William T. West 1899

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William T. West 1899 - TO BEST. SEASON. I EVENING ! i William I. West...
TO BEST. SEASON. I EVENING ! i William I. West Passed Away Lasi Evening;. Troupe -10-- j Si:Ll,. l'a iliun P 25.. R C K . . . Was One of ihe Most widely of Saudusky - BL : f Sketch of His Life. ' U K ' l . K A I ' . 11, - u niuc.. 'tinM«Uh ia (!a i H ia 8 S I! 10 l:.' 18 U8l !U 00| 10 ending 8 a Ii4 hours 24 hours, Observer. Tliun! Thursday Detroit, 1899. half rates good goiug returning depositing tickets 15. From trip tickets Northern Canada C., H. D. Between Detroit Steamers between Detroit per week Mackinac commence on the illustrated Mich. Indianapolis, will make a trip good returning to depositing may be 20. information. Cincinnati, 1899. of tha tickets at round trip, 27, 2S, later than C., H. D Deal 1 hi 1 .'- ;t; a i n i" ' · ! · ·' t ' S a n d t i s k y p i ' - n i i \ v h o for iO \e,n-s i, ;,, (,(.,. n ] ( i, v i t h the business ;i:,(i .-oei 1 the city. \Villi.i-.i T We.st is ]e.i.i. His end eame at i; :!." o'floi-k 1 ist e\ e-'i:i." hotel which had been his homo a century aud which was Ids aged \\ife who has trod with pathway of life for so many two sons (reorge O ;iur! William, daughters Mrs. Carrie West Mrs. Livingstone Hubbard, a younger brother, Mr. Gilbert West of Mass., and other relatives were bedside when lie peacefully uassed away. His death had been expected several days, as it was known could not live. He was confined rooms for the past week but this had been in poor health all He had three attacks of the grip last attack was brought on by a which he took to Toledo on the several weeks ago. His naturally orons constitution was not proof these repeated attacks of disea.se. he gradually grew weaker until came. Mr. "West was one of t h e men iu Sandnsky and though he been removed from the circles iu he for years was so prominent a he will hand down to posterity memory replete with acts of loviug aud charity which will keep green after the mortal clay is mingled the dusts. He was in some ways eccentric and peculiar, but this quality but bring out the large heart of brotherly love which he held for mankind general. He was ever ready to needy, always had a kind word troubled and afflicted, and never whole career w;is heard to say uncharitable word to any one. This his predominating tendency of ter. He was possessed of great force character, unusual business sagacitj and a brilliant mind. These made him a leader and the many aud business blocks which he various parts of the city are silent testimonials of the debt of gratitude owes him. He, perhaps, more other one man, fostered busiuess enterprises and tried to make the city loved substantial aud prosperous. Mr. West was born at "Washington Mountain, near Pittsfield, Mass., June 15, ISlo. If he lived two louger he would have reached his eighty-fourth birthday. He was the to Mackinac trip meet acquaintances, D. C. the Island aud pamphlet. P. A., summer the tickets return for returning 11 p, m. intermediate son of Abel West and it was his" that his ancestors were of New stock as far back as the geueology be traced. The farm on which born has been for years and is the possession of the West faanly. early education was obtained iu common schools aud it was a matter of remark w i t h him education co.-t his father but 50 cents, sum being spent for oue day's a select school, which he left after first day's atteudauce. fie n'r.-t the trade of a brick baker, but dihUstefnl to him, aud at the age he weut to Barriugtou, Mass., learned the trade of cabiuet making. This, although he had mauy he always referred to as his trade. :i,~ he weut to Albany, where he bib n'rst contract, that of making hogauy tables for the legislative New York's capitol. These tables still in use. Wlieu the money panic aud labor troubles of 1SU7 made oil the U ' 3 l . Boat avenue, returniii};, Vare for On J«ly and the and tine at \ i l l s e l l round Hi, hn\- way, date of every near soft gas is does there be pipes meter condition*) hard, Mr. West decided come to Ohio. He had friends iu Columbus and Cincinnati. His coming Sandnsky was purely a matter of accident. At Buffalo by mistake hi* were placed aboard a packet boat coming to tfaudusky. He discovered the mistake just as the boat was leaving, and as his whole possessions were he jumped into the water, was up by the captain aud brought to place. On arriving here he saw that iug tor hw trade were good aud established a .shop on Market street. Ho \\ at this tor two years uud then sold to Ills only competitor. He. thcu embarked in a general merchandise business with hi.s brother, A K. West. that time u n t i l the latter'« death all their business enterprises wen; together. hi IMS he .started the building of the West House. Its walls today arc as he constructed them, [t was not at tirst Ins intention to so large a building, as it was so proportion to the city that for years was known as "West's Folly." However, nine has shown and proved foresight in building well. Within its walls many noted people have been housed, among others, Charles Dickens \ \ h e n on his American tour. Mr. knew e\erylHdy and men in all parts the Union \sill lament his death. During the rebellion Mr. West went to Washington and induced the authorities to place the federal pn?ous on Johnsons island. He himself obtained the contract for building them and per- sonally superintended their construction. That he did his work well is tested by the fact t h n t the prison all respects a model and humane ono. Mr. West liked to build. He has constructed many private residences throughout the city and it was that he never employed an architect, always drawing his own plans. the business blocks that ho ha* con- strncted are the MahaU block on

Clipped from
  1. The Sandusky Star-Journal,
  2. 14 Jun 1899, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • William T. West 1899

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