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Hutchinson News 11/10/38 pg. 8 - treasurer. George Walters, Democrat seeking...
treasurer. George Walters, Democrat seeking re-election as register of deeds, holds a lead of 82 votes over Fred G, Collins, Republican. A few changes in the official canvass and a marked trend in the estimated 200 absentee ballots yet to be tabulated could reverse the apparent oulcome.^if cither race The. absentee check",will be made a week from tomorrow.' Nazis Start Campaign of Destruction (Continued from Page One) located. They arrested looters and cleared the streets. . . "The justifiable and understand able indignation of the . German people over the cowardly Jewish murder of a German, diplomat in Paris has resulted during the past night in extensive demonstra Hons," said Goebbels. He referred to the killing of Ernst Vom Rath, secretary of tho| Paris embassy, by a 17-year-old Polish Jew who had lived in Germany. Notion-wide Drive - Telephoned reports from many parts of Germany showed that anti-Jewish violence, beginning early today, was nation-wide. Seven of Berlin's 20 synagogues were burned. All Vienna's 21 syn agogues were reported burned, wrecked or badly damaged. In Munich all Jews were told by nngry Nazis that they must leave the country within *8 hours. "In numerous cities and com munities of the reich," said Goeb bcls' appeal, "acts of violence were committed against Jewish build ings and businesses. "The entire population is now, however, strictly requested to de­ list Immediately from all furthei demonstrations and actions of whatever nature. against Jewdom Fear Banishment "The final answer to Jewry will lie given in the form of laws or decrees." Responsible Jews hearing this closing sentence expressed tears that a general order would be is r.ued compelling all Jews to leave the country. Goebbels' appeal was issued at 4 p.m. some 14 hours after violence began In Berlin. A General Campaign The nationwide extent of the anti-Jewish wave was shown by the following telephoned reports from many cities to the Associated Press: Munich—All Jews were told they must leave the country within 48 hours. The only remaining Jewish hank, Aufhausers, was] raided and its windows smashed. One of iis--directors and his wife committed suicide, another was taken to a concentration camp. Nuernberg—Private houses of Jews were entered "'children thrown out of their beds, furni ture was smashed, carpets torn up. Cologne—Crowds broke win dows in nearly every Jewish shop. An entrance to a synagogue was forced, its seats overturned, windows smashed,, books torn One building was set afire but the blaze was quickly extinguished. Salzburg—A synagogue was dc< strayed and its ritual emblems demolished. Shops of small Jewish tradesmen were invaded, demolished and looted. Potsdam — A synagogue was raided and Jewish shops destroyed, Treutlingen, Bamberg and Bay reulh, all in Bavaria, reported synagogues demolished. At Eborswalde, Brandenburg and Kottbus, all near Berlin, synagogues were burned. Kindle Large Store Late in the afternoon fire broke out in Israel's department store, one of the three largest in Berlin, partly owned by British interests. Firemen extinguished the blaze. Israel's is near Alexander Square and all traffic in that section was tied up. Plunder Storm Mobs charged into a police guard in the heart of and began plundering shattered Jewish shops while smoke still billowed from synagogues in various parts of the capital. Shop windows were smashed In several German centers. Synagogues were broken into. Fires raged in seven of the 20 Berlin Synagogues as well as in Munich and Dresden synagogues. Crowds, angry and plunder- bent, pushed police aside in Fried- rlchslrasse, in downtown Berlin, and surged into the arcade between that important avenue and famed Unter Den Linden. The arcade houses many. Jewish shops. More Than Score Suicides Vienna dispatches reported the total or partial destruction of nil the 21 synagogues in the city. Vienna, Jews said 22 of' their number had committee! suicide in despair. One synagogue in the Austrian capital was blown up, three others wrecked while storm troopers cbmpclled Jews to begin tearing down another. In Berlin a-mot. h&d_ jammed Frlcdriehstrasse since riottrrg be.-] gan early in the morning. Police were helpless against a looting crowd, angered by the killing of Ernst Vom Rath, secretary of the Paris embassy, by Herschel Gryn- sV.pan. Vom Rath, shot Monday, died yesterday. Police said no extra officers were available to handle the Friedrichstrasse mob, as all had been sent to other trouble spots, especially to the burning synagogues. Hourly new reports of destruction and violence came from different sections of Germany. Dozens Of synagogues were reported raided, desecrated or burned in Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden and Vienna. One of Berlin's newest synagogues on Prinz Regentcn Strasse was still ablaze at 1:30 p. m. The cupola was burning although the front still was standing. Officials would not say whether they considered the fires incendiary. Jews Cannot Arm - DNB, the official German news agency, in a short bulletin said of the violence that "the grossly enraged German people vented their ire in manifold strong anti-Jewish actions." Heinrich Himmler, chief of the secret police, issued a decree forbidding Jews to carry weapons. Twenty years in concentration camp is the penally for violation. Police squads made rapid tours of the city in automobiles in an apparent effort- to check the violence, which authoritative Nazi quarters yesterday said was officially disapproved. No accurate estimate of the damage could be had for the window , smashing, looting of shop windows, and fires, but it may total millions of marks. (The mark is 40 cents). - Gangs, moving through. Berlin streets before dawn smashed every Jewish store front they could identify by the white letters police orders require. When the death of Vom Rath became known in Vienna early this morning angry throngs collected in the Jewish section, Leo- poldstadt, adjoining the main business section. Systematic Destruction The gangs moved systematically up, and down.each street, and in the main avenue not one shop window of a Jewish-owned business remained intact.' The shattering of glass in' the shops scratched furniture,- soiled articles on display and broke porcelain and fixtures. A typical band had four mem bcrs v i5!b «u4raKeJed slowly in an automobile. Seeing~n-white-lettered store, they would jump from the car and with sticks smash the front windows. Then they would dart quickly away as the clatter of broken glass pierced the otherwise quiet morning. In the fashionable Tauentzien- strassc, those who left night clubs at a late hour treated the wrecking as. a lark. They picked up pieces of broken glass from ground floors and hurled them into windows on the floors above. Can't Replace Windows -, Looting started almost at once. No object of value was. left in the show windows of many of the shops. One gang halted an Associated Press reporter trying to telephone his office from a pay booth, and shouted at him, "You atrocity monger!" They permitted him to go unharmed. The damage done to the Jewish stores probably means that shots fired in Paris would have killed Jewish business in Berlin. Doubt existed among some that glass would be, available under restrictions of the German four-year economic plan to permit them to restore the shops. They indicated they probably would choose to Close their shops permanently. Jewish those born-of parents of Italian —nationality.-'only one of Whom belongs to the Jewish race, if, as of Octobec...!, 1938, they kivactlccd, ^a^reiigion other than Jewish".* Queen Candidates Vie Campaigning Football Queen excitement infesting Hutchinson high school this week reached the boiling point today with candidates for the honor "dispensing winsome smiles among friends and possible supporters in efforts to amass a winning vote when students cast ballots tomorrow morning. The queen will be crowned between the halves of the Hutchinson-Wichita East High game here tomorrow night. Posters emblazoned with vote- getting suggestions greeted students at every nook and cranny in the halls. Tops of lockers were covered with campaign slogans. 'If I had only one life I would die for my Countryman," boasted, one placard while another asserted "I'm Hadden for the Last Round Up." Nominees were selected by school organizations this week. Candidates are: Norma Countryman, Peptimists; Virginia Fishback, "H" club; Joan Forticr, Girl's Athletic Association; Barbara Emmert, Peppettas; and Wilma Jean Hadden, Perrill club. for re-election as legislator by 315 votes. Officers Installed By Cyrus Caldron Installation of officers was held for Cyrus Caldron, No. 8, at the Masonic Temple, Fourth and Main, Wednesday night, with Mrs. Edgar B. Gohlke as installing officer and Mrs. Charles Jackson, installing marshal. Mrs. Walter Doyle of Chester, Ark., a guest and past MCO, was given a gift. Mrs. Orville Ward gave the new officers gifts and Mrs. May Msyes, retiring MCO, presented her officers gifts. Door prizes were won by Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Louis Robinson. Officers installed were MCO, Mrs. Orville Ward: Lalla, Mrs. Harold Hazell; Usuf, Miss Dolores Gerth; Zoulette, Mrs. Blanche Kellogg; Namourna, Mrs. John Wolff; Morgianna, Mrs. Gertrude Hadlcy; Zeldina, Mrs. L. A. Coffin; Ishta, Mrs. Pearl Raner; Arrah, Miss Margaret Wolfersberger; Rhode- val, Mrs. Alice Richards; marshal, Mrs. Bert Schmitt. After the installation, a regular meeting was held and refreshments served by the committee, Mrs. Mayes,- Mrs. C. W. Dillon, Mrs. W. O. Fairhurst and Mrs. Robinson. 3 lo 2 for G. O. P. St. John—Honors were divided in the Stafford county election, with Republicans getting a 'shade the best. Of five court house contests, Republicans won three and Democrats two. Fred R. Secly, (Rep) now, serving a second term as probate judge, was elected county attorney over Arthur R. Gates (Dcm) by a large majority, nearly 2 to 1. Drew Hartnott, of Stafford (Rep) was elected probate judge over Pearl E. Gaut, of St. John by about 700 votes. Perry Mather, of Stafford, (Rep) was elected county commissioner. The two Democrats elected were Ada Towle, Of St. John, register of deeds and Glenn R. Carleton, of St. John, sheriff. E. A. Briles, (Rep), editor of the Stafford Courier won for state legislator over Edward Slade of Stafford by 900 votes. Only 13 Votes to Good Dodge City — Representative George Fowler (Dcm), of Ford county will not know until the official count whether he is going back to Topeka in January. He has 13 votes lead over B. R. Bolingcr, of Bucklin, on the unofficial figures. Three Democrats will retire from tlie court house. Mrs. Florence Scott, of Ford, (Rep) defeated County Superintendent Edna L. Cobb (Dem); J. C. Dunsford (R) was elected coroner oyer Joe Hulpicli and Frank Durler (R) defeated the veteran county commissioner. J. W. Shean, of Spearville. Sheriff Claude Dowdy. (D) County Attorney Harold Zimmer(D), Mrs. Marion Garvie, county treasurer (D), and Mrs. Hattie Connaway, (R), register of'deeds, were re-elected. county W. B. for Revivals Opening At Mcimoiiile Mission Series of 11-day revival meetings will begin at Mennonite Mission, Avenue A and Pershing, this evening at 7:30 o'clock with Rev. E. M. Yost, pastor of Calvary church at Greensburg, as speaker. Rev. Yost has been instructor at Hesston Bible school, Hesston, Kans. Some of the subjects for the sermons will be "The Old Time Religion," "Getting Things From God," "The Greatest Coming Event," and "The Unanswerable Question." Music each evening will be furnished by singers from Hesston college, Peabody, Newton .and Yoder. About Town Italians Ape Nazis Rome, (/P)—The Italian cabinet today approved sweeping decree laws excluding Jews from government positions of any kind, restricting their businesses and professions, forbiding their marriage to Aryan Italians and limiting their family rights. The cabinet decrees adopted at a meeting presided over by Premier Mussolini, put into effect the racial policy outlined by ' the Fascist grand council on October 7. The decrees defined a member of the Jewish race as any person: First, both of whose parents were Jewish in race even though the offspring did not practice the Jewish religion. Second, with one parent of the Jewish race and the other of foreign nationality. Third, whose mother was Jewish and whose father was unknown. Fourth, born of parents of Italian nationality either of whom is of the Jewish race, belongs to the Jewish religion, is a member of an Israelite community or otherwise has manifested Hebrewism. 'The decrees exempted as non- Miss Mildred Moore, Wichita, cooking demonstration agent for a Wichita company, was a guest yesterday at the apartment of Mr. and Mrs. John Snodgrass at the Y.M.C.A. G. C. Jefferls, LaJunta, Colo., assistant general manager, and Glenn Eddie, Topeka, general passenger agent, of the Santa Fc railway, were in Hutchinson today on routine buincss. Mr., and Mrs. Phillip Kinkel of Los Angeles, formerly of Hutchinson, arc parents of a son, W.P. Ill, bom October 20 In Twin Falls Idaho, where Mrs. Kinkel's parents live.' Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Foulk of Turon were in Hutchinson on business Wednesday. Reformed Outlaw's Life Film Subject > Hollywood (/P)—Al Jennings, reformed Oklahoma bandit, is going to have his life story made in lo a movie, in the Sooner state, Producer Harry Sherman announced today. Several location sites have been canvassed, including Oklahoma City, Yukon and adjacent territory, Sherman said. Jennings came lo Hollywood recently to give Jimmy Cagney some expert advice on his gun-toting role in "The Oklahoma Kid." One Democrat Wins Ness City—Only one Democrat was electe'dj to the court house ,ih the county election in Ness County, Miss Alda Taylor, county clerk, being re-elected. The other three contests were won by Republicans, Mrs. Eva Ferrell, county treasurer; Lowell Ynsmer, a high school teacher, county superintendent, defeating C. L. Williams for re-election; and W. R. Brenner, of Bazine, county commissioner. Vernis O. George, of Utica, (Rep) was elected legislator from Ness county defeating L. A. Dubbs, of Ransom, who has served in the legislature for four years, two years as Democratic floor leader, Even Break' Kinsley—In the four contests for Edwards county offices, two Republicans and two - Democrats were elected. The Republicans elected C. M. Davis as sheriff, over Cliff Kirkbride, night marshal of Kinsley, and Fritz Schultz, of Trousdale, as county commissioner. The Democrats elected are Cy Norris, register of deeds and C. E. Burke, district clerk, both reelected. James F. Malin, of Lewis (Dem) was elected state representative for another term, defeating John H. Mayhew, of Trousdale. Mai has .served three terms in the legislature. Each Tarty Wins Four Jetmore—It's an even break In the courthouse of Hodgeman county. With eight contests for county office, Republicans and Democrats elected four each. They are: Republicans: Besse Northrup, treasurer; Ethel Baslian, register of deeds; Stella York, county superintendent; Charles I. Housman, of Hanston, commissioner. Democrats: Earl S. Wilson, county clerk; Hugh Roberts, probate judge; Drcd Wilson, district clerk; L. S. Durr, commissioner. Fred Rumford, of Jetmore (Rep) was elected state representative from Hodgeman. Wins by Four Votes Greensburg — With Bret H. Isham, of Haviland, (Rep) having only four votes lend over Mrs. Eva M. Bryan, of Greensburg (Dem) for county clerk, it will take the official count to determine who is elected. Bon O. Weaver, of MuUmvillc, (Rep) was elected state representative over A. P. Powers, of Haviland, (Dem). Winners in- other county con tests: Harry Paxton (Dem), pro bate judge; Claud H. Beckett (Rep), sheriff, Mrs. Sonora M. Leiss, (Rep), county superintend cnt; Herbert Miller (Dem). district clerk; L. L. Obcnchain, of Haviland, )Rep), commissioner Three New Faces Garden City—Only three new faces will appear nt the Finney county courthouse as result of the county election. Tom Reed (Dem.) four years undersheriff. was elecl- ed sheriff; Mrs, Ruth Towles, (Rep.), a kindergarten teacher at Holcomb, was elected counly superintendent, defeating the incumbent, Mrs. Jennie Barker; and Len Thomas (Dem.) was elected the as it of of as D. a

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