Genevive Dowsett - Save Gray 1 Jul 1905

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Genevive Dowsett - Save Gray
1 Jul 1905 - 1 T - - Ei K l1 UIm oencTiereDi BaVed Drowning...
1 T - - Ei K l1 UIm oencTiereDi BaVed Drowning 6 - mmmmmO OF THfcHdUR of yesterday efforts Police to rob the courage ot Sheriff vSlniirfu liltKlf INt Inin he swear in on these took and their of bis detailed tirree were three to the corner streets deputies place up to the out preceding proportions He the members to see and - instructed in - the for that xrom we stations expected to the the opposition which in asked although assured of the their lawlessness newsboys to upon latter pre tu - - tfr mvsett vnf - Prntts - m 1 h L - i Miss Genevjeye Dowsett Holds Up Prentiss Gray Until hey Are Taken From the Water V disturbance - of Powell after 5 wagon to sell it was and block the the under Sergeant people effort to with Appreciated la no plan was soon as the police while him and complained had been would have it and he could on - howllhg o The heroine of the hour In social circles in this city Just now Is Miss Genevieve Dowsett of Honolulu the beautiful sister Pf Mrs jlredertck Knight whose guest she k i here illss Dowsett has won for herself a repu tation for bravery - and presence of mind such as might tfeenvled by any one but she bears her honors with becoming modesty arid is disposed to make light of heTowh courage in the matter She was last week the guest of the George Grays of Oakland at their country place atNoyo Mendo cino county and one niomlng went rowlngon the Kbyo riyerwlth young Prentiss Gray wher achieved considerable fame arfleft gruArdpn the University of - California football team In 1904 Miss Dowsett was In the - now of the boat and some slight Jar resulted in her falling overboard - Gray leapedat onceo her rescnie - although as wis proved by subsequept events Miss Dowsett Is a remarkaby strong and confident awlmmer As be Jumped overboard3ray - in some manner became unconscious whetherhei struck his head on a submerged pile or on the oar c - rWhflwas the reason Is not known but - ar fie rosevMlBs Dowsett saw Ida condition She manifested a remarkible presenceof nilnd for - as soon as she grasped the situation she swam to the youri man seised him flrmlyandlept him above - water until she could receive aid Grays sisters and Al Coogan a fraternity brother were on the shoreiajjdxWere greatly aiarmea oy inoccurrencro mnai so in fact that Miss Gray - fainted cooganstartea to jumpwtp tne water also to reUeve jMlssDowsettof her unconscious burden butliheV wltlrthe calmness which characterized her ac tions throughout called tohlm to get a - boat as ne - wopia otnervnse pe unable to do any - good - Mr - Coogan iiThls hastciumped into a boat which was tied firmlyi to the ilandlngivbut soon discovered his m - stake and owed to where Miss Dowsett and Deposit - nowungir - i - r - - zzziji Z Ttw found fer carrierjsWho of newsboys Montgomery at 4 Doe complaint Judge issued oh the -A ihftnMl Jyesterday byjamoh of got the - Another and his hat blows those who the Bulletin of Police what ac matter yesterday stated - that glvento the laws It was the stream Gray was a heavy - bur den to attempt to MlftMntprthe boat andln thelir efforts theynarycaused the - boat to capsixe Theyfinall3rxig0t bim to the shore but he was unconscious for some hours and the great - est alarm was felt - as tohlscbndiUon He has since entlrelyrecayeed and is now feeling no in effects irom msac - cldent Gray Isthe football player who wentrUrrough the great game last November with two btokenrlbsand a foot to - r5wiiich he had bad blood poisoning for two daysTUt bP great waa - blsdesirsitb fill Jils - place on the tearfethat he played during the first half iri spite of the excruclatIngagony he suffered The result was sorSerious that It Was if eared for5 some time - that amputation ofUhefootwouldvbe - necj essaryvMlss DowsettiystiaHonolulu Tbe Commissioners that tanks E5C -Upon een which rate tent f per P18 - 1 Some conservative have kSHbelr more lending of ame Chief Francisco cltty Savings street stock a en t s ts vjuite Sarily certificates Instead sired from Interest deposit lh - each as building tal liabilities fines most Clark At Charles slstant ney beenxtenslyely entertaihed SA5aH0fStyENTSiJCrEE - CCjOTUAlTC0r CASE jsionoiuiu i - - - Ktrl - and Jtas been Mslttnghere for ri h - t rtitrtn - arhiPhStimW sher - hasmade many friendBland has same lull a his an are FIckert Cress embezzlement

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 01 Jul 1905, Sat,
  3. Page 14

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  • Genevive Dowsett - Save Gray 1 Jul 1905

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