April 1885: Queen Emma dies

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April 1885: Queen Emma dies - n Pacific Conncrcial Advertiser IS PUBLISHED...
n Pacific Conncrcial Advertiser IS PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING. -:o:- Tr.iui or urnscmpTiojr. t annum .S oc Hi nsoattii.... c r month ... 1 wtk 8 OC A 9-f fcjTSnlwrlptlon I'RjabI ninny In Ad j mat. v uiuiuduicaiwin irom uj pur is M tne tkiuguuiui will always h Try wrpubli'. I Person reMdUi In liny part of tb United State c an rrmU the amount of nubwrlptlon due by Pom 03ic money order. t Matter Intended for publication In the editor!: fulmani should b adlressed to EDITOft P-CU1C COWME-ICIAL, AjVKHT Jht a." Huilnrsa communtratlona irnl ad-ortt-iement-huld bo art.lrfwd simply "F, C. ADvrnTtftEB." ad not to ludlvldual, CORPORATION NOTICE. XTOTICK IH HEREBY GIVEN TO ALE PER " in that -t a nirrtlniy r.f th -liKrrhnlrforv t t PACIFIC COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER COMPANY, held on tb 2H1 day of April. 1SS3,' It wu voted to accept th Charter of Incorpo-railon granted to them, and their associates and aectwors, ander th corporate r&me and tyt f the PACIFIC COMMERCIAL ADVERTISE!: COMPANY. And that tho Corporation, under said Charter, wa duly orcaoUed, and elected the followlng-uRmed oHcert, vlx President. ROBT. J. CREIOHTOK BTeUry and Treasurer L. M. MATHER Auditor .. ..W. M. GIFFARL i KoUce U also given that, pursuant to the term? of laid Charter, no shareholders shall be Individually THE DAILY 5 she f I Death of Dowager Queen Emma. She Died Suddenly at Herfta City Residence, Saturday Afternoon, Short 1 j Before 2 O'clock. The following was published as a necond edition of the P. CH Adver tiser on Saturday evening, the 25tb instant : I . I The announcement of the death of the Dowasrer Queen Emma, this af- ternoon, created great excitement in Honolulu, as well on account of hem nigh rank and influence, as because rf ovalforf erinraetor and vlrtlips The deceased lady was born January 2. 1836. and was therefore in her fiftieth year at her death' She was the daughter f Fanny Kekelaokalani Und Naea. a hich chief, and was adopted by Dr. T. C. B. Rooke and Mrs. Rooke, by whom she was carefully brought up and educated. tier mother was daughter of John DEPARTED. succumbed today. A second at- tuck at Kohala,during her recent visit i J.o Hawaii, excited considerable ap-preheusion in the mind of Dr. Robert MeKibbin, who was her private vatef -ru ini? pusician ior many years, anxiety increased by reason of the personal habit3 of the Dowager Queen, who had become very corpu- Ient and abstained from taking exer cise, one likewise gratified ner ap- f petite for food, which was large, y 11 ,i i l i : : THE LAST SCENE. Dr. McKibbin was interviewed b3- advertiser reporter shortly Emma's death, when he made the .following statement: "The Dowager Queen Emma had been perfectly well lately. Yesterday evening she complained of headache, and Miss Peabody asked me to call and see her. I called last night, and fAitrtfl li o f crf-i Vsrt1 n c-1 1 nr li f V ah il r ri c and had taken a little medicine There were no alarming symptoms, 'and I apprehended nothing except the natural anxiety with which, a her physician, I watched her recurring headaches. " I called on her again this morning, and found her lying en a sofa She complained of her head, but said it was not a very bad headache. She was very hungry and wanted her luiciiiiiasi. x n uuiu nut Jt;i luii. ui;t tu k i-e i t i,i : t i, i ' in t nntrf hi nr, f iitqiia v rj n 1 1 1 1 1 ! tie tea and toast. On leaving the Queen's residence, I met Mr. Cart wright, her financial agent and per sonal friend, and I told him that I was anxious about the headaches to which she was subject. ! ' T ilinn nronF tr tlio linenifnl n nH jreturned to my own house about ten minutes after 1 o'clock. As I entered I was called by telephone. I recognized Miss Peabody's voice, asking songs composed for the occasion, H iwmch were very sweet and mournful. J 1 Early yesterday (Sunday) morning posters were put up notifying the I - V CJ $ ' public that the body would lie ini irr1IE -val meeting t i.tf..,n! - i t t . It- wa'"tn Jockey Club will be hel -tate frem 9 a. m. to 1 o'clock p. m.,r Jafril .tth. ei noon, at the ome and the Minister of Foreign Affairs? offieially notified the Diplomatic andf iCousular Corps of the fact of the royal lady's decease and of the sad cere mony of the day. X.CTXG IN STATE. At an early hour a very large num- iDer or people were gathered at tne ! gates of the late Queen's residence, and at the appointed time all were fadmitted to view the face of her who was so lately taken from them. The body was laid on a bier placed in the drawing-room of the residence The bier was covered with heavy Mack cloth, and the remains were clothed in white silk. Over the body was laid a coverlet f heavy silk, richly embroidered ia gold. Upon the head of the deceased Queen was- placed a circlet of jewels, and on the farms were gold and jeweled brace lets. The features of the dead wore a 'peaceful expression, and bore but faint traces of death. Near the body were stationed iQumber of old female retainers of her jiate Majesty', who kept waving small kahilis or feather plumes over the remains. Beyond these were male retainers, dressed in black, and holding large kahilis, symbols of rank. The soldiers detailed to do guard duty Inrinrv f In ft O ir nra,i flllT?rtTTo1 t miYG land the Guard of Honor about the bier was composed of the following gentlemen: Colonel the Hon. C. II. Judd, H. M. Chamberlain; Colonel E. W. Purvis, H. M. Vice-Chamber- !si fcTVilrkTiol fTAfi fl P Tanlraa fColonel James H. Boyd and Colonel the Hon. G. W. Macfarlane of His- Majesty's Staff, also Majsr Antone Rosa of the Governor of Oahu's Staff. NOTICE. n OP THE HA-', i Idoa MONDAY.! i . .. - - .- s . m ; row n. Election of oiheers. il C. O. EERGER, Secretary. osroT'icii:. VOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT TIU a unilersigued, having leased part of the rici-and in Palama from the Wo Kins Company, ar. parties are warned not to trespass on said Land, .ir allow sny animal or fowl to go upon s-iid land. All violators of this notice will be prosecuted ac- ording to law. AH SAM, AH HA. Honolulu, H. I.. AprU 23, 1S55. 93-m23 Notice to the Public. VVTE TAKE PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING T f to tne public tnat, m addition to our 1'ASTliY AND CONFECTIONERY business, we via open an Ice Cream Parlor, Which has been fitted to suit the requirement ii our nrst-cutss trade), on SATURDAY, ArrdL 23TII. Our Creams will be of SUPERIOR QUALITY nly, beins made of Genuine Cream, a supply ol -vuieli we nave scoured from the W oodlawn Dairy. From samples furnished us. weareablt o guarantee the best quality of Ice Cream. Thf following assortment of Ice Creams and snerbertf- will be furnished on our opening day, SATL'R- L)A Y , APltlt, Z5TU: rCE CREAMS Vauilla, Lemon, Chocolate Xtffee, Pine Apple, Strawberry, Coffee Glace. HERBERTS Orange, Strawberry. We are also prepared to furnish Ice Cream parties, din'uers, etc., and to customers at thei enj aumes. Our Parlors will be oTHn every day autis t veiling, except Sunday. Parties desirine lc $ I same on .Saturdays before 9 o'clock P. M. Tht ' Cream will be delivered before 10 A. M. Sunday nornings, packed so as to keep bard eight hours Hoping to get a share of public patronage in this line of our business, and thanking the public tor their liberal favors in the past, we remain respectfully, MELLER & IIAL.BE, 91-ap24-tfdw Lincoln Block, King street. CLARK & CO., Anchor Mills, Paisley, Scotland, TAKERS OF ALL KINDS OF SEWING, 31 Knitting, Crochet and Embroidery Cottons, e to direct public attention to their Registered Trade Marks : Island free

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  • April 1885: Queen Emma dies

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