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 - T (hill therefore, Sir, communicate your letter...
T (hill therefore, Sir, communicate your letter of IS to my government.' I (hM alfo inform it W anfwer thereto and whenever fey the order of I kL my mafter,. I am, to return to Spain, I Ihall. St the United States1 with fentiments of affeaion ards . virtuous people, in whofe bofoui I have ed ten yci.r,;'vith the intimate teftimooy of having committed any grounded offence againft their 'Lernment, and above all, the confoling fatisfactidn if having employed all my seal and feeble talents in defence of the rights and intereft of the beft of kings. I have the honour to be. Sir, Ice' ' .i t (Signed) ' , - ., ' EL MaKQUIS DE CASA YRUJO . '"iiZs. " ' f rAnsiAtIoi. i. . , Washington, Jdn. 9th, ' 1 806. ' 'SI,:' ' ;" '" ' ' ': ; ' - Having gone through the perfonal explanations, which for juft motives I was compelled to enter into, in my firft anfwer to your letteV , of the IStb inftant, I nwft no inform you, Sirr what otherwife would tan have conftituted my fole reply i namely, That the tmoy extraordinary ' and minister plenipotentiary tf his Catholic majesty, near the United States, re. ' (tives no orders except from his sovereign. I muft life declare to you, Sir, thaj confiderboth the ftyle imI tenor of your letter as bdecorous, and its objefr. . in infraaion of the privileges attached to my public character. This violation of the diplomatic rights and privileges as inexplicable - in itfelf as it is ill grounded, requires on my part the moft folemn proteft arainll your faid letter, its ftyle, and the intent with which it was' addreffed to me. I do therefore proteft ii the food folemn manner I poffibly can, againft this improper ftep of yours, Sir ; a ftep which under the willing circurr.ftances, is as contrary to the diplomatic bws and ufages, as it is to the fpirit of the conftitu - tion and government of this country ; and in order that your conduct, Sir, in this cafe may aot in any manner' affect the privileges of the body M which I' have the honour to belong, I fhall immediatfly tranf - mit to the other members thereof accredited near the United States, a copy of your faid letter, of my firft anfwer, and of this my proteft, that on their part they may make the proper ufe thereof, and alfo that it may always appear that if there has exifted, on the part of the adminifixation, an arbitrary determination to violate the right of embafly, refpected by every civilized nation, there did alfo exift in me the juft, re - fclution.of repelling any fimilar attempt. 1 have the honour to be, &c. (Signed) EL MARQUIS .DE CASA YRtJJO. Captain Telford, of the brig Thetis,' from Tene - life, informs, that he heard nothing of tfce capture of the Cork fleet by the Rochefort fquadjjny.On his outward paflage, December 18, in lat. 21,35, was boarded by a Britifli frigate belonging to a fleet of 5 6il of the line and two frigates (then in fight) under the command of admiral Duckworth, in purfuit of the fijuadron from Rochefort, the captain of which informed informed him that admiral Stirling with 5 fail of the line and fome frieates. was cruifincr off the weftern iflanda in quefl of the fame fquadron. A. Y. pap. Captain Arnold, of the brig Sufanna, from Got tenburgh, informs jis, that on the 10th of January, in lat. 39, 40, J&g 29, 30, he fpoke the (hip Iris, then out 29vdays from Salem for Maffina, who had kern boarded on his paffage and detained for a fhort time by a French fleet, confiding of eleven fail of the Ijne and feven frigates, out 21 days from Breft, fleering in a fouthwefterly direction. ibid. Yefterday the United' States brig Hornet, Ifaac Chauncey, Efq; commander, arrived at this port in 7 iyi from Charlefton, for orders.' We have reafon to believe that the - Hornet will immediately fail from this port for England, with a minifter extraordinary to the court of St. James. We do not believe, as toted in a letter from Walhington, tht Mr. Burr is the man for this important embafly, it we find in a Charlefton paper of the 6th inft. this article 44 Col; Aaron Burr, and col. Hawkins, arrived in Georgetown Georgetown on Friday evening laft." Jbid. , C&e Knot. " By' . ,. and. I fale will . on to who and out tion thereof, from this late ot, the be of the

Clipped from
  1. The Maryland Gazette,
  2. 20 Feb 1806, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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