Wellman Airship Sconset 1910

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Wellman Airship Sconset 1910 - MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1910. EIGHTEEN PApES ONE...
MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1910. EIGHTEEN PApES ONE CENT, 1st Gresrfae Xm TL f Jersey City, east Kewarlu ItDOCUIi Car Many car bowling Road curves sudden A to the Jump quite platform. and derailed as whom and tight coming. rushed door In car the undlm- elevated saw it and he among await platform showers of wood, of cries other. time heard reserves Station then Injured lay near-by should hos- glass, street. treated parents frightened around whom these: lacerated Street; eon- to lre- rut by of to 127th and Hlrest ; Clinton with ftireet, llosphsl Ikm, Education Hart. mar-riases. cost are Albeit Department at on aome the Statea. Yankee pre. by ratio country of upon and than this late cost of work be late would eons of Is advices disorder anew haa Government situation. States t. very situation l)r. Min Government, Managua, Nicaraguan that bean haa of all, ot lb Plae. TsMUsa , L IN M0EF0i ENGINES STOPPED BECAUSE THE EQUUBRATOR Running 25 Miles an Hour in Fog ' and West Wind Past Nantucket, with Motors Shut Off. EQUILIBRATOR JERKING SHIP As Its Tail, Dragging in the Sea, Leaps from Crest to Crest of the Waves. , NO DAMAGE YET , DONE Wellman Reports: "The Outlook Is Not So Favorable, but We Are Keeping Up the Fight." NOW ABOUT 660 MILES OUT Electrical StOfm Ahead May U0- lay Further News Arabic Hears Talk to the America. ADVENTURE OF SHIP'S CAT She Jumped Overboard at Saa and Waa Rescued In the Canvas Bag That Atlantic City Saw WsHman Lowsr. " TvTsULMANS "VVTRELE5S MESSAGES TO THE TIMES. By Marconi Wireless Telegraph via Slaarenaet Mass. WELLMAN AIRSHIP. AMERICA, Oct. 16, 10 A. M. We have shut down the motor and are heading east-northeast. We are making twenty-five miles an hour without the engines. All well. We are saving our power for the wireless apparatus. The dynamo is not working. There is a thick fog and no observations are obtainable. WELLMAN. WELLMAN AIRSHIP AMERICA. Oct. 16, 1 1 A. M. The equilibrator is jerking on the airship as it leaps from wave to wave, but no damage has been done. The weather is thick. We believe we are south of Nantucket. The outlook is not so favorable, but we are keeping up the fight. WELLMAN. THE AIRSHIP'S UNDERBODY AND ATTACHMENTS. ---BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaSaBBB - '" ' ' , ' ' . , , " -: i - .. in i - ul 1 - 11 ' ' " ' " "-u I. f aoSCVC-QP tc.V' 1 , kf-.4' .m erst SAyvMtv ' .v lr' LaJimiiiJMiJLiaii i CHART SHOWING WELLMAN'S PROGRESS, GETS WELLMAN MESSAQES. Shore Station at Siasconset Communicates Several Times with Balloon. Freaa the Marconi Wireless atatlea at Btaeeeaaet. SIASCONSET, Mass., (Nantucket Island) Oct. 16. The Wellman airship America was in communication with the Marconi station here at 9 o'clock this morning. She is in a dense fog and her exact whereabouts are doubtful, but, judging from the strength of the wireless signals, M assume the airship to be very close to the Island of Nantucket. Her wireless apparatus is working splendidly and the airship is in constant communication with the shore and ocean liners, this proving conclusively the efficiency of wireless in aerial navigation. A brisk westerly breeze is blowing. SIASCONSET, Mass.,, Oct. 16, Noon. The Wellman airship reports all well on board. She is now heading east by north, presumably following the track of the ocean liners. The weather is still foggy. The Marconi operator on the America is extremely brief, preferring to husband his limited power for emergencies or important news. SIASCONSET, Mass., Oct. 16, 12:45 P. M. The Wellman airship was called by wireless and asked whether they were still O. K. Very faintly came the reply in one single " Yes," indicat- TH OF THE WAY ACROSS ing that they are now well east of. Nantucket. This will probably be the last; direct communication with the air ship from this point, but all ocean liners are keeping a sharp lookout and will report developments. SIASCONSET, Mass., Oct. 16. The wireless operator on the America reported that the engines had been stopped, hence the dynamo was not running. He said "juice was precious," from which I assumed he was working off the storage battery and hence husbanding his limited power. NOT SEEN BY THE ARABIC. By Marrenl Wireless ta The New York Times. S. S. ARABIC, at Sea, via Seagate, N. Y., Oct. 16. Had no communication with Wellman airship. Dense fog from 2 A. M. up till noon to-day. Wireless operator reported having heard Cape Cod and Siasconset stations working with her during the day. HEARD NA,XL,CJ1ET SURF-So Wellman's Operator SaysVery Close, Siasconset Operators Think. .Sfrrio lo Thr Sew York Iimtt. MAM! 'ONoKl . Mass.. Oct. 11. fllro-o the wreck of Hie Republic the wireless station at Siasconset haa been doing It i daily routine work transmitting and re ceiving commercial and social messages much the same as any telegraph office. To-day, however, waa another red-letter day. starting at 9 A. M., when the rirst call of " Mi 8. C." and the signature W.." the code call letter of Wellman's airship was received. Strangely enough " Jack " Irwin, the wireless operator who received the famous " C. Q. D." from the Republic, was this, time acting li the capacity of sender and was as careful THE ATLANTIC : MAKES TROUBLE WKATHKR KAVOHM WE LI. MAX. Special lo Tkt Arur Yirk Times. WASHINGTON. D. C. Oct. !. Aa anticipated In the forecast Issued 8at- ' urdav night, the weather haa cleared In the North Atlantic off New Eng-. land, and the winds have shifted to' westerly. These winds have diminished and are now moderate. . . Fair weather will continue for tha next two or three days with moderate west, shifting to northwest, winds along the North Atlantic steamer route, which It is supposed the bal-; loon. America will follow. The oondl- i tlons for the passage are meet favor- . able with the exception ef a tendency , of the wind, te shift te north f weat-. as the courae Is In a northeasterly dl 1 rectlon. WILLIS L. MOORE. and economical with his "Jules" aa 'waa the noted "Jack" Blnns. A. II. Glnmsn wss at this end. He had been alertly. I IlKteiiiiiar for the Hlrnal since rliawn. ' I After establishing communication, nat- ur&liy the first question Oinman asked was "Where nre yoli?" und Irwtn'e re-ply " Heaven only knows," was typical , of I he man. A dense fog prevailed, and be Maid It wss Impossible to get snjr bear 1 lifts or take observations. He we then asked to send the letter " V." for a few minutes, so that by means of Marconi's method the hore station could locate tne ' dlrcrtlons from wntch the signals were) coming. Irwin replied. " Mlm a laugh jui too precious." ' wubsefuent iy he gave the Information, itohrrvlau-d in the shortest possible manner that the motors had been stopped alio that tnev were drifting. -It was then -ry c. parent that the wtrete operator wqi ib iK-ndliig solely upon Ins storage b.ntciltn I. mil tlie i names and dynamo were started up agfln. Krom thts it IS nnL.rre-1 that Wellman wit drifting Wllb. tne stiff westerly breer.e then blowing, reserving his fuel for more unfavorable conditions. This being the case G In nun and tha other operators decided Mo call the alr-ahlp at frequent Interval and rely upon Irwin to tell when signals were strongest, from which It eould be gathered that the America would be passing Nantucket. This happened about 10:3O A. M., when the signals from the great aircraft were o strong that the opera tor a off doty here rushed into tne open tuny expecting; to t the big balloon in tne vicinity. Irwin said he thought they were thee passing over the shoals,

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