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j to E0 rear 1 at and the decided husband who of the the GRISiSLfORMEXICO At Breaking Point With US inicaraguanisputei WS0 SAVEsZELAYA V American Warships at Corinto Pre - pared to Block Scheme 1 Wilf Bottle Up Harbor if Gunboat Guerrero Guerrero Attempts to Depart JWith Dictator on Board Forcing Mexicans to Drastic Action if TheyPeriist With Project Bufalo Sails With Marines Ammu - nition for the Des Moines Dr Is By regard J cler - that the commander was when the revolutionists the as Mexico and the United States are on the verge ofa question which threatens their amicable relations a Senor Creel special diplomatic agent of Mexico in his representations to the State Department ever since his arrival has dwelt upon the question whether the United States would give Zelaya a cafe conduct out of Nicaragua In the event Of his downfall Secretary Knox ha told him that to this the United States would not agree It is the intention of the United States to keep Zelaya bottled up In Nicaragua until until he shall become a state prisoner of the new government At the dock In Corinto lies the Mexican warship General Guerrero Mr Creel has told the United States - that his government government wishes to save the life of Zelaya It is understood here that the commander of the General - Guerrero has instructions to take Zelaya on board where he will be under the protection of - the Mexican flag Mexico has been tod that any attempt to take Zelaya out of Nicaraguan jurisdiction jurisdiction by Mexican aid would be regarded regarded as an unfriendly act Might Defy United States The commander of the Guerrero who is in a position to talce Zalaya on board might if he had the never steam away from Corinfo defying the warships of the United States to fire upon him and hence make at gtave issue between MeX 6o and this country This is just what the United States at this moment would not like The friendship friendship of Mexico and her cooperation in the Important and complicated affairs fnOen mat AmeFica in wnich the United States m buUtween the two countries situa to - fand Mexico aie equally concernedVal - rhdst forbid the idea of a Tsreach be - Nevertheless tthe State Department is advised that it close ls the purpose of Mexico to give Zelaya Vas - asylum on the Gen Guerrero Without bat - J the least intention of doing a hostile act - the United States is in a position to pr governors and and be minister of last Granada election as annexation been arrival Leonard here established to war - vent the passage of the Gen Guerrero out of Corinto harbor with Zelaya on board Either the Torktown ot the Albany is at this moment anchored in a position where the least change - of her location will make it impossible for the General Guerrero to leave the harbor without attacking attacking a United States warship The channel Is so narrow that the General - Guerrero is bottled up If the General Guerrero wishes to leave the harbor and has not Zelaya on board the outward passage Is free and open to her If the Mexican warship has Zelaya on board as a refugee under the Mexican flag it will be easy for the United States naval officers officers in command to block the channel and make It necessary for the Mexican commander to fire on our flag if he desires desires to force the Issue It is hardly to be expected that Mexico will go so far as that It looked yesterday afternoon as if this f government might be obliged to issue or might instead chooseSenofTfrlas who is regarded here asequallya tool of the deposeddlctatoiJ - Therejts no change In this governments attitude The Intention Intention Is that Estrada aiidrtis forces shall take hold of all affairs In Nicaragua and leave to the people by a free election election the choice of iTieV administration Sufficient pledges have been - given Jby the Estrada provisionals to - this government that a fair election will - tak place If also Is promised that with the downfall downfall of Zelaya all the oppressivemonopo - Jles which are - contrary - to - the constitution constitution of Nicaragua will De done away with It Is possible that the aid of American J bankers will be asked to refinance the country where now 1 American is wrth 0 in the depreciated currency ox the country ff Mr CreeL in his talk with Secretary Knox a few days ago spoke of Dr Luis Anderson former foreign minister of Costa Rica as a - possible mediator in case of need of such an official in he Central American crisis Dr Andersjoq 4eft the next dayjor homeIt is understood here thatDr Anderson yrill be awaltingln his own home the call to act asjsucba mediator mediator The StateDepaftroent however Is - Aware that he - Is committed to the Mexican policy and would reject him even If Creels plan of a mediation commission commission Twere accepted V It - Is Understood thaC there is nondeajn the State Department Department of accepting sucha plan Mr Creel was received by President Taft yesterday Orders to Buffalo The ordering of the Buffalo from Pan ama was the result of a telegram from the United states consulate at Managua which said that civilian adherents of Ze laya had been armed wlth daggers The citizens of the United states reseldlng in that city appealed to - the consulate tfor protection Another Another telegram from the - American consulate at Managua says that It is currently rumored there thatvwhen Mad rlz arrives in Managua presumably to aay zelaya wm rormaiiy surrender nis office to the national assembly and that that body has already received Instructions Instructions from Zelaya to cast - Its - vot for Irlas as President of Nicaragua President Zelaya sent a telegram to President - Taft yesterday to inform the United States government - of his resignation resignation President Zelaya satdhe Intended to leave Nicaragua but did pot glve his proposed destination Zelayag dispatch was as follows Jf Jf President Taft Washington December December 4th I sent - following cable - J gram to Gonzalez Washington Inform Secretary Knox I believe his sources of of Information are prejudiced I request that the United States - send adlslnter - ested commission to Investigate andjf the findings show that my administration administration Is detrimental to Central America 1 will resign Have received no replyl Jp order to avoid harm to my country and desiring to place it in a position to renew friendly relations with the United States I have today sent my resignation to Congress Congress As my opponents might consider my presentee a disturbing factor 1 propose propose to show my good faith by leaving Nicaragua tand stand ready to account for my act PRESIDENT ZELAYA An examination of the records of the department yesterday showed that no message such as that referred to in Zeiaya - s dispatch toPresident Taft was jever communicated to1 the department Gonzalez has left WashinktJpglind his J whereabouts are unjjpflwnj s JmmumtibnIs OrderetL J One iteinj business that j - ecelvedthe aittntioir of - the Navy Department yesterday yesterday that may have been fraugutwjth significance was an order for - the ImmediateImmediate ImmediateImmediate - shiptrfentc of a - consignment of ball cartridges to the Des Ifqlnes one of thejJJnlted States warships on the Nicaragua The ammuni - f rifles of bluejackets and marines - Plans are afoot it is believed for the iconsumatlon of a confederation of the Central American republics Although the United States has been deliberately and studiously shying at the subject ft is understood that this govern ment would not entertain any great en thusiasm over such a consolidation it would mean that Mexico could exercise a far greater Influence over such a group and that the United States would lose prestige The close alliance of the Latin American race would bring such a situation situation about of - T de - j ders which would lead to a situation in United Corinto has with Madriz virtually Irias of States charge which the United States would have to face the alternative of losing its prestige in all the countries in the south or let Mexico - take this prestige to Itself This concerned the question of the escape of Zelaya Senor Ceel Rebuffed Senor Creel who is here for the avowed nurpose of saving Zelayas life has brought about the condition of affairs recited recited in the forgoing Mr Creel has had that nothing but rebuffs at the State Depart - land - meht He asked in the first place that that 1 Mexico be allowed an equal share In to j whatever was done by the United States - with regard to Nicaragua He was told j that Mexico coijld have no concern in a j matter which related to the countrys demand demand for redress for the murder of two Family i American citizens put to death contrary t0 tIlc laws of war Mr eel the ask - eu as a iavor lo aieAicu iui a oaiecuu - Budapest for telegraphed the following the Ms whole sincere I all I to effect that go at LeopoldsLeopolds children Representative the the of the full jthe - Jfor WOULD MAKE BIG NATION Director Barrett Talks on CentrarAmer - ican Consolidation Toledo Ohio Dec 17 John Barrett director of the International Bureau of American Republics spoke before the Toledo Chamber of Commerce tonight in ere is one important phase of the Central American situation said he that appeals to all The present difficulties difficulties in Nicaragua have started afresh the discussion in favor of the eventual organization of the five Central American American republics of Guatemala Salvador Honduias Nicaragua and Costa Rica into into one government When the Central American peace conference convened at Washington Eu hu - Root spoke hopefully of such a realization realization His words were applauded all over Latin America Enrique Creel has announced that he looks forward to the ultimate consolidation When two such men express these opinions sucfTa move ment is worthy of consideration One nation formed from these five re - f Deemed seems than possible - to or trie by - Direct West - duct for Zelaya which would enable him to leave the country and go into the exile which he mentions In his valedictory valedictory Secretary Knox said no to that In fact the prestlre of this country and th presttge of Mexico are Involved in tlls matter which seems otherwise to be a small affair Mexico has prac tically given Its adherence to Zelayas cnuse The United State - has no less declared for the revolutionary party headed by Etrada The State Department Department now looks for the triumph of the Estrada revolutionary party It Is c - t Intended that marines shall be landed la Nicaragua unless necessity - arises The Buffalo with 730 marines aboard was ordered from Panama Jo Corinto late yesterday afternoon This would seem to indicate that the landing of ma rines on account of the turbulent condl tions In Managua the capital of NIcara tgua was contemplated Admiral Kim ball In command has full discretion - It Is weir known that the government intends intends to avoid lf possible anyarmed interference In Nicaraguan affairs but any sign of - turbulence and danger to American interests flterpCwill Justify the landing of - American forces to protect lives - and - property Th congress at Maragua may qr may not fleet Judge Madriz as provisional president Dpatches were received here Iast - nightrlo the - effect thatrthe congress publics would have an area more than the combined areas of the six New England England States with New York Pennsylva nia and New Jersey addedf an Atlantic coast line equal to the reach from Bos ton to Savannah and a western shore equal to the distance from San Diego to Seattle It would have an annual foreign trade valued at 50000000 of which nearly half would be wltlv the United States and a population exceeding 3000000 - GUEREEE0 NOT ON WAY Foreign Office Surprised - at - Attitude of Secretary Knox - Mexico City Dec J7 The Mexican gunboat Guerrero which was officially reported severaldaysagoto be under orders to sail at once for Corinto was still at Sallna Cruz tonight according to Informatfoaglyenout at the office of - for - elgn relations She ls ready topsail at a moments notice r Sailing orders were issued several days ago according to the foreign office but nayydepartmentofficers declare that no such orders have been received When Subsecretary Fredrlco Gamboa of the foreign office read an Associated Press dispatch saying that Secretary of State Knox had declined Mexicos Offer of cooperation - ln dealing withjthe Nicaraguan Nicaraguan situation he expressedsurprise and said that his office had not been informed informed that MrKndx had declined such an offer - Mr Mr Gamboa - said that If the Guerrero went to Corinto it would be to protect Mexican Interests He added Zelaya has not asked this government tp assist hlmin leaving that country nor haa tljis government altered to provide him wltlvthe meansof leaving The Jlollday Buffet In Not Complete Without Old Ruddock Md RyeHaVe your dealer supply you Jasl Clark Distilling Distilling Co 610 Pa ave - D P McCarthy mgr I i 144rirlrTini41nn TAtlflf - fz - 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