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city hall and G.A. Lanata - CITY HALL. Fortj-Two of GuilloUe's Deadheads...
CITY HALL. Fortj-Two of GuilloUe's Deadheads Stricken from the olb. Interesting Testimony As to the Cross 3Iismaaajement of the Late Police. An Overflow That Gosti Three En gineers Their Places. XJabor and Fudi Voloateerod for Cloan Streets. Mora Investigation by the Finance I GommlttM. XUe flnanco commute me last Bight. Cfcslrman Clar. cd Messrs. Claiborne, Brlttin, BeUeck and Wood present. Mr. J. W. Adon. lumber foPtractor for 1887. nida a acateinent. He said that tohavo received nie money by FbrVJ7inS March. He has received no moDT. "Tin only iudltod bills and promulgated bills In miorn forhls lumber, ltoe old flnanoe eoni- failed to send in $1623 12 of bills for MoVember and December of lut year, and be oi tbe present council to te some SctloriVtse mstwr. He has received money for Jsna.ry and Feb. nary of tale year. Wareals ill oe him. A special appropriation of S4000 for lumber was inado in tfte 'badcet ofiSsa. Xbe only bill against that Is WMr0ClarV"exmlnd the finance (amrnlt tee's boos and found that oat of $5000 appropriated for March some tidOO. over Hall, tad been spenv. although only tsr-- pjontlis of the year hd elapsed. Toe 1887 bills come out of the reserve f and, aod there Is no money to the credit of tnat tuud at present. The matter was therefore laid over. Mr. Clark stated tnat since the lat meeting, with the assistance of the chief of police, he had Micceeded in obtaining list of soma Xorty-iwo deaoheada on tne old police ,0George Yandervort, secretary to the cnlef, eaid that Chief Henneasy and Chief Operator Vooltero bad gone over tne roll and onroHed off the names of tuoae waom ttiey knew had not dona day duty, They are all specials except one or two marked "actinic clerks." and he thinks were Included In tooee dropped at the end of Mayor tiulilotte'a administration. Mr. Clark said ne bad summoned the various oommanaei s of the old force to question mew about the lit and establish the Identity of the men. The committee should certainly refuse to pay these uieu. and If any Injustice Is done to aoy of the men inev will be able to prove it. A very great suspicion M to weir being entitled to pay has certainly been aroased. He had received several communications about some of the men betas' ueadheads. and he tbonjtht tne police roil was a saraDle of tbe manuer in which the departments of the old government had been conduoted. I The 'deadhead" list sent to tbe committee Is aa follows: linen Kenny, detective office, chief's pay roll: B L. Faltering, U Thomao, H Bre wtr. . . . . . n . . . t P Brockets P A Nivett. E O Snzenaau. Love Adams, J B Arnouit, Paul Brelet. O A LaBaia, Charles; Meyers J Chanevllle, L. liroil. It Fitzgerald, W Long. K Morean, F Meaner, O Brown. J P Biaoque, O Rader. L Buucbr, Jos Hettinger, T McLa'itfulin.T J Veau. H J WriKht, C C Jailer. A Kolrera, J lawless. T lyer, C W Jaroeiu. J Joues, J H, McLaughli , P Martin, C H WerhufT, V Jjaire, Jonii Lusk and W X hfabony. Captain Jnlea Bocnufon, wbo commanded tbe First precinct, was the nret witness. He aid he had never seen ii. JU Fastenng. H. Thoman was detailed as a marset Inspector. Tboman did not have to report to him. but Tnoman never reported to him, but knew him by sight. Tnoman did not have to report to mm. J. H. .Note was detailed as a special to tae mayr-r. and also old not have to report to him. Never knew him do duty, altnuda he may have done dnty. bergeant M. McLaughlin, In command of the becoiid precinct, was next called. He aid he would not be positive about H. Brewer. Brewer did not do any service In March and April. He thought Breaer was carried on the roll as a market inspector, and did not oo aucy as a patrolman. He could not say whether Brewer la mytn. When asked about H. Blliinrs the sergeant thought a loDg while aod finally remarked that the name must be a mistake, at wnion thrre was a general tmiie. The clerk at tae ruTtnn mir rhIVA orders to rtrrv men Iron) ether precincts on the rolls when tiose precincts have exceeded their proportion. M. Cane was detailed at tne city hall. P. Finney was detailed as a peclal to lnveti.ate different cases. He never wore a police uniform. Jt was a prerogative of the comruandiiig officers to de- j tall men for private purposes. ilLDey didn't have to report every day, and was at woik on some barglanes that occurred in his ueigbbothood. L- aling was aetailed la another precinct. Bid not know what duty King did. He would not like to say If tne bulk of this arrangement about carry-loir specials on tne roll was due to politics. Captain Lm Davis of the Tolrd precinct aald that T. Brocknlt on bis roll was detailed In. tbe Fifth precinct. He doea not kaow what Brockets did. Never saw him and never knew anything about him but his name. He did not know why Brockets was carried on his roll. P. A. N'ivett was appointed at the same time as Brocket! aud waa also detailed in the Fifth precinct. Nivett is a Ninth ward man. He does not kuow him. The aeal.Dniests were made by toe chief's tuttice. E, O. ttazeneaa was a special otlicer and reported every morning, foozeueau never wore a uniform. Mono of tbetpncials did. Witness na oeen on the police since 1884, and alwaya foocd the system of specials in vogue. Never anew of tsuzeneau's making any arrests. Witness was onty in tue precinct a month and a half, aud buxaneau worked tweuty-toree days nutter him. being dropped on April 23 for refusing tu obey the order to appear la uniform. Captain Jonn J ouruee. of the Fourth precinct, said that Love Aaants was carried on his roll and did no duty. Never saw him. Never saw J. B. Arnouls and does not know him. Paul Brelet reported several times, but,be hail no duties for Brelet to perform. When ordered to wear a uniform ' Brelet turned in his fire alarm key and that was the List seen of him. He carried seven ar eight men on the rolls as specials and market inspectors. Bosthene Anury was about the only oue of tnem who reported dally. ii. A. Lanata was supposed to be assistant clerk, but he only saw Lanata onoe or twice. Lanata aid no active dnty. He might have made arrests last year, but made none lu March' or April, although he beuevrd Lanata did make one arrest in his own neitfhriorhood. Tne men detailed as special would bring their commissions to the station and that was the last seen of them. Never saw Charles Meyers. Beileves Meyers was detailed at tbe mayor's office. He never saw J. Cheneville. He found the named on toe roll when he took charge. He cauuot say if they were there lor political purposes. Tbsy were no help to outside of Andry. He thinks their presence was demoralizing to the force and lesceued the number of patrolmen. There were specials in each preclnoc. They never answered roll oalU It did occur ts him that they were absolutely deadueadr. Captatn Thomas Keyuoids said ha coin-saanued the Sixth precinct for a abort time. Ha did aot kuow L Boucher, bus carried men on the roil who did network. James Hettinger did not report to him. Be uad men on hia roil who were detailed somewhere else. He did not know why this was . done. He bad to take tnem aa they were SUE, V,.kMw- 11W" 1149 taayor's order! borne of the men he never knew at all and could not tuerefore say tney loafed. Kli T.McLaugnlin.T. jVe.a nSr II. Jy. Wrignt.and don't snow If they worked, when he was In the Harbor precinct he was apposed to have thlrtv-elirht mn ,. roll but sometimes there were oniv aen- teen men on actual duty. The rest were assigned elsewhere. . n 1 . .a . ... vstyuimi uiuuiu uuuiiuauunu too oCVenth precinct. Didn't know C. O. Jailer, althouga uaiunTicu iuui oiug roil, uon I KUOW B. noriera nor w . x. manoney. ie did. not now way tney were carriea. on tne roils. He can no; say if they weio "deadheads. .He wouldn't like to answer that question. He carried fonr or five men on hia roll who were detailed, elsewhere. Sergeant Pqjol, who commanded the Algiers precinct. Bald he does not know p. jdarlln. He only knows Martin waa carried on the roll. Don't know If Martin did any duty. Tne secretary to the chief (Bura- harat) told Mm Aiarun worgea nr tne men precinct. C II. Merboff was a special o Ulcer. Saw him several times, but never in uniform. Waa told that Al era off also worked la the Fifth precinct. Don't know If they ' were only carried on the rolls tu draw money. He had no ngnt to dictate to his so pert or. He carried fonr specials ou his roU. Wash Davie was a court clfli er. ' He had men on his rolls detailed aa court ofSeers. . There were no men worsing lu els iTecifcct who were carried on other rol;. Doesn't know John Loss, bat was toid Lusk was In the Fifth preciuou it,uas refused to testify about W. H. Km . as he has been a witness before the h -mt Jury as to Btley and la nndcr oath, e 'ue uighes be had one or two men on duly n tome nights none at alL Some times he aa to nave one man on dnty la the ro?.. -me" -H iukd ooal Wteen men on hu ctSOTrtbeCrey WM eommand Snisxtii .MM,i, iIe said that at the ai tae month tha chief of of police would telegraph names to be put on the rolls. Ha did net kaow the men and never saw them In person. He did hot know T. Sever beard of C. W. Jabeau. He had thirty-eight men on the roll and had nearly twenty aotnally working. The ' rees wera placed o pon the roU at the end of the month. Some i f the ciurt officers iwerr on the roll. Toey were not subject to his orders. There were no men woramc under him who were eorrted on the roll of otner precincts. J. Jones, oa his roll, was snpposod to-work In the Fifth precinct. Never saw bm-McLanahltn never worxed in the precinct while witness was there. Captala Co He In of the Fifth precinct, la wbleh so msDy speoials were said to be eon-centrated. did not appear. He sent word that he waa on dnty at tbe Fair grounds. Mr. Claioorne said that the charge of deadheadism was clearly made out. Kaon precinct commander said that there were men on his roll detsileo for dnty ia other precincts. Not one of them bad a man at work whose name waa on the roll of any other preeioer. it waa therefore easy to traea the dead Beads. Mr. Clark offared the following, which was adopted: . . Moved, That sstlsfactory evidence having been furnished this committee that the following names have fraudulently appeared upon tbe pay rolls or the eltj police, that ach and every one be atrieken from the rolls, and that the controller be forbidden to warrant for any sums claimed for salary due, and tbat the treasurer be forbidden to pay any warren te heretofore issued and cow unpaid, and that a copy of this resolution be f orwsrded tne city attorney with the request that be institute proceedings against horn nrlnp.inai and his suretv for the recov ery of ail moneys nsretofore paid, and that a copy be also furnished tne district attorney with tbe rrauest tnat be causes criminal proceedings arainst each one so offending. Kernard Klotx. the bread contractor, asked for $1212 back par for furnishing bread during lvcember of 1S8 and 1887, aud Mirnn n.i annl. ihsa. The commitete will take up this year's fills In due time and the back bills at some fature time. Mr. Belieck proposed a plan for tax col lection by monthly installments, but it was decided untimely at present. Mr. BritUu'j ordinance requiring the de-Tiartmenti to keen order books, issue vouch ers for supplies and extra work, rucn vouch ers to accompany eacu oui oeiore approval. and to retain duplicates, was reported upon favorably. Mr. a. W. Hvatt. as transferee for E. L. Jewell's heirs, asked to be paid the si 500 which tbe city contracted to pay for 100 copies of Jewells Uigesu iu amount Daretv covers tne nrsi cost oi unui mu the com Dilation ws laborious. Tha matter was laid over until the contract Is examined. Mr. Claiborne's ordinance providing for the appointment of an assistant city attor ney for the collection of delinquent licenses, at a commission of 12 per Cent, waa taken up. Mr. Brlttin said he was Induced to favor lh nrrilnan'M hMinM the COUrtS WOUld close In s'.x weeks, aud unless active and Vigilant aid Is scoured the city will go through the rear witn a great oeai or iia license tax uncollected. The work ought to tve commenced within a week and avery de linquent reached within thirty days thereafter. -Ha knows of a number of foreign cotton buyers woo are leaving tbe city with-ont navtng license. There are professional men wno profit ilonaliy refuse or evade tne paying Of licenses, aoctors, iawyere, uou- tists and others. If left to the ordinary channels little will be collected. He baa la mind the right men to euleroe the collection tuis year. Mr. Claiborne said that arter tne council bad saown Its determination to collect licenses, collections In coming years would be m nob easier, i ne person inoucni oi- collector by Mr. BritUn aod himself is . O. Morgan, and 12 per cent waa very rea sonable for tne work ana outlay. Mr. Charles Louque s communication of fering to collect tho licenses at 10 per cent and commission waa referred to tbe city at-turnev. Mr. uiainorne'S orainanee waa reporteu upon favorably and jsesxrs. uiarK, nriuin and Claiborne appointed a committee to watt n pon City Attorney Hunt and request the appointment of H. O. Morgan under tne contract. Treasurer Hardy's oommnnioation stated that licensee for 1888 had oeen col lected, against 1183.000 for the corresponding period of laae year, aud tnat toe license receipts were estimated at 2eu,009 la the 1888 budget. He said there would be a serious shortage nniess collections were pushed, and asked for aa appropriation so as to oo aula to can vass the city aod prosecute delinquents. Tne letter was considered answered by the license ordinance. After an informal discussion on tbe water works. Dr. Beard, Jefferson gaslight and other contracts, on wbion fight is talked of. tse committee adjourned. Tbe Street Cleaning; Movement. The street cleaning movement Is assuming tangible shape, ana citizens are coming for ward and proffering aid. A gentleman prominent In business circles, who asks that his name be not need, aod that if his letter is published It be signed "Action," writes as follows: New Okleaxs, May 21, 1883 General O. T. Beanregard. Commissioner of Pnblio Works: Dear Sir Kecogniztng the immediate necessity of having tho streets and gaiters of this city thoroughly cleaned before tbe warm weather seta In. and knowing tbat tbe lands at your colu mn nd are ini-utDoient to aceompiisa this oMect. I beg you to accept, aa a donation. tho inclosed check, drawn to your credit for 150. This amount will pay tbe wages for one day of forty men at 91 35 per day ; or it will purchase a lew shovels, or pay tne nire oi a lew carta. If 1000 citizens would each subscribe 910 for this purpose it would go a long way toward accomplishing this much de sired sanitary improvement. C B. Slack &. Co. have written to the de partment approving Captain Fierce a plan zor city cleaning, and aay : "He should receive ail the assistance re quired to carry out the good work, and at this season many teams can bo spared by their owners for this purpose. Wishing to assist in this, we take pleas ure In ousting to your department the services of two of our lsrge wagons, or four of our carta, with muiss and drivers for tne day or days to bo designated for a general cleaning up, as proposed." Commissioner Aanew has also come forward with reference to the movement. In a letter to General Beauregard he says : "This department has at its disposal a force quite sufficient to assist your saoerln tendon. In tbe work of cleaning and grading street, in ins count oi tae xoroe being placed at work, I wonld suggest that the men be kept in or oloee proximity to the polios just as possible, in older that time be saved and more labor be performed. Should this proposition meet witn your approval, be kind enough to Instruct this department wnen yon want tne rorce sens out and in What localities work will be done." General Superintendent Pierce will forma late his plans in a few dsys, and by consolidating his force with the volunteer aid expects to be aolo to maxs a good showing In the way of clean streets at aa early period. A Toar of tho Levees. General Superintendent Pleroe yesterday filed his report npon his tonr of the levees last Saturday, the result of which has already been published. Ha states that he made tho tour from Canal street down in company with Wharf Superintendent Avegno. A vast quantity of hooppoles and slates which has been occupying much of the steamboat wharf below the sugar sheds for some time Is being removed by the owners as rapidly as possible. Just within the track of tbe Louisville and Nashville Bosd, on the same square of ground, the sugar refinery has been dumping, or had been previous to your appointment of wharhngers, refuse from their plaoe, until tbe spot resembled a regular dumping ground of tae city. Tais baa been stopped, and Captain George W. Kirk, superintendent of taa wharf lessees, kindly promises to spread and properly rover the offensive- loosing refuse in a suort time. Notwithstanding the efforts of the superintendent and wharfinger, assisted by toe police, parties have continued to recklessly haul to, and dump on, tne levee near tne head of Hospital street, garbage and offal of the most offensive character, and, no later than last night, there was a wagon load of such stulf dumped there. A petition to his honor the mayor, sent fram this office on tho 17 lb. Inst, asking assistance iu remedying tbU matter, was met witn immediate orders to the police to arrest any and all persons offending, and last night and early this morning two arrests were made. fhe dumping of tho large load of dirt la aid to have come from some refinery. Tho vicinity of the second distriot garbage-boat or wharf has been used regularly, it seems, as a damping ground. At the nrst reasonable opportunity I wiu have tho place thoroughly oleaued." Relative tp tha garbage-boat the superintendent said that it wiu be a very simple matter, in his opinion, to alter tho wharf no that defects may be remedied. Ballast, snells, slstes. etc.. are being moved from the levees In both tbe Second and Tnlrd dlstrlots. Mr. F. Gonxalea. the wharfinger of the Third district, having notified all consignees or owners to haul away their property. Cattle roam about the streets and oil bo b upoxn tho levees aud do oonsiderablo damage. .',"' Engineers Caoghk Napping. . There was war in tha department of pnb lio works yesterday. Word reached tbe of fice early that the heavy rain of tho night before had overflowed several portions of ths rear of tha city, and that this was ana draining until this Pierce investigation and and the true, an wheraaa proper have The of a large General turn a consequence to the to the The were always ready He newly machine; London Haber. will be The met and all Mr. Games appropriation The $10,000 account although has S2000 The of The There will be tbisyeur, not The Shepherd reported opinion After eommittee dlstrlots haul street, engaged material Mr. number summary drive road. The yet responsibility passed question declares to live City have a of the and made ago by Company. The has surveyor's Harrod maps, supervision aa The repaired street substantial, side oi Keeper arrested been pointed lower Official ous drill at We. petltive tne their perfect Light 2876: gomery Kifles. In tha Kiaes.-jiOT Fayette Worth Guard, 2409; ninth, uauas 1610. ry. New Company, lery, Cavalry 2900; but as prise. Badger, or the sergeant, True ny iw, r best ly in quarters equipage. Thus possible took its infantry Last street, and was attended arrested. that committed efit of ever injured, bond of About 29 Lizzie ting and arresteu. while at building, MUes the left had several him to dressed after 24 About tbe kept by two Charles struck wonnded. Gale surgeon. a crowd the river, cer clothes Mothers, diseases from the from should, Llrar i-oopv thpd arming, foognlsed P

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