Raising A Genius? It's Not Easy

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Raising A Genius? It's Not Easy - Raising A Genius? It's NEW trouble YORK ifl...
Raising A Genius? It's NEW trouble YORK ifl Ever have coping with your teen ager? How would you like it if eat, and he's back again until it's time to go to bed "Bobby's one of the ones who play for blood as they say in Re, j chess. He's serious. He has to jstudv all the time. The countries he were a genius? "It's not easy," says Mrs eina Fischer of Brooklyn. C ! . 1 I " 1 t I j. . Tw l.s.vPld son. Bobbv. ! I pampnieis ana docks ax a rup H( won ti,Jgreat rate new openings always vehi-U, f, . ..,roc rhamn:mvh;n at ibeing worked out. became st imerna. sov-j i tional Grand Master in history this summer. "He's not interested in girls yet they don't play chess. He doesn't smoke or drink. He does chew j one drcam ;s to snatch thehis nails down to the bone, but ;woHd chess crown from the pres.; I m afraid to make him stop. I regu-! . i, .,;- T3llcc;a-e M;ti-:..r;c'on 1 know wnat might take ud. Botvinnik. "Some of these chess players! twich all over. Honest. They start Nine Suggestions 0pe o Mr$ Fischer.s definitely .. casy momen(s came summer when Bobby appeared to! au-;be strande(J jn Yugoslavia tftert un-,.. .. internationa, tournament.! i .... "He had a round trip ticket, but : I r I mnvAwn Y !nobody made any reservations for MULM UTC I him and he couldn't get a plane I knew he'd spent most of his money, at the World Fair in Bel gium and I was afraid the Yugo slav Chess Federation wouldn't go with your mate? If you don't, By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer Do you know how to disagree; nn navinn fnr him after tVio tnnr. ! J j7. f , , . . ..j o yugoslav Em, L,ec,, , . , o i,A0,l w lc..c-.W "Th. C 1Wr. ;. cn,MWk,tA .-'t.jr rJxzP Man,,.. whft his chances are you are not happily married. That's the opinion of the Rev. George A. Kelly, author of a L , f b ; ir(-t - -u ..j wag rea worded j knew dQwn and I didn't see how he could o , c ,f , ., let- . T icf . luuguagvo. vvuiu jujt ovvili mill fr onll Ur,llir In,- t, a ' ralnvirel aecQPtinn tiitk enma , , , f. , ' ' i j , . pa-"Coming from different back-ijamas grounds, a husband and wife do view all of life's problems in the "contraban- sleeping in a train station somewhere and people stealing everything he had." j But Bobby used his tournament prize money to getfo Munich where he found plane space home. Chess is not. a popular game and there are no funds to send the American champion to . tournaments. Bobby won two tickets to Yugoslavia on a television pro- same way," he explains. "They have different ideas .on how the household should be run, on health habits, recreation, eating, sleep- in8-'- ; " , .... .. ' It is the way you handle these problems, he says, that decides whether you have a happy marriage or one of tension and bitterness. I. fir mayigram. His 21-year-old sister, Joan, (April-September took the second. Bobby doesn't like the tdea: of his mother going around with him to tournaments. Besides, I figured it would be better for me to be here in case anything was needed money, primarily." She laughed ruefully a slender, dark-haired woman with a smiling mouth in a gamine face. The Fischers separated when Bobby was 2 and Mrs. Fischer raised her two children on her earnings as a nurse. "I don't discipline Bobby. He's too big. Anyway, there's not much in j to say. He comes home and sticks his nose in a chess book, stops to j 7 ---i---lllijjjlllj.

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  2. 26 Feb 1959, Thu,
  3. Page 28

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  • Raising A Genius? It's Not Easy

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