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THE NEW YORK TIMES. SATURDAY. M RCH 14. 1914. Shopping Ccnttn usual, a lot of question lie smile, and said: and I are both very tun, but w bad fact. I never bad four days In my life. il-aal and devoted rerreution, and fish. . - ftutt of the Pr-sl-dnt. canuol y into details. drumfush. and thosu to the natives. ' In l.iH Miss An-nrtt N. Y.. a stater of wire of tl Isle Treasury In the second Ir. Fryam's city Park tjuuth. GO TO TRIAL the EUglblll y Jurors. at one time '"confidential of Slate Engineer go to trial nest charge of attempted Jury will be selected pincl of 100 men. It of this special panel a last opportunity found that, accord in 180(1, a special from a lixt of at Justice Davis was the panel because not been complied yesterday, bow- for Hassett might objection Winn Hassett trial. It is believed ralwd to every hlm'lf. heUa thut the repealed in a later the custom to draw the Commissioner of reference to It. stt lie to the Hassett It is the flrt due (traft bunt. llastelt the Board of Water lie is accused 01 at from a prospective was the lowest bidder for the Hudson CLEAN UP. Raid Appears to His Porky. clrnn-up of dlnorderly resorts Teudoiioin .appear to of Inspector Caha-lane, of. this district Inspector Uillcn charges. Cahalane on a bouse on Third Forty-second Street early and succeeded In ho wanted. In this-raid. It was be Incorporated In ' Gillen. Th'.s means j to eipliin why d'aonierlv resorts! In his Mtrlrt. HCainxt lllei drawn up. l'ollce ' expected to make nut fouim counsel engaged was not reaay. nubi wi m . . v w Vanderbllt re-turned on the Mauretania said she expected to her time at Newport. on the passenger and her Identity known to the passengers. Warr, whose an-restors State of Ielaware, with Mrs. Van-derbllt's e.eorted her to the where her baggage examination. and Redeem Them in Merchandise: CONDUCTOR ASSAILS CENTURY'S METHODS Orchestra and Opera Chorus Inadequate, Says Szendrei Not Enough Rehearsals. AROUSED BY CRITICISM Management Denies 'Each and Every Allegation' Attributes Attack to Pique on Conductor's Part. Alfred Srendrel. chief conductor at the Century Opera House, addressed a letter to the newspapere yesterday In which he harshly criticised the method of producing operas at the Institution. His action was prompted by the fact that be bad been criticised adversely in a newspaper laxt Sunday. The management of the opera house Issued a counter statement yesterday afternoon. In spite of the small storm aroused, Mr. Sxcndrel was In his place at the conductor's stand last night for the performance of "Alda." and everything went off smoothly. It was said by the management that the conductor bad given no hint of reMlgnlng before the end of bis prewnt year, when Ida contract tvrmi rates, end apparently the company con- templates no action over the letter Mr, Szendrei said in the second sentence of his letter: " When a crilio questions my competence Is high, time I shoulJ reveul to the public a few facta which an exaggerated sense of loyalty hail tliuu far caused me to keep to myself." ". Then he takes up inott of the dupart-ments at the opera house and dlscussen them. The orchestra, he says. Is 'not competent because the foe of 1 1 a performance ie not an Inducement fvf coin petent players. He adds that with li few exceptions tho men have had absolutely ' no training for operaUo work and are totally unfamiliar with tho mores of even the best-known tjora. Ia his opnlon the chorus, la even Inks hatlxfa.tory than tho orciiestr. for very few of Its members huve had stage experience, and every opera is to them a novelty. Many of them, he says, were discouraged by the work expected of them, and some twenty-five dropped out nivl nave never neen replaced. Ills letter allegen that the first east of any opera for the week Is seperally tne only one wiiicii nas a iui?e rehearsal and the other singers hive t get along with watching them and tho a joins their best. " If there were only enough of these desultory rehearsals." his letter continue. " snmethinR nilnht be achlevec'. 1 remember wttli horror, however, tlut we gave '-Alda ' last September after one private rehearsal of three hours and one public rehearsal. We rehearsed Lohenjtrin ' eight hours all told. Some of the chorus passages until the very were never rehearsed until tue very day of the performance. rA rrompter miKht. save ua from catastrophe, but when the conductor himself is compelled to offer first help to a principal with an unreliable memory, to P'ow down unycomtcionably when a singer repeats the same phraxe twice, to to speed up In order to overtake one who has omitted -a few word, vary ftrtlstlc results cannot be achieve). Now and then critics have caught itio clipping up that way." " Such are aome of the conditions under which I have labored to, this day. I fully realise that to a man unacquainted wltii them . the net results of my exertions should here been reflection en my competence. This Is not-written in anger nor out of spite. I simply refuse to play any longer the part of ocaperoat." In- reply to the conductor's strictures Uilion A born iawtied a statement yesterday afternoon Iti which tint mitn.-mu-ment denied each and every allegation " miide, and al! that thn l.lKr was doubtless insplrvd by the fact Its writer had not beoii nstasetl fur next season at the Century Aiililn Jar-chlH would be the principal cutitlu'tur next season, Mr. Aborn said. Mr. Jac-chla hits been connected with the Montreal Opera Company. The Aborn Htuto-tlieiit roncliiden as follows : " Since the Centurv 0wri Companv started Its rurrcr btet Sxiili'inlnT w have watched for opportunities for its Improvement, und any chMnires nee-sary and possible for Its betterment have been :md ure brllnr made have rei'OK"lx' fuullx from time to Una, and they have txen remodled a soon as possible. Tlicxe defects w re all such as mleht be expected or a new Institution beginning II efforts In one of the most difficult arts, and are Kuch as can be eliminated as the organization grows older snd more perfect. It Is the Intention of the sponsors and the trvanaceiuent of the Century Opera Company to continue striving to make It more effleient as long as the organisation exists." GR1FENHAGEN WILL FILED. Sheriff Inherits Bulk of His Brother's Property. Sheriff Max S. Grifeuhageu was named as chief beneficiary In the will of his brother. Jacob B. Crirenhngen. which, was filed for probate yesterday. Mr. Orltenhagen died on March 6. After making bequests of $ii,O0O -each to his sinters, Bertha J. TClous end Florence Hosenbluin, Mr. flrlfenhngen directs that o.MI sbaU bo set aside for another brother, Kdward M. Orlfrnhagen, the Income from this money to be paid to his brotUer In bis lifetime, lu explaining this bcyuest. Ml. tSrltcnhaeen aas: " I make this smaller provlnlon for my brother. Kdward, bec.tune from time to time I have given him various um of money, end for tbe further reason that his Judgment aa to Investments and the ute of money is such that I consider the amount and method of pro vision will be most conducive to his welfare." air. Grifenhagen left his en tiro ivaid-nary estate fit Ms brotlior, ftictlff Grifenhaen, and exDlalns his bequest in this way: " I have made a larger F revision for my brother. Max. than or my other brothers arid elsters because my said brother and I hsvo been together III 1iihIiism fur mnnv wan and by our unlte, efforts I have been enabled t acquire such profertv as I now own, and 1, therefore, cons der that be Is entitled to more substantial recognition- In the apportionment of my state." Bfoadway at Last day of this sale Saks Norfolk Suits for Men & Young Men Reduced from $17.50, $20, $23 and $25 Reduced from $30, $33 -and $35 Two garment suits, consisting of coat and long or knicker trousers. Both imported and Saks-made, and a number of fine knitted suits in the assortment. CHALONER LAWYER LOSES. Appellate Divieion Refuses to Order $3,000 Fee Paid by Sherman. Hugh tlordon Miller, the lawyer, who represented John Armstrong Chaloner In suits to have Chaloner declared sane In tht Mtsto snd to ret-over for tdm his New York property hold by Thomas T Sherman as committee, will have to look to Mr. Chaloner personally for his $3,000 fee. The Appellate filvlislone declined yesterday to order Mr. Sherman to pay the fee out of the Income of Chaloner'K New' York estate. Mr. Chaloner escaped from the Illoom-Ingdnle Htitte Hospital, and was declared sane In Virginia. Mr. Miller represented him not only In suits to recover the property held by his committee, but also to have hie Income from the property Increased from $17,900 a year to $33.0110 a year, which latter amount he said more nearly reprenunted what the property earned. After toeing the suits. Miller sought payment ir his feo from Mr. Sherman. nd wherf Ma application was denied by Supreme Court Justice Oavegan, appealed to the Appellate Division. DOUBLE RETAINER DENIED. Lawyer Can't Collect from Bankrupt and Credlto-s. Frederick F. Eiaemann, a lawyer who won a $3,500 verdict In the Supreme Court against Mrs. Florence A. Haxard of the firm of E. C. Hazard Co.. had the Judgment In his favor reversed yes-Urday by the Appellate Division. In l'Jt7 the firm of which Mrs. Hazard was a member w-ent Into bankruptcy. tCl.M'inann, wiiu was her lwyr, tixk retainers also from notne of the creditors rvorganlsoil tho compauy. The creditors pai( him $3.54) and he sought to recover $.i,.1 from Mrs. Hatard. ' The Appellate Division held that the Interests of creditors and firm tnuilrt were scarcely idntlcal In a bankruptcy matter, even where reorganisation was involved, and said Eiacmann was not entitled to recover, as ho had In the lower court, on the theory that the two retainers were consistent. Building Inspector Guilty. Mlcheel J. Wlielnn, a building Inspector, who was formerly employed by the Bureau of Buildings, was convicted yes. terday before Judge Bwann In General Sermons for demanding a bribe from the New York Mail Company for nllowinif iiltrralions In Ihtlr guriigo at &.kl Rast Twentieth Street without a permit Hen-! r..e will- le itnpuae.1 on Mari'h III W heiati's defense to the charge that a sum of money whs parsed to him In niarhfi bills on Dec. L'4 was that he tliougt.t It was a Christmas present. 34 th Street. $14 $22 1

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  2. 14 Mar 1914, Sat,
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