Blairsden Horses 1902

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Blairsden Horses 1902 - 1G WOlftH IB THE SHOW RING Mrs. C. Ledyard...
1G WOlftH IB THE SHOW RING Mrs. C. Ledyard Blair Drives Win i ning Tandem at Bemartisvnie.: FIVE FIRSTS FOR. HER HORSES E. T. H. Talmaga Win Many RIbbont Despita tha Wtather Society Turns Out Wall for tha Initial Bho. . Loyalty to the horsa has perhapa nvr twfor ben shown to ao larg-a an extent by the vottacera of Beroardarllle, Jf. J.. and the Immediate vicinity aa was done yesterday on the polo field of the Somer-aet County Club.', The Bernardsylile) Horse Show wns Inaugurated, and It received ao cordial a reception: that the universal sen-tUcent was to repeat the aafalr. only on a larger scale next year. The -Horse Show people snapped their Angara scornfully at the weather. "Let tt rain," said tha judges aa they stood unconcernedly In tha wet field beneath dripping- umbrellas. Society responded in much the aame vein, end a long- string- of -fashionable traps. bugrgieaV and four-ln-hands was lined up just beyond the ropes all day. Ion-. H. McEC. Twombly drove over with , a party In hla. f our-tn-hand from his country home near Madison. K. T. H. Taimags entertained a merry party In hla big yellow coach Defiance, and other four-in-hands out were driven up by Walter P. -Bliss, Seymour I Cromwell, and C Ledyard Blair. Not an automobile was in sight. There are several in BernardsviUe. but they wisely refrained from competing' for fa vtr yesterday. . Two namea stand out prominently In this Initial ahow for the BeraardsvUle community, those of E. T. H. Talmag-e and C . Ledyard Blair. The former la styled tha. originator of and chief worker in tha ahow, while the leader carried off the lion's share of the coveted blue ribbons. Under the name of the Blairsden stables hla horses were exhibited, and to their Skillful hand-Una by Mrs. C. Ledyard Blair, the credit of three victories Is due. Mrs. Blair won In ladies' harness horses, driving singly and la pairs, and also In tha more difficult tandem class. Not a trace of nervousness did she show, and her tandem victory was all tha more creditable because she had against her such-good whips-aa E- T II. Talmage. Seymour L. Cromwell, Charles If. Chapin. and Jamea Edward Da via. A marked feature of tha show was the prominent part taken by women. In this respect there was nothing- outlandish or sensational in either costume or rig. neither was there anything gaudy in the appointments. The largest number of women in the ring at one time waa In the aingle harness class. 8ix stylish horses and vehicles swung around the oval at a fair speed. They all had the dignified coachman Parched in the rear. The drivers were Mrs. C. L. Blair. Mrs. Percy R. Pyne, Mrs. S. U Cromwell. Mrs. George B. Poet. Jr.. Mrs. JJ Ue1r.,p; Bli. and Miss Eve 8chley, After Mrs. Blair drove off with the blue rosette v. wa". no eay taik to Plc the second, but Mrs. lyne finally got it. and Mrs. Bliss drove off smlllna- with the . v.n Tnent. In the class for spans, also won by Jars. Blair. Mrs. E. T. H. Talmage drove the fcona pair 'and Mrs. Bliss got another third. On of the classes that did not go as the w,?,cr" nd predicted was that for ladles' saddle horses. Mr. Talmage' s Rainbow had r!n..P';!5d.,b' ny a winner, but Mrs. Archibald Alexander showed off her son's i'h'?tJLut'. n?ar-. EHherway. so skillfully that the Judges had to call It out first from tn bunch, and it wan rollowed by W. All-nton Pugg's Trixie. Miss Louise Sscribner rode the Utter and it furnished an element of interest for the Morristown set. Mr. Tannage got tllrd. . - - . . Sixteen classes were Judged, and It required all day from lu o'clock In the morning to finish the work. There were three or four hard showers In the morning, and the oval ring south of the polo field was Jjy cut up at the end of the day. The tandems drove on the polo field, but all the other classes were shown on a temporary iUrMl .-."v111 of the 'leld- this ? 'ar5a tnt had been erected, which served the purposes of a stable. Lx..1"8. Show Committee consisted of Archibald Alexander, C. Ledvard Bialr 2&rJ!lV WTard J?1 C- BMitchell, 2S?,eo?- Pot. Jr Percy R. Pyne. Ro ST t Sjevens, E. T. H. Talmage. Ramsey Trnbull. nd W 8. B11U. Others present Were Mr. and Xfrm Phoriu c-n r William Manice. Mr. and Mrs E. rr-i . ' .ur 'i'urnbuil. and John P. HUISV, Tha classes and awards are Farm teams, and used - V " any nenrnc, owned BcW- Top'and Doirfim SSiSfi TIS? CoB,P"nJr. econd: Fredsrn u. aurria ur HnitHI i:otinr n BrDw annua ever 14 1 arut m-wnA-.- vrfr0. ?"? offered by Clarence Blair ' Hi o wmII. n. "V11" Frilla. first; Wal- LT" oondrMrs. Charles m ..t C "ra. Eleven entries. E!rr na "Oder 15.2 h&ndm; 5f Trd r Charles M. Chapin. H. P .."Slv11 Prlnc. first: John P. Tall mages Moahund. second: Dudley Oloott. 2d' a Lamia, third. Seven entries. ZrfZ, ??9Sz?t 2Z!ep " bends: prise - 7 &. rm-nailer f. BUM I Mom sad Semerset. first; Jam EL Davis's Vr fJJL,?4 OUeman Jack, second: Blalrs-...S" Pom nd Peeoock. third. Five r " " " . - " ana iacniBe, driven by Mrs. C Ledyard Klalr. first; E. T R Til-mage a .lbs and Tallaman. driven bv owner. Mcooa; rredertck and tS.U Cromwell's unnamed, driven by B. L. Cromwell, third. Six ,UxX2'MIJ1"!itoffeEi b? C Lrd Blair nSSnJ.."" I-lt. fim: T. Tower . ... - i w ui,j, rcona. 'i nre entries. Barneas Horses, ova- IS. 2 Hand. Prise Offered FreS'eri rwS.riJT? "'e-s. Morris, second; FTarto Cromwell s unnamed, third. Eleven i1! 15 1 Hands or Over. Prize Offered by Waiter P. Kit. K. T. H. Tala-; imeret. flret; .Archibald B. Aleiand-.u w7. .ocfkna; criarenos Blair Ifltchall'e - ' i . uu,a. Hertw-M hereea. to be shown before an armm. Priate effered bv J ' - ""K"; laoiee to artve; nrin. i"rsaen eta' nrst; Percy R. pyns Cox, driven by Mrs! rTTl1 JTrJi" hlow7driMvS Brr4Tn ?JTrP,ri ovep 14 1 end not exceed-tflU hand: Pr(e offered by BobertL ftrst; Walter P.BI- Hunehlne and Shadow JSS!1 SenTrie.: ChP,n M. Chapin s Wrangler first. Robit " VvWs'2 pwtWtee . first and second prizes offered b th, CIt I.chlne, driven y Mrs. C. LadvmrS drrvVn y 'itrst SiBasT'seeondvClter Sil'Mrd" Combination saddle and barneea horua fjred by Fnei. O. LioK TTt?LV: , Rainbow first. John F. Talma? mS??. second and Clarence F I a lr MUch'l I ' . v 'hlrd-. Eleven ttrta. Uoon' ladle Saddle Horeea, 14.8 hands or nvw i.,.. to ride: prise offered by cVy mou r I r,mLJ n -Archibald B AlexsnderV EUherw.. -Tf11' by Mrs. Archibald1 ander! flr'V A?U fewtrrtbrvapr sirnnrt r ap u wmf, Ammm Iw7 JdAZTtZr WH: A' '." e.Raln eatrtes. .1! " - mair. Ihlrd Six Calico third ' 'v' rne rour-in-haed; prise offered by Oeorge B. poet. Jr.-Walter P. Rlln's four. Hint; H Tiu roa. eceod; Frederic aad Seyawur 'l r-ro. . well, third. Four entrir. Lrom , ' a Tonlf In HifMH, IS hands or under- mis at. fered by Mr. Archibald 8 AlVndw Msrsaret Lindaberrs 8tar llnti B. T H New baseball day game on the S In was their runs. and total tha Kltaon's Cronin at any team. in Innings, Eheckard, three, , of the same and grounder. Inter-borough Sept. Sheokara. Keeler. rtotan,. Dahlen. FarreU, Flood, Jrwtn. Ritter, Kltson, Nrw Brooklyn Two-base error Off Cronin. Tork. Lauder, Do-Ian. Kitson, Farrell. hour Latham McLaughlin, game work The remarkable Score Pittsburg St. Louis and Boston "White playing Malarkey Boston Dooln. team second his lochia down Cincinnati Chicago Cincinnati Chicago - Kllng. Pittsburg liruoklfn Boston Cincinnati I 1. ii 1 100. ' ' , - . . pleat-; y ' 8

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 21 Sep 1902, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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  • Blairsden Horses 1902

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