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W. F. Wicker - \ * is tbao was i s ' a t - of ol only managers...
\ * is tbao was i s ' a t - of ol only managers re* l e " must the I v e k i n d , j city i eser- . is one | tho j ( ; of j I t h e be as a j of back. ; n o ' In the in so i to : vre but than car. IMPROVING '/TIE STREETS--la answer tn intorrogstory reganling the i n t e n t and me«uing of an iiitieln iu Uio N K W B :i il.-iy cr two eiiice, iu which tl:3 proposs\U for shelHug certain streets vrers spuheu uf, wo can only say that it was intended lo call the attention of members of tho Council to an impression whicb pretty generally prevails, that iu arranging tho plan of proponed improvements all approaches approaches to Bean's Wharf were carefully and purposelyj avoK3od|;3 and that; if such waa vuo. object of the .Council in recommending recommending the shelling of tho designated streets, to denounce it na illiberal nnil unjust, and too small (^transaction to bo approved by so respectable a body as tho Common Council of the City of Ualveston. We -would be sorry to believe t l m t such views could J n t l u e n c e a majority of the members of the Board of Aldermen, but w i t h tUe fact that the practical' tfttct of the proposed improvement!! would bu to pass on bo'.u sides of the, Btan's \Vi'.Rrf, in the present state of fet-Hng between the owners of that property and the old Wharf Company, it w i l l be very d i t l i c u l t to disabuse the minds of interested parties of the idea t h a t the Council purposely declined improving tho street loading to their w h a r f . If \ve remember rightly, at tho meeting of the Council ctxt after tho passage of the resolu'.ion asking for proposals to shell tho streets-.alluded to, the proposer of the ordinance explained that he had made a mistake of one block, and that the proposals should have been for shelling T w e n t y . n i n t h instead of Twenty-eighth street. Whether this oversight gave risa to the idea of an etl'urt to avoid tho Bean's wharf or not-we are not prepared to sayi but ai all events the net of the Council bears that construction, and it should be the du'.y of members to 30 frame their resolutions as to givi; ao encouragement i to such suspicions. The fact o f t h e city bavins an interest in the old Wharf Company does not warrant warrant aldermen in endeavoring to embarrass embarrass ihe business operations of rival wharves, nor do we t h i n k they so intended intended in the propositions made for contemn plated improvements, but in justice to, themselves and the public they should cautiously avoid giving reason for the slightest suspicion of u n f a i r n e s s on their part, particularly when so sensitive an interest interest as rival wharves are concerned. BEPAIHIXP.--"Workmen were engaged yesterday making repairs to the gas pipes supplying the m a r k e t , cot bt-fore it was needed, j u d g i n g from the smell of escaping gas in that vicinity. NINETEENTH STREET.--The works on Nineteenth street are rapidly approaching completion, and by the time the next rain CDmes will discharge the surplus water into the Bay. The veied question, as to the feasibility of the plan, will soon be solved one way or the oiher. THE WEATHEI;.--The wind increased after dark list night,- veering around to the northard, and-unless another change occurs Eoon, we will have a regular norther on us this morning. materia making . E. in his i law j | : ; I j ! i of do a few was unusual as well shopping, and and will not which ample and every the gen- ; one : are in the it day to predictor for. earn- j : the indi- finds that with. goes the TURTLE SOUP j At the R u b y Saloon all Tliis W o t k . MARTSK A. DAVEY, augGdOra Proprietor. FASJIIOXAT.LE A N D CHEAT.--"vVe had tte pleasure yesterday afternoon of looking looking over a portion of the immense stock, comprising every variety of Gectlemen'e Furnishing Goods, which the well-known firm of C. E. Broussard Co. are new offering offering at fabulously low prices. Gentlemen Gentlemen desirous of appearing to best possible advantage cannot fail to be pleased by the taste and judgment displayed ia the selection selection of goods, and the surpassing neatness neatness and style of their cut and mate up. It is a mistake to supp'.se that to obtain well fitting garments, measures must be left and extravagant prices paid merchant tailors, as any one can see by examining the stock of Messrs. Eroussard i Co. Amongst other goods worthy of particular particular notice are full suits of all wool cassi- mtr, manufactured of cloth woven at New Braucfels, of which they alone have suits. Every other article necessary for a gentle* man's toilet will be lound in full supply and at prices which must meet approval. were told that'Harriaon was in the Somo of thum went in and came out ajjain. Ou going in u HK'.oml time,"getting ui'iir tliv 1 p u l p i t , n b c u l l l - tl'.B man Periy, struck oue of the men over tho head with his cano. wns told by sotue O'ju cf tho party do that again. Ilu raised his cane a Units to strike, when he was shot. of the party who was sober, went In expressly to prevent any difficulty and to get the others out, and had it not Perry's walking cane no serious results would have taken placs. There can be ao doubt but this ditliculty was brought on by tho defiant and arrogant'disposi- tion of tho negroes, thuir late and meetings nightly at this ehurcb., anil belief that the neirro Harrison was concealed concealed in tho c h u r c h ; aa they occasions attempted to shield their color from the operations of tho law. O i v the lateness o f t h e hour, ihe nothing of what was transpiring, or this t i u f o r t u n a t o Jcccurr/i.nce been prevented. But there certainly could have been no iutontion on the of tho y o u n g uun to taku tho life one, especially tlm mnn they did kill, ho was u n k n o w n to them. young men raised in this and a d j counties, and t h e i r character h i been good. The subsequent trausnctions of the groes show liow vrell they had been trained by lluby i Co.,.and how were for an outbreak on any plausible pretext. Their throats of " no quarters tho whites" after the raid at Whauon their thrents to rescue prisoners or houses, show this. The killing ol old Perry seemed to looked upon by thorn mi a perfect Godsend. Godsend. Nearly evory plantation was abandoned, liunners were sent in every tion for twenty miles around. The long looked^for pretest for a'riot had bsen offered, nnd with " blood" for their watchword they sallied forth in quest of adventures. Marshall was permitted to lead a posse .of blacks to go iu pursuit of parties charged. They wandered about ths country for several days prudently avoiding all pointn where the partius might be concealed, pressing negroes the different plantations into their gang, besieging houses on their route, threatening threatening to arrest peaceable citizens, to all houses on the Bernard, and oven so far »s to shoot oae. of our old who was quietly going home in his Women and children were terrified by their threats to that extent that many them left their homes and sought places of crreater safety. Having recruited and drilled to their satisfaction, their attention was now turnedjtoward ton-n. An arrangement been made, through a negro in town calling himself " General," and through other Loyal Leaguers, that three or different companies of m o u n t e d negroes should meet ia town on m o r n i n g thu l l t h . Their and Marshall and his gang of thirty-five charging into town, suddenly found himself not only unsupported by his black confederates, but face to face with the citizens, amply prepared to meet them. They weri! quickly dispersed, and Marshall Marshall knowing his deserts, and conscious of his danger, asked for, and was the protection of the citizens, uutil he could leave on. the cars for Houston. other companies appoachins town were as promptly met aud dispersed.- The above is a plain statement of fac'.s in this case, and it shows to extremes these ignorant creatures can led by the teachings of unscrupulous villainous carpet-baggers. The killing the man in ths church our citizens justify, nor are they to be held for it. Any other difficulty between a white and a black, resulting in the discomfiture of the latter, would have brought about the same result. \V F Kwain, John Adriance, A Underwood, M L Weetns, Ct W Duir, R H B o x l e y , S A Master?, W K Payee, A It Park, W F Wicker. J I'osner, Chas Eberiing, J J Rhodes, J A Corker, W H Diggs, Thos Smith, T M Oldham, A F Poston, H Harris, ,lno O'Brien, D IS Damon, J T Tinsley, B F Calhoun, tf O Jarvis, R II Porter, JamesHnyr, J P Underwood, V Leif, W Specht, A B Moore, K A Tomlirjson, M Graham, E C Faickney, Frank McGreal, .1 S Rogers, L llubens, Lewis U u n c R n W F Orr. New Iu Brier. Statement of Kacls by t'lllzcns of U r n / o r l f t Count}. Con-jrr.iA, iJcpt. 27, isuli. EJHors News: As some o f t h e statements ii regard to the late difficulty at the colored church in this town were published in the negro interest, interest, and none of them giving a full account account of the same and the causes leading to it, a plain statement will no: bo amies. Owing to the large majority of the blacks over the whites in Brazoria county, it was confidently predicted that emancipation would bring with it untold trouble. Fortunately Fortunately none occurred, and for years no county in the State was more quiet and orderly than old Brazoria. But as the peace of Paradise ended with the appearance appearance ot the devil, so did ours, on' the appearance appearance of certain black and white spirits spirits sowing the seeds of discord in our midst. About two months ago Ruby, Bachelder, Honey and Marshall made a political visit to this place, opening the campaign at the negro church by inflammatory inflammatory speeches, and passing resolutions, one of which was strongly Senunciatoiy of A. P. McCormick, of Hamilton proclivities. proclivities. Mr. M, asked to be heard in de- fence, bat being refused by theee patrons of free speech and their negro admirers, he appointed the next Saturday to speak in Columbia. This mixed quartette remained in town some days, classing mostly with negroes, and holding private meetings with them, when all left for home excepting the negro Marshall, who remained behind visiting the different plantations in this and the adjoining counties. The Srst frnits of the teachings of these men appeared on the day appointed for McCormick's speech. A body of negroes calling themselves Ruby men, gathered about the stand, and by their denunciations denunciations and boisterous conduct, prevented him irom finishing his address. The cons duct of one of them was such tht baa arrest arrest was ordered by the County Judge. The arrest was violently resisted, and both Judge and Sheriff defied. With the assistance assistance of the white^ the arrest was final* !y made, and the offender placed in charge ol a colored Deputy Sheriff for safe keeping, keeping, who, of course, let him escape, and he is still at large. Since that time the negroes have been more and more defiant. On Saturday night, August 28th, a ne- gro named BUI Harrison broko into and robbed a store of a sum of money which was found on his person when arrested. He was examined before a magistrate and ·ent to jail on the laarge, but not without threats from eomo of the negroes to res» cae.him or burn the town. In a few days alter he and another convict, by overpowering overpowering the Sheriff, broke jail and escaped. The County Judge offered a reward for his arrest. On the 7th of September the young men charged with the killing of Perry came into town -with a drove of- beef cattle, and remained ia town that night, (not " loitering around' town for several days," aa baa been .publinhed) expressly expressly for the purpo»e of'capturing the eaid Harrison, who' was known to have been concealed in » house adjoining the negro church. In the coarse of the eves ning loiie of the young men had drank too much, and were dieponed to be uoiay and to Lave a frolic. Al the late hour of 11 o'clock at night they started round after the negro Bill. Harrison. The meeting at the church had not yet broken up. They The late rains have g r e a t l y cotton crop in Alabama. Capt. Freligh, an old Mt'Uip!i:arj, is editor of the. Brazilian World, in Janeiro. J. Ross Browne ia to sell China Harper's, in the shape of descriptive clee and plates. II. E. H. the Prince of Wales, has come a past Urnd Master of the order. The Bay St. Louis Gazette says orange crop all along the coast of Mississippi will be B. largo one.' A fellow without $500 of his own $25,000 by operating on a credit in street during the gold panic. A pneumatic railway across the British, channel is proposed, to make the in forty-live minutes. The velocipede rink in Memphis has been remodeled to answer the morepracti* cal purpose of a cotton shed. Father Hyacinth* will he defended the Council by the Bishops of Avignon, Ilheims, Chalons and Bayeus, The liabilities of Lockwood Co.,' of New York, are stated at from %",0 to $35,000,000. George W. Curtis declines the republican nomination for Secretary of State New York. · Lafayette county (Missouri) farmers propose to plant more hemp and less Horse-thieves will please notice. The English papers express themselves much gratified at tho manner in the defeat of "the Harvard c r e w , ceived in this country. Some of the mines in the neighborhood of Brazil, Indiana, have but one place entrance, like the mines oi' Avondate, Pennsylvania. The streets of Norfolk, Virginia, been re-illuminated with gas, kerosene not being quite acceptable to the The gambling hells of New York closed during the gold fever the other They couldn't stand tbe competition. Prince Napoleon's private secretary is a. Spanish ex-priest, who left the in order to gel married to a beautiful French ballet girl. Secretary Boutivell has written a to the Shipowners' Association of York, promising to co-operate heartily with,.them in promoting our commerce. T. H. Tuehey, editor and proprietor the St. Louis Journal of Commerce, mitted suicide by jumping overboard a propeller on Lake Brie a few days John W. M.oore, who killed Mrs. near Greenville, III., last July, after attempting to outrage her person, has tried and sentenced to be hung on of October. The second annual exhibition of the Arkansas State Agricultural and Mechanical Association begins at Little Rock October 12th, and will continue four The premium list ie large, and in respects liberal. _Gen. Robert Williams, who married widow of Senator Douglas, declines a candidate for U. S. Senator in preferring to keep hia place in the Department. John Mitchell, who, while editor of Richmond Enquirer in 1805, was and itnprison«d by Gen. Dix, jsome ago Drought suit, against the 'General. turns out that theurest waVmade a telegrnpnio ordei/rom U. 8. Grant. Nearly.*!! tho Spiritualists are jnterview».with Byron.- -They report swearing and.cnTisinjj. worse than he in-life. . Mrs. Stowe's article' has demoralized him". He threatens to i»'ke'hi» i .re- Tengwun her in a continuation of Juan.". ' · · - · · . It is said to be proposed by very merchants aud bankers and brokers New York city to abolish the Gold

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 08 Oct 1869, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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