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Chess by G.E. Avery - plus has a reindeer. the choice of 2 replies....
plus has a reindeer. the choice of 2 replies. First let's consider, he declines the sacrificed pawn and plays 1. K-Q3, there follows 2. PxP K-B2, 3. P-Ro K-Nl, For White the winning maneuver comprises 3 steps: it capturing of the K The proposed 100 and 300mk denominations expected for some time will not appear until 1!)58. The planned ?.3mk. for the defini-in 'tive series will not be issued. On Dec. 4 there will be a com- archacoloci-:memorative for the moth birth 'nawn. 21 nlavinc tho K in ths anniversary of Finnish actress Q-side and sacrificing his back-vpi'sni-y Ida Aalberg. ward QN pawn, 3) queening his The annual Red Cross semi-.remaining NP. So, let us con- postals will be released in No-, Unite: 4. K-B3 K-B2. 5. K-Nl des-,vember. i,llrrrtin)r Hn n,1 "n u- ihaiuuiuiu mi - p..p (,vvn ,,,hn ,,,,.., hnva Ii. r.,.u f,.. d,- r;,,..,,,, f,rr. UnO Wtllte pawns nave 'Fnvi and Priniin Wash ifa,lcn out not in vain) 3. P-R6 interna-i avinc and Printing, Wash-, . npilhfri Vli. ivTiuta iikc io nave nice oiiRrHvea ,, r7 . p v- 11 V vr portraits of Presidents shown on Y'U ' "rV,' lA- lv7b Revenue Stamps, may get; " "fp.J 5x7 inch reproductions for 13pa' ''lU"" J . fo - 2' K-Nl, (5. KxP K-B2.7. K-N3K-N1 S, K-BG K-B2. 9. K-K6 K-Nl, 10. Collectors of revenues, who . . - wvwn iikc to have nice engraved . ';;" main P-NS jing'on, D.C. Revenue Error Columnist of the STAMPS magazine George B. Sloane, points out an imprint error on the cent 1914 black Proprietary stamps. "Eighth" reads "Eights ' in error. and nothing can stop him on his way to promotion and victory! Another well known breakthrough position: White: K-Kr3, P-QR5, P-QN5, P-QB5: Black :K-KR4, P-QR2, P-QN2, P-QB2. White to move and win. The plav: 1. P-N6 BPxP. 2. P-R6! PxRP. 3. P-B6 ani queens or 1. P-N6 RPxP. 2. P-B6! PxBP 3. P-R6 nod queens. The idea is the Philatelic Agencies Ttio urtHj-ncc nf ti T .ihnrian i philatelic Agency is- o,,0 Broad- same in both endings; giving up way Npw York 3S N Y Now',wo Pwns in order to promote 'Kiamnl ,LV' u 'nhianA the third one. The first example, f'r m. mamr,s Division of the lhp aRram teaches us some i Zealand Post Office. G.P O.I thinK clsi1 ,wo 0,hor reasons Wellington, TsT-Z. Letters lor the special t hunt will be accepted for any address Anti-Tuber-j within the Commonwealth and to all overseas countries; the post- sun fhuvnpa VV1 hp tip Same Australia's 40th Anniversary why it is the BP which should advance: 1) he is attacked, he is doomed anyway, so he becomes The Australian Postmaster-a desperado, he looks for a tar-General, Mr. C. W, Davidson, an-, get to strike at . . . and he can nounced that the 40th anniver-jfind only the NP and attacks, rv of the first official air mailn u u w is ms juc flifht within South Australia. a(rm Adelaide to Gawler, which hi, r,n Mr,. n iai7 will i iuurv iJiav.. iiii ' w t i tutu m . . bo commemorated on Nov. 23, j0!11 Pawn opting him, in our by a special air mail fHRhtiasi"n ne di . 2.) it is a rule with pawn ma jorities, like 3:2, that that pawn should advance which has no en- l,'t,,! (Vio omr. r.rin(o Thn 'GalTIB Selection flight is scheduled to denartl 'H game, played ft Monte-from Parafield Airport and it. isV!d. is entitled, "an espected that the original pilot, "'": Mv P r.i'nham fsirPV. a nin- '''"" I ncer in Australian aviation, will 1,ppnl age charges will be the same as those currently applying for air mail to the destinations concerned. All covers intended for carriage on the flight should be fully addressed, and bear the appropriate air mail postage. Such covers should carry the inscription: "40lh Anniversary of First Air Mail within South Australia" in the top left hand corner and should be sent within an outer 2 P-QB4 3 N . QB3 4 P - K 4 5 P-B3 6 B-K3 7 Q-Q2 8 P-Q5 -9 KN-K2 10 P-KN4 11 N-N3 12 P-N5 13 P - KR4 14 Q - N2 15 PxP 16 PxP 17 RxP 18 N - B5 19 P-N6 dressed to the Superintendent,!;''' S'.nn Mail Exchange Branch, C.P.O.,! Adelaide, to reach him by Nov.!;" Sv!n 22. 19.i7. While all covers carried on the ;! Jf " .flight will have a distinctive - g ; cachet special (cn rovers will not he provided by. 28 B - B7 the Department. Distinctive cov-'f " - LT5, JlUNUVUl, olc uuiu ll fJOn:u ,n p p u by tbe organizers of the com memorative celebrations, "Gawler 40th Anniversary Flight," Box 954, G.P.O., Adelaide. 31 P - N7 ch 32 Q - N6 mate CONNECTICUT .CHESS By G. E. AVERY Xa jdorf Black N - KB3 P - KN3 B-N2 P-Q3 QN-Q2 P-K4 P-QB3 P-B4 P-QR3 QR-N1 P-KR4 N-R2 p:B3 PxP P.N4 PxP PxR 0-0 KN - B3 P - Bo P-N5 P-B6 PxP N-N3 NxN K-Rl R-Kl R - K2 N-Nl B-R3 K-R2 GOREN ON BREPfiE Hartford Chess (iub Closed Until Sept. 6 A brochure, prepared on Hotel Statler stationery, calling attention to the fact that the New in- Dorf- England Chess Championship i0urn1 :;U1J Dl ' , year ai nan.iura ai uie nuiei Mrs- istatler, has been mailed to all Rosenblatt-William Shirk- Au- (.1V 03' I the comm ;,i,0 inm-n previous contestants in this tournament. Details as to this have been given in previous issues of this column. The tournament starts on Friday, Aug. 30, and the tournament committee wishes it understood that the losing date for entries is on Fri- ommittee arranging for North-South vulnerable South deals. NORTH A 83 V AJ94 AJ A K 8 5 3 2 WEST EAST AA104 A QJ97SJ V 7 5 V none KQ 10 962 8 5 4 3 10 6 AQJ9 SOUTH A Kfi VKQ108: 7 A74 jthe tournament, is headed by the South Tne bidding; .-j-... r .1.- m t.iji. Ben-i K A . T d EdMha m o j I wmasor. lie wm De assisted oy y ur. josepn riatz ot tast nan-ford and John Owen of Avon. Rosen-Invitation To Fischer West 2 Pass North 3 Pass Pass 3A Pass Pass Opening lead: King of dia monds. An interesting example "traffic control" is provided United States Junior Chess Uiampion uoDoy JMScner 01 today's deal, in which declarer Brooklyn has been invited to ;mannoe ,n u0tin ,ho j9ror cc;, jhand out of the lead pan 01 .uyu.M. dcuum- 01 ms s 1)th nnnnn(1 with hoar). youth. 14 years, the U.S. Chess ;and West overcaled with Federation feels it advisable that he be accompanied by several older chess players. Mor-blum. Buckley- lt,.j- ',,.,..lrln ni lmmH.t:ft A thn UVIMV n 1 1 U Llll.ipn LOHUll AVI Ll i. rouo. ihe trip is ppnned to diamonds North had a choice . . . ' . !,ncnc I.J rt M h!.,,,, rhey ate ,, ,,,, . ,f .... ;.,.j nmu acl.-i.vr r-nnd-ih, ,l i. -,na (,,i"llu '" l,IUJ,c' '8,tt,u lUKillf, Ll ta, CI I J I v. . East, convinced that his vul- start at the close "of the Open !ieral?le opponents, were headed Cleveland. Championship Tournament at In Chess as in war one of the -Chess School Ichapter 18 lS;The Breakthrough Green- V... ........ ...... for the rubber, injected a three spade bid, hoping that he could find his partner with enough that suit to render a sacrifice bid profitable. South went on game, and West contested most effective and dangerous four spades. North's choice tactical weapons is the break- cabs at this point is noteworthy. anx-through. It spreads panic into;He was well within himself f's lines. The losses in-jump to three hearts me enemy s lines, ine losses in-'""- i "-' --aii curred are far outweighed by the had reason to believe there crippling effect is has on enemy a good chance to make communications and hy the dev- hearls. . . . . 1.1 1 .- . 41. 11 ..4. ;..l,,,.rt lasiaHns U W ll gives hi imici ny tw.,c.v. uii uiu iiul inuut . ; ,, r. ,. j;,t' him in i-,;.!,-r tho wmmiimnnt ""'" " " ' - uiiiLin. 4. -ine Oi'.uie ai one srrohc. mis ui vi'inr- uunr ucurdic. ji- . -ii. . - 1 Ti-...i. 1 C...U s r.iir.rii v niij. r-t in in . I -, ' I -,1 ! i . . . , i I i n I 11 1 , --i -- v. r , , , , . and Pawn endmrs. Our diagram ind been doing the aggressive ie a rronrl Mamno n.i-linf flue u-ns a r,immanrt " Green- 2' E. It n r-7 V.3 ft i 44. . - " ;SSr - i .v tA 1' .1 nith either to double or five hearts. South, with indif-f fercnt defensive values, properly decided to go on. 'Vest opened the king of monds. Declarer won, extracted - vtrm k'.;.-!o trumps and then set to work .the club suit. He hoped j'.'.xuid have the three clubs Iwould win the trick in that un which case the king of spades j could not be attacked. Declarer could then obtain a discard jdummy's established clubs, j However, East was the one 'took the club trick, and a V.LIM) -nove and v. ,n. sunk declarer. Numencallv the forces are With proper maneuvering, de-even. Blnek has a pa sed pr-wn :'!arcr coukl nave established as com- U1L ciiuj Mm mui'jui ii.-riniiiir.. Tnnyzar- p;.nsali0il White a .1:2 p-uvn Last to obtain the lead. n,ajoritv on the oihcr wing. How- trumps, declarer winJs ever, the black K m anies a up in dummy, lie then plays most powerful and threatening jack of diamonds and discards Lindlvrg- position in the center of the club from his own hand. Now-, board. In fact, he threatens to regardless of West's return, 'annihilate the entire white army, clarer can establish dummy's starting with the capture of the club.; by playing ace, king, junprotc-i and defenseless -a ruff. In fact, after cashing Clark-1 Bisnop? pawn. Therefore, for, queen of diamonds, if West Write, mere is n-- tune m lose, rot take his aca of spades The play: 1. P-KS, Black has will lose it

Clipped from
  1. Hartford Courant,
  2. 28 Jul 1957, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 81

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