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WgL v loiTOUEim m - V Oakland Creek ft 5te - Kift SS tea - - Sm m im Mmor Ctasww - teKS 5 SAST TKJtfCISCO CAL gATTTCDAY Sk 31 1S90 The Drawbridge Open for a Vessel Thirteen Bodies Recovered - From the Water Many Sia Franc scans kong Ike Win Perished Tha Calasiropte Das to tl Rcckbsgacss of the Eagiacet t creek Away to the railroad line on the - south which ieids down to the nar row gauge per there extends a clear expanse o grass and swamp land the level of which is not broken ex e it by a few old and deserted aeons falling apart upon the sands and an occa - ional ttakepost or a not where a duck hunter may have waited for game From the first station above the pier where the line branches off toAiamefa lip to the Webster street drawbridge h re toe accident occurred occurred there Is a t cluteij nothing except except the grass and stalks of wild oats to obstruct the view The distance ie - tween the two points is fullr half a mile The road comes up with a gentle gentle curve to the north to reach the drawbridge and for about 200 vards runs along the Alameda county road ironi which it is separated by a board fence For about 150 ards before the bridge is reached there is a sight up grade which was made so as to properly properly reach the pier which runs out about fifty feet before the draw is reached The train had stopped as nsnal it be Erst station reyond the mole and was coming op to the draw ridge oter which it tunallr passed before atop pin at the second station at First street about 509 feet from the scene of the accident The bridge was open the va ht Jnamta having jmt passed through to tba east and Slowly the ponderous machinery was swinging the draw back into place The pier on which the nidge revolves was in about the - middle of Statements of Eye Witnesses to the Horror 4 Disaster WhlcH frill Long Cause s not known Sotne bodies hate been recovered Others are jet deep In the mad and there will remain until given tip bythe waters The wreck was witnessed by a number number of ptople and not a minat had ellpsed a ter the water closed over the engine before dozens of small boats appeared in the stream pulling toward the bridge their occupants hopinghoping hopinghoping - to save some lives Their mission was not In vain for some who had succeeded succeeded in jumping into the water were picked up upon the creek and well cared far Others there were who were taken front the water with a small life pulsation but hardly had they been Ian ed than exhausted nature g ire up the ghost and they were as those at the bottom ot tn estu ary A number of people who bad jumped into the water from the second car were also picked up by the boats and pat safely ashore Some thoughtful man hear the bridge as soon as he neard of the accident telephoned lor the pohce patrol wagon and anion lances which were speedily upon the scene Tbev were soon followed bv the Msrguewngon and a number of undertakers wagons As the news spread into - Oakland it sent a thrill of horror through the cty and thousands hurried to the banks of the creefc Tne railroad men telephoned for a wrecking crew to the office at Oakland fnar and aa engine with a full supply ot hawsers chains and dtrn - ks w a immediately sent to be dranbndge P C Baker and others to a saloon at the cd of the bridge on the Oakland side and a dozen ready hands worked over her for half an hour As she had vomited shortly after being taken eut of the water hopes were entertained that her Hie tn ght be saved All ef forts however were without avail and it was found impossible to bring her to life Dr Woolsey goon afterward afterward entered but life was extinct BESCUISO TtU DROWNIJfa from south to east The man in charge of the bridge John Bunlap had posted his red s gnat Sags signifying danger st the end of the railroad pier and from all testimony had taken the the stream and the draw swung I As soon i - s the dead were taken out the Jjorgue wagon received them The wounded were taken to the receiving receiving hospital and while gasping there upon the cots tour of the rescued died cauum uwrer j tt - irwin Officer Downey Telia How They Wer Saved - Officer Thomas Downey ot the Oakland Oakland police for e was an eye - witness to the disaster I was standing on the Oakland side ot the estuary he said to a CUbosicxb reporter andsawtbeac - citent I was not on duty and had been down en the water front tovinit a friend I sw the yacht Jnamta ap - J proachlhe draw and heard the horn blow for the draw to open The yacht tacked twice before coming up hnaily to go through It was opened just enoagh to let her pass There were three or four men on the draw as it swung around The train approached and I was horrified to see it continue toward the open draw and plunge into the water When the train went over I ran to the bridge out the draw climbed down by the order of their sitter MaryAloy - sius a nun AT SUE MOKGCE Pitiful Scenes About the Bodies of the Dead The scen - s about the Morgue at the corner of Wa hington and Seventh streets were pitiful At sooh as the officers beitan bringing ln the bodies immense crpwds collected and tried to push their way tnsile Hall erased people who thought they had relatives and friends in the wreck trampled on each other in a Tain effort to gain admittance admittance and new the corpses There were cries and shrieks and walls and there was great confusion Coroner Ever seemed incapable of grasping the awful details of the situation situation and rushed about in a dazed manner entrely unable to provide temporary resting places for the dead A cordon of police tried to keep back the swelling clamoring crowds and only partially succeeded and Shenfi Hale who stationed himself at the door performed the work of three men The Morgue Is located far in the rear ot the build ng with the undertakers parlors in the front to adequate pro vision was made foe the todies As fast as they arrived they were placed many of them on the floor with the first j convenient object under the bead as a where The people seemed paralyzed The end of the car that was on the piid so it slowed down I was looking the central abutment and with prop There were only three slabs several other men worked to I and on these were - one of the Hisses save those who were floundering in the water I grasped two girls and pulled rhem up on the piles and also saved two ladies I also assisted in help ng out several men One lady was lifted up en the - draw and we worked over her with a barrel chafing her hands and limbs but to no avail as she did not recover consciousness Kearns Mr Robinson and LmgiMahv testa At the feet ot Miss Keirns was her sister lying on the floor her head supported by a wooden box Mrs 0 Connor Was next Matateste reposing on a board placed on two stools On the floor his head on a broken cigar box Jay Captain Duryea and a short distance from him at his leet was his daughter who was drowned with hlm TTurther to her left was a group of three all on the floor Mr Ault Miss Austin and Mr coming around the curre and as it engine was about two feet from the water and the passengers shrieking and fighting began to appear at the door and windows Tbev shoved their heads and shoulders out but as If fearing to trust themselves to the water or through inability to get out remained where they were Others struggled out of the submerged ear and yelled to those on the bridge to help them - Onemanfonghthiawsyio the top of the carnage with a child in his arms I saw him put the baby over the car and draw himself up afterward Ha arose on his knees and raising the child in his arms yell i to the people Save my boy For Gods sake save him to bis mother That was - J O Kavanaugh who with 1ms child was rescued Two or three boats were on the spot at once and the occupants rowed hither and thither picking up the floating people and taking others from the car Lying on the pier with his bands streaming blood arid with a cut in his forehead wis an Old man holding by the arms a young lady whose feet were in the water Here for Heavens sake help me or shell go down he cried Bstween us we pulled her on to the pier and the old man fell back exhausted A great crowd gatheredon the pier they ran about on the bridge women wringing their hands and weeping and I men doing no hing words of encouragement encouragement were shouted to the unforto Lnaies on the car but words saved tew lives Suddenly the crowd parted and a earn ge came out of itr a man jumped from it ran to the bridge and getting on the submerged car leaped into the water and did noble work in hfe - saving His name is H L Clark Brakeman Hutchinson was on the second car when the accident occurred occurred He tried to on the handbrakes tor the engine to atop as it is accustomed accustomed to do when the bridge Is optned a few feet distant from the end ot the bridge but was some what astonished to see It going right ahead with the bridge still open The next aight1 saw fairly chilled the blood in nay veins tho engine waa toppling over into the chasm It was af rightful sceneTl can tell you for as 1 watched the iron horse tumble into the water witrl si terrific splash Xsaw that it was pulling ope - of the coaches in with It I was fairly dazed for a few seconds at the sight before me but when the cries of agony and distress came to my ears from the passengers in the ill - fated caa I seemed to realize the whole dreadful affair in an instant Koturthsr warning was necessary I assure you Seeing the mass ot struggling humanity in the water I called upon my whole crew to lower boats and within the course of a Try short time rfr boats manned by strong armed sailors were at the spot where the car went down I had taken a boat too myself and as I neared the end of the bridge my eyes fellpon a pretty straw hat Boating in the water above whicn at every few intervals two feminine arms arose as if clutchjhig for some means of support 1 wavat te I sideoi the woman in an instant ana with few strong pulls landed ner safely in my boat She bad not been in the water long and I saw she was more frightened than hurt Ilumedlr taking her ashore I re turned in my boat to rescue a middle - aged man who seemed to be making a desperate struggle to save niaiseu but without much effect It was some time before I could get my boat In position position to catch hold of him but after a few dexterous turns I succeeded in grasping him by the seat of the trowsers and in that manner hauled hira into the boat My strength was the schooner Eedwood which took them to the wharf when they were pulled up on terra Anna The only Injuries sustained were a sprained ankie by Miss Jennie and several bruises by the Captain caused oy the smaBness of the rope used in hoisting him on the dock The car almost immediately tank after the escape of Captain Roberts and his relatives COSDTJCTOR BEBATH Ha Says Tw anty - Sr Women and Children Perished Conductor Edward Kerath who had f charge ot the train when interviewed last night said M The car which feu througn tne open draw was what ia known as a combination car I had passed through it before we reached the bridge and I bel eve ft contained about twenty - five women and children The full capacity of the car Is forty - eight people W hen the accident happened L was at the rear endof the tram but I hastened forward as culckly as I could and looted down into the glp where I noticed a number ot men swimming away from the wreck but I did not see anv women or children All ot the i passengers in the coaches which - niained weretti a terriDie state or ex - ctsSient and I tried to quiet them as much as possible I do not think I knew anr of ihe people In the wrecked car As far as I can remember they were all strangers and there were no regular passengers among them THE BRIDGE OPEX The FactSottced by a lasseagerln the First Car Frank J Finley a clerk for the San Francisco Lumber Company who re - t des at 782 Sutter street was a passenger passenger on the train and occupied a f rent seat in the car which went over board - when the accident happened He told his story as follows t I was sitting so as to face the engine on with my arms noti rescued by boat At the water began comW - in to the car the scene within was md ecribablev The screams and meatus Were heartrending AS the lover end of the car became submerged the one ceased There was no chance for es cape and they died like rats in a trap The car was two - thirds full of pa tengers and I should judge that thera were over thirty people in It The speed ot the train wu not rapid am uninjured but sustained a seres nervous shock CAPTADT JOHV HACKETT His Bands Were ut Breaking Window Among those who were ia the first cauras Captam John Uackett Councilman Councilman from the Fifth ward Oakland Captain Hackett had a veiy narrow escape and was severely injured A CHKoaiCLK reporter caned at Mr Hacketf i house at Thirteenth and Harnson streets Captain Hicketf was tn bed and suffering intensely from the shock and nervous prostration prostration Hi right band was terribly cut and lacerated and his body was badly bruised I was in the forward car said Captairr Hackett painfully to the reporter reporter talking with Mr Howard All of a audden 1 felt the car sink gradually and I experienced that peculiar sensation of going down The water rushed m the car with great rapidity and the Utmost confusion prevailed I crossed to the other end of the car and broke a window and erawled ont into the Wnter grasping the rim of the upper edge of the car I then heard Mis Boberts call fot help and caught her wrist and pulled her through the window We were then both in the water a few feet from the central abutment of th bridge I struck out for this holding Miss Boberts when I reached the abutment I was exhausted but several

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  2. 31 May 1890, Sat,
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