment. At John 11. Haher's drug store. THE Managers of the Frederick City Development Development Company have declared a fifty )er cent, dividend on all outstanding stock. PILES! Prr.Es! ITCHING PILES.--Symp- :oms--Moisture; intense itching and sting- Ing; mosr at night; worse by scratching. If allowed to continue tumors form, wbich often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Swayne's Ointment stops the itching and bleeding, heals ulpenition, and in most cases removes the tumors. At druggists, or ^y mail, for 50 cents. Dr, Swayne Son, Philadelphia. SEVEN thousand acres of grain near Merced, Merced, California, were burned last week, the loss beiuK estimated at $100 000. THERE is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put together, together, nnd until the last few jears was supposed supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disea**e, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly constantly failing to cure with local tieatmenl pronounced it incurable. Science has proven proven catarrh to he a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured hy F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken internr.Ilv iti (]o'.s from iO drops to a teaj-poontnf. It acts directly ou the b'ood and ninrons sniftcen of the system. Tl'ey ofler one hundred dollars f.»rany case i t f u l s to cure. Send foreircnljirsand testimonials Address F. J. CIIKSKV Co , Toledo, O. ^f :jold by Drng»Hts, 75.:. TIIK total value of matches imde yearl? thnmtihnnt the world represents a valaeol $185,0(10,000. I WAS tr-tuMed with eatnrrh for seven years previous to connnencing the use of Ely's Cream Jjiilm. It hii'i done tor me what other so-called rures have failed to do --cured me. TheillVct of Ihe Balm seemed mau'cfll.--Clnrcnce L Huff P.iddefonl, Me. A f t e r trying runny remedies for catarrh d u r i n g pint twelve years. T tried Klv's Cream Halm w i t h complete success. It is tver one year since I stopped using it and have had no return of catarrh. I recommend recommend it to all my hiemH--Milton T. Palm, Reading, Pa. EmvAKD J. EVAN, a clerk in the United States Expre'i^ (llice at Washington, D. C., has skipped w i t h $30,000. ExcrhE nie, George, bnt when I saw yon rt year ligi), your face win covered with pimple"; it seem" to bo a l l right now." ' Yes, sir; that's because I stuck to Ayer's Sarsaparllla, the greatest blond medicine in tbe world. I was never go well in ruy life its I am now. FlFTk' FOi'K famil-ea in a town in Kansas haveall their food prepared by a co-operative cooking club, which has been in existence two years. liHKrMAi r«M Crnnn I.N" A DAY --''Mystic --''Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to 3 tlays. Its action upon the syi-teui i.s remarkable and mysterious. mysterious. It removes at once the cause and the disease immediately disappears. The first do-^e greatly benefits, 7.1 cents. Sold and guaranteed hy J. M. Huher, Druggist, Gettysburg. A DOS wbich went up in a balloon at Tolchester Tolchester Thursday fell ont and was killed. BircKLEN's ARNICA SALVE.- The best Salve in tbe world for Cots, Braises, Sores, Ilcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skiu Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 centa per box. For sale by J. M. Hnber. Ijr THIRTY-PIVB thousand dozens of pineapples pineapples were entered at tbe Baltimore custom- bouse Wednesday on five vessels from tbe Bahamas. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. · All Sorts and Conditions of Men" use the Remington Standard Typewriter because it is constructed upon the best design, of the best materials, and by the best workmanship. Wyckoff, Seamans Benedict 834 CHESTNUT ST., PHILA. Jan. 5, 1892. ly NEW ADYEItTlSEMENS. DAUOHEY A OO. PRESERVATIVE. Milkmen, Creamery men and Dairy men can keep MILK and CKKAM Iresh a week without UKlue ice. Healthful, uutieieNs, odor i ess and Inexpensive. H AMPLE, enough to make tent, mulled for Lea conlH Tne Prenervallue M'l'g Co., lOCedar 81., New York. A C A D E M Y OF HYPNOTISM. Lecture** ou the practical use of Hypnotism nH a tK'leuce; a Therapeutical agent, Curative and Remedlul: an AnaentlieUc. Addrms U It. T1IOS. U. I'KACOCK, 1208 Hpruce Street, Philadelphia. .»-·«· -«* PACKER'S HAIR BALSAM »ru,-f and betutlfie* the hair. iiiuKi B luxuriant p-owth. Fall* to Bee tore Qrmy to in Youthful Color7 C O N S U M P T I V E Weak hunt-*, ncbmiv, Imli;ri*tIuTi, P n T a k e i n u i n e . a t i . ' H I N p E R C O R N S . The only,,.TMcurtiatCon.1. Slop* ·Jlpaiu. DC. at innatisu, ot II1SCOX * CO., W. V Hot WeattonHot Weather The question is how to keep cool. Our advice is · Go to DOUGHERTY HARTLEY, the new firm, and you will find a fine line of We do not claim to sell goods at J to i of what they are worth, but we do claim that we buy goods almost daily and keep our stock clean and new. At this season season we can buy tbem and do sell them at a lower price than was paid for them early in the season. Call and examine our stock and you will find that results prove that actions speak louder than words, and our stock full and complete in Dry Goods, XTotions, Ac. DOUGHERTY j HARTLEY. June 21,1SU2. tl" HERE IS WHAT EVERY FARMER WANTS, Two horses will do the work of five. The elevated Binder is certainly a thing of the Gettysburg. Tuesday, Jul TOWN AND C01 Local Flashes. --G. A. R. Camp-- Fj\et has nr*ny visitors --Sinet* lively to-day. --Th» Fonrth wa* more qnje --Dssltoy th* caterpillars --K«. Dr. E. J. Wolf filled terian pnlpit on Sunday mornit --ROT. M. H. Valentine, has returned to Bedford. --Prof 1'. M. Bikle and fa MilHtnhurg for the rammer. --Dr. Iartm an.l family are bore. K. Y. "t" Dr. G. O. SUbley ao,l the vacation. --Eer. A. G. Wolf and wife burg, are Ibe events of .Mr. --Mr. W. K. Kchicfc ind fara risborg are at Mr. H. D Sinn" --Mrs. McF^ll and duoghU and Mrs. E. K. Stalbmith. spen at Mr E. M. Xiegler's. -- Prof. J. D. Hauler is bei for hi-* sclirtrtl work in tbe fail. --G*o. J Beoner. F . , to Atlantic City last «vfc. --Gipt. J-,hn Mnlon. of Phi at Capt. J.imts Herb's. --The Misses MrSherry. of were visitor* bst w#-eb. --Miss Le vel*her«er. oi New at Miss Man' Bushman's. --Mis* Margie Stalltuan, of Mr. Edgar FaberV --Mira Emily Homer is off Falls and Watkins, ami Mis* al Baltimore. --Mr. and Mrs. SUtnne! Foste bcrshnrg, are at Mrs. W. D. --Miss Grace Stahle. of York, ra! days witb relatives here. --Miss Nettie Emsbaw is tion. --Miss Nettie Slander, of Yoi gaestof Miss Nellie Trorr! last i --Mrs. F. D. Ramer and rhii. Capt. W. J. Martin's. --Misa Ainy Lewis, of A«hla visiting tbe Mis** Ella and Salli --Mrs. W. F. Gilhlacd has --Miss Yii-eie O'Sta! ha.- Kit Kockaway, N. J.. --Mrs S. M. Stewart is alt State Teachers' convention. --Mr. Keuton Harper an-l ington, D. C., are at Mr*. Harpei

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