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' NO. D3 DECATUR STREET, ; CORNER Or EDZNVTLLE STREET. Affording AH Classes money SUOOBSSIOlsr OF ETTOIIETIK. ATnTAT A . No. 42,043 Civil BY MACON, DENIS & KERNAGHAN, "W. - A EiEn.asr - A.a - n.isr, auctioneer, OFFICE, NO. 14 (NEW NUMBER 138) CARONDELET ST. vv edLiiesciav, Aug. IT It .'dock m.. at tb Auctioneers' Ex - aum. will ba sold at voaU. auction, by mrcam at and .arsuant t. a Jaineat rendered m 14. 1894. and signed June 20. 1994. and 4 m order dated June 28, 1894. homologating I a srscosdliigs of a family meeting bell bj - Jas. fUl7, notary, June m. i , u Oe Boa. T. C W. Ellis. Judge or u. tr14 court, Division A. in tie above ent - flsi aaiter. th. loUowinx detoriDM properij. L TBS COMMANDING BUSINESS CORNER, wmprtwil tbe two thrse - story brick stores, lot, 1M and 1M C"Toa street, southeast rw .f Sainuu html la the First district at this ttr, la the aqua re bounded by Common, Garier, Carondelet and Barjnne streets. Tbe mW nuiara. aooordlnc to - a sketch r aifWh. ml aarrer atade by Loo is U. Pllle. iai.r.nt ntf Hnrreror. Dec a. ise. - i aat before W. J. CasteU. late ' Mhiut. Uiv 2. 188&. 45 feet front Common street, 110 feet S inches S lines septa and front oq Baroone street.! 108 fcet I lactaei la death on the other side line, and 1.1 a limtm In width oa tbe rear Use. Its iMtnt loaatiM, anil nroximltr to the grand MMim. mw In nraceaa l erection In the .t.hilirr aeeand ito none, a food chance for the far - welng capitalist. laMcet tm leases thereon. eXDLTtag Sept. 80. latt and 1S8S. at the rat. of 12250 per nana. Tbe whale bsin rented, will yield l TUB WWJK(IWV. taiAB" U3HED AND PROSPEROUS BUalNK&S iTA.ND ef A. 8. GELFL, Esq., In tbe two - storr Hi mmrm No. 1. Borsl street, in in Im kM.r r tttlm edtr. m IDS sauac. Wnrij h u..i nnurhnn. Cuul and Cualom - tawe streets. Tke Jot or. groona i m s plan deposited in the reooras os a. l.t. iwktai - r In fhLa eltT. as lot NO. S. si SMaanres. In American measure, 23 feet I kekea front on Borsl street by a depth of m feet 8 inches between parallel lines. In tw wit bntiai below Oanal atreet renders k rodoctlTe Inrestment of snrpasslnc merit. tabjt to leas, thereon, expiring - Sept. 80, - UM, at the rate of 91800 per annuo, 1 THH SUBSTANTIAL FOTJB - STOBT BRICK ITOES No. 24 Chartres atreet. in the Second Uthet ef this eltj, m the sqaare bounded b Ctmns, Dorslere, Canal and Customhouse ftnets. The lot of ground meaaurea about a et I Inch front on Chartres street by a boot feet in depth, accordlnc to a plan by C. a. Holla, on April 22. 1SE5. 1 TUB SUBSTANTIAL FOUR - STORY BRICK ITOU No. 2n Chartres itreet, in the Second tstrlet ef this citj, In the sqaare bounded by Ckutna, Dorslere. Canal and Customhouse tneta, The lot of ground is designated by the fetter A on a sketch by Louis H. Pilie. Deputy Ctty Snrreyor. dated Jan. 15. 1880. Said lot snasms, in American met - sere, 22 feet 2 ketes front on Chartres street by feet 3 ktcbea In depth tetween par - Lllel Unea, and la bounded cn the side towards Costombooea street by property Xor - kerly bekeglag to Louis Pilie. snd on (he br lid, towards Canal street, by property rnerfy belonging to John Hagan. These Stores nki prominent local ion. near the splendid st. stores of L. Godchaux, esq. Tbey are kweeeopled by Messrs. StoU & Lister, In the Mk. .trade, successors to W. E. Ran. Esq., Ms has retired oa the fortune made In this pperty. These two stores are sold subject to thereon, expiring Sept. 30. 1801, at the ks ef 1820 per anna n. I THE CENTRAL THREE - STORY AND AT - "0 B&ICK STORE No. 18 Exchange alley. In p Seoand district of this city, in the square f "iiIl by Exchange Alley, Chartres. Canal vattosiliouse streets. The lot oi groona is mtid on a plan deposited in the records H. B. Oenas, late notary, as lot No. 7. easares, American measure. 28 feet 2 front on Exchange alley, with an lrregu - Pts of 81 feet 8 inches on the line next street, ajd 82 feet 8 Inches on th. " dt line by 80 feet S Inches In width Os rear line, all more or less. Its prox - ?5 Ml street renders It a safe and fVC iBTestment. Subject to lease thereon, Sept. 80. 1894, at th. rat. of 8720 JJra ATTRACTIVE TWO - STORY BRICK JP 15 Decfttar and 18 Dorslere atreet. sonsded by Decatur, Dorslere, Canal and ! 2r? strets. The lot of ground Is ! tbe No. T on a p!an by E. f3 sjchltect. dated April 29, 18S2. and r?r 2 feet 11 inches 8 lines front on Sri Sctnr nd Dorslere streets by a depth A et 8 Inchea 8 lines, running from one fe7L "ti other. Immediately opposite the Jjvfes, in the best business block In this r". readers It an inrestment of merit. yZT . ee thereon. expirlJg Marcta 1, , tb rate of 81080 per annum. itJ. PRODUCTIVE THREE - STORY BRICK 83 Dec tor atreet. southwest corner earui street. In the Second district of its tZ . ,h square bounded by Decatur BuTn.J LTe). Chartres, Customhouse and 22" reets. The lot of ground is deslg - W u,7 iVNo - 8 on a certain plan drawn ft1 snrreyor. on Aognst 9. 1819. Uttrt . u ,cl oelore W. Christy, late STL August 14. 1849. Said lot forms Lereet and SSTs.". W Iron tront on Decatur street by 1 m Snd 1 - 2 line In d.nth mnA trrmt a" cood location. Subject to leas. S&J - 30' 189. " rat. iu i . . v 1 " 2 AM) nTETITVA r. srttwest eorner of BieoriH. tret. Wtr, Vf of Is city. In the S CbsS" ?!2l,.by - Ph,rtr - Royal. Blenrille k rZl ilhA ot of ground meaaorea. 22 feet front an Oiartttes P SJr Sfi ? " "Hi froot on Blen - W Jr1 - The Propertr h. v.. mnA 5 tiseeoa7,roana nor - rire rcracda CSSd .'.v"4 - Prrs snd bedrooms apj "rtJh' - rd floors. Tt is known ss LPtoTcIT tVT. V.11 of Messrs. Uastral f5 - !i.. " located for either btili - Raw. . vrr" " s a good Investment. "se thereon. JlfBM n - ri JSt br annum. ; tnmt mZiZrzr bjck warehouse, f " - aaTiiIL ne Junius Hart Musi. ' eaS' iL!1 JW Blenrui. atreet. The Splendid . Residence NO. 60 ESPLANADE AVENUE. of Buyers a Chance for Placing Their bateiy and Productively. District Court for the Parish of Orleans. square bounded by BieQTlIle. Conti. Burgundy I sud Kampart streets. Tbe ground is composed of - two iota, measuring together G2 feet front on Blenrille street, by 120 feet in depth between parallel lines, the whule more or u v business center, ac - u, .ireeia, mases it suiiaoie lor warehouse or other commercisl purposes, Subject to lease thereon, expiring Sept. 30, isv. at the rat. of 8300 per Doom. RESIDENCES AND DWELLINGS. 10. THE TWO - 9TORT BRICK DWELUNO Nos. liO and 172 St. Peter street and nos. i and 2d Coroodelet walk, con taining iron gallery, hall, ten rooms, alK - y etc, in the Second district of this city, in in. square bounded by Carondelet walk. Treme. St. Peter and Sr. Claude streets. Tbe ground ! certain portion, metutirtnjr i feat lrt inches o unes uont on Carondelet walk. 44 feet inches front on St. Peter atreet. 65 feet 8 Inchea 3 lines in depth on the side line to wards St Caude street, and 68 feet 10 inches 7 lines in depth on the line towards Treme street, the who., according to a plan by L. H i - iue, surreyor, on April 22, lb&n, a copy wnereor is annexed to an act before Jas. r sbey, nocsry, on 5 Lay 7. 1880. Commanding tbe gres trade centered at tbe head of the Old basin and adjoining the great cigar factory of Messrs. vraiiis. An inrestment certain to prors rem i - nersure. 11. THE DESIRABLE. CENTRAL THREE - STORY AND ATTIC BRICK RESIDENCE No. 12 TJnlrersity place (late Drrades street), in tbe First district of this city, in tbe square bounded by Unlrersity place. Rampart, Canal and Common street, cootalnlnr ha'.l. parlors. dining - room and kitchen on the first floor: balls. twelre bedrooms, bath bouse, ns. etc. on tbe upper floors : flagged yard, cistern, hydrant. etc Tbe lot of ground is designated by tbe No. 1 on a plan br H. Moelbausen. architect and clril engineer, dated July 13, 1846. de posited In tbe office of L. T. Calre, late notarr. accordlnc to which said lot measures 29 feet 1 inch front on Unlrersity place by 135 feet 10 inches 4 1 - 2 lines In depth on one line, and 134 feet in depth on the line separating It from lot No. 2, with a width in tbe rear of 26 feet 3 inches, together with the use of an aller In the rear, common to this ami other lota bordering thereon, and opening Into Rampart atrret. Near Canal atreet. amuse menta and tbe business crater, makes It In den and by a good class of tenants, or It '1 m'tchl. for a nrirate or professional resld?iee. It will pay as an Inrestment. Subject to lease thereon, exnlrin Sept. 80. 1894. at tbe rate of $720 per annum. THE GRAND HOME OF THE LATE A. LANATA. 12. THE BEAUTIFUL ELEVATED FRAME mmuB RjoirmotCE. on brick basement. No. 159 Esplanade arenue. In th. Third dis trict of this city, in the square bounded by Kjinlanada avenue. Kerlerec Rampart and M Claude streets. Tbe Improvements comprise one - atorr and mansard roof tram, cottage, on a hlgn dtick pasement, reuivu uvu u banquette, tinder rich iron incioaura, approached by double steps, leading to a large ,.rnH. into a wide central hall, baring on on. m.da double arched parlors, library, dining room; on the other side four large sieepins apartments, bathroom and other conreniencn. In the attic la space for sereral rooms. The basement Is 12 leet nign. sna is oiriaea ibi kitchen, wine ceir. lour nearooms, isunary etc. In the rear 01 tne grouna is s iwmiwj fwm rr,m at hi.. raultSlnUlS - CSIT la Ce - rOOm. SISUB, fudrnmu and coachman's room. Tbe whole Is decorated and finished throughout. The grounds are apacloua and embellished by walks, shade trees, shrubbery and lawn. The nound Is descrll - ed as a certain portion. dMimnted br the letter A on the sketch by rni. xx mm., aurreror. on Sept. 29. 188S. Said portion of ground commences at a oisivir 01 64 feet 10 inches from the diner o St. Claude street, and meaaurss. In American raeanre. according to said sketch. 96 feet S lines front oa Esplanade arenue try a uepm on iw '" - - . f. i.n,n..t iMwt of 180 feet 2 lines, and on tn. other side, towaras bi. uirat '"l' . y,.. . ne.t denth of 140 feet, thence It runs tovards Rampart street ' 84 feet, thence a second depth of 41 feet 2 Inche. 5 lines. thence a second wioin or 1 - ii T,i. 1. mm nt th most perfect residences on the grand boulevard Esplanade. Ucktng ta no home. Within easy walking distance of the business center, and only a few mlnateV ride bjTsereral new electric lines. To be thorouBhly MM I TO UllIH am wiuwicw for which sppneciatea it mj will be furnished by rnn au - tloneers. It will be open to presentation of cards, between 18I tors, on 12 and 4 o docx p. Dl. 13 THE HANDSOME TWO - STORY FRAME RESIDENCE No. 151 Esplanade itrenue. in the Third district of thla city, in the square bound - il br Esplanade arenue. Kerlerec, Rampart and St. Claude streets. It contains ball, parlors, dining - room, sitting - room and one bedroom and ki"hen on first floor; hall, aeren bedrooms "2 vithmm 00 second floor.. - In the rear is atwSsr backsliding, containing ten rcomlorither .id. to . - I. J - tardea H described s certain Irtlon. around designated ci?eir1r. 'tt Mile, of Sept. 29. 1885. which it. eti. lecier o w . iT,. mtrmmt. and measures, in American of Kampart " la rtetcht TO feet 11 measure. - . bT . jrnih lnCb..Se wwsrfs - Rampart street of 189 ? liitts and a first depth on the other et 4 'n: Jtft 2 lines, at which point fJd - M.2 fV2 taches. and bs. a second i - 72 of IS feet 4 tacbes. and a width In th. 22i J 02 feet 2 Inches 1 line. A nice boine. Zm iWaM. Subject to lease thereon. SpUln?1 WpSTK" 1894? at tb. rat. of 8780 ELEGANT AND COMMODIOUS IVTOBY AND ATTIO BRICK RESI - rvKNC 60 Esplsnade arenue. In the Sec 5 litrict of thto city. In tbe "Dd mded by Esplanad. arenu, StW 1 Royal streets. SSlns gSleries. hall, parlors, dlnlng - 11 Jli kltchea and two rooms on first floor; EWbeds and bsthroom . th. h11 - 2Z - nArrA ysrd. cistern, abed. etc. upper ,?fSrxed of two lots, on. of The groW IscomPOea ox s m - ttmt on ZS&SXZZ. tr i ceps ct 119 lU a Teche, PARISH OF IBERIA. 8, 18Q4t the other lot meaaurea 27 fe.t T liw. i Una. froot on Esplanade arenue by a depth of 113 feet, more or less, and adjoins the lot first described, making a total frjntagu on Es - pianaae arenue of 48 feet 11 inches 1 lines. in a convenient location, baring the use of i mrai car iines, snd well altuated for aulet i ana respectable residence. Sobieet to lesse 15". xPlrln' Sept. 30. 1S94, at th. rat. RmWjH,S?5TilA.TWO - STORT AND ATTIO f,f?C. - :SroEXCJ5 No - 170 Customhouse 7 ' - f"" ownaeo dt canal. Custom - bouae Burgundy and Dauohine streets, contaln - r,;:r .7' Jnm - room kitchen o urarooma on trim nnn. T - . ! ground measure, about 26 ritDil. . T on customhouse street by T P 5 92 ft between paraael lines, "1 Z1", - ' - m Hvwy 1 u, i r: "ue - . openmg on Burgundy street. oroon, w,," - djoming Grand Opera House and T. it fTi,. leai.'thtSvJ? P".U,5 """"wil - Subject to raTor a "P':i S,Dt - . 188. t ths " 'ws nuuuui. J 16. THE FINE TWO - STORT RRTrnr ' ivn MANSARD ROOF EESmix?21 i? rllle city. i. .1. - oeoona district of this by Blenrille. . contain - other rooms on i. vT.' "c"i "a h.t),nvu. " "I - ' ''". ien oeorooras lw in room on upper none.. and flnggvd alley jau, citiera, abed. ti The lot of annexed .n'TKZ Pl tTiercbr1,26! 'SST Vlforitlg , ' "etcn oy J. A. d Hemecourt. on Anril 1 11 inches depTh S,.Lu:,.tTS..l?.!t part street. r - rdrBr12St fctt th Th. K towards In af. snd rTroducTT;. Intmr,.0? - .0. - paying tenant.. Subject to 1...J"k ana n!e!n.a., rt Vr01.. thereon, ex innum. ' ' l " rat " 60 per THB ODMFORTABI TItRCT.rnuv BRICK 1U2S1D J&.N CK No 79 w7i . tbe Second district tjs lltvn th!' bounded by Coutl. bt. uhf'iVal Xu7 room and kitchen on first floor; halls Iron f"erT ""d Weren bedroomsn th. ul floors. The lot of ground i. designated by K Sent 20 i?taB,.SL,.Hl Howa .rcStJct! said lot harinrt. notary 11 inchea 6 lines front on Contlatri - t h. m depth of 73 feet 9 tetaTtILili.l lines, being bounded on on? aide hv ?of J and 00 the other side by lot So R Si tbe rear by an alley oV piVgewar a fli 8 inches 4 line, in width. Ceg Bourbon street, common to said lot and adJobilDKDrou. erty a. Indicated on aforesaid S Sulfate for dwelling or Investment purposes siS I eiVU0 Spf 1 y0w 8we5TOta?ss: expiring sept. 80. 1894, at the rate of xS4o per annum, payable at tbe rate of llo ser.111 Winter' "4 40 Per01 18. THE ANTIQUE ivn r,o. TECTUKAi, API'ISAEANCIJ BBJCK Si COTTAGE RESIDENCE No. 2SK i - JH !...t..nltrIcJt0o, vrs Unhand SSdISi U.trC"rtre5:. - I. - fence, wide gallery. - 11. fourteen bathroom. The lot of ground mel.Tr.TIn, lean measure. 73 f..t 9 i - - I . :. m - k. . V 41 imea iront T 5 h - " - i"" ?. 1 l"cb 2 lines - s - . mm a - w irci. lltAhna .?.J",.bT. de Armas, surveyor. Oct. 14. urveyor, Oct. 14. 100a. in a uoiei sna respectable n.l.kl.K makes it a nice resident i.,gh5wbo?d St Mary - a church TT 'a"'!0"' Palace. SnbJect to ImH t" f50?''00? ' Sept. 30. 1894. at the tit of 4M per .nnu' 19. THE WEImNOTPTT44 Pf ""HI STORY AND ATTIO BmCKJJ5?'2u - 26 N. Rampart street. In the Second dUtwS of this city, in tbe saaar. ?l3'2nd..f '"i?1" part. Burgundy, Hospital and Balricks T atrieS en on first floor, and halls and ten Tdrnmo on upper floors. The lot r - r10"5 in English measure. SI ei." , '. front on Rampart street by 67 feet 4 fn - lSi. 3 lines In depth between piralW lfoe. S a good location for either occupation or Investment, and It wUl aurelr rJw . fLi"?.1 en ue. 20. THE ONE - STORY VPiun rm. Nos. 99 and 101 Constantlnnr.1. ...... ,MC Sixth district of this city, in the r, 'j! ed by Constantinople. Auaterlitz, MagaxmsVnd JUT?1 ret,'rea f"ra the tanqJef and containing oillerr and - w.TT Aif" ground Is composed of two lots, designated by the No. S and 6 on a aketch made by Louis H" P1lIe - KjnrTej'r0r' D - . 18'2 - wmixed to an act before Jas. Fahey, notary, rw n 1S72, according to which sketch said lots adjoin each other and measure each 80 feet front on Constantinople street by 120 feet in depth between parallel lines. Also a certain portion of ground, in the same dlarrint .. square as the Just shore described lois. and adjoining lot No. 8, being In the rear t ; - ,,r designated on said sketch abore tnentio )" tbe letter A. and forming the rear of lot Vi 24. and meascrtng. In American nes. .' cording to said sketch. 80 feet snuare. good neighborhood, convenient to ears, cb 'che markets and schools. It la a good home. PLANTATION. 21. THAT CERTAIN TRACT OF ..M, together with, all th. buildings and Improve. menta thereon and appurtenances thereof; tltr - ated on th. east aid. of the bayou Teche, to the parish of Iberia. In this state, mess urine about S 8 - 4 arpants front on sail bayou by SO aipents in depth, thus making a superficial area of 460 arpenta. and being bounded on the north, or above, by lands of P. JJ, Saada - ger, below In part by lands of Tollver A Le. or assigns, sna in psrt py those of the esrar. of Mrs. C S. Lewis; in froot by said haruu Teche. and In rear by a small stream, known as Little bayou, save and excepting a small church building on - the southwest corner of said tract, fronting on baron TmIm. .nrf aa and occuplid by the Naxarene Baptist church, said building being the property of th. eongre - is m ox ut most XertO SMtlcoa of tb. a 1 12 of 1 N. V. . :

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