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Dainty Marie Venus - EVENING, NOVEMBER 10, 1926 THE Says Much Worry...
EVENING, NOVEMBER 10, 1926 THE Says Much Worry Over Young People Is Unfounded : Rolling Girl Gathers No Fat," She Tells Gym Class ,.;.. ir ,-,, K 'brought against- youns is ail "bunk." declared Supt. E. J. Mihic of the state industrial school in an address to the Huron Creek Parent-Teachers' association Tues- d r v nisht. -Mr. Milne suid that ·\\:-io'i professors from colleges and I'nivcrsilios come to Mio state- ·H-'aool t o Ftudy delinquency he i'dvises them to come on visitors day when thoy will havo an opportunity to study delinquent par- '"··"Yoii'i" -\raeriea tod'ay is the host it. ovo:- v.-as. 1 "m not so rir-h concerned about, delinquency among children as I a-n about delinquency among pa.i-c-r.cs. 1C parents so straight, there, is some chance for the children." Mr, Milne, declared. , M- Milne said the state industrial school is the best and only friend some children li.'ivc over h-d He said t h e r e are at tny institution today boys who are t h e r e by choice because they prc- f-r tho institution to outside m- fiuer.rcs. They are there as honor S ' l The Ki nioetiiis was alt-nded by ft lar ft -e gathering of P«.'cnls In the. district, with Prest. G. \at| 3-Io'st presiding. Constitution and by-laws for tho association were disoussed -and adopted. Chris SchmalA candidate lor nation of the Webe» county school board, in a brief address promised, it oleetod, to *rvo to t h o very boat of his a b i l n . Vocol solos were given by Miss Melha'Doughs and a cornet solo hy Miss Katherine Van i-.ampen. Rofroshmonts were served. CITES WORK OF FOREIGNER IN AMERICA * Osdon city school officials ox- press pride in the work being done in the education of I'.L- ^ aliens within the city. For several years- new n. class averaging- about -a has been graduated from- the three-year course in English, nis- tory and citizenship. Supt. "TV. K. Hopkins has insisted that the Americanization law can be enforced, and that it will work. To put the law Into ^effect he has appointed F." T.' "Wiggins as principal, who, with a strong corps of teachers, has led the state in the Americanization of the foreigner. In passing. It might bo of interest to note a few things the foreigner contributes to America. For instance. Mr. Hopkms said,. "He contributes S5 per cent ot all the labor in the slaughtering and packing industries; he does «vcn?tenths of the bituminous coal mining: ho does seven -tenths of all the wor-l; m the woolen MARIE. "A rolling girl gathers no fat." Dainty Marie, "the peridot Venus at 43," explained to tho women's class this morning- at tho Weber x-ymnasium. Dainty Marie, a national a u t h o r i t y on fat icducmg- the upbuilding of the t'em- inino body without tho use or drugs or dieting, stopped in Osden a few hours this morning on her to Logan and appeared before the business women's 'class at the request oC F. C. Van Buren, director. , "Circulation is the secret of health." said Dainty Marie. "To set proper circulation moans ex- cr'cise and real exercise is', nothing more or less than hard work. If you are inclined to overweight, roll to reduce," she explained. "By you break down tho fat cells. The rolling creates heat and promotes proper circulation. Dainty Marie followed this remark with an actual demonstration of her method wWch was followed by the class with considerable enhtusiasm, particularly the "stomach roll" which had erery appearance of a simple exercise but in reality proved a trifle difficult. Dainty Marie is 43 years oia and the proud mother of :i 2a-ycar- old son. Her form measures the same a s - t h e ' V e n u s de clear white skin; hasn't a wrinkle nor a gray hair. NEW at

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 10 Nov 1926, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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