Sconset Fish Story 1892

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in by engaged the an he the of to in his little nt- in of his "I in his his for if the of A S1ASCONSET FISH STORY. ". -- ' «-•-•*. An Old TVhalcr's Delightful Way of En- tertalnine Sftmmer Visitors. A number of ancient fishermen were telling stories of their early days in the quaint little village of Siasconset There were a number of summer visitors in the room, and they seemed to enjoy the yarns which were being spun immensely. Finally an old, dried up man with a purple wen on his neck and a handful of white chin whiskers said: "Talk about the whaling days in Siasconset; why, I can remember when the whales were- so thick around here that it was a common thing for them to crawl upon the shore like turtles to sun themselves." "How long ago was that?" asked an anxious bystander. "About forty years ago," replied the old man, "and in those days the whales oad oil in them, too, that was 1 worth talking about. I have seen them tap a whale, and by the time the oil was out of him there didn't seem to be elrin enough left to cover a baseball. But now they arelrinder nonexplosive." "What do you mean by nonexplosive?" asked a bystander as he handed the hoary grandsire of Siasconset a flask with which to warm himself up a tit. "I mean," replied the Siaseonseter as he handed the flask back with a smile, "that the whales used to be so full of oil that if you pnt a wick in one of them and lit it it would burn for almost six months." The crowd became very attentive as the old man continued: "We used to burn chunks of whale in the stove, and it made the finest fire you ever saw. We had the whale, or part of one, hanging up like a sheep in the back yard, and whenever we wanted to start a fire we would just step out with a hatchet and chop a chunk or two that would fit the stove"- -"Have another drink?" interrupted the man with the flask. "Don't mind if I do," replied the ancient Siasconseter. Here he took a good pull, and handing the flask back continued in a sad, reflective tone: "I once knew an old whaler who has teen dead a great many years. His end was very sad." "How did he die?" asked a bystander. "Killed by a whale," said the grand. eire of Siasconset. "Ont on the water of course," suggested the stranger. "No; out in the tack yard." "Hit him with his tail?" "No," replied the Siasconsetromancer. "You see, the old man hauled off at the whale with his hatchet" "And the whale bit him in half before he could strike?" "Not much; the whale was dead." "Then how could he have killed your ancient friend?" "This way," said the old man deliberately; "he dropped a spark by accident ont of his pipe and it fell npon the whale. The whale exploded like a kerosene oil lamp and scattered my friend from Siasconset to Tuckahoe. "As it was night the ocean was lighted up for miles, and over at Martha's Vineyard they thought Nantncket was having its first volcano. I tell you the whalos io-tke old days were" - " ~ Here the old Siasconaeter looked around to find that all his hearers had slipped softly away, the summer visitors in all probability overcome by his graceful, easy going style of dealing with the truth, and his compatriots sick to the core with envy. — Detroit Free Press. A Jungle Joke. his said any put pure that you For If nend that only Main AT at eighteen,

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  1. Xenia Daily Gazette,
  2. 18 Aug 1892, Thu,
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