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 - Dorothy Kilgallen's Voice Of Broadway Conductor...
Dorothy Kilgallen's Voice Of Broadway Conductor Is Latest Victim Of 'Der Fuehrer' TPD WYNN, suddenly a "hot pro•*-* perty" in show business after years of slim pickings, is wanted for the role of the uncle in Warner's screen version of "Marjorie Morningstar" . . . Natalie Wood, ^Hollywood's colorful symbol of teen-age rebellion, is fighting a big studio battle for more loot . . . The Countess Polignac, cousin of Prince Rainier and owner of Lanvin Perfumes, is on her deathbed in France. There's a meeting of the clan. Paulette Goddard is trying to decide whether or not to accept a role in the "Waltz of the Toreadors" revival . . . Tony Martin's conductor, Al Sendrey, is the latest victim of an unpleasant encounter with Der Fuehrer at the Copacabana , . . The Jerry Orbachs are knitting tiny garments .. . One of Mae West's muscle chaps is on his way to Tibet to enter a lamasery. His name is Richard DuBois, and Mae recalls he used to spend hours discussing yoga and metaphysics. Diana Barrymore, who had a hard time getting a job in a fourth rate stock company a year ago, has had the astonishing total of 40 weeks work offered her this Summer. All a result of her sensational autobiography, according to her manager, Ken Later, who is the most flabbergasted 10 per- center in town. Buddy Adler. the movieland genius, predicts model Suzy Parker will become "the greatest thing in pictures."- No word on what fie plaas to do about her squeaky little voice, which doesn't match her glamorous facade; presumably they'll solve that problem by coaching or through the miracje of electronics . . . Although she's on the verge of a divorce, Martha Vickers tells friends she still loves Manuel Rojas and hopes for a reconciliation. Worthy cause aside, the City of Hope Telethon was a me- lange of third rate acts, bad taste and bad grammar that got worse as it went along. Ed Sullivan might well inquire of the TV censors why he is forbidden to show Elvis Presley's obscene gyrations when Dean Martin is permitted to show Bo Diddley's equally obscene gyrations. Is leukemia an excuse for vulgarity? .. . None of the local gazettes reported Jane Powell's collapse onstage at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas. She was revived and managed to finish her act. Ilene Woods, who considers herself Ted Williams' darling, tells chums her newest prezzie from the ball star is a miniature gold baseball featuring his autograph . . . Fernanda Montel escaped with minor injuries in a car crash with wealthy Frank Butler. His Bentley blew a tire while they were going over 100 miles an hour between Miami and Palm Beach. Ava Gardner's intimates are beginning to doubt that she and Walter Chiari will ever marry, even if she bothers to .pick up the legal papers divorcing her from Frank Sinatra. To quote one pal: "What does she need with domesticity?" . . . Two, society beauties went to Hollywood to appear in "Desk Set," and one made it big, one flopped. Nedenia Button's option has been picked up; Pamela Curran's contract was dropped. Pamela is breathtaking in real life but doesn't photograph well, so she wound up on the cutting room floor .. . "Follies" romance: Ronald Cecil (Harold l*ang's understudy) and blonde showgirl Roberta Brown. . Edith Adams, dressed in the ensemble she wears when she impersonates Marilyn Monroe, often is mistaken for the real thing. When autograph hunters trap her and plead, ",Oh, Marilyn, will you sign here?" Eclie confuses them by scrawling, "Marilyn Adams" .. . Linda Darnell is threatening to challenge the barn circuit with her version of "A Hatful of Rain" . . . Mary Roebling, the attractive lady bank president, is inviting sneers from the fashion experts. She showed, up at the Colony the other day wearing big rings on top of nylon gloves — and the only chic word for that is inexcusable. "An Affair to Remember" should be very big with the cruise set. Much of the action finds Deborah Kerr and Gary Grant on board ship, and the producers are planning to stage a preview of the flicker aboard the Constitution. The Actors Equity suspension of John Barrymore jr. for a minimum of one year recalls his father's tempestuous career. More than once, producers leveled charges against the elder Barry- mor, but he never received that stiff a penalty. John Jr., will be permitted to complete his Pasadena Playhouse engagement, but from June 2 on he can't appear with other Equity members for a twelvemonth. Dan Arnstein made quite a killing. Sold off 300 taxis in his big fleet, netting a profit of $3,0)00 on each of the hard-to-get medallions . .. First nightclub to taper off gently from the calypso kick will be Le Cupidon. The management is adding Christian^ Breton, a gamin-type chanteuse from Montreal. Bible Thoughts The Publican smote upon bis breast, sayiuj, God be merciful to me 9 sinner. Luke 18:13. One thing Christ taugfct in this parable is that childlike humility is one key to the Kingdom.

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Reporter,
  2. 31 May 1957, Fri,
  3. Page 6

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