Robert F. Kennedy in critical condition after shooting

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Robert F. Kennedy in critical condition after shooting - W MW 'HfflE nn M EDf ffl Investigation Shooting...
W MW 'HfflE nn M EDf ffl Investigation Shooting Suspect Faces Six Counts; Bail Is $250,000 Los Angeles (P) The ma narrested in the shooting of Senator Robert F. Kenunedy was identified today as Sirhan Sirhan, 23, who has a brother who lives in nearby Pasadena. Mayor Samuel Yorty told a jammed police headquarters news conference that the identification was made by a man who said he was Sirhan's brother, Ade Sirhan, and who was traced thorugh the gun. The tracing was made by Los Angeles police, and it was indicated that the gun was traced thorugh sev eral hands. Sirhan Sirhan apparently once lived in Jerusalem, Yorty said, but declined to speculate on his nationality. . ; Four $100 Bills Four. $100 bills were found on the man, "with which he was planning on leaving if he could get away," Yorty said. A newspaper clip not favorable to Kennedy was found on the man, Yorty said, from a Pasadena newspaper. Sirhan also had a schedule of where Kennedy was to speak in June, Yorty added. Sirhan was secretly arraigned at 7 A.M. today as John Doe and bail was set at $250,000. Police had earlier booked him on suspicion of assault with in- lent to murder, The arraign ment was on six such counts. " Won't Identify Himself ' Police Chief Thomas Reddin said that the man finally broke hours of silence and proved to be "extremely articulate with an atextensive vocabulary, very much at east in conversation, but nothing at all to help our investigation." The chief said the man re fused to identify himself or dis cuss the shooting. "Quite Lucid" Reddin said the suspect was "very cool, very calm, very stable and quite lucid ' under a drumfire of questioning after the shooting. During "a number of lengthy Continued, Page A 3, Col. 1 World Reaction Shock And Sorrow, Tears And Prayers Marylandcrs voice shock, dismay Page C34.1 London ffl Leaders and common people around the world were shocked and sorrowed today by the shooting of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Americans . abroad and foreigners expressed horror at the continuing political violence in the United States. "God helD us." said a GI in Vietnam. "What the hell is going on back there? "I feel just like the last time," said another, referring to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Three members of the Kennedy family waited in Paris for the outcome of the operation on the Senator. They were his sis-fpr Ennire. her husband. United States Ambassador Sargent Shriver, and Senator tdward Kennedy's wife, who had been in Ireland for dedication of a park in honor of President Ken nedy. Shriver May Fly Home Shriver said they were in constant touch with members of the family in Los Angeles and "are making arrangements to fly to the United States if necessary." President Charles de Gaulle of France informed his Cabinet ministers of Kennedy's condition and asked to be kept up to date ' on developments. Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger of West Germany made a similar request, aides said. They de-srrihpd him as shocked. Mrs. John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law, Prince Stanislas Radziwill. left his London home for a flight to New York, and Mrs. Kennedy's sister, Princess Lee Radziwill, was expected .to follow later. Pope Tells Pilgrims Pope Paul VI told nearly 10 000 nilrrrims at his wpplclv -N.,V j general audience in St.' Peter's Basilica of the shooting. Shocked exclamations and cries of Oh, no!" filled the air. "We cannot remain silent about our sorrow." said the Continued, Page A 3, Col. 11 On Other Pages The Evening Sun today is printed in five sections. Ann Landers B2 Comics E 12 Contract Bridge B 4 Editorials . A 32 Financial C 19-21 Loo Panos A 33 Movies-Theater ..........C6-7 Obituaries A 18 Puzzle Page BS Sports DM1 Television-Radio B 10-11 Women's Pages B 1-8 M aillllil .1 I Ilfllill l i i w$ lllf lllf Sh f.t K If lf K f 11 1) A' Y' A i) a -f 1Ja pisiiPPliiiiiiliiiiiifei ? - -; : J llpililllBIIP : lijllipif M jf jlBIl lllill jlllllillll Rdgfij jmmmsm ) m - WOUNDED CANDIDATE AWAITS AID Senator Robert F. I on the floor of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The Kennedy awaits the arrival of medical assistance as he lies young man with the Senator was not immediately identified. mm 1 A xi. S i::-:- k .&:WM I . , L , SUSPECT IS ARRAIGNED Sirhan Sirhan, suspected in shooting of Senator Kennedy, is tal.en to a secret arraignment in Los Angeles on suspicion of assault with intent to commit murder. Kennedy's Cal, Win His Best L03 Angeles W Senator Rob ert F. Kennedy was shot early today by a gunman who sought to overrule with bullets the greatest triumph of his cam paign for the White House: victory in California's Democratic presidential primary. That triumph, his fourth in five primary contests with Sen ator Eugene J. McCarthy, had propelled Kennedy into the role of chief challenger to the Ad- mmistration-linked White House candidacy of Vice President Hu bert H. Humphrey. "On To Chicago" Kennedy's final words to his throng of supporters at the Am bassador Hotel sounded a call to march on to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago "Now it's on to Chicago and let's win there," he had said, turned into a hotel kitchen corridorand moments later faced the volley of gunf ire. Across Los Angeles, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, McCarthy had thanked his supporters, too, Continued, Page A 3, CoL 8 Vital Signs 01 Life-Pulse, Breathing-In Good Order Full page of pictures, Page CI By Bob Thomas Los Angeles (P) Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot in the head today after a California election tri umph and police later identified a Sirhan Sirhan as the gunman. The New York senator was in "extremely critical" condition. 1 A man grabbed by bystanders at the shooting scene in a hotel, who refused to identify himself or discuss the shooting, was identified 10 xk hours later as the brother of a man who lives in nearby Pasadena. As officials made their announcement Kennedy lay in a hospital fighting for life. A doctor said he fears "the outcome mav be extremelv trade." addinsr v - - 1 1 that a bullet evidently caused serious damage to the cerebellum, the part of the brain at the backof the head. , , , Proclaimed Victory . The, New ..York senator was shot just after jubi-' lantly proclaiming victory in California's Democratic presidential primary election. His brother, President John F. Kennedy, was shot to death by a hidden rifleman about 42 years ago in Dallas. Vital signs pulse and breathing are in good order, Frank Mankiewicz, his press secretary, told newsmen, but the next 24 to 36 hours will be critical. He said there "may have been some impairment of the blood supply to the center of the brain" which controls pulse, blood pressure and tracking of the eye but "not the thinking processes. The 42-year-old New York Senator came from behind in California's crucial primary to accue a winning lead over Senator Eugene J. McCarthy around midnight. . ' v Kennedy had proclaimed his win to about 2,000 supporters at an Ambassador Hotel rally and was taking a shortcut through the kitchen to a meeting with newsmen when shots rang out. Hit Three Times With stunning rapidity at 12.15 A.M., a man police earlier described as a Caucasian, about 25, 5 feet 5 and 120 pounds, with dark hair and complexion, emptied the chamber of an eight-shot. 22 pistol. Kennedy fell, hit apparently three times. Five others near him were wounded, none as badly as the presidential candidate. Kennedy lay for a time flat on his back in the kitchen, eyes open, crowd milling around him. Some Continued, Page A 2, Col. 1J Surgeon Says Outcome May Be Very Tragic New York UPV-A New York neurosurgeon today quoted a member of the team that performed brain surgery on Senator Robert F. Kenedy as fearing "the outcome may be extremely tragic." . Dr. Lawrence Poole, professor of . neurosurgery at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, gave that version of his conversation with Dr. Henry Cuneo. Serious Damage "There was evidently serious damage to the cerebellum, the part of the brain on the extreme back of the head on the right side; also to part of the right cerebral hemisphere. . . and also to the mid brain, which is the main cable connecting the brain itself with all the rest of the body. "This mid brain deals with not only the function of motion in teh arms and legs and sensation to the body but also with-eye movements and even the life function itself, such as blood pressure, breathing, heart rate. "So it's a very critical area, and this was injured, and this is why I fear as Dr. Cuneo indicated the outcome may ba extremely tragic." - Intellectual Powers Poole said, however, if Kennedy were to survive the physical damage, his "high intellectual powers" might well remain unimpaired. But he told NBC newsman Edward Newman that he and Cuneo were greatly fearful of the outcome both in terms of Kennedy's living and of his being in normal condition if ht does live.

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  2. 05 Jun 1968, Wed,
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  • Robert F. Kennedy in critical condition after shooting

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