Trial...Generelly's name mentioned, maybe he was one of the Lawyers.

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Trial...Generelly's name mentioned, maybe he was one of the Lawyers. - rnmrc T ATTv pth A VTTNTNEW ORLEANS, SATURDAY,...
rnmrc T ATTv pth A VTTNTNEW ORLEANS, SATURDAY, DEQEMBER 15; 1900. 3 if t . 7 SAW -BIRI -BIRI SHOOT i roScire01d-Laa, roScire01d-Laa, roScire01d-Laa, aaa. Panl gsard t ike Express Office Close to x-H'ixZ': x-H'ixZ': x-H'ixZ': the ; Scene, jjrit&eiy Identifjing Him as One of :. '-, '-, '-, the Eioters. . : ' Petal Tries to Discredit Them, '. ' :y.aad Also Seeks to Frere v an Alibi. The t gInst -Michael -Michael Blrl, charged -tti -tti a murder of the negro, Scott, on fiiDitla street, Jnly 27, daring the riot, was a to. tie criminal district court, beta beta Judge Molse, yesterday. ? In the fore-nottv'the fore-nottv'the fore-nottv'the "panel was exhausted ; without i-ttlng i-ttlng i-ttlng the two additional Jurymen re-oiid. re-oiid. re-oiid. At the afternoon session the Jury cometed and the evidence begun, and t the night session the state fln-lined fln-lined fln-lined Ks cae and some of the defense ' pastes were heard. The main part of tat WB to testimony of a boy aimed Marchand . and ; Paul x Verdella, each f f whom testified to- to- seeing , Blrl .shooting at the negro, although the ne-feast ne-feast ne-feast canted Verdella ... to contradict a part ef the boy's testimony. 'lb point of the defense, so far are s attempt at an alibi by James Larleu, ;Yb keeps a coffee stand In the French market, who swore thatBIrl was at his ftina during the shooting, and Valentine ' frtlB's statement that Verdella told him he didn't know Blrl, and asked him to - Introduce blm on the Sunday after the aborting. r The great difficulty In getting i Jury . na oa account of the disinclination of 4 the Jurprs examined to convict on cir-. cir-. cir-. esmatantlal - evidence, and to convict where there might be capital punlsh-' punlsh-' punlsh-' jurat, nd two or three said they would ; tot, convict a white man of shooting a Bfro The case went over until 9 o'clock tart morning. X ' The completed Jury is as follows: Hugh McCormack, unemployed, but formerly superintendent of the' streets department; residence, No. -'2223 -'2223 Fourth Street. ' Elder M. Perry, with Preston, Stauffer k Co.; residence. No. 2527 Annunciation , street. - : Lara Block, of Block & Laf aye; residences-No. residences-No. residences-No. residences-No. 1129 Crsullnes street. A. H. Ah ten, gardener, No. 1117 Fern ' street. . X George F. Bensel, with the St. James Timber Company; residence, No. 5509 i Tcboupitonlas street, Edwin H. McKaH, of the National Automatic Automatic Fire Alarm' Telegraph. - Leon Israel, with J. Aron A- A- Co.; resl-' resl-' resl-' ience. No. 1623, Magazine street. -A. -A. w. Nicholas, - exporter; residence, Ko. 1438 8t. Charles avenue. Oliver McKIttrick, printer; residence. Ko. 2700 South Rampart street. 7 Geo, W7 Baneker, Jr., bookkeeper, with Smith Bros. & Co.; residence, No. 127 Bouxn uoman street. Charies G. Reeder, collector for God-chaux; God-chaux; God-chaux; residence, "No. 927 First street, v Eugene P. Peychaud. clerk for Schmidt Zlegler; residence. No. 1128 Carondelet street. : . .. V At the forenoon session the following Jurors were examined and the panel exhausted exhausted without one being selected: fi?j7,i,,t St.. Hllanv. Jacquesi Manner. -J. -J. JJtxeiv Ixa H. - Power. Frank J. Man-aing. Man-aing. Man-aing. - Collins C Dlboil. Edward r. 1I?7U Stleney, Vrbaln Sa- Sa- ; btu oTuuam imeooKi, Kobert Pollock. Jofc Pereai, WUUam G. Lehman. George t B.-. B.-. B.-. aOUer, Ernest Potthart. Sidney . : fcoere. Max Paul, M. BachemerL John M. ; Glhnore, Jos. . Panilias, William N. Bax-t Bax-t Bax-t Bobert J. McQoiston. Joseph K. Bo-7 Bo-7 Bo-7 land. -Peter -Peter Ma ban, George Bennet. Peter - Btrue, Henry Richfield, Thos. B. Pierce, ; Alexander Philips, William K. Rainey, Henry Glllean, Henry Tbalshelmer. ,5 When court opened at 1:30 the Jury as far as Impaneled was called down an J the roll called. . t .... : George VL Bicbemla ras called and : examined by District Attorney Gurley. He was opposed, to capital punishment, .and did not think he could sit on a jury ' aad convict under the circumstance. ' Challenged for cause. - George H. Miller, of 821 Glrod, billiard ..- ..- m keeper, was called and was excused excused try the court. '" J. W. Templemain, of 415 St. Charles : atreet, also had scruples againat capital : wntlshment. . He did not believe in tak-. tak-. tak-. br a man's life, and couldn't convict. Oullenged for cause. ! Hetry Bohlke, of 917 St. Ferdinand, ud also scruples against capital punish- punish- Best and was challenged for cause. -t -t ' tonuel B. McCllntock. employed . by Collins A Co., was -against -against -capital -capital pnn- pnn- j hlmient. He might think the man was rallty and be wrong. Challenged for . nose. 7. John H. Dunning, of 1022 Bobert street; 1 alio had conscientious scruples against etpttal punishment, though there were 1 some erfines that he would Justify it in, ' ot murder, however. - Challenged l for cause. - - - . Aaron 8. Picard, of Adler Co., had no . scruples against capital punishment, and .''-could .''-could .''-could give a fair trial. The fact that the . Defendant was accused of killing a negro ..-.would ..-.would ..-.would bave o effect on his verdict. Accepted Accepted by the state. j: To' Mr. tStcereHy be said he was prejudiced prejudiced against killing Innocent negroes la the street. It . would Interfere with aim. la rendering a verdict. Challeneged for cause. -- -- - ' - .-" .-" .-" 4 .irr.vGuTley quetIoned Mm further and Jadge Moise rea-soned rea-soned rea-soned with him. He said ffce conld give the prisoner fair triaL . ChaUcni; sustained. . - - - Marcel F. Quesnor. of the Sixth ward, 1. i called. Has been a motorman. r. Knows Blrl by sight, and feels friendly " towards - him, and would be biased. 4 , Knows tots of Blri'a frlenda, , Challenged for cause.' :..;'7:, . - . j 77, Jphn e. Brady was excused; 7 1 Ferdinand Beer had 'conscientious " temples against capital punishment, and W challenged for cause. : --- --- --- Robert A. Mason, of .4223 Brlenvllle l street, knows Mike Blrl and hU family. Tbtt would not influence his verdict. . He would not convict on . circCTWtantlal vl- vl- ' v-arence v-arence v-arence uon, or Liouisiana lana ou Chtrles avenues. had scruples against, tf-n tf-n tf-n . - BA THE FRUITS Of Oolfe Drlsilcliiar : ke frulta or results. In my case, of eeffee drinking, were sallow, complexion, tlmost' total loss of appetite as well as sleeplessness and lnCTisl.'eircnlatloW.v;7-TE lnCTisl.'eircnlatloW.v;7-TE lnCTisl.'eircnlatloW.v;7-TE was also very bilious ; and constl-Pted constl-Pted constl-Pted most of the time for eight year, d became so nervous that I was unable to do any mental labor, and was fast ap-jroacaing ap-jroacaing ap-jroacaing condition where there would laT ra no help for me7.--? me7.--? me7.--? me7.--? am convinced" that' If :' X had ' con-oaoedualng con-oaoedualng con-oaoedualng coffee much longer the re-' re-' re-' tuitwould have been a total mental and paystcai wreck. .-7.- .-7.- .-7.- .-7.- 7:!:7?,v777: v"1 onetimes think the all-wise all-wise all-wise provl-nce provl-nce provl-nce looks after us In trouble: at any when 1 Jjra 1x1 despair friend ed me to give up coffee entirely and Poatum,4 giving the reason why. It hard for me to believe that so com-nou com-nou com-nou a beverage as coffee was the cause 'BJ trouble, but I made the change, ' :n th? "flrat trlM.U experienced a Vt - Improvement. ;.My com- com- ' n.011 lPoved, the nervousness Wmi wtJ, thfr binous trouble and lessness, and I am completely cured s.ajjUh circulation. In fact, I am . and the return to health has been y traced to leaving off 'coffee and 1 stom Food Coffee.: I recommend ?'I ccee wrects T-' T-' T-' t n. POCTTlj OF EXCELLEirCB, A. Few Reasons Wat els Are Rap. :Vily Malctaa-' Malctaa-' Malctaa-' s HewCatmk ,. '':7 ; -" -" -73tire -73tire -Kaxaostsw -Kaxaostsw 7 . . - .7 ' Stuart a CaUrrb Tablet." the new Catarrh cure, has the following advan tages over other catarrh remedies i - First: These tablets contain no cocaine,' morphine or -any -any other . injurious drag, ; and are as' safe and beneficial for chll-. chll-. chll-. dren ns for adults; this U' an important point when it Is recalled that i many catarrh .remedies do contain- contain- these Ivery. objectionable Ingredients--' Ingredients--' Ingredients--' Ingredients--' ; f ' -' -' : Next Being In tablet form,' this . remedy; does cot deteriorate ' wlto age - or .'an'. exposure to the air, as liquid preparations preparations Invariably -do. -do. ; Next: The tablet, form not only pre-" pre-" pre-" serves the medicinal properties, 'but ; It 1 ao far more convenient to carry and to use at any" time that it . le only ;" a question of 'time when the 'tablet will entirely supersede liquid medicines, as It has already done In the" medical department department of the United States army.: ' Next: No secret Is made of the com-, com-, com-, position of " 8tuart's CatarrV Tablet; they contain the active principles of Eucalyptus bark, red gum blood root and -Hydrastln, -Hydrastln, all harmless' antiseptics which, however, are death to catarrhal germs wherever found, because they eliminate them from the blood. 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Stuart's Catarrh Tablet do this better than the old form of treatment, because they contain every safe specific known to modern sdlence In the antiseptic treatment treatment of the dleease. a Next: The use of Inhalers and spraying ay paracuses, besides being Ineffective anl disappointing, Is expensive, while a com- com- filete treatment of Stuart's Catarrh Tab-ets Tab-ets Tab-ets can be had at any drug store in-the in-the in-the limited States and Canada for 50 cent. capital punishment, no matter what the crrme was. ldiuo(i ior Joseph Provenaano, Jr., of South Rampart Rampart street, know Blrl by aight. Has no or conviction on circumstantial evidence. Wouldn t convict k mere were w eje-wltnefiscs. eje-wltnefiscs. eje-wltnefiscs. Didn't know what a verdict was. and had never been in court before. Mr. Gurley did not think he PTo'1Mr. Generelly he said he would fol-low fol-low fol-low instractlons of the court and. the evidence. . . . The Judge thought he was competent. To Mr. Guiley he said that after hear-lnz hear-lnz hear-lnz the evidence he could not .tell which was right. He was bora in Italy. Mr. hurley Insisted that he was not competent. Ruled competent and chal- chal- leruine?sy eso'Leopold Levy's sto was to a certain extent a prejudiced against clrcumstantlar would not hang or aend to the penlten-ary penlten-ary penlten-ary on it. Challenged foirjse. - John D. Brooks, of Burguivdy etrefet, hkd scruples against capital punishment jd was challenged for cause. . Frank Klefer, 1943 Bourb. knew Mike Blrl. but don't know whether he is related related to this man. It would prevent hi a clerk for W." d. TebaulU Had con- con- SClentlOUS scrapie inr whltt! lshment, and would not find any wwu. inan guilty for killing a negro. Cbal- Cbal- leIf fXfBaSdolph wouldn't convict on ciWOTUnttel evfeence. Challenged .for Challenged for eat.""-', eat.""-', eat.""-', 77 jo nh strtsWyght lUeTgeS fWE. Lorenzo was excused by the c0STtT oiiiesoie of 1637 Third street, . R." .toea- .toea- a 'Decatur and St. Louis. i5-l5SSl i5-l5SSl i5-l5SSl to capital punishment on circumanal? e?Idee. Challenged for Cawililam S. McCann was excused by the Albert Magnltasky, of 821 Camp street, walther opponent of capital punlsh- punlsh- safdrttbe defendant betag dune.sairnga Louta Hu7,'of 731 Royal, has conscl-entus conscl-entus conscl-entus Spies agarnst capital punishment punishment In some cases, and would require witnesses- witnesses- Challenged, for cause. Ernest Seaman,' of 4818 Magailne streetT thoughtthe f act that oneof the nkM wVs a "negro could affect his ae-floe'dot ae-floe'dot ae-floe'dot thSik he coujd overcome thln1luelice7 Challenged, for cause. Clans Bogel. of 4925 Chestnut street, was excused on account of press of busl- busl- nCharles G Reder, ji,2la"5" chaux, was accepted by the district at- at- Tor. said that "be had no prejudice against any individual among the rlotert He thought more of. . white man than a negro. Accepted.. Eugene G. Peychaud, of 1126 Carondelet Carondelet street, clerk for Schmidt & ZJegler, wouldonvlct-on wouldonvlct-on wouldonvlct-on circumstantial evidence If It was strong enough. He was accepted accepted by both sides.. , .' This completed the Jury. ... OFFICER BBUNOT was the first witness. He told - about hearing the trhooting, making an investigation investigation at the place of the killing of Icott, at Hospital and Gallatin streets He found a mob there, but got no direct evidence regarding the killing. . He helped send -the -the body to the morgue. ' 7 ;. 7 7 .OFFICER ' CROW '' - was on the patrol wagon 'at the time of Se killing. ; He told about finding Scott'a body- body- and. Uklng It to' themorgue.f He did not see Officer BTunot. Xwo cltlxena helped, to Pnt the body In the, wagon.; 77 7, DRIVER DAN MO RAN . testified to going with the patrol wagon and removing the body of Scott. He did not know - whether Officer Brunot was there ,-or, ,-or, ,-or, not. It was 6 or 7 o'clock. ;, DR. MIOTON, -DEPUTTf -DEPUTTf CORONER, testified to lioldlng the autopsy.' No other tody- tody- was brought - from . that locality at that time. . . Mr. GenereMy objected to the coroner testifying- testifying- to the death of a - person so far unknown 'to tbe Jury." An examination examination otany negro except Joseph Scott was ' Irrelevant-' Irrelevant-' Irrelevant-' , ; M: , j - ' The objection was oyerroled. 7 v...,. i Dr Mloton- Mloton- described the six wounds, two "of which would have been fatal. The fatal shots were fronvthe front, albo one liTthe shoulder. He described the wounds In detail to ttejury. Dr. Mloton said that- that- as the bullets .had -become -become mixed in the morgue, e . threw them war "rather ' than run - chances. , There wre a nuSeF of other-bodle. other-bodle. other-bodle. - to .the morgue at the time. He gave a . list of; Genereh doctor said W ri'th'dwa ward and to; the left. -7-.. -7-.. -7-.. -7-.. -.. -.. 7- 7- . . : MART WONG, '6F. 29 GALLATIN : 7' . ' ":; . ' STREET,' ' -". -". ' ' 7 77-: 77-: 77-: ' between - Hospital - and' Barracks,'- Barracks,'- a col-oredomln, col-oredomln, col-oredomln, knew Joe Scott. ' Btw Wm dead othe opposite side -of -of the street from her Jiouse. - 7 l- l- ; ." ;fHe was a laboring tnan, who worked in the refinery. He was a peaceable, quiet man, and generally alone. - and always worked. Didn't know about OUs; character character a to drinking- drinking- 7- 7- She was before her . door and white man was following 'a . epjored. mani , on Gallatin atreet. The white man emptied Ms pistol. The negro went Into Chris. Renter' place, and the rowd assembled and was so thick that the shots, were Indistinguishable, Indistinguishable, - 7,77 :f V - f- f- - V.V " ' -V; -V; . V:- V:- ATan with a blue anlt and black hat and black mustache came and fired his istol Into the body on the. ground and aenTfcame' and knocked on her door, and demanded that ah' put all negroes out. ber,wbi Twas7 killed -was -was Joseph Scttt. Tt was about o clockScott was employed at the sugar reflneryat night. She did not know where be lived- lived- Witness kept an eating house, and Scott formerly ate at her bouse when she ws on Decatur street. - .- .- . ' ... ; ; rj :it. - Generelly: packing-house. packing-house. packing-house. The shots sounded as If a . bunch of firecrackers were put la a barrel.' The -man -man who came up ran to a point opposite his 'house and fired at the man 'where he! was lying. - 7 - - 7,7 t When the-man the-man the-man wa on? the gallery the mob- mob- waa.all - about. - -He. -He. Jumped down and ran-across ran-across ran-across Hhe street' and tried her doori ; and -then' -then' ran . tv the Well-Fargo Well-Fargo Well-Fargo Company's ' place. and then ran back across the -street -street In front -ot -ot the mob. - To Mr.-, Mr.-, Mr.-, Gurley The tbree shots fired by -the -the man -who' -who' 'ran up were after the man ;"wa getting finished on the ban-ouette. ban-ouette. ban-ouette. -? -? ' "' - ' -' -' ' v' -'.-' -'.-' -'.-' -'.-' j; i .-. .-. .-. ,-;V7 ,-;V7 ,-;V7 JOHN LANGMAN. 7 Renter's brother-Inaw.1 brother-Inaw.1 brother-Inaw.1 was at Renter's, and wa washing -his -his . handa when Scott came In..-He In..-He In..-He walked fast and went upstairs. upstairs. . A white man followed him In and followed htm - upstairs, ' with a pistol In bis hand." Didn't see the man again, nor the. negro. He went - upstairs to see about Els .sister -and. -and. her children, but found they were downstair again and he descended. 1 He heard two or three shots, and supposed they- they- came from the second floor.' - Some"- Some"- time-' time-' time-' after be got downstairs downstairs he heard more snots four or Ave la all.. - ' To Mr.. Generelly There ..were four r five shots'. only. - -'- -'- -'- To' Mr. "'Gurley After a naif honr he went away. and. did not go to see the negro negro lying on the sidewalk. . 7 HENRY BREMMEBUAN was also In Mr. -Renter's -Renter's place. He also saw the negro- negro- come In. and go upstairs. A man . followed the - negro, but he did not know him. He went upstairs. He heard two' revolver shots upstairs. Tbe negro 'Jumped over the back gallery, and witness dressed himself and went home. There were eight or ten men in the rear at the door when he left. . To - Mr. ' Generelly Heard only two shots.. 'Didn't know the white man. . CHRIS. REUTER testified to seeing the negro followed by the v white man and hearing the shots. The . negro was Killed about thirty varda. from where be Jumped on Gallatin street. To Mr. . Generelly, witness said he only knew -that -that the negro ran through his place,- place,- was : forced off the gallery, and was shot on Gallatin street. - Juror McFall asked how witness knew the negro Jumped on Gallatin street. He replied that he had only been told that he Jumped. He saw the negro dead on the street. - . Court then adjourned until 7:30 o'clock. Nla-ht Nla-ht Nla-ht Session, Victor Greco, lived at 1210 Decatur street on. July 27. He knew nothing of the case, except that he heard the shots. He thought there were five or six or more shots. Did not see the shooting or the crowd, saw the man a couple of hours after he was ahot. To Mr. Generally: There, were many shots fired more than Ave or six. GERMAIN JOURNEE on July 27 was. near the French market, and did not see the shooting or tbe dead man. He aaw Blrl In the market about 2:30 o'clock. -He -He didn't have anything with him. 'Saw him-two him-two him-two or tnree times. Can't mt m saw him dolnr anything. Mr. Gurlev asked the witness If he was before the grand Jury, and If he remem bered nis testimony mere. He said' he was, and he did. Thpn th- th- attorney asked where BIri was ' going, . and what he seemed to be doing? ' 1 Juror Peychaud was asked to. act as interpreter ' but- but- no better results were obtained-. obtained-. obtained-. - Witness didn't see Blrl doing anything., or near him say ' anyinmg. Finally he. said that at 2:30 o'clock when Blrl passed, him. he was putting a pistol in his pocket. LEON BOB waa at Barracks and North Peters slreets and beard the- the- shots, and saw the negro after he was dead ou-uaiiann ou-uaiiann ou-uaiiann street. t waa delivering milk. Didn't know any of. the people he saw there, and could not tell how many shots he heard. He left his cart on Gallatin, between Hos pital and Barracks . streets, previous to the shooting, and went to Barracks and North Peter streets, and when -be -be came back saw the man dead. Doesn't know Mike Blrl. ' LOUIS SPIRO was at his iilace of business, corner Vof Hospital and Decatur, and heard the shooting, but did not. see it. TbeT were a treat many shots. He was taking in his goods at the time. He was fright ened and took in everytning ana snnt up his place, and that -took -took until everything was over.- over.- Saw Scott' body before the Sftroi wagon took It away. To Mr. Generelly : The shots were between 2 and 3, or 3 and 4 o'clock In tne iternoon , DETECTIVE DK-BANCE DK-BANCE DK-BANCE Investigated the shooting. He made the emaavil xrom information received, went there the next day and did not see - the body, and -had -had no personal knowledge of the killing. . . MBS. JOSEPHINE BOSSO lived at 1224 Decatur street on July 27, and heard- heard- "a . whole lot of shooting." Didn't see .any -of -of the shooting or tbe crowd. Did not .go to the scene, but saw tne dead man on uaiiaiin street bout twenty minutes after the shooting, Saw -a -a crowd- crowd- of. men that's alL When the 'Shooting was going -on -on was in her kiccnen, ana went to tne iroai saa saw men running, ' but. did not see what they were ruhnlnx After. To . Mr.' Generelly:'-The Generelly:'-The Generelly:'-The shooting took place at .4:45 o clock. . ' .M. .WHITE ved at 1606 South ' Rampart, and was at Vaccaro's. at -Gallatin -Gallatin and Ursullnea streets, getting, freight when, the shooting shooting took place. Saw the crowd and the nnng. . saw a . wiiue uiuu buuvi m. negro? ahd then' loin the crowd, but did not know him. - Did 'not know any of them. Saw the negro-run negro-run negro-run into Renter's place. Jump off the - gallery, cross the street,. and then. run. back. He had a tin bucket in his hand. The whole crowd was shooting' at him. and they were also ahoonnz at him after he was down in the street. He died on the river side, of Gallatin street. . He didn't see the man who shot after' he Joined the crowd.' saw .nia pistol, ana saw- saw- -mm -mm shoot. - Didn't see any - one on the gallery gallery when me negro - fell off. The man turnea somersault into - me street, aJizhtlnr . on Ms - hands and knees, and beii cot ud and Tan across the street and back and fall. : ' After the negro fell off the gallery the ' crowd waa about him. and kept shooting at him. When he got serosa the- the- street he tried to get Into a door, and then, went back -- -- across the street; the crowd t kept shooting, and he lelL He had crossed the street twice after Jumping off the gallery. A man . the- the- corner ' of Barracks street was firing from the; corner.T pidn't see him To Mr. Generelly It .was between 4 and 5 when he was at Vaccaro's and first saw the mob. Many of the 'Crbwd were ahootlng. Couldn't say how many shots; more tnan a nozen. . . : . . . -D. -D. G. PETBOUX -ysjg -ysjg .fc- .fc- wvas f -w -w on North -Peters -Peters street. He went to the rear and aaw.iue negro on: m gauery. He couldn't : get down, as it was too far when a Shot was fired, and then another, when ' another shot - was ; flred. Witness ftldn t Want tv- tv- see uie uuui uueu uiu shut his doorHe did-not did-not did-not recognize any of those shooting because he waa excited. He saw the negro after he was dead. Don't know-how know-how know-how many doors opened on to - the gallery and couldn't see where the shots were flred from. ' - -. -. - --To. --To. --To. Mr. Generelly The shooting, was between 1 4 .and - 6. . There was a mob mere, lae.iauouut vuu( i u ne . ieii,.ine. ;;.; ? -.. -.. --..-. --..-. --..-. --..-. --..-. , : , ' ALBERT MARCHAND. a boy;: llved at 1033 .Decatur street, near Barracks. He Is 14 years old. On July 27 he was standing at the French market Hi nt ue. mea-tuuuniui mea-tuuuniui mea-tuuuniui uib nier. He folio wed. them, -and' -and' when the man waa dead and couldn't move any more, "Mr. Mike" went op to -him -him and shot him. .Sv-,...,. .Sv-,...,. .Sv-,...,. ;,....,-. ;,....,-. ;,....,-. .... .. ..7- ..7- The negro went into Renter and "Absolutely. Pate ; of tartar . . . Y 9 no 7 ' r'- r'- DALiDDG : - 2Id irstsi par grape creasa nmped off the gallery and ran over- over- to k t. alii ta Mn. Marie's. - who waa standing in her door, and - she shut It. ji. AniV thla man ahot: many shot. He couldn't tell how many shots. The men were armea witn pistons. mi um a plstoL He snot aoout seven orwnB times. Tbe crowd - fired many times. The negro fell in the back of a hay store. It was on the right hand aide going down, x- x- - 7 " . . -'i'v -'i'v Don't know how many times Blrl shot at the man before be went into Reuters. He did shoot at aim before., After he came out of ' Reuters Blrl shot more times. He wa about as tar away tne first Juryman. He had i known Bin by eight two or ; three months before tbe shooting. - ... ' -i; -i; . --: --: --: . ' 7'. To Mr. uenereiry witness saiu ne w ilng on 10. it was aoout 4 o aut uj m. mftMmnnn Tnn't knm fh nature Of an oath or what would happen to . him if he did not telljthe truth. - MDo you know the importance ox waw yon are telUngr - 1 Know 1 am. leiuoa me iruio. "How did the district attorney know you were a witness?" "X guess someooay suopoenaea axe. "How did the district attorney know about you?''- you?''- "ae got it irom tne gran a jury. . "But how did he know about ItT" "Somebody muat have said that I was there." Yon rived abont there. Didn't yon recognise anybody but Blrl?" The others were in tne crowa, ana Ur. ' Mlko went nn to the nlerer. and the crowd stopped shooting when, be The bov was verr bright. He saia ne was behind the crowd. There were two crowds one that ! waa ahootlng and one that waa looking. He was behind a man In the crowd which was looking, and the crowd was on the side. Mr. Alice was far from Mm. "But If you were behind a man 7 ' , "Yes; but of course I rubber-necked rubber-necked rubber-necked ta see." - He said the negro was on Gallatin street on the sidewalk and the crowd shooting was on the sidewalk, ana ne waa an the other side. He never told anvbodv excent the arand Jury. He got a notice from the grand Jury and had to come. He told his moth- moth- er aDout tne snooting, ana sne 101 a mm to snut up nis moutn ana not De oiao- oiao- blng It all around. "But how did the grand Jury get your name?" Some of the people around there must have seen me." - "Didn't you recognize anybody?" "Yes, I saw Miss Marie (Mra. Wong). She was standing in her door, and when Mr. Mike came ud she shut It I saw a man standing at the corner shooting. I did not-know not-know not-know mm. The bov said Blrl .flred seven ot eight shots. Didn't see him load his plstoL He bad two pistols and flred one shot out of one pistol and seven out of the other. The other people flred twenty-flve twenty-flve twenty-flve shors kor so. Counted Blrl's shots because he was the only man he was looking at. There were about ten men shooting at the same time. He counted Biri's shots because ne saw the Are come out. Blrl held the gun In both hands. Didn't say he shot seven shots from. one plstoL He couldn't have done that. When he said that he must have been mistaken. He flred about five shot from one and three from the other. Never said kt was exactly exactly Ave or seven. (Mr. Generelly asked him it Blrl changed tbe pistol from one band to another. The boy said he must have done that while he waa "rubber-necking" "rubber-necking" "rubber-necking" to see what tbe others were doing, in order to see Blrl he had to "rubber-neck" "rubber-neck" "rubber-neck" around the man's waist, and he got tired of chat and had to "rubber-neck" "rubber-neck" "rubber-neck" some other way. There were about thirty shots and It made smoke. He told his mother about it at once, and when he saw a policeman he told him he didn't know anything. The reason he said this . was he was working and didn't want to go to court and have his wages docked. "Do you know Louis Perclval?" "No.' The lawyer had Perclval called and the boy said he had seen him. He asked him If he aidn't tell Perclval. when coming out of the district attorney's office, that he didn't know anything about the case. He replied that he never told him anything anything of the kind. When the shooting was over he didn't see where Blrl went. The crowd pressed around the dead man, and the man 'behind 'behind whom he wa pushed him in tbe gutter. The boy said a year ago he went to the Fourth of July School.' and he had been to church, but didn't know what an oath waa. "Couldn't you be mistaken about the man you saw fire the shots?" "I couldn't be mistaken as to the man." "Couldn't you make a mistake?" "I could, but I am sure I didn't, because because I saw him good." iHe said Blrl was going towards the negro and his back was towards him. Mr. Generelly Illustrated the positions and the boy said he was not directly behind behind Blrl and, therefore, could see the fire. BUri was a half-block half-block half-block away and on one side. "With all the ruJbber-necklng ruJbber-necklng ruJbber-necklng the only man you could see was Blrl?" "Yes: I didn't know the others." Mr. Gurley took up the point of how K wa known that the bov was a witness. The boy said he didn't know how he happened happened to be summoned. When he went before the grand Jury be saw Birrs name on the summons. "Did anyone "else besides Perclval. who Is a defense witness, talk with you?" He said somebody In the hall asked him what he waa going to testify to, and he said to what be knew. They used no threats. It was outside the door In the hall, and someone called blm -to -to one side and told him what to . say. There were two of them. What he had said was the truth, and not what he was told to say. PAUL VERDELLA. Is an employe of the Wells-Fargo Wells-Fargo Wells-Fargo express express as a guard. He beard several shots and saw Blrl, with a pistol, follow the negro Into Renter's place. The negro Jumped down and Birl came out the door and followed him and fired. He saw a man at the corner of Barracks Barracks street, who told him to get out of -the -the way, as he wanted to snoot the nigger. He went up to the negro and put his pistol to hie back, and It didn't go off. He broke the pistol and fixed it. The negro was on the ground. When he ftst . came out Birl wa on the street wfth a pistol, but he didn't see him shoot. He saw Blrl run Into the place. He was the only one who went tn.V ... . Birl came out the same way he went in, and when the negro got In the middle of the street Blrl fired two shots at him, and .later he dred another shot on the banquette. He dldnt know - If the last hot hit the negro. Witness was 1A0 feet away. Had known Blrl three or four years. He saw . him In court and was the man he was talking about. He naa a nine steel revolver, witn which he was shooting. , .. . After the last , shot the man dropped and stayed there till the patrol wagon came and took him away. To Mr. Generelly When lie came onr Birl was the Arst man he saw, and he had piatoL ' Her did not see Blrl have two pistols - and did not see him fire eignx coots. lie oia not see anybody boot except Blrl and the etraneer. . There were not ten . shooting at the corner of - Gallatin and Hospital. There were only two men - ahootlng. ' When he first came out the negro was three doors, from Renter' place, end ther were 200 people or more. There wa men noooay snooting. . After the negro Jumped off the gallery .only. BIri fired, and after his two shots the stranger ahot- ahot- Didn't aee anyone ewe snoot. - Anyone who eata .Bin Area elffht shot lied. - - Witness said he couldn't be mistaken aoout mru t 7.., - Valentine Train" waa called and wltn knew him. . , .- .- v Verdella aald that on the day of the shooting a crowd of boys assembled and took tne money v one oz : ocott clothe. He couldn't ear. who the bovs were. "Did yon go to Train's house on Sunday, Sunday, after the shooting, and ask Train to come and show you Mike Blrl. as you Han i twn 11 1 in lur so toag you Gaunt aaow niDir ..,,'.''; ..---. ..---. ..---. ..---. ..---. .s ..-.--.-. ..-.--.-. ..-.--.-. ..-.--.-. ..-.--.-. ..-.--.-. ..-.--.-. ..-.--.-. .- .- v "No. I asked . him to come to"' the market, as-1 as-1 as-1 - wanted to see Blrl. Train and I went to the market. .Train didn't introduce me. I' had known Blrl for tnree or zour year ana don't need an introaucuon." . . -- -- This was on Sunday and witness met BIri and told him he had better get out, ae he had to go as a witness againat "Didn't I ayxthat to jaaV he asked BIri. - - .. - - - ,., . . - 7"Dont you say a word," Mr. Generelly - Witness exclaimed: "Blrl eald, 'I have been In-worse In-worse In-worse trouble than this and got out of it-' it-' it-' . . , This riled Mr. , Generelly, " and a ' tnt occurred on the matter. The court said that If counsel brought one pan or a conversation ail was entitled entitled to be heard.. - - Mr. Gurley objected to Mr. Generelly way, ana saia ne snouia auow tne court to aeciue point. r- r- - Mr. Generelly. asked the court to In struct the Jury to disregard the latter part er veraeiia" testimony ii given choose which part of the con versa Uon he wouia Drmg ouz. The court rtuea tnat as counsel naa. net objected at the beginning of the conversation conversation the objection was not good, -and -and a Dili we laaen.. - . - - Witness said that when he - said Birl onlr flred three shot he meant he onlv- onlv- saw him fire that number. Mr. Gurley announced that :. -.-THE -.-THE -.-THE -.-THE ; STATE RESTED. '. Mr. " Generelly called Valentine ' Train. of 213d - bayou Road. .' He . has . known Verdella eighteen years. Is en operator at the, Western Union.- Union.- On Sunday after Scott wa killed Verdella met him on Dumalne street, and asked-him asked-him asked-him to aro to Pthe market and show him Blrl, as he didn't know hnn. He went to the market and showed, him Blrl, and. Introduced aim. - - - -. -. To Air. Guriev--Met Guriev--Met Guriev--Met Guriev--Met Birl and told him Verdella woukl like to voeak to him. and he said all right, and he Introduced them. Then witness walked away, and did not hear the conversation. Verdella wa excited and saia two ae- ae- tectlves were at the house and wanted him to Identify Blrl. Verdella asked wit ness to snow mm Bin, ana not wnere ne was. He showed Blrl to Verdella, and when he came alontr he toM. - him - Mr. Verdella wanted to talk with him. Wltneaa ha - known Bin four . year. and they are good friends. He has known verdella eighteen years, ana tney are good friends. He always believed what Verdella said. Could not tell how long Verdella had known BIri. He knew be had met him once, some time back. Verdella gave witness to unaerstana that two detectives had been to see him and he was going to tell the truth. . JAMES'- JAMES'- LARIEU ' ' has a coffee stand In the French market. and saw the crowd ait ter the negro. At 4 o clock, when the snooting was ina- ina- on. witness was -waiting-on. -waiting-on. -waiting-on. -waiting-on. Birl at his stand. The t bots were being flred then, and Bin remained long enougn to drink the coffee and then walked to the nri of the market and talketl to some young men. The shooting started - whUe he ws waiting on BIri. and was over by tne tune tsm was none zaiaing. . . - On cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination .witness saia ne talked with BIri about the shooting, and Rirf uM! "Giro me mv cud of coffee." He remained a few seconds and then- then- went and talked wltn a marr umea Louis, who Is in court. ' r-'- r-'- r-'- r-'- witness knew tne nour. ocnun was in tne naDit oz coming unwecu and 5. He admitted that he naa no ais- ais- tlnct recollection oz me uur, i it waa rinrin? the shootlrur. ; Sometimes be came twice In one evening, and sometimes sometimes earlier or later. . . Court adjourned until w ocitc morning. United States Circuit Court. fA QUESTION OF CITIZENSHIP. In the case of Miss Marie A. Dlnklns vs. Mechanics and Traders' Insurance the plaintiff was a cltlxen of the state of Georgia. This was a suit to test tho JurlsQlctlon of the United States clrcnlt court to try ana ueivriuwc begun by Miss Dlnklns against the Mechanics Mechanics and Traders'' Insurance Company on a claim for fire Insurance. .The defendant defendant - excepced to the Jurisdiction of the court, cn the ground that the plaintiff was a cltlsen of the state of Louisiana and ' could not sue in the federal court, and that her procedure was subject to the Jurisdiction of the state courts. Mis; Dinkins alleged that she was a citizen of Georgia and proved it to the satisfaction of the Jury. The same Jury will try the case on its merits next week that Is, the suit for recovery recovery of the amount claimed on the fire Insurance policy. FOR NEW TRIAL. The Manhattan Insurance Company ha applied for a new trial in the matter of Mrs. S. E. Stockmeyer vs. Manhattan Insurance Company, In which the Jury gave a verdict for 5000 in favor of the plaintiff. ' Civil Dtstrlct Coart EMANCIPATION. Caswell P. Ellis, Jr., has asked to be emancipated. SUCCESSION. The succession of Herman Friedman was opened yesterday ' ' NEW SUITS. State ex rel. Anthony John Rapp vs. Recorder Recorder of Mortgages, Parish of Orleans. Mandamus to compel tne erasure 01 a certain certain mortgage Inscription. Mrs. Christina Barbara Schwan vs. Jacob Klpp. Undertutor of Minor Henry Schwan. Suit to have real property de clored her separate estate.. . Jules C. Koenig vs. Jules Dailer. Suit for $122 83 on notes and open account. State of Louisiana vs. Lawrence Fa-bacher Fa-bacher Fa-bacher & Bros. Rule for additional license license of 2C00. Criminal District Coart, . (Section B Jndss J. C. Moiss.) , INFORMATIONS FILED. Petty Larceny William Bell. John Ri ley, ueorge ttraay, Annie weDster. Assault and Battery Edward Leonce, N. A. Loret. Concealed Weapons George Gause, who pleaded guilty and -was -was fined S5 or o days. APPEALS. Charles J. Rellly, reversed; Sam Klin ger, affirmed. COURT OFFICERS REAPPOINTED. On Thursday the officers of section B of the criminal district court were all reappointed by Judge Molse. They are as follows: Arthur J. Desmond, minute clerk, section B. and ex-offlclo ex-offlclo ex-offlclo minute clerk, Judges sitting en bate. Sturgess Q. Adams, official stenog rapher. (i. Mather Conrad, ctier. Mr. Desmond's long and faithful service in the court has made him a nxture, ana it would not look like section B without him. He has been there eiht years. Crier'Cottirad has served In tbe court fonr rears with treat credit to himself. and the court and Stenographer Adams ha been there for one year and Is a bril liant young man. - Second. City Criminal Ctart Unagt A. M. Aucoln.) . ARRAIGNED. Grand Larceny Ellen Miller, Nettle Wilson, azoo tonu eacn, uec. ,v. Petty Larceny Mrs. Dom Ganuch, May unnuco, fuv uvuu eacu, a. Assault With a Danfferons Weapon A, COMMITTED TO CRIMINAL DISTRICT COURT. Petty Larceny James Haskett,' $230 bond. Obtaining Money: Under False PretensesLawrence PretensesLawrence Haltben. There were ttrn-charares ttrn-charares ttrn-charares arainat Halthcnr on one he was-committed was-committed was-committed under 250 bond, while the other was taken under aaviaement. DISCHARGED. Manslaughter Gabrlelle Vandrelle. Assault With a Dangerous Weapon Aiouis j. Benjamin. 7 THREE AFFIDAVITS . were made yesterday bv Chris CI rail- rail- charging W, A. Knight, of 1303 Mande- Mande- viue street, witn cne emoesaiemenx on Nov. SO of Jewelry and clothing valued at 128; on Nov. 2d, of the same, and on Dec. 1, of clothing and rings valued at 12000 Pretlmtnarv Derby to-day.' to-day.' to-day.' AU ths good 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. . And the first Steeple chase 01 tne season.- season.- t ST. v AND RE WS -. -. MISSION. Tbe Ladle' GvUsl Ala tne Kpls- Kpls- ',. : eopal Coaa-rea-atIon Coaa-rea-atIon Coaa-rea-atIon Coaa-rea-atIon Coaa-rea-atIon at Cajr- Cajr- i7v?.77..,4-' i7v?.77..,4-' i7v?.77..,4-' rolltoau . 7 . 'i.7: The Ladle' Guild of V St, Andrew's Mission gave an entertainment 'yesterday 'yesterday evening at 1 the. residence ; of Mrs. Whitney, No. 1020 Dublin street. " The admission fee was but a trifle and there was a la-rre la-rre la-rre attendance. 8everal of the ladles sang and recited and In other ways contributed their, talent to the affair. Mrs. Mulden gave a piano solo, followed by: Miss Maoaie wuuams. jus ugaen, Mrs.' Dr. Hackett and Mis Fry sang. A ohonorraoh wa loaned by Mr. Lochte. and it also helped to amuse. Refreshments Refreshments were served free: there- there- waa dancing dancing by the young folks later in the evening evening and an enjoyable time was had all around.- around.- - - - '.-:i '.-:i '.-:i . Misa May Smith and Mrs. Hall were la Charge ox - tne Dootns. : ... -.7-. -.7-. -.7-. -.7-. -.-7-., -.-7-., -.-7-., -.-7-., -.-7-., -.-7-., . VonA f-.OT.n f-.OT.n f-.OT.n fV t'VM m nvin : Irfucatl-ve Irfucatl-ve Irfucatl-ve BromoJuaialae - Tablet. - - - ' STOLE JC ; SMOKXU. 1. ' Yesterday ' . morning 'a " negro ' thief climbed over the railing of the . cigar stand of the Pickwick . saloon. - on Poy- Poy- crs eia t'tri streets ana stole a box : j 7 THE DISCOVERER OF Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable - The Great Woman's Remedy for Woman No other medicine in the iind Unqualified endorsement No other medicine has such or such hosts of grateful friends. ; ". - Do not be persuaded that any other, medicine is just as good. Any dealer who asks you to buy something else when you go into his store purposely t buy Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, has no interest in your case. He is merely trying to sell you some, thing on which he can make. a larger profit. He does not care whether you get well or not, so long as he can make ( a little mora money out of your sickness. If he wished you well he would without hesitation hand you the medicine you ask for, and which he knows is the best woman's medicine in the world. Fol tw the record of this medicine, and remember that, these thousands of cures of women whose letters are constantly printed in this paper were not brought about by " something else," but, by. Lydia E. Pinlzham'o Vcgctablo Compcznz!,' Tho Onoat Woman's Remedy, for Woman'm iUsm Those women who refuse to accept anything else are rewarded a hundred thousand times, for they get .what they want a cure. Moral Stick to the medicine that you idtOW is Best. When a medicine has been successful in restoring to health more than a million women, vou cannot well say without trying it, heln me." If vou are ill. tle of Lydfa E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once, and write Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass. , for special advice. It is free and helpful. - - ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL. A Della-htfnl Della-htfnl Della-htfnl Eatertalameat for the Benefit of the Church. . A delightful musical and dramatic entertainment entertainment was given yesterday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall for the benefit of St. John's Episcopal church. Mrs. Clans Bogel opened the entertainment, after the overture, with one of her dellghtfnl songs. Billy Wright entertained with a black face monologne. The recitation was delivered by Mr. Lu P. Mitchell, and Mr. Claude Bogel was also to recite but was nnabie to be present. Miss Alma Oury sang to the accompalnment of Mrs. George w. D. Pllcher. The cake walk was revived by Ml May Klein and Master Master John Schilling. " Mr. George W.D. Pllcher sang, accompanied by Mrt. Pllcher, Pllcher, and a-piano a-piano a-piano dnet waa given by Mrs. A. J. Neeson and J. T. Cnrlett. Mr. Snell presided at the Palmistry booth and read the future, past and present present to those who' came to him. Wa'ter Probst was master of ceremonies. The following composed the reception committee: I. W. Talner, Tbomas Don, A. H. Rewly, R.W. Reynolds, W. B. Duncan, John Cnrlett and William Don. The following ladies were in charge, of the booths: Mystery box. Mrs. B, (Ira-ner; (Ira-ner; (Ira-ner; cake table, Mrs. Josephine Karr, Mrs. Lilly Carlett, Mrs. D. Dun, Misses Julia KaTr, Anne Ryan, T. Grosche. L. Donlger, J. Delesdernler, Annie Trnfant and May Mitchell; refershment booth, Mrs. Graner, Mrs. Tainer. Mrs. Wallace Graner. Misses Kate Ledier, P. Graner, G. Roneanx. L. Barryn. C. Benx, Lilly Lendan, C Parlll and Edna Crey. : Omly -tO -tO Hoars to.-Jfew to.-Jfew to.-Jfew York " via the Great Washington and SOUTHWESTERN. SOUTHWESTERN. LIMITED. - Elegant dining and observation cart. For tickets and bertha in through sleepers apply at SOUTHERN RAILWAY RAILWAY ticket office. 704 Common street. 7 ; Saturday December1 15. We don't know a little hoy who wouldn't J like' a; suit of clothes for a Christ-; Christ-; Christ-; mas present. Toys may answer some purpose, but they don't keep anybody warm. 7,.- 7,.- r .... - School Suits, S2 aad upward, '- '- 7 .'- .'- Dressvp Suits, $4 aad upward " . f Loog"tTouer, boja Suit, 55 to $15. '7 Everything boys wear, for little bits of boys of .3 years or your oldest boy from head to feet. JJump ' at the. , size; we wij.refund money, or exchange exchange your, purchase after i Christmas. . 7 'V ' . ;' " Leon Godchaax Clothing Co. Ltd., r-rC r-rC r-rC !r-5C !r-5C !r-5C ComDonnd 's III. world has received such Tmdespreacl a record of cures of female troubles I do not believe it will do not hesitate to cert a bot A HEW DEXOMnVATlOH. The First Methodist Pretestamt Church Formallr Orgaaltta. 7 A religions denomination qnlte new to the New Orleans public -will -will formally open Its new church at No. 1052 St." Charles avenue on Sunday morning. It Is called the First Methodist Protestant chnrch, and claim to be closely modeled after the pattern laid - down' by the founder of Methodism. In this state tt has been confined to the northern par-Ishes, par-Ishes, par-Ishes, but H is a well-known well-known well-known denomination denomination in the eastern state. It is a layman's layman's church of quite liberal tendencies. There wa a mission here on Washington) street, near Douglass square, started by H. N. Harrison. The temporary church on St. Charles avenue has been comfortably comfortably fitted up. Rev. J. M. Beard will ? reach there on Sunday at 11 a. xn. and :30 p. m. . - .. .- .- ssssaMSMasBBBaaWtssMBMinsa.saBi . v "SOCIETY'S BEADT REFEBEKCE." - A directory contain lag a list of selected and . oromineot names, with residence numbers and reception days; fall roster ox social uu literary ciuua; gom-wn gom-wn gom-wn addressses; officers of chnrch and phllam-throplc phllam-throplc phllam-throplc societies; resident sugar planters, with, post office . addresses, complied by Mies Amelia S. Pasteur, has been revised revised for 1900-1901. 1900-1901. 1900-1901. and Is now for sale at 11' 50 per-copy. per-copy. per-copy. All the changes In, residences made since the 1st of October have? been l carefully noted, making the volume a reliable guide for all those sending'' out. Invitations for entertainments entertainments and for business houses wishing to distribute circulars and card for commercial commercial purposes. The book will prove very useful to the varlona carnival organizations organizations that are now making ent their lists for tbe bail, and can be ob talned at the Picayune office; and as Holmes' and Hanaell'a. . A 1TEW LIGHTHOUSE TEKDSBt, Boari' of Trade Urarea CeagTre men to Vote for sua Apere-, Apere-, Apere-, priatioau ' " The following . letter was - yesterday cent by ; the ; Board of Trade to ; the Louisiana senator and eongresamen: NEW ORLEANS, Dec 14, 1900. ' DeaT Sir We learn that the lighthouse board ha recommended a congressional appropriation of 125,000 for an additional additional buoy - tender or steamer In the EWrhth district. . - . This matter le deemed of great Importance, Importance, and the necessity of securing a new lighthouse tender Is set forth in communication communication addressed to the lighthouse board by Commander Eelfridge, U. B. N.. inspectorof tbe Eighth llehthoase dlstrtct. under date of Nov. 3, 1900, as this worlc can no longer be accomplished by the present wornout Pansy- Pansy- Therefore, we earnestly nrge your prompt actlcm in the support of this recommendation. Ee-spectrully, Ee-spectrully, Ee-spectrully, UDOLPHO WOLFE. -. -. . , . President. - . $2000 Preliminary Derhy to-day. to-day. to-day. All the good 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. 2-year-olds. And the first. Steeplechase Steeplechase of the season. CAMP STREET GAHROTKRS Badlr Beat Two Mem, whoi Ther : ' .; - - Rob. - There ' ws an . holdup on Camp and Glrod street yesterday morning In wlilch two men were the victims, wfctle f-vr f-vr f-vr whltefoot pads are responsible for t- t- trick. : The - footpads stopped "Wi.-.i.a "Wi.-.i.a "Wi.-.i.a Barrett, a . jockey, and Pat McMtJion. whoreside on St. Joseph, between iiatra-aine iiatra-aine iiatra-aine and Camp streets, and after giving them a bestin that they will not for--t for--t for--t for--t tbev T"''led Barrett ail 1

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