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OHARTEILv THE NEW ORiEANS INSWHANCE ASSO- CiATiCJ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleans. BE IT KNOWN, That on this seventh. day ot the month of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, and ot the independence of the United States of America the ninety-fourth : - -Beforeme, Gustavo Le Gardenr, Jr., a notary Fiublio daiy commissioned and sworn in and for he pa'isaand city aforesaid, therein residing, ami in the presence f the witnesses hereinafter named and undersigned, PersonaCy eame and. appeared the persons hereinafter named and undersigned, Who severally declare that -Oiey do, by these Presents form unonstlMimanlTM and unrh otiv. ers as may become associated with them by sub--. i ijjiiuu, yuicvno, u-snaier or succewiuii, corporation.- under the general laws of this State, providing for the organization of corporations, and have agreed npou the following stipulations to govern the same as the charter ot the said corporation : ARTICLE I. 1. The domicll of tlds corporation is herebv established in the said citv of New Orleans, and it shall be designated ami known under the name of the "NEW ORLEANS INSURANCE ASSOCIATION." 2. It shall commence business on or about the fifteenth of September, lb, and shall exist for twenty-live years from the date of this charter, unless its affairs should be sooner liquidated and settled up by order of two-thirds oi the stockholders. 3. The President, or in his absence the Secre. tatv, ohall be the proper officer npou whom to serve citations in all suits sguliist the associa tion. ARTICLE II- The objects and purposes of this association are declared to be r 1. To make insurance on dwelling houses, stores, and other building household furniture, merchandise, and other property, against loss or dams ge by fire. - 2. To make marine insurance upon vessels, freights, steamboats, goods, wsresvmerchandise, specie, bullions, diiis or exenange, commissions, profits, bank notes, and other evidences of debt. bottomry and respondentia interestsjmd to make an ana every insurance appertaining to or connected with the marine or inland transportation risks. - a. To cause themselves to be reimbursed against any risk upon which they have made or snau mae insurance. ARTICLE III. 1. The capital stock of this association is hereby fixed at FIVE H UNDREDTHO USAND DOLLARS, with the privilege ot Idcreasing it to jin tL AiliLiojN Ui uoLLAits. aiviaea into shai-es ot One Hundred Dollars each, to be paid for at the time and. In the manner hereinafter provided for in artiele IV of this charter. 2. The association wav commence business as soon as Three Handled Thousand Do'lars-shall have been subscribed, but each fiscal year shall end on December 31st. the jfirst fiscal year to end on the 31st of December, 1870. 3. Transfers of stock, shall be made on the books of the association at Its office in the ritr of New Orleans only, but not while any indebtedness to the association exists on the part of the holder; provided said transfers have been approved by the Board of Directors. ARTICLE IV. 1. All persons who have subscribed or mav hereafter subscribe to the capital stock of this association, shall furnish their note for the amount of their shares, parable on the thirtv-fifst of December, 1871. 2. The notes furnished as above provided for, shall be reduced by a credit thereon of the net profits made bj the association in the first and second year. I 3. At the maturity of said notes, if the net profits of the association for the first and second year have npt extinguisbxd the said notes, the stockholders shall pay the balance dne thereon. 4. The non-payment of the balance due on the said notes, aa above provided for, shall forfeit the ontire stock to the association, together with all accumulations thereon and all interest or benefits thereunto belonging: provided that the Board of Directors mav extend said payments for such time as they may deem proper ; provided also the stock so forfeited may be transferred with the consent ot the Board ef Directors. 5. No stockholder shall In any event be made liable for the losses of the association in any larg er sum than the amount of his. her or their su)-seription to the capital stock, and his, her or their indebtedness to the association. f ARTICLE V. l. All premiums shall bo due and parable cash at the end of each month. 2. Any losses or balance due on losses sustained by the association at the beginning of its opei-a-tioDs. and when the association shall not have sufficient funds to cover the same, sliall be pahl pro rata by the stockholder 3. From and after the beginning of the third Seal the stockholders shall pay no premiums on tie insurances effected by them. 4. All parties wishing to Insure with the association shall subscribe to the capital stock thereof and become stockholder of the associa- J tion ; provided, however, that by and with the advice and consent ot special committee appointed for that purpose by the Board of Direct ors, or upon me recommonaation oi two or more of the stockholders, risks may be taken from others than the stockholders, and such parties insuring will become entitled to such rebate as may be established from rime to time by the Board of Directors, and the net premiums on such risks will go to' the credit ot contingent funds. - ARTICLE VI. 1. Within the month of January, 1S71 and 1672, the President shall cause to be made a sta4ement of the net profits of the association, and shall cause the same to be published in at least two of the city papers for one mouth, together with a statement of the assets of the ais-x-iation, distinguishing the portion of same which is iu cash and the portion thereof invested in securities and the nature thereof. This pubUoatlon shall be made under oath of the President and Secretary, and shall be conclusive and binding upon all persons interested. 2. The annual statement to be made in January, 1871 and 1872, as above provided for, shall be made up to December 31st preceding, inclusive, in the following manner, to wit : 1. Showing the amount of premiums receive I on fire, river and marine risks each, deducting therefrom tho amount of same not terminated. 2. Showing the amount of losses paid on hie, river and marine risks each, and reinsurance, return premiums. 3. Showing the interest on the portion of the capital invested. ABTICLE VII. 1. In the year 1S72, and In each and every year following, within the months of April. July, October and January, the President shall cause to be made a statement of the losses and expenses of the association, to which shall be added two and a half ier cent, profits paid to the stockholders, and the amount thus formed shall be paid pro rata by the parties insuring on the sums insured. 2. The statement to be made within the months of ApriL July, October nod January as above provided for, shall be made to the 31st of March, 30th of June. 30th of September and 31 st of December preceding, inclusive, and shall be published as above provided for In sectiou 1 of article VI., for the annual statements to he made in January, ls71 and 1872. ARTICLE VIII. 1. All the powers of the association shall be exercised by a Board of Directors, to consist of twelve persons, five of whom shall congUtutea quomm for the transaction of business. 2. The first election of directors of the associa tion shall be held on tne fourth Monday of December, 1870, and thereafter on the said day in each year, at such place In the city of New Or leans as the Board of Directors shall designate, of which the President shall cause at least fifteen days previous notice to be given in two of the public newspapers printed in said city. The Board of Directors shall appoint three of the stockholders of the association inspectors to preside at such elections; and if any said inspectors decline or fail to attend, the President may appoint others to fill such vacancies. 8. The Board of Directors thus elected are to take their seats on the first Monday in January after the el action, and to held the same one year therefrom until others are elected in their stead. 4. Those persons receiving a plurality of votes shall be considered duly elected. In the event of no election taking place pn the day aforesaid, the President shall cause another ejection to take place within ten days thereafter, and give notice of the same by advertisement la one or more of the public newspapers published in this city. 5.. The Board of Directors shall annually, at i their first meeting, elect a President who shall, on his election, be ex-offido member ot the Board , of Directors, aad who shall hold his omoe until the successor is elected and qualified. The Pxesi-Sent shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and at the meetings of the stockholders of the association, and shall conduct the business of the association generaUy under the eupervi-. aion of the Board of Directors. 6. In the absence of the President, the Beard of Directors shall elect one of their members to set in the place and stead of said'Presldent during his absence. The Board of Directors sliail also appoint all the other officers and Clerks of the association. 7. The Board of Directors shall fix the compensation of all officers and clerks, employed . or elected by said aseociattoa. 8. They shall invest the profits of. the association hereinafter provided for. They shall have power to adopt such by-laws as they may deem, p eposes i j and coavenient foe- the' government and regulation of the association, not contrary to this charter or the acts eC the Lecialatare of this State providing for- the erga nUatton aad. regulations oi corporauvna. . v., 9. Each and every stockholder shall be entitled at elections, either in, person er by proxy, to one vote on each and every share of the capital Stock which be, aha erAhey may respectively bold, bat not to vote on any stack to lalax her or them, transferred within three aiontha prior to said election. ' ' ' '. -.- - ABTICLE IX. . ., 1. It shall be lawful for the Board ot Directors to invest the eaptal stock aad ether moneys of the association in bonus and mortgages on real estate In the parishes of Orleans and Jefferson. They may also invest the capital stock and other cafh funds of the association in any bonds created by or under the laws of the United States, of this State, or of corporations of this State, er loan its funds on- any of the aforesaid securities, 2. It shall be lawful for the Board of Directors ' to puixhaet, apy property wmta may te nor 'CHARTER: raged to the association at May forcsd salo4r roe same. ' ARTICLE X. The following named persons shall wmsiitnta the first Board of Directors, to hold their omoe untH the fit at Monday ta January, 18,1, or wo til , their successors are elected or euaUaed Tbey--are her by vested with all the righto and powers thereunto belonging, with power to fill aay va- -eancies which may oooir la their aomb r. aad , generally to do aad perform all acts and thiaga -not herein provided for, which may be aecanaiy. to carry mo full effect the objects and purposes -oi this association : ;. .-.- . , CHAS CAVABOO, ' 8' CAMBON " ; , L. M. AVENDANO, ARTHUR POINCT. . ' LEON HAAS, Jr., ANT. LA NAT A. . ' . F. MIOTON. ' ' P. E. BERNARD, " : L. B. POTHIER, . - F. A. LULLNti. s . - . ABTICLE XL'. - . .- At the expiration of the charter er sooner, it ordered by two-thirds of the .votes of the stock- ' holders,, the s (fairs of the association shall bw- ; liquidated under the charge and supervision ef three commissioners appointed by the last Board of Directors, and who shall exercise all theeec ,' potato powers and functions Bsotssary forth " settlement and liquidation ot the affairs of the anic.- ' , . . - - - .,- . " ABTICLE XIL . : ' ; This act of Incorporation can be altered and. : amended by a vote of two-thirds of the capi 1st . ' stock represented at any general meeting of taa stockholders, called for that purpose. Done and paised at New Orleans, ta my oSee. " the day, month and year first above written, a--'.' the- presence of Armand Pitqt. Jr.. and Edgar-? Pitot, competent witnesses, who have sijned witli said subscribers and me, notary. Original signed: C. Cavai-oc,- Oehmichen - A Pothier. S. Campon, C Marinoni, Mummy, La-ling A Co., L. M, Avendano, Ant. Lanata, I- . Blum, Frank A Co., A. Poincy A Soa, Edgar Pilot. A. Pitot, Jr. A true copy : O. LE GARDEUH, Jr.. - , Notaiy Publia I, the undersigned. Deputy Becorder of Mortgages for this dry and parish of Orleans, Stat ' of Louisiana, do hereby certify that the act of Inroiporation of the "New Orleans Insurance Association " was dnly recorded this dsy. In B, 9 No. 7, folio 338. ol this office, according to law. ... L New Orleans, Angust 7, 1S69. C. D ARC ANTEL, Deputy.. - . -t SUBSCRIBERS. ' Shares) , Shtres. cavaroc t;o Henry Teto . . e C. s. uamoon ...... w,r. . jtieuaa. ........ xo Chs. DeRuyter......i 60 V. Marinoni 601 F.Heer.x... ..... X Lawrence dcHebrard e Wm. T. Sheldon.... ie Plchard S. Venab e.. la Ant. Lanata. 60 L. M. A vendauo 60 L. Basset 60:Ciis- j.Leveque .. l F. L. Bernard 60, Geo. Alces. 10 Chas. Ledig 60 Joseph Vigo ..... & John B. Shiner. et Ph. Schneider. ...... a Alex. Hill 20 Sam Gugenhelm S Puig Bros... ...... nuj jaoou uugriuieiui... J. It. Wateiman 30 J. Bon vet. 2s Guoble dc Nippert. L. Moulor H. Clostermanib Bavle 60 25 O'Brien A Hall Xi Sam Jamison..... SO Classon dc Co......... 4 . Augnet Stuart........ 16 . Webster A Cb , 1 Louis Meatier........ a- Urban Theurer...... S . S. Fernandes A Co. 60 . Llambias A Dockter. t R. Beltiam . la . J. R. PoweU. 2 ..-26 Moulor A Dumestre. 20 40 Chs. Espenan.. A. Thibaut E. Troiagros ... Lanene A Feire. 60 60 30 oetimieoen s i"o-thler -60 Angelo Lanata, p. p. An t.-Lanata H. R. tiogi eve....... 30 T. H. Chipot.: F. Langlee 10 20 Th. Lanaux 20 Leon Godchaum 60rT. Vlllarubia ,.. t Amede Couturie 60 Joseph Ougeohelm,. a ; P. Cusachs.. . 40'8. Becker.. ........... t' (i. W. Dunbar A Bens 10 1 M. Kaufman A Co.. to P. S. Wiltz 40i A. Degeorge. .......-1 F. OberhauseF. SO P. F. Durand. X ...... 90 Stewart, Gulbreath H. Flotto I & l-Yzer 4mm. weiu. is - H. Plnard Soott fc C age Adam Wngatln J. C Denis.: F. Janfroid ....... Juyme Magi....j..... L. Delot-he 20. G. G. Gordon.. : 40; O. R. Shuts. W 20! L. H. Gaidner A Co.. ea " 20Lazara Parody 10-- 20i E. Monteuae. ........ . 20 1 Oscar Robin., i.... ... a . 10 1 W. UJle lining A Co.' U 10 Sam KFaflord A Co... 10 Octave Morei. A V. Cimiflev A- Co Sn V Limat j : t Christian llvatt... 29 . Wm. Creevy 10 Edunrdo Villa 20 S. Gamier M. O. Tracy 25 J. Santini. W F.-Wintz. 25 i Rufus R. Rhodes..... 2 Vicent Micas 28 j J; N. Cliai bone t ..... (V John S. Steriy. 20i J. Dreyfus. ........... 4 E. F. Mioton -601 W. H. Wells l... . B. Laplace...... 20 J. de Longpre Fits- v Chs. Fraaer. Z5f genua as;. Ed. 8. Wuybuiger 40 S. Lavergne 20 B. M. Horrell A Co.. 60 w m. ai. ensuing. ... tw , Mummy, Luling g) ' Co e- R. L. Walker... le F. Srbexnalder...... 10 T. Aufmkolk.:.-: te J. A. D'Hemecourt, agent of Widow P. i Bochefort 10 C. W. Cammack 20! F. Boi-Uelois SO , Blum, Frank AVu. 60! Joseph Cambon... z D. Leon H Jr 10i V. Mailman A F ia- Botassi Co 10' horde - M J. W. Sheei-er Co.. 25! J. J. Alls ten... 19 D. Blum, Sterne dc Co. tiOi Simon Bamn Katz dc Barnett 60! Knox Brothers 10 -nj .. ..t . . Klrn un.i. .nil u.. r T. B. Camora dc Co... 60i axine, Jefierson.... S P. AhUge 60, Ernest Morel......... 1 - , S. Lafon . 10' John Henderson..,.. 10 't:' W. F. Nuiath 10lF. Deverges ..... - Hern A Fellman 40;C. F. Deverges. j...... t . John Fried erich ;. 10 W. J. Rivet... ... : (i. DeFeriet 15 L. Rone.. , . 1A , Drouet A Forstall 61 F. J. Da Silva j.... - a ; - i.eoige W. Roper lo!E. Eichelberger .. 2 Fred. G. Randolph... 6!0. M. Redon C J. Davidson A Hill. eo.pauim Durei 10 3! Jos. Marlstany, Jr 24 S B. Rlehl ., SO '.. V. Eouion H. D. O.gden : Wm. Maybe 10H. Loeb Co i... lO ,r A. Delpuech 2 Chiistoph Ulimaun.. 10 - J Alex. Jung 6A. Bonnet. i- H. Brion 5 D. L. Campbell A Co. 20 -Francis Mcaney 5 F. Hollander . 10 XV. IWAIUIiia........ m lUETmp CK. XiVV W . Arrntir ie Arnias.-J. zi-. wirxum. .......... x Adam Schiuitt.. . 10 A. B. Romain.-. M. J. Fan-ell 6!F. Mark .-' . Geo. W. Banker 60 ' H. -Jionnabel io - A '.Ti-emoulet,agentH0!Dr. D. C.Holliday.u. 6V Jonas Pickles.... 20 J. Tardos..... SO) B. Saloy John Hughes Aug.. Huard . T. Moreau . 20;Leiser A Lorber...... so . 10 Sam. Locke . 20 . t'j. A. Bkaner . 25. . 10 Geo. Eich . John Sport 2 Fatjo. Marks A Co. Jno. G. Mon:xse 10 Victor Sere 5 S. Pablo 6 Geotse Porteoua 2a Ls. Monrose 10 Thos. C. Porteeus.... 10 s. Voebel 10 Chauvla, LevOls A ' T. Newhamer.. ...... 10 ! Co. IO B. Goldeuberg io C. T. Buddecke...... 6 Peter O'Donnell 6iM. Veuiilot Bornlo Brother 80 B!.mrand A Guitet.. 54 J. H. Rareshide . s J.J. Bonafi'o. io H. Caasidy 2 J. Bethancourt 10 Frank M. Hall 8 Otto H. Kerstendlek 10 A. Bousslon.. 2 G. Lanaux............ Z John Bietry eiEmlle Dupre.... 20 Mrs. L. Gsllot 6 K. Coutoux X Bonligny A Esclapon 60Cha. Llvandais .... 1 P. Limongy 8 Geo. 8-ck 4 Th. Dubois 10 Widow Mary McGaw- Giffen A Co 20 ley 19 Emlevdc Cot 60 E. E. Moruln. Jno. N. Bayne...... 25. Chs. Turiin... js. c. payne per j Th. Bailey Blanchard 10 payne.......... 10 A. Carriers A Co.... 20 Geo. F. Bowers 10; P. Mallard. SO Chas. J. Lewis lOiEdw'd G. Audler.... Kehler, Updike & Co. 00, C lis. WUk , . X Z Schneider feZubei- H.F. Given. st ,-bier 00 E. Lawrence. to ' Jacques Henri Thier- Alex. Bleu venae. : -4 G. Jacquet dc Co 30' Ay mar A Co.J. ..-.. BO -f . G. Jacquet ....... 30 J. Edward Lagan... 2 Geo. W. Byrne...-.. 60 Joseph Keller .. 20 Jules Samuel. .i...iii.w: 3 t.- P. Schumacher. 4 Melioour Bienvenue. 10) ' . M. Howling 30 John T. Moore A Co. 10 D. -Tareaud 20- T Bermaa- Bternklar..; It y A. Thomson A) Co... 60 Sam Saotl grass.. 25 Gus Sabatier ........ W V.Battalora 10 D. Blanc. A Beer..... 16 A. Delavtgna.. ....... sj. J. F. Barihelmy.,..- Aicua scherckx -. Antejr. ft' Henry Gesener...... L. r TiAine "ir- , . . taJ-.- John Bereau... , 10 G. H. Anaree Per eigne... ... . .6 - V . 6 P. G Barriere dp Co.. fn-u , . John Pheps A Co., 60".. L. Gamotis........ "" MntsabertM.." 2A' " Heart Larnuie...i '.lar N. Bauer E. Bigle..... G. R. Archinard.. L. Uter. H. Rutv . i Edward Bermudex. A , t'ha Vaiinel.... 2F..Brng6re ' a Theopdlle Gollala. J. BrindernayeL West A Wright 25, Wm. Proret s J. 1C Cartier. 4 S. M. Duw.. ......... 15 A. Sooola s Slooomb-, Baldwin ds !-Oe.. -v.... ....... - so - Eng. Dnhart IO Gashj Cnculla... converse, uuxtrury. ' A Co 25 A. Bochereaa A Co. 60 B. B. LeBreton Arm'd. Pitot 5 Grangard dc Sclinei. aer -a rauA Beraptum. . s Julian Johnson dc Co. 30, Thos. Shaw 4 aagiw l mw . . . . FBXX LABOR KXCHANGX AND 7JLKX BEGISTBY. - 7 . Corner Lafayette aad New lvaatraeta,' , -r-. .r- -T ' Ths fmralssioaers of wanrtlOB' haeataV.1: llsbed a Labor Exchange, free e all eppUeaahi., , fon places, either male or female, aad tor an re;, deals of the Stats in want ef laborers;'; land Registry, free to ail parties having laxda ; to dispose of, either ta plantations, farm, or homes for Immigrants. Open from K A. IA t S o'clock P. M. Planters will please make known their wnta ta the way of labor, and communicate. forpublV cation, aay faetrelative to the climate health., resources and advantages of Ixruiaiana, tost, niaa- . kid in attracting capital and labor. - 7 All eoennumeations aboold be addressed te ' Dr. JAMES a NOYES, President wtd GeaMH -Agent, Board of Oomaitaglonwra t Jamjgratiaa.,.., Jeao-smdeoddcfimw T; I WASHINGTON HOTELS LAKE - END. Peatehartraia Railroad, This spaetens anV-elegaotly fitted Hotel ta aaar wade eharge e tr -tinderaigned, who will spu-e ao pains and expeaae to retaia the good will ot km many frtenda mod. patrons ana ino pud; geaerauy. avery amu cacy ta vua as aervea up u u smas HM'mA T.lnrWhfa. Ail a WAW .style. Pine Wines moderate prtoes entail parties will be attended to wj'n toe earn, promptness e """""ob aa largXpartlej. p. VSJSiiAMSK : .... BO

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