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 - - v.a 5tw. J $yhf iwPnildW , From the I - A few...
- v.a 5tw. J $yhf iwPnildW , From the I - A few " coming ij rick - fire a. 'perry' aflr'fd w Th? Jam 'iNegr? " ,""'" Venilerwerich. 7 II Hit " Well, fays the iinA Jihl'm damn ! ,but iHoSgll. Will yo" ftll - her ? Thmuch do you ai iur ner . - anfeight pounds,, fays the iv.Wrf. I'll eive youjhirty - i yjfays the gentleman, only to e the fun to u ucl lu luY fe. Well, fays the landlord, m and afk her if flic will go rt L." , rr it!! vou. ooin nc nvim, v.., ,Vull..i tfvnnu utEiiy , i come, you muftgo with me. I hi you anothcrtne." What tunc Ifisbar - ? fayrfhe. Tail you to my horfe, damn you. " Whyr damn you, lays ihe, " it you 3wkil4 vmir deferts vou would have I hCfcirCailcd along with your con - jftieraVes.".What1c6nfederatcsT? STllT' - htf' the C tiers. lmnn vou. . ..f j , .. j tbl tevcr wore knuckle dab - V$rsVnunceyou and thy were .UJ ..I M T - I .1 . I :a ngeiner. vvun mac nc try hir by the wool, and inc m by the collar, and both down the fltor.The gentleman ,oM3r5Uurdcr. The - " Bfir - l j j.( ntCniVl il'thrn - Wrrtk'JftJri'r aih'rl I u t - wi IJVt'W. - e Vench nn k"J f him. .t " " v"f Vf ' ne on as if We Aid not an - ihcr hour ro lMaWkThe Jand - yiqy could do ndiKth gaern, butallcH out,wP'pWeTft, or OThe landlord and Tomcrlure Jj;Went in and parted themV And V'aftcr he came to himfclfArfjwl " wen, lam nor going toleave ' inis k, l r.avt argute too tuch .wine today; but Is fhall M iragain .tomorrow, andjry. what VftuJEfr&is made of.'r "'f Whv, jypudann'd Yankeefon of a jibitch&ys the wenchT' I can thrafh fhtce more fuch fellows as yott be," But when the morrow carne,ihe gentleman could not, ic oU'S uca uufuui promucj. ilinlclLrcvcngc. - k. IM .u - m ;jj . Kf - t z much infdr - inceoT obtainiw;" ..f v nation ,tft from a gentlema - - of 'Orang? - county vho has for fcveral ytas patt, iifedjiiaoy thbufand pounds. "He obferved that all rich land as proper for the growth c.f ftemp. That meadow; natural - "ly producing bogs, and however wethen once fufficientW drained. drained. todmit the plow, Were c - qual to any foils whatever for I this purpofe. That the gfound riiad - j mellow by two or three plowings, and harrow'd, fhould ! be Town at the ratc - Ot a - Duinci and a Deck of feed to an acre, L and about the fame - feafon io r which flaxfeed is generally fown; and vervfliehtlv haVrow'd in with a bufh, , for the feed fliould ne - J VCI UC IIIUIC lildll dli itibti w" Experience had fhown that half an inch vvat quite deep enough. That in the neighbourhood where he redded, they do not practice pulling, but cut the Handing Hemp with a fhort fcyth, and.fpread it out imme - diattlv to rot on thejfoil it grew on, timing it when neceffary, as pra&ifcd on flax. After it is fuflicientl j. rotted, they houfc or (rack it; ari towards fpring break it well wnh a crackle, and put it up m hatvks for fale Iwineling is unnccriWv. Where a conveniencjrjof JcjLkiagZit - r with a machine operated upon by water occurs, thelrxpenccof preparation is greatly IcfToned. The gentleman noticed jhaif his" drained meadows generally yielded yielded about four hundred pounds of faleable hemp, an acre. Any quantity of frefh iced can' be had in the vicinity of Gofhcn & C better, in Qjra4)gc,countv for eight fliillings a bufhel. He remarked remarked that he could at much iefs expence offer a ton of hemp for falc at New - York, than hc - j could a hundred - buihelsot; Wheat. The former is now worth iixty - eight pounds, inclu - dihglthe bounty The latter be - , twec'n thirty and forty pounds. f R ' 'rf the Farmers. S it is thd duty of every Tnrlivirli&l tn thrnw in hi" jr)ite to theuSVic emolument, mninK 1 ao mine, oy iiiuu hmi &1v recommending to yourjr - Mntinn rKi riilriv9ttnri of Henib. The Legiflaturc pP thistajtc pave oneieavinc iiocrauuuuMiy 6f EighiShfeVforfi6Yery hun - cirea prunas ;o,,a,v"',.,,uluu,c l mp Drougnc ia inc'run(ui IjcfwYork, which, with the Jonfcmon price (which is aoout fevdn rlnllar and ahalf the hun - phrca weight) ought to make the ;rowttj ot.iniscommoauymai - r - r of fcriou Tnrnlation. - - ' - - !' ibAUMh - opportunity not ldfig .1W - , : .... r rora the rJevv - xonazettcer. To the Printer. Mk Ulft hair andj thatch - - wiih'OOUIVeos ot the ocaa ; Some thawerefangrd, no' - matier ; , Wear themilxirjy witbahem, - Paiat till b hor(fr may nmc upon your,, face. ShakefpcareiL ON E would imagine that t&e women of the prefentagc do now cxadtly copy theftregt) - ing quotation, though I think it was that excellent author's in - - , tcntion, aswel as many others who have noticed the failure of the fair fex, to prevent it, by fhewinp - it in the word light,; yet notwithftanding thc nwhydgja. difcourfes that have been wr6te in order to (Ion this evil, dill , blinded do they invent everytj mefnotKo - make their own agrees aU'efe1ves difagreeablc. As the principle of the ladies in.their drefs is to jttraft.the regard of the men, equally as tKe men's is to attract the ladies, I will ac quaint them, through the trumpet trumpet of famiyihat men, (at lead an mat 1 jtn acquainted wun, l which aVcliptafcw) are not tond 1 - Mi T : r - - - i i a:mt IM I u. f

Clipped from
  1. Poughkeepsie Journal,
  2. 13 Oct 1785, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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