Brownsville, Texas 13April1930

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Brownsville, Texas
13April1930 - 'THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD Men by are as county...
'THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD Men by are as county not yet, we against the not farmers been fictitious was Death Ends Feud * Mountain Clan After Leader Dies Law and Education Gome to Carolina Will Gal., of years he ASHEVTLLE, N, C,, April 12-- cove and settled down, far remov- bro- machine erstwhile holes, arraignment of Lubbock, for not new Governor and 'The white flag · has been hoisted over Anderson's Cove, finally allowing allowing civilization to come into this last stronghold of the clansmen of the North Carolina hills. For four generations the people of this Isolated region were a law unto themselves, and outsiders were barred. But "Big Robert" Anderson is dead now, and his last official act as leader of the clan was to direct his people to turn from their lawless ways and accept the helping hand long offered by the state. This order; in fact, was the only one "Big Robert" ever issued. He had become hereditary chieftain of the Cove folk fiy slaying his Uncle Alonzo In a quarrel over a hound dog. He was arrested for murder and given a sentence of 20 years. He d'.ed of pneumonia in a prison camp. meeting. Dead Giant But the Andersons are clannish, even In death. "Sis Robert" was burled on the mountain top where his klnspeople lie. The pallbearers, working in relays, carried the dead giant--he weighed 350 pounds--up the steep pathway, over the very spot where Alonzo had been killed three years before, to a grave almost almost beside that of the uncle. Alonzo's children, who had sworn vengeance on "Big Robert," mourned mourned with the rest at the funeral and listened Intently while the minister read the exiled leader's death-bed message of peace. Even people from "over beyond" were allowed to attend attend the rites. So In the grave of "Big Robert" was buried the Andersons' Andersons' feud with civilization. Married a "Fnrriner" The clan was founded long ago by Bill Anderson and Jane Russell. Bill, of purest mountain stock, had chosen a wife well, but not wisely. For despite her beauty and utter devotion to this rugged man of the ed from the whispered scorn of his own people. Children came to them there-- M'MANMAKES BANNER DEALS Negotiation* Under Way For Sale of Wells To Standard Oil TULSA, Okla., April 12--(/F)--In a copyrighted news story the Tulsa World tomorrow will say negotiations negotiations arc near completion for sale of the Mc-Man ( oil and gas company company of Tulsa to the Standard OH Company of Indiana for approximately approximately $20,000,000, The 1 Standard Company, the article article says, will divide the Mc-Man properties, assigning those In Oklahoma Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle to the Dixie Oil company, its 100 per cent owned si'bsidiary, and those in western and southwestern Texas Texas to the Southern Crude Oil Purchasing Purchasing company of Dallas, another another 100 per cent ownsd subsidiary. The Mc-Man company, an Oklahoma Oklahoma corporation with a capital of $1,250,000 was one of the outstanding- outstanding- operators in the Gushing field of Oklahoma and In 191S sold all its mid-continent properties to the Magnolia. Petroleum company of Dallas for $39,000,000, of which $17,000,000 was in cash. The final payment was made Jan. 1,1929, and, includine interest, gave the McMan McMan company more than $45,000,000. It is regarded as the banner oil deal of the mid-continent area. sons who were lithe and strong Production acquired by the Meg- HL-o +VmiT» fot-ViUT. /laiK/hf/rrc nri+H rrvH« /v\Yvn-*aTnr wan Atrf imfl frvl fl.h like their father, daughters with limpid eyes and alluring voices like Jane Russell. Isolation had been an obsession with Anderson, but love broke all barriers. His sons went out and won other women; men heard his daughters sing the mountain songs and stayed to cast their lots with ihe cian. Against the Law Even through three and four generations, as the colony grew, there remained some of the bitter- Anderson's sel'-en- This sullen resent- ness of Bill forced exile. hills, ings there were sinister whisper- about her origin. Jane was dark-eyed and ::warthy; she was a "furrlner from out beyond." Thus ostracized, Bill Anderson put his worldly goods and his woman woman into a wagon, hitched up his four mules and started out to establish establish a new world for himself. They entered the mountain-walled ment manifested tlsolf in outright and often desperate lawlessness Their haven became a place to be dreaded and shunned. The Anderson chieftains remained remained supreme, maintaining their power by sheer strength and true aim along, their rifle sights. Even violent violent deaths brought no interference from outside authorities, for no reports reports were made of them until, somehow, officers heard that Alonzo, Alonzo, head of the clan, had been killed by his nephew, "Big Robert." They raided the cove and sent him to prison. There he died. So the "blood taint" of the Andersons Andersons is forgotten now, and law and order and progress have come to Anderson's Cove. Folks there ·are going to build their first school, and are wondering who they can even talk of electing a mayor. Two Demonstrations On Citrus Announced Two citrus demonstrations will be given in Cameron county Thursday Thursday by County Agent Henry AIs- meyer. One demor.s-tratinn will be given at the farm of C. A. Keys, Rio Hondo, at 10 a. m. The other will be held at the W. A. Huffman farm in El Jardln, just south of the airport, at 2:SO p. m. W. Friend, superintendent of the experiment station at Weslaco, will aid Alsmeyer in the demonstrations. nolia company was estimated at more than 23,000 barrels daily. Babies Tied to Keep Them Out of Mischief OAKLAND, Calif., April 12--W 3 )-Arrested )-Arrested after police had entered their home and found their two. small girls bound with rope and ten months old boy crying in Its crib, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tymn were relesacd today when police accepted as true their story of hardship ami privation. The children children were held a*, ths detention home. Police entered the home at the complaint of neighbors. The eldest girl, four years old, was found tied hand and foot to a chair, the other other age 2, was bound similarly to the crib. The home had the chair, crib and a bed as the only articles 0° furniture. The parents were arrested on their return home. Mrs. Tymn told the police both she and her husband husband were objects of charity and that she had tied the children to keep them out of mischief. The father, a cornet player, said he had been unablo to obtain work. Both denied they had intended to be A Patience of After Piggly Wiggly Opens Market Department (Special to The Herald) MERCEDES, April 12--Celebrating 12--Celebrating its fifth anniversray, the Mercedes Mercedes Piggly-Wiggiy opened a complete complete market department here Saturday. Saturday. The store has been complete^- complete^- remodeled and redecorated. C. E. Hahn is manager of the market department. Joe Lambertson Lambertson has been general manager of the store since it opened. .DOIT and SOME PASTEL HOSIERY For your new evening gown of delicate pastel coloring, you now Pruning will bn one of the chief I may purchase chiffon hosiery in subjects takon up. ithe exact color tone. By Central Press SAN DIEGO, Ca'., April Roland has brought home after six years of intensive And In this case the as represented by grand championship of the White King Pursuing his hobby into competitions everywhere Roland of the mid-west winter the long sought prize, 111., in International The $300 Pigeon What such a championship to a fellow with that hobby may be gathered fact that Roland previously for S300 a bird that he believe was good enough to and which he believed he to better if he were to hundred dollars is a lot one pigeon, and Roland money. Yet he would not knowingly sell the championship The $300 pigeon was

Clipped from The Brownsville Herald13 Apr 1930, SunPage 30

The Brownsville Herald (Brownsville, Texas)13 Apr 1930, SunPage 30
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